Connect with Your Inner Artist

In the "Roadblocks to Creativity" e-course, we look at the 7 most common things that block our creative expression. So, if we're "blocked" when we're facing those things, what are we like when we're free of them?

Well, certainly we're connected to our "Inner Artist". This is a part of each of us that is naturally:

Joyful - our Inner Artist sees the world as a magical place, full of curious things and people. Each day is a series of fun surprises and the chance to learn, practice and master the things we most love doing.

Exuberant - like a giddy child, our Inner Artist doesn't worry about the repercussions of expressing the joy they're feeling. We are who we are and that's the only person we can be, when we're connected with our Inner Artist.

Creatively Free - Our Inner Artist has a clear channel to the muse, to spirit, to the universe and to every creative force that has been seen and unseen since time began.

Undamaged - Whatever path our lives have taken up to this point, our Inner Artist remains whole and healthy.

Unhindered - our Inner Artist is completely unaffected by the internal and external factors that block our creativity on a day-to-day basis. Our Inner Artist is only aware of what's happening NOW and is not only untouched by any previous hurts, it's also unconcerned with any future outcome.

As a music therapist, it's my joy to be able to meet the "inner artist" of my clients with special needs. No matter what their disability or limitation, I look for and consistently find that joyful, healthy and whole person to connect to - and I find it in the midst of creative play.

When we as artists are connected to this part of ourselves, we're not only transcending our creative roadblocks (such as procrastination, negative thinking and people-pleasing), we're in a state of consummate creative flow.

Put it into play

Just for today, approach your art as child's play. Start your rehearsal by playing your instrument "wrong" or in two different keys. Write using only words that start with the letter "d". Paint with your non-dominant hand. Make mistakes. Laugh.

Indulge your Inner Artist on an "artist's date". This popular concept from Julia Cameron's "The Artist's Way" invites you to spend a couple of hours each week on an activity that feeds your creativity. Some examples:

Noodle - Play around on your instrument, with your art supplies or with new uses of words.

Doodle - On your sketchpad, on your wall or on the sidewalk.

Google - Get lost on the Internet, feeding your interests and creativity by seeing what's "out there". And what else is out there??

In other words, consciously spend time on creative pursuits that may not result in a product or well-defined outcome. Give yourself permission to TRY something and stay with it (or not, depending on how the mood strikes you), without knowing how it will turn out.

(c) Copyright 2005, Linda Dessau.

Linda Dessau, the Self-Care Coach, helps artists enhance their creativity by addressing their unique self-care issues. Feel like your creativity is blocked? Sign-up for your complimentary copy of the popular e-course, "Roadblocks to Creativity" by visiting

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