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The maqta is the last sher (couplet) of a ghazal, a collection of Urdu poems, in which the poet's takhallus, or pen name, is employed, often in very creative ways.

A shayar can use the maqta in a variety of interesting ways. He can "talk to himself", "to somebody else", "refer to something" etc. For example Firaq Gorakhpuri, whose takhallus is the word for the common theme in Urdu poetry of the state of pining for the beloved, plays on his nome de plume and the word firaq:

Tu yeh na samajh ke Firaq teri Firaq mein hai
Firaq uski Firaq mein hai jo teri Firaq mein hai

Don't think that Firaq pines for you (as in a desire to meet you)
Firaq pines for the one who pines for you (as Firaq wants to meet him first, who wants to meet you)

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