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San Antonio Current

Poet Jenny Browne on Long Walks and Love Letters to Strangers
San Antonio Current
The Yanaguana is not just a place forgotten in history. The waters that once satisfied the thirst of our early settlers continue to nurture deep thought in the writers of San Antonio. Our river is one of poet Jenny Browne's favorite places in the city ...

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Pasadena Now

Rattle Magazine Presents Issue #43 Love Poems
Pasadena Now
This spring Rattle focuses on the love poem, with new work by 40 poets. From sonnets, triolets, and villanelles, to free verse, letters, and lyrics—we spent a year looking for love, in all the ways a poet can slice it. Old love new love, red love ...

Open mic opens hearts to poetry and music
Bakersfield Californian
"A thankful heart is close to the riches of the universe," Sharpe-Mouzon chanted. She shared with the audience the impetus behind her poem "Love Loves You Back," that love must be a two-way street. "Love loves you back," she recited. "And that's a ...

Milton Keynes MKWeb

Poet picks up prize for Milton Keynes poem
Milton Keynes MKWeb
The poet, who really should know it, plans to continue to enter more competitions and is considering putting some of the 100 she has a written in a book. She added: “I have more than 100 poems on my iPad and I love poetry like Pam Ayres' that has a ...

The Coast Halifax

At the Library: Celebration in April brings attention to art of poetry
Lehigh Acres News Star
"Granger's Index to Poetry." This comprehensive tool provides author, subject, first line and last line index to more than 80,000 poems, located in more than 400 anthologies. "A Book of Love Poetry," edited by J. Stallworthy. More than 190 poets are ...
Savoring poetryRepublica
Poetry saves livesThe Coast Halifax
On the Shelves: Feel poetry's power, magicPoughkeepsie Journal
Northwest Public Radio
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Houston Chronicle

Reagler: Poetry programs are building city's culture of creativity
Houston Chronicle
A favorite poem can become like a favorite song that you listen to in order to change your mood or outlook. A poem can evoke feelings of grief for a loved one, it can make you laugh aloud, or even draw you to fall in love! Students fall in love with ...

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Barnstable Patriot

The lyrical poetry of Rich Villar
Barnstable Patriot
As the title suggests, it is a book of love poems, 74 pages dedicated to one past relationship of Villar's. As he's so well known for his apt and poignant political verse, I was surprised to receive a first book by this poet on the romantic rather than ...

Inaugural poet Richard Blanco recalls how he fell in love with words
Los Angeles Times
What does it take to be a writer: A room of one's own? A weakness for words? To celebrate the Festival of Books, we asked some celebrated authors to recall a turning point in their evolution as writers. How did I decide to become a poet? Well, that's ...

Daily Mail

Must-Hear Poem From Dad To Boys (Or Girls) Who Might Want To Date His ...
Huffington Post
Jesse Parent wrote a poem addressed to the boys who might want to date his daughter. He begins with threats ("If you break her heart, I will hear it snap"), but continues with words of tremendous love and awe for this human he helped raise. "I have ...
WATCH: Hilarious Utah poet lays down law to boys who may one day date his ...New York Daily News
Watch This Father Warn Off His Daughter's Future Suitors... With An Epic ...Co.Create
After Watching This Dad's Message to 'Boys Who May One Day Date My
Daily Mail
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Slate Magazine (blog)

April Should Be Mathematical Poetry Month
Slate Magazine (blog)
If you're looking for a whole book of math poems about love and love poems that employ the trappings of math, check out Strange Attractors, edited by Glaz with JoAnne Growney, a mathematician and poet who blogs about the intersection of the two fields ...
You're a poet, and you didn't even know itBlack and Magenta
Library Lines: Celebrating big for Poetry
Cesar Chavez Central Library hosting youth poetry contestStockton Record

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The Guardian (blog)

Poem of the week: The Anniversary by John Donne
The Guardian (blog)
Theodore Redpath, editor of the Methuen University Paperback edition (1987) suggests it recalls the poet's first meeting with his teenaged wife-to-be, Ann More, in 1598. Autobiography can never be assumed, but fidelity in love is clearly the poem's ...

Washington Post

CK Williams on his foray into prose poetry
Washington Post
I had all these partial poems and partial prose things, and all of a sudden it seemed to become important to finish them all. And then I had a book. That's sort of a nice surprise. The section “Catherine's Laughter” is a beautiful love poem to your ...
National Poetry Month: Local writers share their favorite poemsColumbus Alive
Being Prepared for JoyCommonweal

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10 Terms You Need to Know to Understand Poetry
Huffington Post
Poetry is meant to inspire readers and listeners, to connect them more deeply to themselves even as it links them more fully to others. But many people feel put off by the terms of poetry, its odd vocabulary, its notorious difficulty. They may like or ...

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Just Poets planning workshop celebrating poetry month
Hernando Today
I love words and poetry together, and I love the idea of metaphor and simile, and yet I also practice meditation and I'm a yoga teacher," Cock said. "So my haiku is about the present moment, there is nothing more enlightening than this moment, and the ...

13 Poetry Collections For People Who Think They Don't Like Poetry
Huffington Post
The Rose, Li Young Lee: Lee is a poet who values plain language and isn't afraid to veer towards sentimentality when addressing universal themes like love and family. This is Lee's first book and his later works are more sophisticated, but I still love ...

Hillsborough victims remembered: Rick Jones - a young man who loved poetry ...
Rick and Tracey were both killed in the disaster but Stephanie survived - and described the couple in court as being 'in love' and 'very, very happy'. Rick's mother Doreen was also in court to pay tribute to her son. Mrs Jones said: "Rick was born on 5 ...

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Mother's Day poems: the best poems for Mothering Sunday
Rossetti dedicated a whole collection of poems to her mother, and started them off with a touching sonnet about the timeless nature of familial love. This one is best for mothers who like tradition, art, and being reassured that they spent enough time ...

Saratoga Wire

Northshire Bookstore Saratoga will host a poetry reading and book signing with ...
Saratoga Wire
Venera, Jay Rogoff's fifth book of poetry, explores varieties of love both sacred and profane—parent and child, husband and wife, saint and deity, lover and lover. A husband consoles his wife when she is wakened by an imaginary child; another man ...

Exclusive: Benghazi 'scapegoat' Raymond Maxwell on life and poetry
His poetry, found here and here is compelling. Raymond, or "Ray" also has a blog, which started out as a compilation of Maxwell's work, and ultimately became a "collection of poetry." He developed his love for poetry when he was a child and said "it is ...

The Guardian

Volume of men's poetry choices is a real tear-jerker
The Guardian
Contributor Simon Schama has tweeted enthusing about his choice, WH Auden's Lullaby, the poem that opens with the words "Lay your sleeping head, my love, Human on my faithless arm." Auden turns out to be the overall winner in this unusual competition ...

Love of performing leads Judge Memorial student to state poetry competition
Intermountain Catholic
"I love poetry and I feel like there are a lot of people my age who haven't had that much exposure to it," Markham said. "I love writing in general – novels and short stories – and I didn't really like poetry until I was exposed to it in high school. I ...

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National Post

Michael Lista, On Poetry: Some Dance, by Ricardo Sternberg
National Post
His optimism, his consistency, his constancy could just as well go by another name: love. Some Dance is the latest proof that Sternberg is maybe the very best love poet writing in this country. In “No Love Lost,” he wants us to be able, like ...

Jim Daniels' 'Birth Marks': love and decay from the poet of mill towns and beyond
Pittsburgh Post-Gazette
"Birth Marks" is the essential handbook into the goings-on in author Jim Daniels' life. The Carnegie Mellon University professor's 14th poetry collection flips between the recent past and Mr. Daniels' adolescence. Between dark humor and unwholesome ...

Deseret News

Poets, established and aspiring, meet to discuss, celebrate craft
Deseret News
"We do this because we love poetry," Cummings said. "We want to see it grow among people our own age." His mother, Felicia, said he was always an incredibly verbal child, who spoke and read from an early age. At age two, she said, he would tell himself ...

National Poetry Month: Denice Frohman Slams Down Oppression With Survival ...
Denice Frohman's poems aren't just beautiful, powerful words — though they certainly are that. They are her history, her politics, her pain, her love and her future. In putting all that into words, Frohman shares tools, ideas and empowerment with all ...

Poetry in motion: Program combines fitness and literacy
Greensboro News & Record
“I love basketball and I love poetry, so why not combine both?” Mallory said. “Kids actually enjoy reading, and it's exciting to incorporate basketball along with that.” “My middle child is not very athletic, but she really enjoys the poetry aspect ...

Meet Local Poet Radomir Luza
noho arts district
I must admit that no matter how bad it got, I get my love of art and politics from my parents, Radomir Sr. and Libuse Podhraska. My father fought in the Czech Resistance in World War II led by my grandfather Vojtech Luza, who was murdered by the Nazis ...

Epic Pasifika love poem published by CUP
An epic love poem described as "a precocious masterpiece" and "one of the great poems of Oceania produced in the last century" is to be published in a new edition this month by Canterbury University Press. John Puhiatau Pule was just 21 years old ...

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You're About To Fall In Love With Slam Poetry (You're Welcome)
NYU Local
You might've heard about NYU's slam poetry team. Here's a fact: They're awesome and award-winning. But what do they do? What is slam poetry? Are they wearing berets and snapping their fingers like that scene in A Goofy Movie? This might be ...

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Daily Mail

Row over Ted Hughes' love life after clashes between biographer and poet's ...
Daily Mail
'Of course I would have to make some references to his love life, but that itself was so important to his poetry. The point is that everything he did in a remarkable life fed into his writing.' The biography Professor Bate has been working on was never ...

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What to Read for Poetry Month, Part II
Santa Barbara Independent
Charlie Smith, Jump Soul: New and Selected Poems: A Charlie Smith poem is like a word explosion—something detonates in the first line, then it's impossible to tell where the debris will settle. Readers who love to be surprised by poetry will be ...

Hip-Hop Dreams Lead To Penning Poetry
So, Laura, was it harder to write a poem? MARTINEZ: Totally hard. I mean, I'm not a poet - a poetry writer at all. But what I loved about this experience was the possibility to play with a bilingual poem, which is pretty much what would define all my ...

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Learn about George Merrick's poetry at Sunday event
Throughout the rest of his life, Merrick wrote numerous poems about topics such as his love affair with his wife, Eunice, and the natural beauty of Florida. He even had a book of poetry titled Song of the Wild on a Southern Shore published in 1920.

The Guardian

The poetry that moves men to tears
The Guardian
The most common themes, apart from intimations of mortality, range from pain and loss to the beauty and variety of nature – as well, of course, as love, in all its many guises. Three of our contributors (the actor Chris Cooper, writer James McManus and ...

Poetry Pairing | 'A Poem of Changgan'
As editor of The Times's Modern Love column for the past decade, I have been privy to the love lives of tens of thousands of strangers through the stories and letters they send my way. It's a vantage point that provides a panoramic view of what people ...

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'Beet' poets entertain at Augusta church
Morning Sentinel
Moreau, who works in Lewiston with adults who are developmentally disabled, and Franzel tag-teamed, exchanging the podium after each poem. Moreau read a love poem he wrote to his wife when he was 22. Franzel focused on New York City for a couple ...

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San Francisco Chronicle

Former art student SB Stokes' 1st book of poetry published
San Francisco Chronicle
SB Stokes has a long, complicated relationship with poetry. This week, at the age of 44, the Hayward-born son of two Oakland natives celebrates the release of his debut book of poems, "A History of Broken Love Things." The road here has not been easy.

This Poem Will Make Grown Men Cry
Huffington Post
Then, with a surge of paternal love, he projects himself into his son's future: the regrets and constraints of his own life shall underwrite the joy and liberation of his child's. The clinching first word of the last stanza, “Therefore,” resonates like ...

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poetry, structure, and creative beginner's heart
Last night, discussing structure and writing with my elder son, I said I couldn't write w/ too much structure. That writing is — for me — a discovery process. Structure, I told him, can actually kill my ideas. Later, as I lay in bed half-asleep, I ...

The Guardian

John Cooper Clarke: 'Poetry is not something you have to retire from'
The Guardian
No, but I am supposed to be at the Howl festival in New York in the summer. I've not been to the States since 1982. I don't see any reason why my stuff wouldn't work. Obviously everything I love in life is really from America. Was that the case when ...

Maggie Dietz savors sound in 'An Invitation to Poetry'
Bennington Banner
In this talk, Dietz said, she'll talk about the appeal of poetry, how it has survived as an ancient art, some of its unique characteristics and why children love poetry -- until they're taught not to. The mother of 6-year-old twins, Dietz said her own ...

Johannesburg Sunday World

Q&A: Meet Romeo The Alpha poet
Johannesburg Sunday World
Vusumuzi Phakathi, or Romeo the Poet or Lil Hussle as he's known in spoken word circles, is passionate about a lot of things. But his love poetry boasts greatly in his work. Who are you? I am still on the quest for the answer to this question myself, I ...

Countdown to 'Mad Men': Read a Don Draper-inspired poem
At this point on Mad Men, Don Draper isn't inspiring any of his co-workers or family members. But Leah Umansky finds a lot to love about the character — so much that she just published a chapbook of poetry inspired by the AMC drama. Umansky, a poet ...

'Muses And Metaphor' Kicks Off National Poetry Month
St. Louis Public Radio
MARTIN: I love it. Well, thank you for that. Well, in addition to your own poems, the other challenge that you've agreed to undertake is to look at the poems coming in on Twitter. So you've already picked some that have stood out for you. And you're ...

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Boston Globe

Virginia's Poet Laureate's book focuses on reader, not poet
Daily Press
"I thought about how I could celebrate the reader — the relationship between the poem and the reader," Starnes said. "The poet disappears after the poem is written. I thought, 'Let's give the readers the opportunity to write and say why they love a ...
Poetry is in the airBoston Globe
TRENDER: Poet Lisa StarrGoLocalProv
Young Suh/Courtesy photoDenton Record Chronicle

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Washington Post (blog)

Edward Hirsch upcoming guest in 'The Life of a Poet' series
Washington Post (blog)
It's hard to think of anyone who's done more than Hirsch to celebrate poetry and argue for its essential place in our lives. In his 1999 bestseller, “How to Read a Poem and Fall in Love with Poetry,” he writes, “Poetry is a form of necessary speech ...

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Travel | Chile and Pablo Neruda – A poet in a world of his own
The eclectic mix of styles in which he wrote, including erotic love poems, political manifestos and historical epics, reflect his adventures and escapades abroad, as well as his deep love for his homeland, in spite of being exiled twice during his career.

Naomi Shihab Nye: 'Read it slowly, and more than once, if you love the poem.'
unnamed Happy National Poetry Month! All throughout April, we will interview poets about working in this digital age. Recently, we spoke with author Naomi Shihab Nye. Throughout her writing career, Nye has penned short stories, fiction books, and ...

Why Poetry Matters
Tri States Public Radio
Macomb's public grade schools have “writing workshops” and our children are falling in love with poetry. This was evident when Sandra Taylor invited me into her third grade class last year for a week-long lesson on poetry. The students loved the sounds ...

Poetry of movement
The Hindu
Teaming Bharatanatyam with poems of Chinese courtesans and songs from the Chinese opera struck a chord with the mixed audience. A diehard romantic, Priya chose love poems to dance to. “Love transcends language but has the same theme and ...

Children's book review: “Poem-mobiles: Crazy Car Poems
Asheville Citizen-Times
Shel Silverstein made it easy for kids to love poetry. Author of “Where the Sidewalk Ends” and “A Light in the Attic” among other works, Silverstein made poetry accessible, relatable and fun. These days, while Silverstein's works continue to be popular ...

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The Philadelphia Tribune
Germantown residents and visitors at the “Hanging Out With Poetry: Afternoon Poetry Café,” an event organized by the Germantown Artists Roundtable in recognition of Philadelphia Poetry Day. ... and daughter also participated in the “Afternoon Café ...

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Western Morning News

Academic rediscovers First World War 'poet who loved the war'
Western Morning News
A soldier for whom the First World War turned out to be the best days of his life is the subject of a television documentary being broadcast on the BBC this month. The story of Ivor Gurney – who was known as “the poet who love the war” – has been ...
Gloucestershire war poet Ivor Gurney gets BBC documentary as part of First ...Western Daily Press

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New York Times (blog)

Poetry Profiles: Alice James Books
New York Times (blog)
“Lit From Inside: 40 Years of Poetry From Alice James Books” (2013). This collection was a real labor of love for the co-editor, Anne Marie Macari, and for me. It was several years in the making, and every author we've published since 1973 is here. We ...
Library to celebrate National Poetry month in AprilNaperville Sun
Visiting Carolyn Kizer: Mentorship From a Woman Poet Is No Small ThingHuffington Post

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Graphic Poetry
Indian Express
Das, who has been writing poetry since the age of nine, chanced upon her son's doodles inspired by the fantasy-filled world of anime and Manga characters. The collection explores themes such as love, life, beauty, freedom, birth and death — all of ...

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Mir Ghulam Rasool Nazki: The Poet of Masses
as epitaph to Namrood Nama sum up his essential qualities as a poet of faith, love, passion and tradition. He doesn't know aestheticism or poetry for poetry's sake. We can't forget his translations of rather difficult works in a language and idiom that ...

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3 poetry collections that are full of surprises
Christian Science Monitor
In some poems, the room – or the passageway from it – is love, as in these lines from “Sounds (Second Walk)”: “I watch the clumsy/ grace of bicyclists in January/ unblushing the sky, shamed of nothing/ suddenly my life/ makes sense: I get along/ until ...

poetry, seeing, and connection
If you love songs, if their lyrics sometimes speak for you when emotions thicken your throat and words are hard to come by, you're already halfway to being a poet. And you certainly should be reading poetry! It's the heart's own language. So let me ...

NSAA asks student to perform poem without gender identity theme
Rapid City Journal
Michael Barth, a senior, won the Class C1 poetry division at the NSAA state championship in Kearney last week with a poem that combined lyrics from Mackelmore's “Same Love” and a slam poem called “Swing Set” by Andrea Gibson. Gibson's poem is about ...
Nebraska High School Student's Poem On Gender Stereotypes Barred From TV ...Huffington Post
After Outrage, Nebraska Official Allows High School Student To Perform Gender ...BuzzFeed
NSAA: State speech champion's poems on gender identity too controversial for TVKearney Hub -Towleroad -Centre Daily Times
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Events Celebrate the Spoken Word During National Poetry Month
The Sag Harbor Express
“The fact is that poets have had a love affair with the other arts as far back as the artistic heyday of ancient Greece,” said Ms. Morehead, “and this genre has flourished over the centuries.” She reflected on what has been passed down as the poems ...
Celebrate Poetry Month on Long IslandNewsday
Poetry Slam at Assabet Valley Celebrates National Poetry

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Henderson Daily Dispatch (registration)

Having a way with words
Henderson Daily Dispatch (registration)
Guests gauged his stories with occasional interruptions to express their shared love for poetry and ask to Bathanti questions about his writing process. “My writing process is rather messy,” Bathanti said. “It's whenever I have the time.” Bathanti is a ...


London Book And Poetry Events: 17-23 April 2014
On 25 May, the UK's first ever edible book launch takes place at Box Park in Shoreditch. Author Sarah Holt has teams up with edible experience company Edible Stories to design a six-course menu that's been designed to tell the story of her first novel ...

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Slam Sisters: The Women of the World Poetry Slam brings Austin a spoken-word ...
Austin Chronicle
When asked to describe what makes WOWPS different from other slams, ordinarily articulate poets stumble to find the right word. "What I love about it is you have this – a lot of sisterhood, I guess. Motherhood," Roop says. "I've been to all of them ...

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Poet Terry Persun: A lesson learned from a poem
Port Townsend Leader
After all, there's often very little financial gain through having a writing career, especially fiction and poetry, unless you're one of the lucky few, of course. So then, there .... 6 Share with Us. We'd love to hear eyewitness accounts, the history ...

Assamese version of Tamil poetry collection
Assam Tribune
GUWAHATI, April 13 – A poetry collection titled Kuruntokair Kabita – Assamese translation of an anthology of celebrated classical Tamil love poetry belonging to Sangam literature – was released at a function held at the National Book Trust (NBT) Book ...
Assamese translation of Tamil classic 'Kuruntokai' releasedBusiness Standard

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Hindu Business Line

The importance of being earnest
Hindu Business Line
... the new energies surging through America, perhaps its fullest embodiment. There is a lot of great work being done now, but then poets seemed, to me to be at the centre of culture. I became a poet because I fell in love with certain poems when I was ...
'One can taste the salt in his words'Times of India

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The Brown Daily Herald

Weaver MA'87: 'Poetry has been the vehicle for me to realize myself'
The Brown Daily Herald
And so I think I've always had a love of books and writing, and also, when I was a child, I had made-up languages. I took the old Merriam-Webster dictionaries and looked at the phonological symbols in the back, and I used them to create languages. So ...
TEENS: Either you're a poet, or you aren'tThe Times (subscription)

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Children Need to See a Different Face of Poetry - Ikeogu Oke
Children love music instinctively. Not so for poetry. So I thought I could take advantage of their instinctive love of music to produce a work in which poetry rides on the back of music to their unforgettable recognition and enjoyment. Yet it had to be ...

Australian Teacher Magazine

Poetry really is music to their ears
Australian Teacher Magazine
STUDENTS love poetry. After all, it appeals to their interests: love, death, angst, awe, beauty, tragedy and crazy freaks; cool words, raw emotion, interior excursions; hyperbole, rhythm, rhyme, metaphor and alliteration. The thing is, students don't ...

Venus Jewelers conducting Mother's Day poetry contest
FRANKLIN (SOMERSET) — This Mother's Day, Venus Jewelers is asking children K-12 to express their love and appreciation for the special woman in their lives through poetry. The fourth generation, family-owned business has been in operation for 35 years ...

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Stanford Report

Stanford professor and poet Wesley Trimpi dies at 85
Palo Alto Online
Professor Trimpi awakened in me an understanding and thirst and love for poetry, which has never abated." Kathy Hannah Eden, an English and classics professor at Columbia University who studied under Trimpi as a graduate student, dedicated her first ...
Wesley Trimpi, professor emeritus of English at Stanford, dead at 85Stanford Report

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Meet Student Slam Poet Sensation Megan Beech
Huffington Post UK
I have always loved literature and Percy Shelley is probably my all-time favourite poet, but I am also inspired by so many people in the contemporary poetry scene. People like Kate Tempest who is incredibly talented and has become immensely popular ...

Inspired to write poetry by 'a very hot young woman'
Royal Gazette
I'd never written a poem before in my life.” He immediately went home and started writing them, though. “It was this very cheesy love poetry,” he said. “It was awful, but she liked it, so I liked it.” His interest in poetry continued to grow long after ...

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Conquering Displacement With Words
New York Times
At the University of Granada, where he received a scholarship to study philology, he fell in love with García Lorca's work and began writing poetry. He left his Ph.D. research, on politics and the short story, to write full time. His father, an oboist ...

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How Do You Get People to Read Poetry When They Don't Have Time?
RH: I watched some of the meetings that brought National Poetry Month into being, and I had slightly mixed feelings about it because I felt like the answer to the question: Why National Poetry Month? was the desire of people who read poetry and love it ...

Seamus Heaney's previously unpublished poem in “If Ever You Go…”
In the name of love... Landing on one of the places we know in poetry or song is perhaps a bit like realizing as you carve your name in the trunk of a chestnut tree, that so many before you did the same thing. Just as we mark the places in which we ...

Washington Post

Book World: 'Updike' by Adam Begley
Washington Post
He was smart, famous and teasingly funny; moreover, as his fiction and poetry make plain, he loved all “the rises and swales and dulcet shadowed corners” of the feminine body. Did he love the women themselves? “Not enough,” as a character says in one ...

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Local poets celebrate Philadelphia Poetry Day with reading on Maplewood Mall (blog)
"Divine bloodlines should not be met with rumors and lies," said Peurifoy, who started writing poetry in the early 1970s, when she was hardly 18 years old, and in love. Though that love would be fleeting, poetry remained close to her heart. She ...

The Guardian

I Knew the Bride, review – 'poetry of the subtle yet resonant gesture'
The Guardian
Ads by Google / Related information / Books / Hugo Williams · / Poetry · / Culture / The Saturday Poem: Diality / 15 Mar 2014 / by Hugo Williams / 10 Jul 2009 / A life in books: Hugo Williams / 9 Jun 2006 / Best foot backwards / 26 Mar 2006 / Rhymes of ...

Have you gotten your free poem yet?
Some attendees of O, Miami Poetry Festival requested to have love poems written about them. (Daysi Calavia-Lopez/ VOXXI). Along with Adey-Babinski, a few others volunteered to write and give away poems on demand. “One of the strangest requests I've ...

Trials Fusion is a beautiful poem of physics and motion (review)
We do need more, and publisher Ubisoft and developer RedLynx delivered with Trials Fusion. I love Trials Evolution, which debuted on Xbox 360 in April 2012. It took the wonderful gameplay and physics that RedLynx established in its earlier Trials games ...

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Poet's Notebook: Backward & Forward
Creative Loafing Tampa
But Donne was speaking the language of his day; and anyone who's read his poetry would understand that he loved women in general, and his wife Anne in passionate particular. A true and turbulent love story, Donne and Anne More married in 1601 against ...

Latin Times

Easter Quotes: 45 Religious Sayings, Poems And Messages About Christian ...
Latin Times
"The great gift of Easter is hope - Christian hope which makes us have that confidence in God, in his ultimate triumph, and in his goodness and love, which nothing can shake." -- Basil Hume. 5. "It is the hour to rend thy chains, The blossom time of souls.

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Music, poetry, art triumph over cocktails
Leader and Times
I embarked on a “Poem a Day” project and even coaxed a few people to join in. The resulting community, made possible ONLY by the little glowing screens of person Internet access, has given me a fresh love of the written word in its most potent form.

Poetry award winners announced
Evanston Now
Honorable Mentions in this category went to: Diane dos Santos for "Giraffes and Other Animals Falling," to Victoria Raphael for "Putting Her Dignity On," to Alfred D. Klinger for "Open Up to Love," and to Cele Bona for "in the blank time." Emma ...

Spoken Word Artist Sarah Kay Releases, Presents New Poetry Collection
Harvard Crimson
Kay, along with friends and artists such as poet Laura Lamb Brown-Lavoie and singer Kayla Ringelheim, presented poems on a range of topics, including love, pain, and womanhood. She recounted stories of her first love, New York City roots, and passion ...

'Poetry Beyond Borders' Bridges the Political, Religious Divide
Arutz Sheva
The journal's theme - 'Poetry Beyond Borders' - saw fulfillment during the ceremony, as a collection of different voices spoke on their love for life, poetry, and Israel. The synthesis of so many voices was overseen by Editor Dara Barnat, Managing ...

Poets gather in Willow Glen
San Jose Mercury News
Anyone with a love of rhyme or free verse is invited to attend the Poetry Center of San Jose gathering on April 17 at 7 p.m. in the Willow Glen Library, 1157 Minnesota Ave. There will be a guest poet and an open mic for attendees to read their own ...

James Franco Talks About his New Book of Poetry, His Writing Mentor & Being ...
LA Magazine (blog)
"It's something I love, and if people want to judge my poetry through the lens of my acting then there's nothing I can do about that." Posted on 3/26/2014 1:59:00 PM by Jackie Adams. James Franco is one of the busiest—and most versatile—guys in ...
James Franco talks poetry, denies he slept with Lindsay
James Franco calls Lindsay Lohan a liar, writes poem about

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OMG -- these Arizona kids can write
Or you believe kids raised in a world dominated by TV have no interest in poetry, fiction, journalism or essays? Wrong again. Or many you think kids born ... love to see the work brought into schools. We'd love to reach more and more students and teachers.

After Years of Writing, an Author's Own Epic Fantasy Comes True
New York Times
The richly imagined books — he calls them a “love letter of sorts to the epic fantasy genre” — also contain notes on Roshar poetry and illustrated tips on how to raise chulls (oversize crustaceans domesticated on Roshar). Photo. Mr. Sanderson has ...

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Haystack director to celebrate national Poetry Month
Penobscot Bay Press
Former U.S. Poet Laureate Ted Kooser wrote, “Stuart Kestenbaum writes the kind of poems I love to read, heartfelt responses to the privilege of having been given a life. No hidden agendas here, no theories to espouse, nothing but life, pure life, set ...

Borderlands Theater's 'Burning Patience' celebrates Chilean poet Pablo Neruda
Arizona Daily Star (blog)
The relationships between Neruda and Mario, and Mario and Beatriz, are central to the play. Gorgeous poetry is spoken, and we watch as young love blossoms. As the story ends, however, it becomes clear that Neruda is dying as he realizes the horror that ...

Seductively Poetic Purveyor of Prose, Ms. Clarissa O. Clemens, Spices Up the ...
eReleases (press release)
Clarissa O. Clemens promotes sex-positivity through her poetry and her goal in sharing her private collection of erotic poetry is to help couples find the adventures that are possible when couples are able to live out their fantasies with a loving and ...

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Sign of the rhymes: Poetry serves as a medium for change
The Free Press of the University of Southern Maine
Poetry reading has evolved from coffeehouses and dusty leather bound books into packed bars, snapping fingers and vocal performance pieces with powerful messages. No longer is poetry culture limited by cliche love stories, strict organization and ...

High school slam poets don't just recite verses, 'they leave their hearts ...
Omaha World-Herald
The second that Geyer gets through her unfinished poem titled “Daddy, please,” Hedges tells her, and everyone else, “Maybe I underestimated you before, but you always surprise me, and I love it.” Waite said that Hedges and the other seniors are leaders ...

Martin Flanagan: When men feel the poetry of pain and suffering
Brisbane Times
It's a poem about fate. “I know that I shall meet my fate/ Somewhere among the clouds above/ Those that I fight I do not hate/ Those that I guard I do not love.” The war will do nothing for the people he identifies as his own. “My country is Kiltartan ...
Read The Poem That Makes Tom Hiddleston CryMarie (blog)

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Stoke Sentinel

Too Write: Learning is poetry in motion for Glebe Primary school pupils in Fenton
Stoke Sentinel
It has all been thinking outside of the box. “We love writing poetry because it is good to use our imaginations. Poetry is a good way of expressing ourselves and writing about exciting things.” Classmate Yasmin Ridge, aged ten, from Fenton, said: “It ... (blog)

Body Image Booster: Love After Love (blog)
As Liz writes in her post, “My life changed forever when I read Derek Walcott's poem 'Love After Love' in 2005. It was like looking into a mirror and upon seeing my reflection knowing I would never truly be able to believe my self-talk the next time I ...

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BBC News

Poet Dylan Thomas' work returns to centre in Swansea
BBC News
A rarely seen love letter written by Wales' most famous poet will be displayed in his hometown for the first time. The short but sweet note from Dylan Thomas to wife Caitlin, scribbled on the back of a bank stub, will be returned to Swansea thanks to ...
Dylan Thomas centre awarded nearly £1m in poet's centenary yearThe Guardian

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