How do you overcome writer's block?

What do you do to overcome writer's block?

Should you be writing right now?
Indie tunes: Check
Manuscript: Check
Text generators: Check
Starshmucks: Check
Writer's block: Nope

If I'm writing a story and get stuck, I try to visualise the story, and what the characters would do next given what I know about them. If the story starts to drag, add a new element; get the characters to a new place or time, introduce a new character or piece of information, do whatever you can to push the story forward.

Read Homestuck.

Play/listen to music
Go on a hike.

Writing needs inspiration to be good, so I go out and get the inspiration. It's hard to write amazing things that connect with people if you are never around them, even if you aren't social and you just observe.

write abcd...or your pen name or signature until your muse comes and takes care of everything, simple as that.

i usually stare into space until someone scares me half to death

Write something else until I get writer's block again, then move to a third topic and so it goes on...

One day I'll have to go back.

I re-read what I have written already, and try to find the train of thought that I was on, because that is usually why I get writer's block in the first place. Sometimes I just need to write about something else for a while.

Jump over the block...

First I tell the itty bitty s*ht!y committee in my head to shut up. Then I put pen to paper or finger to letter.

write about a different topic

I smoke some pot then listen to music that matches my mood~ something always comes to me then, once I've expanded my mind to a higher level of creativity.

I take hot shower for as long as possible, and listen to musics. Sometimes a great song with a beautiful lyric can spew plot bunnies back into our head.

(oh shoot, who is the Hoff? I'll just try them one by one then)

Write write and write ... drivel. Call it drivel, so you know that you are not trying to write well. Relax. A word will drill through into the spring water of your creativity and you will soon be gushing forth your ... drivel...?? I think not at this point!! You are writing!!

write many thing

i don't know

Just don´t write

A good technique I learned from some site is to find a random word and write a short text about it for 60 seconds. That's a really fast way to come up with random ideas.

You would just start to write about any subject.

Take a break, do a quiz online or read a little, re-read what you've done and think, just do something.

Usually when I lie down in my bed or my couch ideas come to me. So when I have writer's block that is the place to trigger thoughts and twine them together. I always have a pen and a paper on my bedside table. Thoughts are quite different when one is in horizontal position.

When I'm stuck on a description, or a name, etc., I put all of the options on index cards, put them in a hat or bucket, and have a family member or friend pick one, and poof! problem solved!

- bri, age 10

The stream of water in a shower, and its electrons, running over my head, seems to inspire the electrons of my brain to circulate, creating a rush of oncoming thought that is sometimes too florid, convoluted, myriad, multiple, and verdant to record in my memory as it rushes past. I must install some kind of voice recording device in my bathroom so that I may capture these errant thoughts before they escape into the oblivion of forgetting.

The stream of water in a shower, and its electrons, running over my head, seems to inspire the electrons of my brain to circulate, creating a rush of oncoming thought that is sometimes too florid, convoluted, myriad, multiple, and verdant to record in my memory as it rushes past. I must install some kind of voice recording device in my bathroom so that I may capture these errant thoughts before they escape into the oblivion of forgetting.

I listen to music or
I just sit there infront of my laptop screen until something comes out.

I just write...writing anything is okay, until something worthwhile surfaces. I believe the overwhelming fear of having to produce something can stop you from writing. I have to convince myself of this each and every time I sit down to write.

To over overcome writer's block I just watch a movie like "sald".

Go somewhere new, or simply change anything in your daily routine. Doing the same thing every day leaves your mind blank to new ideas. Also, I feel like meditation/ yoga really helps to get you thinking afterwards

Think about real-life experiences.

By changing the atmosphere. Sometimes i´m done with the office or my home, then i go to another place like a Coffe shop, buy some chai, and write at ease.

I either go for a walk or take a shower to think

When I have writers block, the thing that always helps is brainstorming, as lame as that sounds.
eventually i'll come up with a new idea or something to work with.

drink lots of coffee. open my mind to all the moments (no matter how small) I thought were important or even semi-significan' a lot of milk chocolate and stare at pictures of old time beauties to inspire love poems...bang my head against my typewriter until the ideas bleed from my head...jesus christ i'm insane....i do a lot of really opens your brain and clears out the gunk..drink strawberry milk and spin in my comfy office all different kinds of poetry or free write for inspiration

i stumble around the internet until something catches my attention. i think of why it did. usually, some cliche string of flowery emotions parade off my fingertips. then i regroup. if that doesn't work then i turn to a cigarette and diet coke and hope the burning in my lungs can bring me to a creative realization. good grief.

I write bullshit. I drink copious amounts of tea. I take stupid photographs. I think about being published. I write some more bullshit. I read back old diary entries. I listen to music. I go dancing. I dress up. I watch cartoons. I write some more bullshit. I force myself to sit here and write. I end up just staring at the piece of paper...
and I write so much crap...

and then eventually a golden line comes out.

Write anything, no matter how bad. If nothing comes to mind, write fanfiction, your own rendition of a scene from a novel or a movie you wish had gone differently, write smut. Writing is writing; once you can produce words, half the battle is won.


Close the door and windows, turn off all the lights, sit on your bed with the laptop open in your Word document (or whatever else you use), smoke a large spliff, and write. It works. The combination of darkness, THC, and a blank page with a blinking cursor staring at you seems to open up parts of your mind you didn't know about or haven't accessed lately.

Put your pen/pencil/laptop down.
Get baked, jot down ideas.
Get baked, listen to music.
Get baked, take a shower.
Do all at the same time, if you can.

People watch with friends. Think up stories for them. Where they're going, what they've done today. Why they look so happy/sad. The more ridiculous it gets, the better.

Sleep over it, start fresh tomorrow.

I think about my life and my experiences. That usually brings up something.

i usually listen to music, , that usually gets my creative juices flowin, ,

When you’re seeking inspiration
Look to your imagination
Delve within those inner depths
Reach inside; see what you get

Overcome? Who said anything about overcoming? Avoiding, more like.

Smoke pot

Essentially I must remind myself that I perform the rigors of writing and creativity, not because I want others to read it, but because I need to get such information into an external receptacle of sorts. Only through the continuous process of creating can your head be filled with new ideas. The brain might have space left, but you're only going to access it once you've got the existing ideas in memory dispelled by crystallizing them into written language.

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Time it was, and what a time it was, it was
A time of innocence
A time of confidences
Long ago it must be
I have a photograph
Preserve your memories
They're all that's left you.

Essentially I must remind myself that I perform the rigors of writing and creativity, not because I want others to read it, but because I need to get such information into an external receptacle of sorts. Only through the continuous process of creating can your head be filled with new ideas. The brain might have space left, but you're only going to access it once you've got the existing ideas in memory dispelled by crystallizing them into written language.

I don't

Have sex. Seriously.

Sometimes an ambient sound player is the best medicine at stuck writer can have. Buy a CD or find an ambiance generator online with tracks that fit your story's atmosphere. When I write, I listen to mine and it not only keeps me focused, but helps me immerse myself in the story's setting.

jack off. something will cum to you.

i walk around, do something different for a while and come back to what i'm writing.

I think about my fiance. I get all my inspiration from him.

I take a long break from writing and then come back in a few months and my mind is exploding with ideas

I read, listen to music(Eminem), go outside sit on my front deck and have a cigarette and relax with no noise and no one to disturb me(I'm a single parent with a 10 year old), or I pick up my DS and play Bejeweled Twist. One of those things usually gets my creative juices flowing again.


i just write the first thing that comes to mind and continue with that flow whether it makes sense or not. i just try to write as much nonsense as i can and it helps. burroughs' cut-up method is a good way to kickstart your brain into thinking from a different angle.

1. Invent someone new. I like punk rockers because there are like three visual shortcuts you can take. Then make them scream at you.
2. Write something your characters didn't expect. Laugh when they try to handle it.
3. Write, badly.


I don't.

Do obscene amounts of drugs. Try to find out women. Drink too much alcohol. Destroy property. Watch pornography. Now drink a cup of tea. Good. Write.

I usually talk to my other friends that write and we give ideas to the one who is "Stuck"

I conjure a spell on it, transform it into a block of cheese, melt it, and spread it on my flat bread.

I SMASH that block, and then continue on my way.

my mind wanders and i think of things to write

I listen to music. It helps pick things up.

Hola qué tal

Go to the place where your story takes place. Writing a scene in an airport? At the park? A hospital? Go there. Look around you, pay attention to what people are doing. Notice facial expressions. Listen to bits of conversations. Take mental notes.

I wise man once said writer's bock is just an excuse we come up with. what we are truly afraid of is what we write will not be perfect. We want everything we do to be perfect so when we are scared is it won't be the best we have written. we just have to know we can't be perfect. really we just need to push through. Write anything you can. just keep writing whether it goes with the flow or not.

Actually, I just sit there, pencil posed, eyes trained on the paper. Eventually, if you get hungry or if your muscles start to ache, you brain understands that if it doesn't offer up some creativity, you'll just sit there until moss starts to grow on you. Or sometimes I throw stuff against the wall, scream, tear paper out of my notebook, and break my pencils. Both usually bring results.

I go to a crowded space, like an airport or a train station. I try to hear conversations in the uproar. I listen to as many as I can make out. I watch for the lips that match what I can hear. Gets me out of my headspace in a big way.

Step out of this world, close your mind to meditate look deep till something appears, if then it doesn't pick a word you like and Google pictures.

Write out my frustration, write what's not working in the writing, write out where I'm trying to go with the writing, write myself pathways to get there, and write my way out of the block.

Listen to music you've never heard before... I prefer classics. If you were born when the classics came out, listen to foreign music or what's current. It's nice to hear something unfamiliar.

Stumble! Or look at some pictures that relate (even remotely) to my topic. Scenery, or people, work wonders on a stuffed mind.



Watch the History Channel, watch reality tv, and do a brain dump on paper, writing everything that comes to mind whether it makes sense or not. It all works to getting my mind moving again.

type instead of write. or write instead of type. it feels different coming out of your body.

I look on the internet for ideas about my topic to help my imagination

I go play video games or watch tv adn listen to music. tomuch of one thing and be harmful so split it up

I overcome writers block by going and listening to people's conversations at the mall, then coming up with little stories for them on some napkins or a pad of paper.

Easy. Just do some drabbling. It helps a lot, I've found.

Realise that you can write about everything you're not.

Realise that you can write about everything you're not.

Play with my old legos.

write rambling journal entries about how irritated I am - after a page or two the problem seems to sort itself out

Step back from the computer (or notebook), take a deep breath, and have a nice, protein-based snack. Then, I come back, review the character profiles and each chapter summary to compare it to the over-all summary/idea/storyline I had intended.
I find that being prepared ahead of time helps. If I know where I'm going, what else is going on in the story's "world" at the time, and exactly "who" I am dealing with, something will come along to get me running again.
That and, of course, sensory programming. I have a particular playlist, drink, and scented candle that I have as sensory stimulation every time I write. It's a form of self brain-washing that I can use to trigger myself into writing mode.

Listen to music and read/write fanfiction. Sometimes I just create random characters and create an unbelievable plot that revolves around their personality, just to see what would happen.

Listen to music and try to figure out the song's meaning. Then delve deeper into that meaning. Was it written about a certain someone? Do they have a history together? Write your ideas down and save them somewhere. Soon enough you'll realise that not only do you have a stockpile of characters, but you've got a story waiting to be written, so get to it

Simple. You write. You write until your brain begins oozing out your ears, until you're sure insomnia is creeping up on your bedside, until you're sure your family misses you, until the last horrible idea you've had speils from your mind onto paper and makes room for a better one, allowing you to ultimately utilize every bit of your being.

Runners don't quit running when their tired. Swimmers don't quit swimming when their sore. Writers shouldn't quit writing because their bored.

hmmmmmmm.... hmmmm.... and hmmmmm

No clue. Come to this site?

go take a walk by yourself, take a travel vacation or meditate!

Take a break, read, draw and learn some new things. think for a while and get ahead in work (if you have one), enjoys life and smell the roses, ideas will come soon!

love for pictures of people who you imagine your character to be like. when you have the 'character' in front of you as an actual person it's easier to write about them


stop writing. save it somewhere secure. come back after a week and re-read it.

Read Bukowski, Kerouac, and Roth, and learn that you don't need fantastical ideas to write great fiction.

Whoever said you aren't torturing your character enough...I love you. and it is very true.

I re-read or edit everything I have written in that story up until then. This reminds me of what I was thinking as I wrote it. Often re-inspiring me to write. It gets the ideas flowing again

lots of COCAINE! No actually I just beat my head against the wall until I can no longer hear myself sob. Prepared for this of course, I'll have a bottle of "self-medication" on he floor nearby. As I drive myself to finish the last drop, my conscience has become an ocean of fish swimming in great circles. Stories, characters, plots are all currents. I flop and flail wildly across the floor, willing my hand to find the pen. Finally to write something legible, something coherent. And when all is a success I have created a universe entirely my own. Hopefully they'll be no hangovers there. Or fishbowls.

Read a few books or at least one that has to do with the Genre and the story you're writing, and then take off from their, usually an idea will spark, but as you can see, we're all different over coming a horrible problem (aka Writers Block)

I stay up so late that it becomes noon again (as I am doing right now). In this kind of automatic state I am usually able to come up with some pretty interesting ideas, if I am still able to write coherent sentences. When an outside schedule comes into play, I just paint on clothespins.

I just write whatever I'm thinking. Eventually I find my way back to the subject i am writing about at the time.

Blast music and write random poetry with words you like such as:


it doesn't have to make any sense, but I find it's great to clear your mind.

I don't write, or think; the best ideas come to me this way.

I carry around a journal, so when that moment comes, and something finally clicks, I have paper, and a pencil ready. I write about anything, and everything.

I married off my main characters and then years later (in the book) killed there family due to a old grudge,
writing thru my writers block
not as hard as it sounds.
just put some nonsense on the page
and your feet will find the ground.

Don't get frustrated, you can't force it. I stop and listen to music )

If you're blocked, you probably aren't torturing your characters enough.

I "put my self in my character's shoes" and think about what I would want to happen. If the story is getting boring I write exactly what I wouldn't want to happen. Or If I have and idea for a conversation I go with it and worry about connecting it all later.

I usually just sit down and write about not being able to write. I will continue to write until the block disappears.

I write about people who've had the most effect on my life. Then after I'm done, I try to create characters out of them and myself.

I watch TV and listen to music.

Write for yourself, especially if it scares you.

write about whatever comes out of my head without giving it second thought. Usually, after deep introspection i can unravel the cobwebs that tangle my thoughts into clear, concise patient care plans.

There's no time to write a description of what i envision a patient will look like in person. I take data and piece it together until i can understand how everything links together.

Documenting is another realm of creativity, craft, and source of scrutiny. It's made to be accurate, relevant, and hopefully helpful to my patient...

I hope that happens one day soon.

...ramble on

Listen to the band Ours, read Poppy Z Brite's writing, my personal favorite is making lists. Lists of character traits, things I want in a story, things I liked in other stories, it helps.

Have prompts ready-- Just a sentence or line of poetry I really like. Write it down and then let the rest flow, no matter how irrelevant or bad. The beginning is the hardest, the rest comes easier.

I get inspired by everything, if get a writer's block, I go outside for a second, call a friend or I read a book.

You don't "overcome" writer's block. It's not a disease within you, it's not that YOU can't write, the problem is in your topic. It's not interesting enough. Likely, you've been working on the same thing for days, so switch your focus. Grab one of the creative writing topics from this site and write for ten minutes. Force yourself to write about THE FIRST ONE YOU GET. Don't just keep clicking until you find something interesting. If you do, you'll probably pick a topic that's familiar to you and you won't explore any new ideas. If you force yourself to think about something new, you'll probably find out that you have some opinions you're not aware of. As some famous writer whose name escapes me once said, "I write to find out what I think." Once you've forced yourself to write about an unfamiliar topic, you should have some new ideas that maybe you can incorporate into your piece!

Than this one is to that, if well we couple
From which time forth I have been at his hair;
Flatten Now will I have thee know, the other time

To recognise the place wherein I was.
If to the right hand any pass slope down
Broken glass Here ended he his tearful utterance;

Before Of Befogged!

Before Of Befogged!

Before Of Befogged!

Before Of Befogged! My Penis Showers Black Blood! !

Down from the place where man his mantle buckles.
Down there along that bank which lowest lies,
Prophecy He I know not, but I had been dead beat.


i wait for sunset and just sit and admire the view, then embrace whatever random emotion it triggers. idea's start flowing, and i write again

Create an evil zombie minion demon thingy to eat the main character's spouse/parent/sibling/house.

Kill an off character.


I read one of my favorite novels and eat ice cream.


i drink and think about people i am infatuated with.

i read random poetry, and write down the words that grab my attention. i use them as starting points for my own writing.

i watch people (usually on the bus or train) and sometimes i'll see someone that sends the creative sparks flying.

Getting mad helps sometimes, taking walks, people watching, listening to music.

I just write. Anything. Everything. It doesn't matter if it's a part of my book or not, the point is that if your writing, you aren't feeling trapped again. Pick any topic and write about it. Try writing everyday, if possible, at least until the plot bunnies hop back. It works, really. If this doesn't work out too well, then take a little break and relax, then go back to writing. Listening to music, (wordless music works the best for me), also helps. Just find the thing that helps get you writing and use it.

I jasmine up a relationship. I break up with someone, I make someone mad at me.

I go outside and take a walk or kick a soccer ball around. Usually, after I go back inside, I'm ready to write again. If that doesn't work, I go online to read fanfiction; that always helps! You can't live your whole life reading only your own writing. That could get dull.

I read. Voraciously. I am always able to get ideas and inspiration by just sticking my head into someone else's work

I fall in love.

i don't think writer's block exists! i think it's an invention - something made up by corporations. you know, that whole "hallmark" thing - let "us" tell you what is "true", what is the "correct" thing to say, the "perfect" thing to say in any given situation. it's about taking back your power. trusting your guts. not giving it away to someone, or something. "writer's block"... pffft!

katina xx

(as crazy and/or stupid this may sound, it actually works)
i look to the left of me, then to the right, then back to the left, and then back down at my paper. Usually, it clears my head, and i can write a bit more. =)

My friend gave me a stress ball with the words "Writer's Block" written across it and I just squeez the heck out of it when I'm frustrated.

If that doesn't work, another good thing is start. The worst part is getting past the beginning, once you pass it, no matter how bad it is, you just start to flow. The beginning can be anything! A cliche, a phrase your friend uttered, anything! You don't even have to have a plot or idea when you first start, but as you keep writing it will start to come to you, and once you know what you're going to do and write, you just edit the beginning, if you want, and keep writing again! Writer's block cured!

Cold shower, hot chocholate...Oh! amd an incredibly uncomfortable chair, the more it hurts..the more i write the quicker i get to stand up

I smoke extreme amounts of weed. However, it is getting over the initial stoned laziness and actually starting to write that poses a challenge. Once the words start to flow it's a beautiful thing.

Nothing. I'm cursed with no imagination!



i sit there and thing about the last time i was happy

Pick from this list:
1. Create multiple personalities for yourself (each personality writes something completely different from the other).
2. List random things you enjoy and/or things that inspire you.
3. Think of a place in the world you would want to travel to (you can't stay there) and write about going there, what you will do when you get there, the things you'll eat, drink, see, and buy.
4. Create a world. Start off with terraine and climate. Then, begin creating the inhabitants. Try to create creatures that aren't human (from slightly different to drastically different), explain what they do, how they get along, how they talk, how they act in certain ways.

watch movie, go for a walk

I go and edit other parts of the story until I come up with an idea.

Two words- BRAIN DUMP!


Ice water enemas.

listen to music

I remind myself that if I don't finish this book, I'll starve to death.

uh lol

I've found that cutting up random stuff on this site makes for a good jumping off point. Well, for poetry anyway; it doesn't do much for fiction; the website oneword for inspiration there... And there are times when I just force myself to sit and pound out the keys with no online help. I have an accountability partner who makes me feel really guilty when I don't write, which helps big time.

I begin by banging my head against the keyboard until the individual keys loosen and stick to my forehead. I then brush them off my face and onto my desk, where I then proceed to rearrange the letters into words. I use these words as a launch pad for my next magnum-opus.

If I'm stuck, I just start writing, free-flow, no editing and keep going until something clicks! Keep writing till you get to a good stopping point, go back and throughout the crap and keep the good stuff!

The more distractions, the better. Distractions send you mind in different directions and give you ideas for continuing your work. Go do something completely unrelated to what you're writing. Read a psychology book. Have a deep discussion with someone about life and how you view it. Interact with people outside your norm and experience something new. Use your new-found perspectives as fuel for your mental bonfire and start writing.

guys, this may seem odd but I've written four books and my way works perfectly for me...

1. Get yourself some cartoons. Naruto, Bleach, One Piece, Full metal alchemist, any of these will work.

2. Start writing.

3. If you get any problems just open up your cartoon and watch one episode....I bet when you're done watching it you'll be able to write again.

There always seems to comes a time when we businessfolk who must write, seen to run into a condition that is know as "Constipation Of The Creativity " , in other words, that damnable lull after what was an inspired period of vibrantly original work... These weakened states require a bit of caution, but I'll guess that you shouldn't worry yourself too much, and rest as much as possible after such exertions... You certainly would rest your physical body after a Marathon, wouldn't you? -----

Listen to music that has something, even the tiniest bit, to do with what I'm writing, think about where i wanted to go with my story, where it's going at the moment, read what I've written, change things around, and just write and let those extra ideas out of your head. Sometimes I have three or four stories going on at once, just to finish one story.

I listen to a lot of music and try to come up with a story for every song. Some of them are good and can develop into much more.

I take a break - never force the flow! Coffee, cigarettes & go for the inspiration brought by the 25th hour of being awake.

I write anyway. Given, it is crap but still it sometimes takes me to a new idea.

Write down beautiful words in the form of a list, create an imagine in my head, close my eyes and write down what I feel, what I see, what I smell, etc, and clear my mind that way.


I write random words or whatever I'm thinking in a chaotic fashion to clear my head.

Lose myself in music and/or force myself to write

I look online for inspiration

keep a dream diary, o for a walk

I do something dangerous

I just write whatever comes to mind no matter how bad I think it really is. Sometimes it helps, sometimes it doesn't, but a writer writes always.

Listen to music. Read a favorite book/chapter, watch a good movie. Sit down with a notepad and write whatever ideas come to mind

Listen to instrumental music and let your imagination run frigging wild with it =D

I just sit down with my story, read it as far as I've come, and write. It's easy to give up on a story you think has no future, but every character has a life they can still live. What were some of your problems? How were you when everything was great?
And remember, deadlines or no, sometimes you need a break.

Read my stories over and over and focus.

read some of bukowski's poems to focus

Try to block out distractions so I can concentrate better

i go and read other books in the smame style that i want to write in don't always work though

Go back to old writing, stuff that was never published, stuff you're embarrassed of. Read over some of that and see where you've grown, maybe revisit ideas that you never ran with and start up something new. Turn parts of old writing into better writing, and transform it.

Start writing as if you are telling somebody a story.

"So there we are falling down through separate reality tunnels - age after age of primordial scripts. And Jerry comes up with this crystal skull routine and says "Should we?" Giving me this nasty wink of the pederast in a santa suit..."

Let your fingers and subconscious do the writing and see what oozes out. Sometimes it's funny sometimes gross and sometimes you shock even yourself when you sit back and read it.


kill the editor

Relax, listen to some music, and maybe the lyrics will give you some inspiration.
Go out shopping, and maybe you'll get new ideas.
Watch anime. I'm a fan of anime.
Or simply daydream and try to imagine what your characters look like and what their personalities are, what they love to do, everything about them. And soon, the missing links will be covered up and your ideas will not stop flowing. This works very well for me.

I listen to hardcore screamo music and listen closely to the lyrics(if you can make them out). Trying to process the meaning of the lyrics usually gives me an idea or two.

wait until an idea comes, there's no pressure

I tell a couple of my readers roughly where I'm at and what do they think would happen next. I either use their idea and fly with that, or it makes me think of something else and I use that.

search how to overcome writers block on the internet.

One of my favourite exercises to overcome writer's block is to take the last line of any random book on my shelf and then write flash fiction or a short story with that line as the first line. It can be totally random sometimes. It really gets you to think outside the box.

Day dream =)

write as if you were speaking to a loved one who has passed away, and you'll never be at a loss for words because this is your last chance to tell them how you feel! ~m.m.h.(HBT)

Bug my best friend for plot bunnies.

I listen to music while looking at the lyrics. (Prefferably new ones.) Then I might get something that miraculously gives me inspiration relating to my story.

Think of something sad and listen to piano music.

get baked and surf the web

I listen to old industrial.

i play my guitar outside on the front porch, take naps in wal-marts home and garden section, watch a new movie, listen to techno.

I stop writing and just live my life for a little while. Taking a step away from what you're trying to write helps, and one day it'll just come to you.

read the dictionary

Listen to music.

Raymond Queneau's Exercises in Style

Picture the cover of your novel on the shelf of your local bookstore.

I try to get myself into another type of creative medium. Sometimes changing my mindset from a literary perspective gives me a chance to recharge.

Listen to Manson Family Picnic, I could not recommend this one enough!

wank off

Try drawing a picture or doodeling to express yourself instead. Then when you're finished, explain the drawing or the meaning of the drawing.

Or listen to some music.

I usually just look over things I've written before just to clear my mind. I wait a day or two and forget all about writing. I listen to people talk, I think about what happened that day, I think about how I'm feeling, and basically do an overall look on life. Usually just clearing my mind and taking a breather from writing helps me gather ideas. NEVER TRY TO PUSH YOURSELF TO WRITE, THE BLOCK ONLY GETS WORSE!! Also sometimes I write a bunch of nonsense and an idea comes out of it.

I normally concentrate on my writing skills, surf the internet for ideas and read as much as possible about anything that interest me. Take some time off to walk in the park, or take long strolls around my neighborhood. Great stress buster and after a while, I begin to feel revived.

Read about how to overcome writer's block.

Dark and numb under the clouds
We hobnob with heavy eggs beside the light
I reach! The pleasure must continue
Sinister and splintering among the clouds
We summon desirous hooks beside the ground
Word! The day is good
Sinful and flying among the tomb
You smear odorous signs near the spirits
Can you dig it? The thought must continue
trusting grieving
lost in broad daylight
the next life waiting
At how many harbours
my likeness
turn aside
while the world changed

Listen to Japanese visual novel soundtracks with a bottle of (insert obscure brand) soda. Computer and sunny evening is a must.

1) Punch your inner editor in the face.

2) Do something completely pointless - if you don't enjoy it, it's not pointless enough.

3) Don't look for inspiration. Look for nothing and make note of what gets in the way.

It depends on what kind of mood I'm in. Sometime listening to music helps, and other times I'll just think of random scenarios while trying to fall asleep.

Yesterday the day came. The day that every person must experience in order to say that they have truly lived their life. They day where it pains you more to stay tight in a reserved shell than it does to open and show yourself in all your glory to the true world. There she was, up on the pedestal, being crowned for prom queen. A tall boy by the name of Mark stood next to her. He was built like a tank but that didn't phase me. Nothing could get in my way now. I knew, right then at that moment that I needed to do what needed to happen. I started my march, pushing drunk divas out of the way as I made my way towards the stage. As I climbed the three stairs onto the stage, the spotlight hit me. My red tie under my jacket seemed to be leaping off my chest with every beat of my heart. I took a deep breath and locked eyes with her. I let it all out.

CHange positions. Sit upside down in my chair, or lay on the ground, or cobra position, or on my back with my legs in the air. Or stare at a light...

Walk away. I look at old things, peruse a scrapbook, my mother's sentimental jewelry, look in my closet.

I write on paper instead of computer.

ADHD Rules! I just move on to another book, and then sneak up on the first one from behind.

Having a deadline!


I find a place in the house that has absolutely no distractions- the bathroom or hallway. There's no tv, no computer, no radio, just me, my notebook and my thoughts.

When ihave writers block i listen to music and simply relax, often a song will come on that can inspire me in some way. When i'm writing a story the song can often start and i realise that this song could be the background song to a certain scene i have in mind for the story it could be the background song to what the main character would be feeling at the time and i can really get into that emotion, in fact i've made myself cry as i act out the scenes in my head cause it can feel so real while i temporarily go into my characters mind. When i'm writing lyrics sometimes a song can bring an emotion to meor a word and will simply work on that emotion and word i get and get lyrics from that. Or i go outside in the woods and sit in my faveroute spot and just sit there often with my music on my ipod.

I decide to never try to write again.

When I'm going through writer's block and already have an idea of what I want to write but can't seem to put it into word form, I actually act out the main characters in my mind. I try to get into their minds and get a feel for what it would be like in the environment. If that doesn't work, then I listen to music (classical or jazz works best for me) and sit in front of the computer (or notebook if I'm writing on paper at the time) until something comes to me.

To over come writers block I listen to music, other than that I just walk away and go back later with a fresh pair of eyes. Seems to work for me. Just don't force yourself to write, it only makes things harder in the end.

Reading science fiction or urban fantasy.
Also listening to music that is not mainstream (like Moby, Conjure One or Thievery Corporation for example)
Working (Some of my best ideas have come from working at my day job.)


Being awesome.

Music helps a lot. If I can keep a stock of songs that inspire me constantly, I'll listen to those and write whatever comes to mind.
Or just do whatever I want. Dance around like a crazy person, role play to the scene of any book I'm reading, yell out whatever song I'm listening to, even if I'm not singing the right lyrics. Anything to loosen up the creative bowls and get those juices flowing!

Personally, I lay on my bed, switch, on my ipod, and match the scenes up with the music and watch them play out according to which way the music's going.

Honestly when i have writer's block i watch a movie or go here and do the electronic poetry. I seems to get the words flowing and it helps my mind think of the kinds of things i want to say.



I do several things to get the ideas flowing. I do the dishes when I want to get an idea. Something
about the water and the activity just gets me thinking. When I want to keep an idea and I just can't make any headway on it typing things out, I write by hand. For some reason that just makes things flow. I may not like what I've written, I may only be able to keep a little bit, but at least I'm not blocked.

i take a long walk, even if it's raining, i walk and walk until it comes to me. or i find myself in a place i'm not quite sure here i am

I do three things, either together or seperately.

1. watch my favorite shows. I love Code Lyoko, W.i.t.c.h., Avatar, Gilmore girls, Stargate. Watch whatever you love.

2. Exercise. Get blood moving to your brain. get energized. New fresh blood enters your brain and makes you feel awake and energized, itching to write.

3. Act. Act out your scene that you are stuck on and whatever come naturally. If it come naturally to you, that is great. You can also invite friends over (friends that understand your strange obsession with whatever you are writing.) by inviting friends over and acting it out, not only do you get your natural response to the situation but you also get other ideas too.

Find what inspires you. Be it photography, nature, music and singing, dancing or family, and take sometime to revive that inspiration. For most people, writer's block is a lack of inspiration.

Listen to songs and say weird things.

Listen to a variety of different music and if something triggers, stick with that style as I write.

Turn of the computer and spend some time out in the "real world". Seems like my lack of inspiration comes from lack of stimulation.

Just keep writing whether it's good or makes sense or not.

I play DooM, and narrate in my head what I'mdoing whilst drinking a cup of coffee. then i keep that momentum going and put it into my work. works every time =)

change environments
listen to music
focus really hard on an object
look through pictures
read a part of a book
rewrite another's work

I look through photographs - plants, people, buildings, landscapes, whatever - and think about the stories behind the photos. For example, if it's a photo of a girl hugging a guy, why is she hugging him, who is he, what is their story, etc. If it's an old building, what happened in that building, who died there, why is it abandoned, etc. Eventually I come across a photo that contains a story that is so intensely interesting to me that I just have to go write it. I keep that photo posted on my wall or on my computer - somewhere close - so that when I start to waver again I can revive the drive to write.

talk to someone really interesting

I don't know

I don't know

I create a zillion magic sparks.

I first read a good book, then write about what I read. Secondly, I take my notebook and pen to my favorite coffee house, (Starbucks), and let my brain run wild.

Eventually the dam breaks.

i try to think really hard. if that doesnt work i maybe relax a little and gaze into inspiration.

Go to a quiet place in meditate for an half hour

reading really good books. either classics or favorites, but something helpful that won't allow me to wallow in the misery that is a blank page.

Watch some anime or manga! Now THAT gets the inspiration flying through your veins!

listen to music --


I go outside and take a walk.

To overcome a writer's block, i only write when i feel like writing. Don't ever force yourself to write otherwise the writing itself seems robotic. It also helps to read other people's stories for inspiration, or just to get you in the mood to write more stuff. However, i never reccomend reading fan-fictions because those are made out of fail.

To overcome writer's block, I do a cathartic writing exercise. I think of something that's happened recently that made me feel a strong emotion - excitement or anger and I just sit down and write everything that comes into my head about it - without editing or thinking it through first. Just get it all down on paper.

One way to cure writer's block is to just write a description of something. Say, go to a cafe, a train station, a meadow in the forest and describe everything - the way the sun feels on your skin, the sound of the bees in the flowers, a distant train whistle, the taste of salt on your fingertips, the soft grass against your legs, the sunlight in the trees...

The best way to overcome writer's block that I have found is to do a quick and spontaneous free-writing session. Open your mind and just write everything that comes into your head - ignore punctuation, grammer, spelling, structure and just WRITE, do not censor anything.

Make a list
Making a list is a fun way to get your creative juices flowing. Here are some examples: everything in your bag, everything in your room, the best moments of your week, your top ten favorite things, things that make you happy, things that make you sad. things you wish you could change, things you are afraid of, etc.

Start keeping a dream diary next to the bed to jot down dreams and ideas from dreams.