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Who is your favorite character in The Secret History?

How many times have you read The Secret History?

Movie Casting: Richard Papen

Movie Casting: Charles Macaulay

Movie Casting: Julian Morrow

Who does Camilla love the most?

Who is the most virtuous character in the story?

In which year do you think the story takes place in?

Movie Casting: Cloke Rayburn

Will Charles and Camilla ever reconcile?

I think this movie should be as depressing as:

Should the movie ending be like the book ending?

Is Henry good or evil?

Is "The Secret History" a postmodern novel?

Did Henry really "f**k" Camilla every night?

Was Julian a coward?

Was Julian aware of the influence he had on Henry?

Which part do you dislike the most?

When did Charles and Camilla begin sleeping together?

If Julian is so selective in his choice of pupil, why did he chose Bunny to be in his class, when it's obvious his grasp of Greek and other languages was so poor?

Were any of the Main characters truly innocent?

Ideal director-based on body of work-dead or alive!

How did the book leave you feeling/thinking?

What was Julian and Henry's relationship?

Which one of the characters do you find it easiest to identify with?

Why must Bunny die?

Was Bunny's death unnecessary?

Was Francis in love with Charles?

If you read the post, "It doesn't end there..." did you find that it answered questions about Julian?

Who has the largest penis?

What would you prefer to see happen to The Secret History?

Were the murders ever solved?

Which character did you dislike the most?

Who would you marry?

If you could experience the story through a different character, which character would you choose

Who would you most like to be in The Secret History?

Why does Camilla sleep with Charles?

What do you think is the most immoral act in the novel?

What do you think is the most immoral act in the novel?

What do you think was the most terrible act?

How excited are you about The Goldfinch?

Have you pre-ordered your copy of The Goldfinch yet?