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Loving husband writes book of poems to relive memories with wife battling ...
To try to keep their memories alive and to show his love, Len has even written a book of poems – each one celebrating one of the 48 years the couple have shared. Len, 76, spends most of his time at the nursing home in Ipswich, Suffolk, where his 71 ...

Charulata (The Lonely Wife) review: Music, poetry and, most of all, love
Irish Times (blog)
There's a truth to silent-screen queen Norma Desmond's notion: “We didn't need dialogue. We had faces.” But cinema's golden years produced people who hardly needed faces, as they had movement. Think of John Wayne framed in a doorway before ...

Huffington Post Canada

Love Poems: 10 Sayings You're Probably Too Embarrassed To Share Publicly
Huffington Post Canada
This might be an unexpected inclusion, considering the modern style of cummings' poetry, but this poem went mainstream during the release of In Her Shoes (both movie and book). It's also lovely, and one of many beautiful love poems cummings had wrote.

BBC News

The One Robin Williams Moment We'll Never Forget
The Urban Daily
We read and write poetry because we are members of the human race And the human race is filled with passion. And medicine, law, business, engineering, these are noble pursuits and necessary to sustain life. But poetry, beauty, romance, love, these are ...
11 Robin Williams' 'Dead Poets Society' Quotes That Will Inspire You to “Carpe ...Bustle
The real teachers inspired by Dead Poets SocietyBBC News
Robin Williams best movie roles: Mrs Doubtfire, Dead Poets Society and
ABC News
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The Guardian

Report: Famed poet Simin Behbahani, who wrote of love and Iran's challenges ...
Minneapolis Star Tribune
TEHRAN, Iran — Famed Iranian poet Simin Behbahani, who wrote of the joys of love, demanded equal rights for women and spoke out about the challenges facing those living in her homeland, died Tuesday at the age of 87. Behbahani had been hospitalized ...
Iranian poet and women's rights advocate Simin Behbahani diesThe Guardian
Simin Behbahani: Formidable Iranian poet and fearless activistBBC News
Report: Famed Iranian poet Behbahani dies at 87News & Observer
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Gay College Student Recites Spoken Word About The Courage To Love
Huffington Post
"In attendance [at the reading] was my poetry class who I had grown to love dearly, but had never alluded to that I was gay," Boyle told The Gaily Grind. "I changed every pronoun before that night, and stayed away from the fact that my muse at the time ...
"I've been thinking about howto tell someone I love them"Same Same

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Simin Behbahani, Outspoken Iranian Poet, Dies at 87
New York Times
In the meantime, the girl's parents divorced. Simin's mother raised her to love literary endeavors, and when Simin was 14 her mother sent a poem she had written to a journal, which published it. In 1951, Ms. Behbahani published her first book of poems.
Simin Behbahani | Iran poet cited by Obama,

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Kodaly Dimitriadis: Love and Fuck Poems
ArtsHub (subscription)
The questionable content of Love and Fuck Poems was something of a controversy when it was first published, mainly because of an inability to distinguish between pornography and forms of art that explore explicit subject matter. Where do we draw the line?

Let's inspire a love of poetry in children
Gaston Gazette
Because poetry is fun for kids – oh, yes it is! Banish from your brain the thought of Breanna and Justin standing, mocked, in front of the class as they stumble through “Hiawatha,” and chant along with my sister and me, in the London underground ...

I'd Love to Chat With Ageing Lamu Poet Prof Sheikh Nabhany
We've had renowned writers such as Nigerian-based Ugandan scholar Prof Okello Oculi, the bilingual Egyptian literary scholar Prof Arif Khudairi, South Africa's Black Conscious poet and ANC guerrilla fighter Dr Mongane Wally Serote among many others.

Malcolm K. Drumheller Expresses Love for Life Through Poetry, Prose
PR Web (press release)
Expressing the beauty of nature, the mirth of family and relationships, the magnitude of things to be learned, this heartfelt compilation of poetry and prose shares the joy of being alive knowing that there is more in store for people than just another ...

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The Independent

What Dead Poets Society Taught Me About Being a Teacher
Huffington Post
Mr. Keating loved poetry, loved hearing the words "drip off our tongues like honey." I'm passionate about history -- I love the subject and stories that I teach. One of the comments I love hearing from my students is that they never liked history ...
Robin Williams on the Invention of Golf & My Favorite Dead Poets Society ClipPatheos (blog)
How Robin Williams inspired me to
Robin Williams' Famous Quotes from Good Will Hunting, Good Morning Vietnam ...Gospel Herald
Guelph Mercury
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Poems on love and ancient history
The poems read by Wolak were varied in its subjects of love, ancient history and poverty - 'When Love Ends', 'The Statue of Anacreon', and 'Song of the Lost Daughter'. He also read out translations of Iranian poems that he worked on alongside Mahmood ...

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The Daily Star

Samih al-Qasim: A nationalist poet
The Daily Star
BEIRUT: “I hope I could have more time to write love poems only, because I feel it, and I want it, and I need it,” lamented Palestinian poet Samih al-Qasim in a 2007 National Public Radio interview. “But you can't be concentrated in love poems when ...
“I Don't Love You Death, But I'm Not Afraid of You”: Palestinian Resistance ...Global Voices Online
Palestinian Druze poet Samih al-Qasim dies at 75Ma'an News Agency

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If You Don't Understand Why People Love Erotic Fanfic, Watch This Now
In her slam poem Fantastic Breasts and Where To Find Them, Brenna Twohy quickly gets to the heart of why so many people love their erotica attached to familiar fictional characters while powerfully critiquing certain types of mainstream pornography.

St. George Daily Spectrum

Gallery honors artist, writer
St. George Daily Spectrum
As a child Beldin showed artistic skills in writing poetry and embroidery as well as a love of math and logic. At the age of 17 years old, one of her poems was selected to be published among a selection of the best work written by students that year ...

NPR (blog)

Poet Known As The 'Lioness Of Iran' Dies At 87
NPR (blog)
Milani confirmed Behbahani's passing this morning: "Our dear Simin Khanum [lady], a woman I loved and a poet I admired, died this morning, even though her voice is undying." One of the most famous of Behbahani's poems, "A Cup of Sin," reflects on the ...

Q&A with Kaleesha Morris, Indigenous youth ambassador
The Guardian
I also love poetry, art, travelling, neo-soul/jazz music and learning languages. I have been working in Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander justice for the past eight years. I study arts/law at UNSW and currently work with Kingsford Legal Centre (KLC ...

The Independent

Philip Larkin: Misogynist, racist, miserable? Or caring, playful man who lived ...
The Independent
Affection for Philip Larkin's work is almost universal. He is more frequently quoted than any other poet of his time: "Sexual intercourse began/In nineteen sixty-three"; "What will survive of us is love"; "Never such innocence again", "The sure ...
The biography that makes Philip Larkin human
A porn-addled, two-timing, racist misogynist — what's not to like?Evening Standard

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Ipswich Star

Shotley: Man's poetry book is dedicated to his wife who has Alzheimer's. He ...
Ipswich Star
Mr Biddlecombe now dedicates his life to being by his wife's side at Anglesea Heights Nursing Home, Ipswich, and said he was proud to have the poems published which told their personal story, and which is appropriately named Life of Love. “I wrote the ...

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15 Types of Poets You'll Find at Readings
If you think poets solely wear black berets and find words to rhyme with “suffocating” and “dark lake,” then you're not far off. Just kidding. Poets come in all varieties, and the best way to become acquainted with us is by going to a poetry reading ... (blog)

Wanted: Houston Artists who love our city (blog)
I'd love love love to provide a great platform for both the artists and the stories that might inspire us to greater levels of mission and discipleship. So if this sparks a poem, song, painting, photograph, story or group please pass it on to me! You ...

Review: 'Sin City' dives back into a noir abyss
Kansas City Star
It's described with tough-guy poetry like: "the kind of place your father doesn't want to talk about." Stitched together are a ... Glimmers of hope or love were long ago extinguished, and to say the place gets tiresome would be an understatement ...

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Poet Amy Lowell revived at the Mount
Berkshire Eagle
During World War I, she established libraries of poetry for soldiers, he said, and servicemen wrote to tell her how much her poetry meant to them. She wrote dialect and humorous poetry, love poetry. She wrote about Napoleon's Josephine and about ...

Amsterdam News

'Can you achieve your goals? Yes or yes!'
Amsterdam News
Set in ancient Israel, the musical follows the secret romance between King Solomon and a brilliant young vineyard girl, Almah, who inspires the most famous love poetry of all time. The stakes are Solomon's life, the woman he loves and the fate of Israel.

Dog Channel

Poetry and Dogs Make the Perfect Contest Combination
Dog Channel
Happy Poet's Day! Many poets have written poems about dogs, including Pablo Neruda, Sir Walter Raleigh, Ogden Nash, Elizabeth Barrett Browning, and my personal favorite, Robert Frost. The love and emotional depths pet parents experience with their ...
Poems and Cats: A Perfect Combination for a

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Ray Walsh: Williamston poet pens Michigan love letter
Lansing State Journal
It's summertime — too nice to stay inside — it's a great time to grab a book and head for the beach. Williamston artist and poet Jeanne Van Wieren has created an unusual book that might be just right: “This Mitten is Tightly Knit” — a short ...

Prayer and poetry
The Christian Century (blog)
I love both poetry and prayer, even though I confess to being good at neither one. I love the formal prayers in my prayer books, eloquent and elegant. I notice that some of these prayers are poetic, using literary devices and structures: metaphors ...

Ten reasons to study Italian at Rosebank's Garibaldi-Meucci Museum
Staten Island Advance -
You want to learn all the ways to say "love." You don't want to order squid by mistake. Most people rate Italian as the most beautiful spoken language. You want to know what your boyfriend's family is saying about you. You love fashion, design ...

Library events across the county (Aug. 20-Aug. 27)
The Tennessean
The winning authors, all Williamson County residents, are Jean Simmons, children's literature; John Neely Davis, fiction; Brad W. Hoover, nonfiction; and Sandy Coomer, poetry. This award is named in honor of the library's previous director. Editing ...

Flint native is in the running to receive $25800 for poetry fellowship
The Flint Journal
"They're really more love poems. I would move back to Flint if I could make a living doing what I do," said Carson, 29. Carson grew up in Flushing and went to college at Spring Arbor University. After she graduated, she came back to Flint and got ...

In the battle between war and dreams, dreams last longer
You may never stand before a group of students and teach them about the poetry of love and peace. Teach them about the recollection of tranquility because in wars you have no tranquility. In wars, there is no peace. However, you decide to make peace ...


The Chainsmokers - #Selfie (video)
Apparently you either love or hate #Selfie, which is a weird hybrid of EDM (electronic dance music) and the spoken verse of a hip young thing in a nightclub. You may love it at first because it is sickeningly addictive, then hate it once you've heard ...

Inspired to write
Royal Gazette
Some of the poems are meant to encourage people looking for love, others serve as a warning and remind people to treasure the people in their lives. Another book called Poems From Joya will be available at the book signing this weekend. For more ...

A partnership of language and love
Dauenhauer was known for many things, including poetry, translation and teaching. He was also the husband of Tlingit scholar and Alaska writer laureate Nora Marks Dauenhauer. For more than 40 years, they had a partnership of marriage and scholarship.

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Life Lessons from Robin Williams
Midland Daily News
We read and write poetry because we are members of the human race. And the human race is filled with passion. And medicine, law, business, engineering, these are noble pursuits and necessary to sustain life. But poetry, beauty, romance, love, these are ...

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Mystery letter shows up in little girl's birthday gift
“This is just like poetry, like you know in the U.S. you have roses are red, violets are blue. It's kind of similar to that,” Dalmias said. ... Either way, one could probably refer to it as the language of love. “They're romantic in India,” Dalmias ...

Original manuscript of Urdu poet Ghalib's work found
Urdu poetry lovers everywhere will be rejoicing at this news that the original text can now be added to the canon of work Mirza Ghalib worked on. The original Nuskha-e-Hameediya is about to be brought to light, and all those who love Urdu poetry are ...

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Retired history teacher, activist Bill Arthrell speaks out in Cleveland ...
The Plain Dealer -
"I fell in love with Ukraine," Arthrell said, adding that they are people who merely want to go on with their lives as an independent country. Putin, Arthrell said, has designs on reuniting the former ... Befitting a former teacher, Arthrell handed out ...

Famed folksinger, storyteller McCutcheon to perform in Topeka
Topeka Capital Journal
His eclectic catalog of ballads, historical songs, children's songs, love songs, topical satire, fiddle and hammer dulcimer instruments, and even symphonic works are among the broadest in American folk music. His 36 albums have earned six Grammy Award ...

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Famed Iranian poet Behbahani dies at 87
Famed Iranian poet Behbahani has died at the age of 87, the official IRNA news agency reported on Tuesday, Aug. 19, 2014. Iranian singers often used Behbahaniís poems in love songs, but her writing also focused on the challenges facing Iran in the wake ...

Marcel Currin: Art is everywhere, and that's the truth
New Zealand Herald
Art dies tonight." I can apply that sentiment to poetry, too, paradoxically, because I love poetry so much. "No poetry. Poetry dies tonight." You have to love your art enough to take risks with it and set it free from its own convention. I love the ...

The Guardian

Hedd Wyn: poetry that echoes from the first world war
The Guardian
He was particularly moved by the shift between two poems – the romantic tribute My Love, which talks of walking "hand in hand/ To the wind's laughter through boughs of the land" and the blunter War, written shortly before his death: "The harps to which ...

This guy's poem about his first love is both touching and very funny
Steven Boyle performed this spoken word poem entitled “I Hit Send, or Modern Meltdown” about his first male crush and it manages to be both funny and moving. In the bittersweet slam poetry piece, the American college student - who came out when he was ...
Watch This Guy's Hilarious, Bittersweet Spoken Word Poem About Coming Out ...E! Online
Gay college student comes out in amusing spoken word poemStar Observer

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Speakeasy a cultural mecca for downtown Pekin
Pekin Daily Times
Cox said, “It is a music and movement class designed to enhance your child's development and install a lifelong love of music. They come in-tune to their own internal beat.” ... Cox said that it is not traditional poetry. It is more modern or ...

St. George Daily Spectrum

Community Calendar
St. George Daily Spectrum
The director of 'Love Letters', and the VVTG's Artistic Director, Teri Nehrenz, can be reached at 702-533-8546. Friday, Aug. 22. • Virgin Valley Theatre ... The Mesquite Cowboy Poetry Group: 6:30 to 8 p.m., Room 23, The Deuce II. Tuesday, Aug. 26 ...

Author Randy Wayne Wright to sign books in Orlando and Mount Dora
Orlando Sentinel (blog)
The spiritual level, the poetry, is the part he writes for himself. "I delight in some of the paragraphs in ... "I love researching Civil War history and exploring the link Florida has with circuses and exotic animals," White said. "Do you remember ...

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What to do around Southwestern Connecticut this weekend
CT Post
Sunday 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. Arts, crafts, "Poetry on the Hour." Live music. Food trucks. 203-375-1258, "Summer's Bounty: Enjoying Fruits and Vegetables of the Season," Woodbridge Library, 10 Newton Road, Woodbridge. Wednesday 2 ...

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Grove Theatre brings 'The Glass Menagerie' to the stage
Wilkes Barre Times-Leader
“It's a tough battle for Tom because he does love his family. It's not that he doesn't,” said Marone, who has that role. “He feels that his life is going nowhere and part of that going nowhere is because of his family. His mother won't let him leave ...

Daily Mail

She's planning a surreal spectacular. But as stage-shy Kate Bush performs live ...
Daily Mail
She is also expected to play songs from the Ninth Wave suite, inspired by the Tennyson poem The Coming of Arthur, from her album The Hounds Of Love. She has been spotted at Pinewood Studios, filming in a water tank for visuals to go with that part of ...

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Lessons Your Teenage Self Can Still Teach You About Life
Big Think
Assess the history of you by approaching primary texts. Peruse old journal entries. If you've got a still-active LiveJournal, all the better (or worse, depending on your perspective). Did you write poetry? Did you jot down thoughts about art, film ...

Stage Listings: Aug. 22 to 28, 2014
Wilkes Barre Times-Leader
The Glass Menagerie, Tennessee Williams' poetic masterpiece anchored by the aging southern Belle Amanda Wingfield. Theatre at the Grove, 5177 Nuangola Road, Nuangola. Friday, Aug. 22 to Sunday, Aug. 31 with performances 8 p.m. Fridays and ...

Former poet laureate of Maine to read at Rumford Library on Aug. 28
Lewiston Sun Journal
Sholl was poet laureate of Maine from 2006 to 2011. Macgregor said Sholl is “an extremely accomplished writer” who has published several collections of poetry. The idea for the program was born out of a discussion among members of Friends of the ...

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Review: Reading Writing Interfaces: From the Digital to the Bookbound
Huffington Post
And, if you are like me, this is exactly what we love about our computing devices: they just magically seems to work. In her valuable new book, Reading Writing ... Here, as in the rest of the book, Emerson is less interested in elucidating how the ...

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The enchanting beauty of Sachal Sarmast's shrine
He spread the message of divine love through his poetry, which embodied the principles of mysticism and according to him was 'divine' inspiration. He was fond of 'sama' (music) and would always be found absorbed in meditation. He wrote his poetry in ...

Required Reading: 10 Books We Read For Class That Will Change Your Life
Huffington Post
A long-term relationship was shifting from young, carefree love to something even richer, but also at odds with the frequent constraints and sacrifices of adult life. I was looking out at the horizon toward a job market that appeared ... have stories ...

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Dead Poets Society and choosing an extraordinary life
Diamondback Online
Though I love his goofier roles as much as the next '90s kid, there's something truly moving about the effortlessness of Robin Williams' performance in the film. Williams is so flawless and natural, it doesn't seem like he was even acting; it's almost ...

Josh Groban on his music, Broadway and 'The Simpsons'
Times Herald-Record
I grew up loving Paul Simon; he just has an uncanny ability to meld different genres and worlds on top of his sort of Americana poetry and make it work. I also grew up listening to some of the interesting, weird, off-the-wall songwriters like Bjork and ...

Review: 'If I Stay' Starring Chloe Grace Moretz, Jamie Blackley, Mireille Enos ...
Indie Wire (blog)
Meanwhile, her love interest Adam (Jamie Blackley, “Snow White and the Huntsmen”) is the perfect amount of sweet and smoldering for the audience. If BOP magazine were still around, Blackley would be its cover boy, adorning the lockers of ... One could ...

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The Villager

Storytelling at Scratcher
The Villager
As far as recording goes, his use of music was distinctly designed to support him and provide atmosphere, while Jim Carroll transitioned from poet to front man of a post-punk rock band. What they share, in addition to their uptown urban roots and drug ...

Slate Magazine

What Happens When You Hide Everything on Facebook?
Slate Magazine
Two domestic stories have dominated American social media for well over a week: the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge and the ongoing protests in Ferguson. But as many have pointed out, where we're getting news about each has broken down along platform ...

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Books to Make You Hungry
Huffington Post
Most fascinating to me is the concept of campanilismo, which the author describes as a crucial aspect of Italian food culture: "an expression that refers to the love, pride and attachment that the inhabitants of a certain place - those who find ...

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New York Times

Events in Connecticut for Aug. 24-30, 2014
New York Times
WASHINGTON Gunn Memorial Library and Museum Open mike for poetry and fiction readings, with a reading by Jesse Steinmetz, the town's poet laureate. ... WESTPORT Westport Country Playhouse “Things We Do For Love,” comedy by Alan Ayckbourn.

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ROGER MCGOUGH: The rhythm of life
Irish Examiner
ROGER McGough, whom fellow poet Carol Ann Duffy famously described as “the patron saint of poetry”, fell in love with poems in unusual circumstances: he was in physics class at his Christian Brothers School in Crosby, a town outside Liverpool. “When I ...

From Beijing to Macao: Choosing Your Own Destiny
He is a poet and translator, with works published in Portuguese and Chinese, and has a substantial budget to spend on publishing and promoting the arts. It has been a long and unexpected journey, driven by his own talent and determination as well as ...

'Philology' by James Turner explains what happened to a discipline that flourished
Washington Post
Philology literally means, after all, “love of words” or “love of learning.” How did it ... He edited Horace and Terence and restored an elided Greek consonant to manuscripts of epic poetry, thus accounting for previously “puzzling gaps in Homer's ...

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Toledo Blade

Art Walk set for Warehouse District, UpTown
Toledo Blade
A stage at Adams and 14th streets will host music, and a Poetry Corner will be at the Toledo Loves Love Wall nearby. Artists will sell their wares in a closed-to-traffic section of Adams (14th and 15th streets), and food trucks Displaced Chef and Rosie ...

Musicians rally to support Karl Hendricks
Pittsburgh Post Gazette
The reading will feature a re-release of Mr. Hendricks' book "Stan Getz Isn't Coming Back" [in addition to his music, he has a master's in English and was an adjunct professor at the University of Pittsburgh] and an anthology called "Good Noise: Poetry ...

On Stages: From 'The Big Bang' to 'The Last Romance' - three shows in ...
The Ann Arbor News
On an ordinary day in a routine life, Ralph decides to take a different path on his daily walk – one that leads him to an unexpected second chance at love. Despite the misgivings of family and the initial reluctance of Carol, the object of his ...

SF Weekly (blog)

The Write Stuff: Susan Gevirtz on Making Something from What's at Hand that ...
SF Weekly (blog)
Her books of poetry include Aerodrome Orion & Starry Messenger (Kelsey Street, 2010); BROADCAST (Trafficker, 2009); Thrall (The Post-Apollo Press, 2007); Hourglass Transcripts (Burning Deck, 2001); Spelt, collaboration with Myung Mi Kim (a+bend, 1999 ...

Program explores poetry, philosophy behind Frank Lloyd Wright's vision
Elmwood Park Elm Leaves
The series, which will run September through December, aims to arrive at new understandings of the larger social and cultural climate in which Wright worked by considering Wright's work in relation to the poetry, music, art, and ideas that inspired him ...

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Poet Leon Zuckrow Gives Free Public Reading September 8th!
EIN News (press release)
Flushing, New York, August 21, 2014 -- Leon Zuckrow, a 97-year-old resident of Flushing House, will read from his first book of poetry - Love & Death & Love. The public is welcome to attend the free reading, which takes place on September 8th, between ...

A time to reflect on the poetry, lyricism of suicide
Long Beach Press-Telegram
Our grandmother, who we loved so much it still breaks our heart, said a couple of weird things when she passed 100 years of age. One was, “Mexicans are happy people. They carry their babies in baskets,” and the other was “I love everything you write ...

UNM Press title wins 2014 WILLA Literary Award in Poetry
UNM Newsroom
Saiser avoids resolutions and easy endings, focusing instead on the small, hard-won victories that each woman experiences in her life and in her love of those around her. Saiser is the author of five books, including Lost in Seward County, Beside You ...

The music spoke, she listened
The Union Leader
Foster was a quiet kid she said, but found a voice in poetry. She devoured books by the ... To do that, Foster said she dug deep at times borrowing bittersweet love stories from friends, other times telling the tale of loneliness on the road. She said ...

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The Rose: Candida Lycett Green's Final Vogue Feature
The rose was sacred to Aphrodite and has symbolised love and beauty ever since. It is woven into the language of love poetry and the art of courtship and seduction. Perhaps because red is the colour of passion or because Robbie Burns likened his love ...

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Call for submissions: a devotional to Njord
Patheos (blog)
His serenity and his wisdom, his generosity, kindness, and gentle humor, have blessed my life over the years. He has given me and my family gifts of cleansing, renewal, and hope this past year at the Oregon coast, where his presence is powerful; in ...

The Southland Times

Remembering Robin
The Southland Times
As English teacher John Keating, he inspires his class to not only love poetry and literature, but to believe in yourself and strive to be the best you can be. To not think, but to do. As Williams said himself, John Keating is the English teacher we ...
Contributing a versePrince George Citizen

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The Skinny

Email Address Your preferred updates Scotland Northwest
The Skinny
“We can all be a little arrogant and a little vulnerable, I just wish we could stop with the snobbery and the bollocks that surrounds poetry. I'd rather sit under the table than pull up a chair to join the salesmen and magicians! The books I love don't ...

Edmonton Journal

Michael Hingston: Lifespan of a novel
Edmonton Journal
Barbour is a veteran poet. He's also the reason NeWest exists at all, in a way: it was his initial $500 loan that allowed a group — including some of his fellow University of Alberta English professors, spearheaded by George Melnyk — to found the ...

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'The Divorce Girl': A Novel for Divorcing Parents
Huffington Post
Mirriam-Goldberg is the former Poet Laureate of the state of Kansas, a much respected author of many volumes of poetry and non-fiction. In this, her first novel, the main character takes photos to make sense of her life, but Mirriam-Goldberg uses words ...

Patheos (blog)

A poet, like a priest, works with facts and mysteries: the poetry of Spencer Reece
Patheos (blog)
Poetry about love and death and God risks succumbing to saccharine sentimentality, but Reece approaches these subjects with an honest clarity and gentle lyricism that is refreshing. Re-reading passages in preparation for this review, I found myself ...

Toronto Star

'What If': There's no Harry Potter here
Santa Rosa Press Democrat
But Radcliffe and Kazan generate nice chemistry as two slightly awkward introverts who bond over Magnetic Poetry while trying to avoid small talk with strangers at a party. To its credit, “What If” isn't entirely formulaic. For one thing, the requisite ...
Movie review: F-Word falls flatVancouver Courier

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Church of Beethoven lifts the spirit
Chicago Tribune
Once a convenience store, Oak Park's Open Door Theater, 902 South Ridgeland Avenue, hosts the Church of Beethoven on the third Sunday of every month. With no dogma or building fund campaign, this Church offers a spiritual experience in whatever way ...

Top area student has interests in art, medicine, literature and theater
Gainesville Times
Rachel said she loves literature — especially the novels of Albert Camus and the poetry of Edgar Allan Poe — and many of her interests began with her love of reading. Her interest in drama, however, started with a suggestion by her father, Lakeview ...

Library holds authors reception for homegrown talent
So Md News
The adage goes “write what you know,” and if that extends to local authors there is a swath of knowledge being tackled that includes genres of horror, erotica, religion, children's and young adult, comics, chick lit, grief and loss, poetry and history ...

How a Nature-Loving Peacenik Came to Love the Military
Huffington Post (blog)
How a Nature-Loving Peacenik Came to Love the Military ... We were able to get permission to use the Memorial Park in the city, and amidst the many memorials to war, we read poems and sang songs and held hands in a circle. Some women came wearing ...

Hoover: Writers, writing and more at the library
Suburban Life Publications
What would we do without the authors of the world? We'd miss the fantastical epics of our George R. R. Martins, the clever whodunits of our Agatha Christies, the dark nightmares of our Stephen Kings, and the daring, poignant poetry of our Maya Angelous.

Bainbridge Performing Arts Celebrates the Life and Talent of Bob McAllister
Broadway World
Bob's BPA career included appearances in Twelve Angry Men and Noises Off, and his poetry was exhibited in the BPA Gallery. He also appeared in the Indie film Jurisdiction, playing Tommy Tongue, the anti-hero psychopath. Bob had an abiding love of ...

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CJ : Minnesota-born actor excited to bring movie thriller "The Blood Stripe ...
Minneapolis Star Tribune
We were listening to him as we wrote the movie,” she said. “[Lake Vermilion] is a beautiful place so we are going to try to bring music, poetry, humor and light [to the movie]. We are recruiting Minnesota-based actors and artists we know and love. One ...

The Northern Echo

Love and romance through song and poetry at Barnard Castle's Witham Hall
The Northern Echo
Picture: Jen Hart (8720242). SOME of the best young vocal talents from across North-East will perform stories of love and romance through song and poetry. The Miranda Wright Singers present Tell Me the Truth About Love at Witham Hall, in Barnard Castle ...

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Tiara Green: We need to balance life with living
Independent Collegian
I love the woman I am, and the balance being alone creates for my vibe, but I can no longer use this as a way to avoid relationships with people. I have to be more deliberate in my presence; it ultimately leads to me being ... It was an event that was ...

Wanted: 'Housemate who has lots of people in their life they won't miss if ...
Vladislav is quite a lovely fellow who enjoys spending time in his special room of vhips and chains, and I love gramophones, romantic poetry, frilly shirts and partying like its 1899!” The group likes to keep the house dark, warning “you won't see us ...


Mouthy Poets: Say Sum Thin 7
I love poetry but it's something I struggle to engage my school peers with, and it's fairly typical of my poetry lessons to compete with a classroom of boisterous distractions and moaning. I realised that once I'd got past the staid delivery of the ...

Catholic Music is Busting Out all Over
Patheos (blog)
On August 28, 2014, Wiseblood Records will release our inaugural collection of music, Late to Love, by Sam Rocha. Late to Love is musically inspired by the genealogy of soul music that scans the genres of spirituals, folk, gospel, country, R&B, blues ...

Poets explore love, Denver style, at the Denver County Fair
Westword (blog)
The Denver County Fair, now in its fourth year, was conceived as a big, fat blue-ribbon love letter to everything that's cool about Denver, from local artists and a healthy geek culture to, yes, legalized pot. So it's only fair that this year's poetry ...

The Guardian

Spoken word: poetry that speaks directly to teenagers
The Guardian
It's not that I was previously unaware of poetry; I was fortunate enough to have grown up surrounded by literature and have always loved reading. But as I neared my teens I started to discover rappers such as Dizzee Rascal and Roots Manuva, and bands ...

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Washington Times

FIELDS: 'Death be not proud'
Washington Times
The poet listened to the sounds of death as “ignorant armies clash by night,” and urged us with a personal note to be true to one another when we love. Celebrity death in the age of the Internet can trump the tabloids as the purveyor of bad taste, but ...

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Are You 'Other' If You Are Not a Mother? Part 1. Guest Post by Gabriela Denise ... (blog)
Maureen O'Brien, director of sales and marketing for the Westin, comments that everybody knows “somebody that we love or care about that this book speaks to,” as if we others are intrinsically broken, damaged and unhappy—in need of reconditioning. She ... (blog)

The Matter of Scotland: Try, try and try again. (blog)
At one point you hear James say “I know I can be a really good king” and you begin to think this is a play that has put too high a price on accessibility at the expense of poetry or nuance or complexity. Never mind Shakespeare, this isn't even Robert ...

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