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15 best poetry books of all time
Pushkin's masterpiece is a novel in verse, about love badly timed, rivalries and loneliness – but with highly entertaining digressions and vibrant characters. (Vikram Seth's The Golden Gate is a joyous narrative poem about San Francisco in the same ...

Tim McNulty: a poet and naturalist in love with the Olympic Mountains
The Oregonian
Writer and environmental activist Tim McNulty has long been a thoughtful voice in the Pacific Northwest, defending the land and its preservation. His newest book, "Ascendance," is a collection of poems reflecting daily life with his family, his young ...

Wesleyan Connection (blog)

Ode to Poetry: Showing the literary love in celebration of National Poetry Month
Gaston Gazette
When's the last time you read a poem? For most people, it's probably been a long time. But with April being National Poetry Month, now's the perfect opportunity to renew your interest and get back in touch with America's most famous poets and poems. To ...
Free poems? Poetry class writes rhymes on the spotGW Hatchet (subscription) (blog)
5 Questions for Poets: Part 4Huffington Post
GWU professor talks National Poetry MonthShelby Star
Baltimore Sun -Wesleyan Connection (blog)
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Poetry Month 2014: We Need Writers So We Can Continue to Exist
Huffington Post
Most teachers don't have the luxury of a guest poet and face the tight demands (dare I say shackles?) of testing mandates, but I know there are many teachers who love poetry and will not be deterred. I love how sensitive and brave the fifth graders in ...

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There's always a poem to finish
The News Journal
Jane Miller says if she only had 24 hours to live, she'd finish the poem she'd just started. “You know what they say about your first love being the most charged? In writing, that's the way I feel about poetry,” says Miller, who was awarded the 2014 ...

What was Rumi talking about?
The reason we love poetry so much is because it is a venue where we let our imaginations soar. The best poets are ones that most people can identify with in some way. Poems that speak to universal meanings can be flexible in their applications to ...

Pasadena Now

Rattle Magazine Presents Issue #43 Love Poems
Pasadena Now
This spring Rattle focuses on the love poem, with new work by 40 poets. From sonnets, triolets, and villanelles, to free verse, letters, and lyrics—we spent a year looking for love, in all the ways a poet can slice it. Old love new love, red love ...

Slate Magazine (blog)

April Should Be Mathematical Poetry Month
Slate Magazine (blog)
If you're looking for a whole book of math poems about love and love poems that employ the trappings of math, check out Strange Attractors, edited by Glaz with JoAnne Growney, a mathematician and poet who blogs about the intersection of the two fields ...
You're a poet, and you didn't even know itBlack and Magenta
Library Lines: Celebrating big for Poetry
Cesar Chavez Central Library hosting youth poetry contestStockton Record

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The Guardian (blog)

Poem of the week: The Anniversary by John Donne
The Guardian (blog)
Theodore Redpath, editor of the Methuen University Paperback edition (1987) suggests it recalls the poet's first meeting with his teenaged wife-to-be, Ann More, in 1598. Autobiography can never be assumed, but fidelity in love is clearly the poem's ...

San Antonio Current

Poet Jenny Browne on Long Walks and Love Letters to Strangers
San Antonio Current
The Yanaguana is not just a place forgotten in history. The waters that once satisfied the thirst of our early settlers continue to nurture deep thought in the writers of San Antonio. Our river is one of poet Jenny Browne's favorite places in the city ...

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Inaugural poet Richard Blanco recalls how he fell in love with words
Los Angeles Times
What does it take to be a writer: A room of one's own? A weakness for words? To celebrate the Festival of Books, we asked some celebrated authors to recall a turning point in their evolution as writers. How did I decide to become a poet? Well, that's ...

Countdown to 'Mad Men': Read a Don Draper-inspired poem
At this point on Mad Men, Don Draper isn't inspiring any of his co-workers or family members. But Leah Umansky finds a lot to love about the character — so much that she just published a chapbook of poetry inspired by the AMC drama. Umansky, a poet ...

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The Coast Halifax

At the Library: Celebration in April brings attention to art of poetry
Lehigh Acres News Star
"Granger's Index to Poetry." This comprehensive tool provides author, subject, first line and last line index to more than 80,000 poems, located in more than 400 anthologies. "A Book of Love Poetry," edited by J. Stallworthy. More than 190 poets are ...
Savoring poetryRepublica
Poetry saves livesThe Coast Halifax
On the Shelves: Feel poetry's power, magicPoughkeepsie Journal
Northwest Public Radio
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Milton Keynes MKWeb

Poet picks up prize for Milton Keynes poem
Milton Keynes MKWeb
The retired 64-year-old told MKWeb about some of the other poems she has written following events in her life, including living and loving a heroine addict for eight years. Liz says this is one of her better poems (see below), as it really portrays the ...

13 Poetry Collections For People Who Think They Don't Like Poetry
Huffington Post
The Rose, Li Young Lee: Lee is a poet who values plain language and isn't afraid to veer towards sentimentality when addressing universal themes like love and family. This is Lee's first book and his later works are more sophisticated, but I still love ...

Love's labor rewarded as winning poems celebrate Bard's birth
Five poems were selected to be included in Philadelphia Shakespeare Theatre's current production of "Romeo and Juliet," each to be read as interludes between acts. They were chosen for their poetic quality and their adherence to the themes of the play.

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Hillsborough victims remembered: Rick Jones - a young man who loved poetry ...
Rick and Tracey were both killed in the disaster but Stephanie survived - and described the couple in court as being 'in love' and 'very, very happy'. Rick's mother Doreen was also in court to pay tribute to her son. Mrs Jones said: "Rick was born on 5 ...

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Mother's Day poems: the best poems for Mothering Sunday
Rossetti dedicated a whole collection of poems to her mother, and started them off with a touching sonnet about the timeless nature of familial love. This one is best for mothers who like tradition, art, and being reassured that they spent enough time ...

Reagler: Poetry programs are building city's culture of creativity
A favorite poem can become like a favorite song that you listen to in order to change your mood or outlook. A poem can evoke feelings of grief for a loved one, it can make you laugh aloud, or even draw you to fall in love! Students fall in love with ...

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Poetry Festival at Sparta High School
Brian Doherty, president of the Sparta Library Board of Trustees and former English Department supervisor at Sparta High School, also shared his love of poetry. During the Festival, a library card drive was held to encourage high school students to ...

Barnstable Patriot

The lyrical poetry of Rich Villar
Barnstable Patriot
As the title suggests, it is a book of love poems, 74 pages dedicated to one past relationship of Villar's. As he's so well known for his apt and poignant political verse, I was surprised to receive a first book by this poet on the romantic rather than ...

Nature-loving poets Hughes, McNulty at Northwind, April 24
Port Townsend Leader
A graduate of the Pacific Lutheran University M.F.A. program, Hughes is author of Sailing by Ravens and co-author of The Pen and The Bell: Mindful Writing in a Busy World; editor of the award-winning anthology Beyond Forgetting: Poetry and Prose About ...

Daily Mail

Must-Hear Poem From Dad To Boys (Or Girls) Who Might Want To Date His ...
Huffington Post
"I have been teaching her love all of her life, and all that I ask is that you continue the lesson," Parent, who describes himself on his website as a software engineer and performance poet, recited in a presentation of his poem at the 2014 College ...
WATCH: Hilarious Utah poet lays down law to boys who may one day date his ...New York Daily News
Watch This Father Warn Off His Daughter's Future Suitors... With An Epic ...Co.Create
'I have been training to kill you:' Poet dad recites hilarious warning to ...Daily Mail

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Open mic opens hearts to poetry and music
Bakersfield Californian
"A thankful heart is close to the riches of the universe," Sharpe-Mouzon chanted. She shared with the audience the impetus behind her poem "Love Loves You Back," that love must be a two-way street. "Love loves you back," she recited. "And that's a ...

National Post

Michael Lista, On Poetry: Some Dance, by Ricardo Sternberg
National Post
His optimism, his consistency, his constancy could just as well go by another name: love. Some Dance is the latest proof that Sternberg is maybe the very best love poet writing in this country. In “No Love Lost,” he wants us to be able, like ...

Poet's Pause winners revealed
Whistler Question
Both poems were read aloud at a council meeting here April 15, and will be read again at a public ceremony, which will be held in Alta Lake Park this summer. “I love poetry,” said Whistler mayor Nancy Wilhelm-Morden, who read The Way of the Listeners ...

Deseret News

Poets, established and aspiring, meet to discuss, celebrate craft
Deseret News
"We do this because we love poetry," Cummings said. "We want to see it grow among people our own age." His mother, Felicia, said he was always an incredibly verbal child, who spoke and read from an early age. At age two, she said, he would tell himself ...

The Asia Project moves University crowd through poetry
BG News
His poems ranged from humorous love poems about the 1990s to moving poems about his family and God. One of the most emotional and difficult poems he ever had to write was a poem written in memory of his sister who passed away. “That poem is not ...

Q&A: Indian-American Pulitzer Poetry Prize Winner
Wall Street Journal (blog)
Mr. Seshadri: I didn't become a poet because I fell in love with poetry, and I don't think anyone becomes a poet because they fall in love with poetry. I think they become poets because they fall in love with certain poems and identify with them so ...

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10 Terms You Need to Know to Understand Poetry
Huffington Post
Poetry is meant to inspire readers and listeners, to connect them more deeply to themselves even as it links them more fully to others. But many people feel put off by the terms of poetry, its odd vocabulary, its notorious difficulty. They may like or ...

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Finalists announced for Common Good Books love poem competition
Minneapolis Star Tribune (blog)
Common Good Books' second love poem competition drew more than 1,000 entries--"five shopping bags worth," writes Garrison Keillor on his Common Good Books blog. Keillor and fellow poet-judges Patricia Hampl and Tom Hennen read poems about all ...

Why Poetry Matters
Huffington Post
Be courageous and put your own story, what you are feeling and experiencing right now, into a poem, today. Encourage children to fall in love with poetry by reading aloud to them from the great poets whose names you know, and also the ones who are ...
Top 5 obscure American poets for National Poetry
What's Wrong With Poetry Books for Children: A Teacher's LamentEducation Week News

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Dad's Passionate Poem: 'To the Boys Who May One Day Date My Daughter'
It's a humorous, passionate rant of a poem; Parent insists that potential dates "only approach me with love for my daughter." He claims "there will be no daddy issues for your teenage talons" and declares, "if you break her heart, I will hear it snap ...

Lincolnwood Library to host authentic After Hours Poetry Night
Skokie Review
The Arlington Heights resident left his teaching career more than 15 years ago to pursue his love of poetry, and began educating children with workshops and poetry performances. “My mission is to harness the playfulness of literacy to build poetry in ...

You're About To Fall In Love With Slam Poetry (You're Welcome)
NYU Local
You might've heard about NYU's slam poetry team. Here's a fact: They're awesome and award-winning. But what do they do? What is slam poetry? Are they wearing berets and snapping their fingers like that scene in A Goofy Movie? This might be ...

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Teens bare their hearts in poetry
NET Website
Everyone's loving each other. This community is nothing but love and accepting people.” Sierra Huntsinger felt that love when she stumbled on some of the lines in her poem. She heard clicking fingers and applause from her peers cheering her on and ...

Daily Mail

Row over Ted Hughes' love life after clashes between biographer and poet's ...
Daily Mail
'Of course I would have to make some references to his love life, but that itself was so important to his poetry. The point is that everything he did in a remarkable life fed into his writing.' The biography Professor Bate has been working on was never ...

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Poems Celebrate Hartford's Collective Identity
Hartford Loves Poetry, an inaugural two-week festival April 7 to 19, was organized and curated by award-winning poet Bessy Reyna, and sponsored by the City of Hartford's Marketing, Events and Cultural Affairs Division in cooperation with the Hartford ...

CSUF celebrates National Poetry Month with student competition
The Daily Titan
Praitis said she enjoys meeting all kinds of people who are drawn together through the love of poetry. “I personally look forward to seeing people coming together from various corners of campus to share, listen to and enjoy poetry,” she said. “I always ...

Nina Cassian, Romanian Poet Exiled for Skewering Regime, Dies at 89
New York Times
Intense, passionate and cleareyed, Ms. Cassian's poetry often centered on the nature of erotic love and — both before her exile and after — of loss, death and decay. In “Ballad of the Jack of Diamonds,” published in The New Yorker in 1990 in a ...
Recent deaths: Cassian, Feliciano, Garcia

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'Muses And Metaphor' Kicks Off National Poetry Month
St. Louis Public Radio
MARTIN: I love it. Well, thank you for that. Well, in addition to your own poems, the other challenge that you've agreed to undertake is to look at the poems coming in on Twitter. So you've already picked some that have stood out for you. And you're ...

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Exclusive: Benghazi 'scapegoat' Raymond Maxwell on life and poetry
His poetry, found here and here is compelling. Raymond, or "Ray" also has a blog, which started out as a compilation of Maxwell's work, and ultimately became a "collection of poetry." He developed his love for poetry when he was a child and said "it is ...


National Poetry Month: YaliniDream Opens Spaces and Hearts
Share this Post. Tweet · Share on Tumblr · submit to reddit; One Comment. In honor of National Poetry Month, Autostraddle is highlighting the great work of a queer women poet we think you'll love each Monday of the month.

Courtney Barnett Told Us How to Stop Writing Terrible Poetry and Land a ...
Noisey (blog)
I think it gets a bit lazy to compare. But you know, sometimes you've got to do it to paint a bit of a picture to explain to someone. I love both of those artists, [and] I wouldn't want to argue with it if someone wants to compare me to them. But I ...

This Poem Will Make Grown Men Cry
Huffington Post
Then, with a surge of paternal love, he projects himself into his son's future: the regrets and constraints of his own life shall underwrite the joy and liberation of his child's. The clinching first word of the last stanza, “Therefore,” resonates like ...

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Poetry of movement
The Hindu
Teaming Bharatanatyam with poems of Chinese courtesans and songs from the Chinese opera struck a chord with the mixed audience. A diehard romantic, Priya chose love poems to dance to. “Love transcends language but has the same theme and ...

Learn about George Merrick's poetry at Sunday event
Throughout the rest of his life, Merrick wrote numerous poems about topics such as his love affair with his wife, Eunice, and the natural beauty of Florida. He even had a book of poetry titled Song of the Wild on a Southern Shore published in 1920.

London Book And Poetry Events: 24-30 April 2014
NOVEL CONVERSATION: Novelists Alice Greenway and Rebecca Hunt are in conversation at Lutyens & Rubinstein, both having released their second novels. Greenway's The Bird Skinner is a story of lost love and rebirth, while Hunt's Everland is the story of ...

Washington Post

CK Williams on his foray into prose poetry
Washington Post
I had all these partial poems and partial prose things, and all of a sudden it seemed to become important to finish them all. And then I had a book. That's sort of a nice surprise. The section “Catherine's Laughter” is a beautiful love poem to your ...
Irish-born poet celebrated for his wit, use of punsBU Today
National Poetry Month: Local writers share their favorite poemsColumbus Alive
WDN Poetry Contest finalist: The BridgeWinona Daily News
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The Guardian

The poetry that moves men to tears
The Guardian
Ads by Google / Related information / Books / Ian McEwan / John le Carré / Nadine Gordimer / Philip Larkin / Poetry / Salman Rushdie / Seamus Heaney / Thomas Hardy / WH Auden / Culture / The bad review meets its match – welcome to the age of counter- ...

What to Read for Poetry Month, Part II
Santa Barbara Independent
Charlie Smith, Jump Soul: New and Selected Poems: A Charlie Smith poem is like a word explosion—something detonates in the first line, then it's impossible to tell where the debris will settle. Readers who love to be surprised by poetry will be ...

Boston Globe

Virginia's Poet Laureate's book focuses on reader, not poet
Daily Press
"I thought about how I could celebrate the reader — the relationship between the poem and the reader," Starnes said. "The poet disappears after the poem is written. I thought, 'Let's give the readers the opportunity to write and say why they love a ...
Poetry is in the airBoston Globe
TRENDER: Poet Lisa StarrGoLocalProv
Young Suh/Courtesy photoDenton Record Chronicle

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Michael Lista, On Poetry: Directing Herbert White, by James Franco
National Post
Love was the smooth river/ Of forgiveness that takes all/ Obstacles, pollution and debris/ (Love is of man, he sets the rules),/ Pushes them downstream/ And leaves them in the ocean.” James Franco. “I just hope that he is careful not to use up all the ...

Hickory Ridge Reader: Celebrating Poetry Month
Southwest Virginia Today
I hate green beans, short or long. I love French fries all day long.” Good reading. “Hi, Koo!: A Year of Seasons. Jon J Muth. Scholastic. 2014. “Water Can Be…” Laura Purdie Salas. Illustrations by Violeta Dabija. Millbrook/Lerner. 2014. “Poem Depot ...

The Guardian

John Cooper Clarke: 'Poetry is not something you have to retire from'
The Guardian
Ads by Google / Related information / Books / John Cooper Clarke / Poetry / Q&A: John Cooper Clarke / 20 Jul 2013 / 'Being unapologetic means never having to say you're sorry' / 21 May 2013 / John Cooper Clarke, poet – portrait of the artist / 2 May 2013.

Mass MoCA will hold an evening of poetry to honor Agha Shahid Ali
Bennington Banner
Patkin's "Veil Suite" paintings, rooms with translucent walls, illuminate Shahid's poetry in a retrospective show at Mass MoCA, where Agha Iqbal Ali, Shahid's brother, will read Shahid's poetry tonight. Seeing the pieces is hard, Iqbal ... The veil in ...

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Provo poet finds inspiration in the Tribune
Salt Lake Tribune (blog)
"I love words and there's something very enjoyable and fascinating to read and pick out the ones that catch my eye for use in a new work. It's exciting to see what comes of the exercise," Hopkinson said in a statement. Copyright 2014 The Salt Lake Tribune.

studio 116 hosting World Book Night
Troy Messenger
Copies of “100 Best-Loved Poems” will be given away to those who participate. Sara Dismukes, studio 116 co-director, said Rubicon is the student-led literary magazine. “Samantha Loff is the editor of Rubicon and will be the host of the event,” Dismukes ...

Meet Local Poet Radomir Luza
noho arts district
I must admit that no matter how bad it got, I get my love of art and politics from my parents, Radomir Sr. and Libuse Podhraska. My father fought in the Czech Resistance in World War II led by my grandfather Vojtech Luza, who was murdered by the Nazis ...
BookLovers: Poetry isn't lucrative, but it enriches the

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Poetry Pairing | 'A Poem of Changgan'
As editor of The Times's Modern Love column for the past decade, I have been privy to the love lives of tens of thousands of strangers through the stories and letters they send my way. It's a vantage point that provides a panoramic view of what people ...

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New Hampshire Public Radio

Blame The Typewriter - The Poetry Of Rodger Martin
New Hampshire Public Radio
... dustings of holiday / Her leather, her waxes, her string / Let them romp in these presents and sing / Knowing the sway of rhythm / Even perfection cannot close the gap / Or bridge the straight / Between those that loved her first / And those whose ...

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poetry, structure, and creative beginner's heart
Last night, discussing structure and writing with my elder son, I said I couldn't write w/ too much structure. That writing is — for me — a discovery process. Structure, I told him, can actually kill my ideas. Later, as I lay in bed half-asleep, I ...

Dead Poets Society Slams It Down
I live in Bahrain, but I'm from Poland, and I love all things literature, poetry, and fandom (like these two). And I have recently decided I want there to be no Iron Throne, so as to keep everyone happy. (But am secretly rooting for Sansa). Iona: I'm ...

Accidental jihads and camouflage curtains: New fiction, nonfiction and poetry ...
The Independent Weekly
Fueled by praise from the likes of Elizabeth Gilbert (Eat, Pray, Love), Bremer just launched a national reading tour from Flyleaf Books. And leading Algonquin's spring fiction lineup was ALL I HAVE IN THIS WORLD (March 18) by Michael Parker, a ...

NSAA asks student to perform poem without gender identity theme
Rapid City Journal
Michael Barth, a senior, won the Class C1 poetry division at the NSAA state championship in Kearney last week with a poem that combined lyrics from Mackelmore's “Same Love” and a slam poem called “Swing Set” by Andrea Gibson. Gibson's poem is about ...
Nebraska High School Student's Poem On Gender Stereotypes Barred From TV ...Huffington Post
After Outrage, Nebraska Official Allows High School Student To Perform Gender ...BuzzFeed
NSAA: State speech champion's poems on gender identity too controversial for TVKearney Hub -Towleroad -Sheridan County Journal Star
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Staff photo by Graham Cullen
Frederick News Post (subscription)
Ladies of Verse director Grace Eitreim described the group simply as seven women who love poetry. "I think there's so much going on in the world today and at all times, so we need to seek poetry," said Eitreim, who has written her own poems since age 6.

International Business Times UK

Easter 2014: Best Quotes and Poems to Commemorate the Resurrection of Jesus
International Business Times UK
"The great gift of Easter is hope - Christian hope which makes us have that confidence in God, in his ultimate triumph, and in his goodness and love, which nothing can shake." - Basil Hume. 3. "Those have a short Lent, who owe money to be paid at Easter.

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poetry, seeing, and connection
If you love songs, if their lyrics sometimes speak for you when emotions thicken your throat and words are hard to come by, you're already halfway to being a poet. And you certainly should be reading poetry! It's the heart's own language. So let me ...

San Diego Free Press

Poem of the Day: “Enigmas” by Pablo Neruda
San Diego Free Press
Nobel Prize winning Chilean poet Pablo Neruda is well known for his love poems which have been translated by such luminaries as WS Merwin and Robert Bly, both poets in their own right. Matilde Urrutia, who is the subject of a number of those poems, has ...

National Poetry Month: Denice Frohman Slams Down Oppression With Survival ...
Denice Frohman's poems aren't just beautiful, powerful words — though they certainly are that. They are her history, her politics, her pain, her love and her future. In putting all that into words, Frohman shares tools, ideas and empowerment with all ...

There Was a Genome From Nantucket: Science Institute Solicits Poetry (For ...
See how easy sonnet-scribe Shakespeare had it—he extolled merely the virtues of lowly love, not the lofty metagenome. A sampling of poems submitted thus far: Ode to a Gutless Worm: Olavius algarvensis, though you are gutless, you've got critters right ...

Just Poets planning workshop celebrating poetry month
Hernando Today
I love words and poetry together, and I love the idea of metaphor and simile, and yet I also practice meditation and I'm a yoga teacher," Cock said. "So my haiku is about the present moment, there is nothing more enlightening than this moment, and the ...

Local students to recite poetry during Saturday's annual event
Press & Sun-Bulletin
The Annual Eleanor Henricks Countywide Poetry Recitation for Children promotes poetry, memorization skills and a love for English language arts. This year's event will take place Saturday at Binghamton High School. The event is held each year during ...

Johannesburg Sunday World

Q&A: Meet Romeo The Alpha poet
Johannesburg Sunday World
Vusumuzi Phakathi, or Romeo the Poet or Lil Hussle as he's known in spoken word circles, is passionate about a lot of things. But his love poetry boasts greatly in his work. Who are you? I am still on the quest for the answer to this question myself, I ...

Belfast Telegraph

Heaney tapestry unveiled at airport
Belfast Telegraph
"It speaks not only to the great affection with which his country holds him but also to a love of poetry that is a sacred part of the Irish soul. "Travellers would do well to carry Seamus Heaney's words with them as they journey around the globe. He ...

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Poetry in motion: Program combines fitness and literacy
Greensboro News & Record
“I love basketball and I love poetry, so why not combine both?” Mallory said. “Kids actually enjoy reading, and it's exciting to incorporate basketball along with that.” “My middle child is not very athletic, but she really enjoys the poetry aspect ...

Calling all poets for city's laureate post
Gloucester Daily Times
The position of Gloucester's poet laureate is dedicated to building community through poetry and encouraging a love of poetry. To that end, Collinson was involved in readings and discussions about poetry in the local schools, published columns in the ...

Children's book review: “Poem-mobiles: Crazy Car Poems
Asheville Citizen-Times
Shel Silverstein made it easy for kids to love poetry. Author of “Where the Sidewalk Ends” and “A Light in the Attic” among other works, Silverstein made poetry accessible, relatable and fun. These days, while Silverstein's works continue to be popular ...

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Naomi Shihab Nye: 'Read it slowly, and more than once, if you love the poem.'
Happy National Poetry Month! All throughout April, we will interview poets about working in this digital age. Recently, we spoke with author Naomi Shihab Nye. Throughout her writing career, Nye has penned short stories, fiction books, and poetry ...

Minneapolis Star Tribune (blog)

How to write a love poem
Minneapolis Star Tribune (blog)
When you saw that Garrison Keillor and Common Good Books had decided to offer a $1,000 prize for the winner of this year's love poem contest--and $250 for each of the four runners-up--you probably thought, Heck. I'll never win. It'll probably go to ...

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Poems That Make Grown Men Cry, edited by Anthony and Ben Holden, review
Benjamin Zephaniah, choosing Dylan Thomas's “Do Not Go Gentle into That Good Night”, says “there is something here about his having the kind of love for his father that I never had for mine.” In his introduction to Wordsworth's “The Character of the ...

Heart of a poet still beats strong in Miller
Community Voice
Miller says he has always harbored an attraction for poetry and remembers having to memorize verses, lyrics and the like when he was a boy in school. His favorite was always, and continues to be, classical poetry. The only subject that matched his love ...

Poet Buddy Wakefield has hourlong show
Albuquerque Journal
He doesn't have a lot of down time and what little he has, he pays little attention to whether poetry is thriving. “I've been doing poetry for 16 years. In my off time, I rarely spend my time with poetry. I don't read it. I love performance poetry. I'm ...

The poet who welcomed war (blog)
Before the war, a seemingly trivial setback in love propelled him into a state of severe psychosis, during which he revealed himself as an anti-Semitic mysogynist, harbouring disturbing impulses of violence towards the women whose emotions he toyed with.

5 Poets On The Most Beautiful Word In The English Language
Huffington Post
Helen Vendler calls you the "human love-syllable" (in Shakespeare's Sonnets). But, you is not always beautiful (see Shakespeare's Sonnets). John Keats's urn says that "Beauty is truth, truth beauty." So, the most beautiful word must mean something ...

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Taylor Swift goes book shopping; free books at Fenway
Celebrating libraries: Shelf-Awareness, a digital newsletter, reports on the World Book Night kickoff event Tuesday night at the New York Public Library, where several authors described their love of libraries. Malcolm Gladwell (whose Tipping ... have ...

'Beet' poets entertain at Augusta church
Morning Sentinel
Bookey teaches Joy of Poetry at the at the University of Maine at Augusta's Senior College. Moreau, who works in Lewiston with adults who are developmentally disabled, and Franzel tag-teamed, exchanging the podium after each poem. Moreau read a love ...

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How Do You Get People to Read Poetry When They Don't Have Time?
RH: I watched some of the meetings that brought National Poetry Month into being, and I had slightly mixed feelings about it because I felt like the answer to the question: Why National Poetry Month? was the desire of people who read poetry and love it ...

Australian Teacher Magazine

Poetry really is music to their ears
Australian Teacher Magazine
STUDENTS love poetry. After all, it appeals to their interests: love, death, angst, awe, beauty, tragedy and crazy freaks; cool words, raw emotion, interior excursions; hyperbole, rhythm, rhyme, metaphor and alliteration. The thing is, students don't ...

3 poetry collections that are full of surprises
Christian Science Monitor
In some poems, the room – or the passageway from it – is love, as in these lines from “Sounds (Second Walk)”: “I watch the clumsy/ grace of bicyclists in January/ unblushing the sky, shamed of nothing/ suddenly my life/ makes sense: I get along/ until ...

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James Welch's 'Winter in the Blood' is a great American novel
The Oregonian
"I wrote in high school from my junior year on -- mushy love poems to cheerleaders, wheeling gulls and stately pines and that sort of thing ... I didn't think I could write poetry -- I thought you had to be supersensitive and incredibly imaginative ...

Pets Add Life Announces Winners of 6th Annual Children's Poetry Contest
PR Web (press release)
Through APPA's Pets Add Life campaign, students from across the country in grades 3rd through 8th were invited to write unique poems about their pets, sharing what they love about them and the joys they bring to their lives. One student from each grade ...

Fun facts on Shakespeare's 450th birthday: He coined 3000 new words
The Oregonian
He wrote 38 plays, 154 sonnets, and a couple of epic narrative poems. According to the Oxford English Dictionary, he coined 3,000 new words, and he has contributed more phrases and sayings to the English language than any other individual. Shakespeare ...
Shakespeare at 450: Slaying the Anti-Catholic DragonsNational Catholic Register
12 things that prove Shakespeare was gay (or at least bisexual)Gay Star News
Introducing: The Shakespeare CodeDoctor Who UK Webzine
The Patriot-News -Press TV
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Salinas poet laureate unveils city's official poem today
Monterey County Herald
And as we go, we still have people reading poetry at the White House for inaugurations and to commemorate the birth and losses of people that we love in America. So it's not dying, it's never dying, but I see it coming back to a place where it was ...

Poetry takes center stage in city of Salinas
The Salinas Californian
Diamond amid coal cinders, / little city with large expectations, / turns dreams the distance. / When you pass by on 101 / wave to Salinas for me. / Warrior-Vikings plant strawberries / in the soiled sun, dirty / fingernail freedom badges, / tans ...

Queens Writes! Weekend
Western Queens Gazette
They look for fiction, creative nonfiction, essays and poetry that go beyond entertainment and storytelling. The pieces included for publication juxtapose humor with grief, tell untold love stories, and replace cliché with innovation. Newtown, the ...

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Poet's Notebook: Backward & Forward
Creative Loafing Tampa
But Donne was speaking the language of his day; and anyone who's read his poetry would understand that he loved women in general, and his wife Anne in passionate particular. A true and turbulent love story, Donne and Anne More married in 1601 against ...

Hugo Williams: 'I need poems more than they need me'
But when the poems draw so much from his life, curiosity is surely natural? “People think it's something to do with self-love or fascination with father or showbusiness. It's not: I write poems and poems need material. I don't know how to find material ...

National Poetry Month continues with two Syracuse poetry slams: GET OUT
The Post-Standard
ArtRage Gallery will present "Messages of Motivation and Love," a poetry slam for National Poetry Month with spoken word performers Mic Tha Poet and Seneca Wilson. Comedian Corey Smithson will also perform. Mic has been published in two anthologies ...

'One can taste the salt in his words'
Times of India
I love how he explores and deconstructs things and the reader gets to go on the journey with him. I can't wait to read 3 Sections." In its announcement, the ... His earlier collections of poetry are Wild Kingdom, The Long Meadow, and The Disappearances ...

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