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What are the greatest love poems?
BBC News
Coinciding with the biennial Poetry International festival – co-founded by Ted Hughes in 1967 – actors and poets from across the globe are coming together to read 50 of the greatest love poems of the last 50 years. Beginning with the romantic and ...

The Millions

Americans Love Poetry, But Not Poetry Books
The Millions
Although Americans' love for poetry has yet to reach the wild heights of Abu Dhabi's hit reality show Million's Poet where 70 million global viewers watched dueling versifiers vie for a $1.3 million cash prize, Americans are actively involved in ...
Computer Engineering: A Fine Day Job for a PoetThe Atlantic

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The Independent

Poetry International festival 2014: Actors and poets gather to celebrate the ...
The Independent
"Love poetry has always been something people like, but most of it isn't funny," said Celia Hewitt, Adrian Mitchell's second wife and the subject of his famously light-hearted love poem "Celia, Celia". "It was chosen to be one of the Poems on the ...

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The Guardian

Fifty greatest modern love poems list embraces 30 different countries
The Guardian
There's no "How do I love thee? Let me count the ways", or "Shall I compare thee to a summer's day?" here: instead, a new list of the 50 greatest love poems ranges from Maya Angelou to Vikram Seth and from Pakistan to Nigeria. Chosen by poetry ...

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World Magazine

Loving a love poem, learning about the Bible
World Magazine
It's not a new poem or a short poem. But it is most definitely a love poem. You may have read it before. You may have sung it, too. It's the longest chapter in the longest book in the longest half of a very long collection of books. Out of 1,189 ...

Look on my works, ye Mighty, and love poetry
TES News
Poetry is a sore point for many English teachers, who must battle the perception that it is difficult and doesn't make sense. My favourite lesson for changing pupils' minds explores Ozymandias by Percy Bysshe Shelley. First, we watch the end of the ...

The Guardian

Bertolt Brecht's poems to 'one of his great loves' come to fervent life
The Guardian
His poems to her are touching and protective, but also openly sexual and explicit. In one poem he lists all the places they have made love: "Excited by pianos in the monastery .../ Furnished; you threw the key down from the balcony .../ In that hotel ...

UK Progressive Magazine

Why we effing love poetry's power
UK Progressive Magazine
When you or our staff find great progressive news articles, we post them here. Send along your personal favourite story links to: favourites (at) ukprogressive (dot) co (dot) uk and we may select it for publication.

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Great Read
Los Angeles Times
The self-proclaimed "Love Poet" calls "yes" the loveliest word in the English language. Mallory moved here from Southern California last year with a Quixote-like plan: to reign as the king of poetry in a desert resort town without an attention span, a ...

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Is He the Best Ugandan Poet?
They remind me of my former self, when I would help boys in classes above mine to write enticing love letters to their love interests in exchange for sugar and grub. It is because of that background that I love poetry. Last week I was invited for ...

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Love poetry and cancer
Times of Malta
A poetry book documenting the stories of cancer patients, survivors and families who have lost significant ones to this illness has just been published by Glen Calleja. Despite the poignancy of the subject matter, the author describes the book, Kull ...

The New Indian Express

Crowd funded poetry on love
The New Indian Express
It's not just an ordinary love story. It is a story weaved with poetry collected over the past two decades — the oldest penned in 1997. As R S Ramkumar stepped from one stage of his life to another, sheets of poems accumulated. He wrote about ...

Hurriyet Daily News

BOOKS > Nazım Hikmet included in Southbank Center's 50 greatest love poems ...
Hurriyet Daily News
The poetry team at the center has been working on the list for the past year to produce “a truly international and stylistically diverse selection of what we see as the best 50 love poems of the past 50 years, from young poets to world greats,” said ...

How an Iranian musician took ancient Persian poetry to the top of the US charts
Much of Rumi's poetry focuses on love -- more specifically love for the Divine. And for Nazeri, like his father before him, that love finds a perfect home in musical expression. "I think music is the sound of God, the sound of the universe for me ...

Times of India

Nazrul Islam's granddaughter reads out the poet's love letters
Times of India
The litterateur's granddaughter, AninditaKazi, also read out two of his unpublished love letters. The highlight of the evening was a session of unplugged Nazrulgeeti by ManomayBhattacharya. His beautiful recital of poetry, lyrics and classical nuances ...

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"Top 50 greatest love poems" includes two Romanian works
Business Review
The Guardian compiled a list of the greatest love poems written over the last 50 years, gathering works of literary art from all over the world. Chosen by poetry specialists at the Southbank Centre, the team that handled the selections looked at work ...
Three Arabic Poems Chosen for 50 Greatest Modern Love Poems ListOye! Times

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Times of India

Dharmendra spells his love for cinema through urdu poetry
Times of India
Mumbai-based Carnival Group, which has interests in the hospitality, media and entertainment fields, recently acquired HDIL'S Broadway Cinemas multiplex chain and relaunched it as Carnival Cinemas. The announcement was made at a glitzy do, attended ...

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The Stage

Harriet Walter and Siobhan Redmond to recite love poems at Southbank Centre
The Stage
Harriet Walter and Siobhan Redmond are among 50 actors and poets that will recite poetry as part of the Southbank Centre's Festival of Love, which launched this week. Walter will read Margaret Atwood's Variations on the Word Love and Siobhan Redmond ...

Texas recording artist Shires follows marriage with degree in poetry
A-J: You know how much I still love your 2011 album “Carrying Lightning.” I was happy to see I was not the only one. How did you feel upon learning you were named Texas Music Magazine's Musician of the Year? Shires: I was and am still honored.

What's the Matter with Poetry? On 'The Consolation of Philosophy'
The League of Ordinary Gentlemen (blog)
The love of wisdom drives out other cock-teasing loves! But why poetry? Philosophy claims that the muses “slay the rich and good harvest of wisdom or reason with the bareness of passion,” thus combining sexual and fertility metaphors. She then deepens ...

Spoken word heightens level of understanding for PHS students
Peninsula Gateway
Before summer break, Peninsula High School poetry coach Lynda Richards and English teacher Julie Bruey convinced me I would enjoy poetry readings by students, each of whom composed his or her own poems for the PHS production of Poetry Night. Although I ...

A Reader Has a Problem with "All or Nothing" Devotional Language
National Catholic Register (blog)
There is a kind of totalizing hyperbole used in the language of love that, taken with flat-footed literalism, would lead to absurd conclusions. It's used not only in the kind of love-language directed at God by saints, but even in love poetry directed ...

PBS NewsHour

Weekly Poem: Jennifer Michael Hecht riffs off iconic poems
PBS NewsHour
“The poems that I chose were guided by poems that I love, but also poems that work, that I was able to get a poem out of that was moving and memorable,” Hecht told Art Beat. “I could open them up as a way of looking around myself and seeing what came ...

Columbus Alive

Literary profile: Full/Crescent Press' labor of love
Columbus Alive
It seems fitting that Full/Crescent Press officially started on a Valentine's Day (in 2012). Michael Perkins gave his wife, Paula J. Lambert, some money toward beginning a poetry press. The couple's shared love of poetry and art has yielded two books ...

America Loves Poetry—But It's Called Rap
Daily Beast
A widely read Atlantic piece by Dana Gioia in 1992 was a signature statement. Granted, that was a while ago now, but times don't seem to have changed much: Comments in the wake of Charles Wright's anointment last week as America's poet laureate kept ...

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You can't take it back: 8 Shame MacGuffins in pop culture
A.V. Club Austin
Still, the most classic example of a Helga-related “shame MacGuffin” is the book of love poetry she keeps hidden with her at all times. It's no surprise that she loses it in the show's third episode; “The Little Pink Book” then finds Arnold embarking ...

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High school poets speak 'language of the heart'
3News NZ
It's organised by a group of 10 poets known as the South Auckland Poets Collective (SAPC). "Everyone's got a story, and there's really something empowering about sharing your story," says member Luti Richards. "That's why I love spoken-word, and why I ...

Poetry Is Hospitable to Strangeness and Surprise
New York Times
... or if I say, furthermore, that's not even close to the biggest poetry audience I've seen, is that enough evidence to convince you that poetry matters? If I told you, there are children, young adults, and grownups who love poetry like this, would ...


Passionate Pablo Neruda Quotes to Inspire Your Summer Romance
At only 19 years old, Chilean poet Pablo Neruda published his second collection of poetry, Twenty Love Poems and a Song of Despair (Veinte poemas de amor y una canción desesperada), quickly establishing his place in the literary canon. His erotic and ...
Homage to Pablo Neruda: great Chilean poet and friend of Soviet UnionThe Voice of Russia

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One Man's Inspiring Poetry and Song Lyric
Christian News Wire (press release)
A description of love in all its form, The Dreamer and the hummingbird touches a chord within us all, celebrating the joy of life. Romance, have all hope and love have all encouraged Sybert to put pen to paper to create his unforgettable song lyrics ...

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072314bL b1 cat book
Bucks County Courier Times
“I love telling stories and making people laugh,” said the Newtown father of two daughters and two stepdaughters. In eighth grade, one of his teachers intercepted a note he was passing to a friend. The teacher read it aloud to the class. It contained a ...

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Hawthorn author signs off on children's poetry collection
Herald Sun
Whiteside said the book was not specifically Australiana, but rather detailed an experience of childhood. “I love the bush and the outdoors, but for me this is about what appeals to children such as dinosaurs, space and things like that.” The Billy ...

Deaf education pioneer Robert Panara, a founder of RIT's NTID, dies at 94
Brighton-Pittsford Post
Thousands of students and graduates have been influenced by his genuine love of teaching and his generous sharing of his beliefs, values and knowledge.” Born in 1920 in the Bronx, Panara contracted spinal meningitis at age 10 and became ... For more ...

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In 'Land of Love and Drowning' by Tiphanie Yanique, A Caribbean Family Saga ...
... hurricanes and war, and social upheaval and failed marriages — all the while pining for their forbidden loves. As their stories unfold over decades, characters enter and exit their lives only to resurface again in unexpected ways. This strange ...

Love, Sex and Mocha: A combination of slam poetry and theatre
Times of India
Underdog Entertainment's Love, Sex and Mocha is a quirky rom-com that infuses slam poetry and theatre and is a satire on modern chick flicks that creates a twist on male-female relationships. This theatrical effort takes a quirky look at a man's cup of ...

Heartbroken Vampire?! Nina Dobrev Instragrammed Sad Poetry After News That ...
Even if the poem isn't actually about Ian, it does prove that Nina isn't in the happiest of moods lately. If only we could do something to cheer her up. Maybe a pint of ice cream and some Legally Blonde??! LOLz! P.S.: CLICK HERE to see our EXCLUSIVE!
Nina Dobrev: Dissing Ian Somerhalder and Nikki Reed with Instagram Poem?The Hollywood Gossip

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'Eat Pray Love' author Elizabeth Gilbert on the books of her life
Entertainment Weekly (blog)
To celebrate the paperback publication of her triumphant return to fiction, The Signature of All Things, Elizabeth Gilbert, author or Eat, Pray, Love, talked to us about the books she loves, her literary blind spots, and the works that have shaped her ...

Brother-sister duo April Fools debuts a new hip-hop play, 'Lack on Lack'
RedEye Chicago
The sister half is Kristiana Colon, 28, who appeared on Season 5 of HBO's "Def Poetry Jam" and whose play, "Octagon," won the Arizona Theater Company's 2014 National Latino Playwriting Award. Her brother, Damon Williams, 21, just graduated from ...


Opposites attract as Miranda Otto's poet finds love with a female architect in ...
Herald Sun
Opposites attract as Miranda Otto's poet finds love with a female architect in Reaching for the Moon. by: Leigh Paatsch; From: News Corp Australia Network; July 17, 2014 11:23AM. Increase Text Size · Decrease Text Size · Print · Email · Share · Add to ...
Miranda Otto – Reaching for the MoonMoviehole

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Panara both inspired and popularized deaf culture
Rochester Democrat and Chronicle
He also founded the Drama Club and was known for his courses on Shakespeare and deaf characters in fiction and drama that brought literature and poetry to life. When Mr. Panara retired, NTID named its performing arts theater in his name. "What made him ...

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Long Beach Opera Presents 'I Was Looking at the Ceiling and then I Saw the ...
I love the idea of exploring something different--the LBO motto has always been 'expect the unexpected.' For Adams to have liberated himself, to have been able to dive into all these different genres, is impressive. June Jordan was an amazing poet.

Today in Lawrence: Extra hot, with a side of archaeology and a helping of ...
Lawrence Journal World
Join poet Caryn Mirriam-Goldberg and singer-songwriter Kelley Hunt for a special evening of Kelley performing their co-written music, and Caryn reading her original poetry. This special performance, When Love Is At The Wheel: An Evening with Kelley ...

Art for life
RedEye Chicago
Demetrius Amparan's poem wasn't simple. It was an outlet, a way to deal with his best friend's death, a way to connect to people going through the same thing. "Lost Count: A Love Story," is a goosebump-inducing tribute to all the friends he and co ...

New Zealand Post Book Awards Finalists Announced (press release)
The three other fiction finalists are Anne Kennedy's The Last Days of the National Costume — a gripping tale of illicit love, passion and embroidery and The Bright Side of my Condition by Charlotte Randall, based on a true story of four escaped ...

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Smiling down from the fence
Tyler Morning Telegraph
She was a pretty young woman, bright-eyed, intelligent, easy to love and treasured by those who had surrounded her photo with letters, tokens, poetry and trinkets. I snapped a single photo. The camera, heavy on my neck, was already filled with three ...

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The threat to San Francisco bookstores goes beyond Amazon and ebooks to ...
San Francisco Bay Guardian
The whole store can be explored in minutes, and there's a gumball machine that dispenses poetry out in front once the book-happy are satisfied. Its size has ... "They ask you how you're doing after they've fallen in love with the place a little bit ...

Are Too Many People Writing Poetry?
Huffington Post (blog)
I salute the national and local organizations and the poets that facilitate this renaissance and make poetry a vibrant part of our culture. In many ways, there is not a better moment to be a poet and love poetry. Yet, I want to ask a provocative ...

New York Times

Sing to Me, O Muse (But Keep It Brief)
New York Times
Is poetry dead, does it matter, is there too much of it, does anyone anywhere buy books of poetry? The discussion is fraught with anxiety, and perhaps that implies a love of poetry, and a longing for it, and a fear that we may be in danger of losing it ...

Santa Fe Reporter

Price Is Right
Santa Fe Reporter
As recalled in Vincent Price: A Daughter's Biography penned by his daughter Victoria, a Santa Fe resident, Price recognizes that he was appointed to the five-man commission by the Secretary of Interior not just because of his love for Native art, but ...

How Art Is Crucial To Understanding The Human Mind
Huffington Post
... in the direction of love, sexuality and happiness -- or into aggression, death and suffering. But it doesn't follow that these forces are symmetrical. I suspect that, in the history of culture, more things that we call great (in poetry, theater ...

Wausau Daily Herald

Mentzer: 'Thomas the Tank Engine' and other awful shows
Wausau Daily Herald
They are funny and colorful and the best ones achieve the status of poetry in the way they compress their stories into just a few lines per page. I will defend the artistic achievements of "Scuffy the Tugboat" or "Katy and the Big Snow" or "Sammy the ...

Business takes flight with winged solution to vineyards' rodent problem
Santa Rosa Press Democrat
I love what I do.” His small business has spread mostly through word of mouth among vineyard managers, who are looking for new pest control tools as the wine industry moves to become more eco-conscious. Locally, the push includes the Sonoma County ...

Track by Track: Tralala Blip
I love Brisbane because Tralala Blip has friends there and there are good bands like Scraps and Primitive Motion. Scraps sings a ... Leanne has many volumes of poetry written about the Australian bush and the creatures that inhabit it. 'In My Natural ...

Poetry and Rehab: Friends Paint Picture of Hooker in Google Murder Case
“Just because someone writes some dark poems doesn't make them this awful person." A decade ago Alix was an impish blonde tomboy at Northview High, a public school in the affluent, smooth-edged suburbs of northern Atlanta. She loved to write and she ...

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Meet the Iranian musician topping US charts with classic Persian poetry
Much of Rumi's poetry focuses on love, especially love for the Divine. This is a sentiment shared by Hafez; “I think music is the sound of God, the sound of the universe for me. Music also has the power to go inside the heart. If you really hear music ...

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Giorgio Moroder's favorite gig ever
Showing off her chops on the omnichord, Van Etten jettisoned through songs like Taking Chances and Your Love Is Killing Me. Each song felt deeply personal, wildly emotional, impossible not to empathize with, and her voice, synched with her magnanimous ...

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Growing up amid unending war in Gaza
She had planned to spend the summer studying and reading poetry. John Keats and William Wordsworth are her favorite poets: "My professors joke I'm too romantic," she says. "I love spiritual poetry." Instead, Amal finds herself in the middle of a war.

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This Is the Best 5453-Word Interview With Bronson Pinchot About Audiobooks ...
The most appalling thing in the world is a poet reading his or her own poetry. Dear God, that's painful. Is there anything on Earth more egregious than seeing an actor talk about his or her own performance? Hell on Earth. I'd rather be on the receiving ...

Stories from the Battlefield: Son Of Texas Killed In Gaza
Daily Caller
He came at first on a trip with his family, fell in love with the country and decided to make it his home. He then ... Mordechai Ben-Menachem is a former researcher/lecturer at Ben-Gurion University and an author of 30 book ranging from engineering to ...


West Texas Talent Contestant Manuel Jurado Jr. Dances LIVE on GMWT
“It is exciting to watch on one stage, a 7 year old dance to Michael Jackson music, someone deliver original poetry, hear county music, followed up by a musical theater performance. It serves as a testament to the talent we have here in West Texas ...

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Dallas Morning News (blog)

TEXAS FAITH: What's the best religious movie ever?
Dallas Morning News (blog)
Saint Tukaram taught through his poetry, lectures, and example that the path of Bhakti yoga, loving service to God, is the most sublime, inclusive, and blissful path in approaching the Supreme. Bhakti goes beyond sectarian lines of caste, creed ...

Bigg Boss woos AAP's Kumar Vishwas: Here is why he'd be perfect
The quintessential second fiddle: Now Bigg Boss has always embraced the second fiddle with great love. The not-so-famous ... Who knows, Bigg Boss might just unearth other hidden talents that we hope will be less annoying than his poetry. Poha making ...

Julian Cihi and Diane Phelan to Star in 2g's GALOIS at the 2014 Ice Factory ...
Broadway World
Galois is a rock-mathematical-musical expression of the chaotic, brilliant, and all too brief life of Evariste Galois, who discovered a branch of mathematics as a precocious teenager, yet died in 1830's revolutionary Paris at 21 in a duel over a woman ...

Poems Hold the Mysteries of the Present, Dreams of the Future
New York Times
No matter what language we speak, we follow the guidance of poetry to better perceive sorrow and radiance, love and hatred, violence and wonder. No matter what continent we call home, we read poetry to restrict us in time and to aspire toward ...

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WB Yeats and Sligo, Then and Now
Huffington Post
What did Yeats love about Sligo? First, having family there - his mother's people, the Pollexfens and Middletons, were of Sligo. Second, the landscape and freedom to range, both physically, and imaginatively, within that landscape. When Yeats, as a ...

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Jim Irsay: Steward of History
“Being a guitar player myself, a songwriter, and a poetry writer, I really love collecting.” Many Colts fans know about the passion for music their favorite team's owner exhibits, but upon this author's first encounter with him, it is clear Irsay is ...

True to their word: Stockton slam poets to go against nation's best
Stockton Record
A love poem to Stockton." Sahagun, 30, has written and recited slam-poems at the adult level - competing in Berkeley Oakland and Stockton. He's also emceed during open-mic poetry nights - Wednesdays and Thursdays - at Stockton's Empresso Cafe. So far ...

CONNECT: Balancing Act
Gadsden Times
... in the technology age, but Penny says the sport got its start in ancient China, all because of a poet. In B.C. China, Qu Yuan became disenfranchised with the political atmosphere. As he wandered the countryside, he wrote some of China's best-loved ...

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What EE Cummings teaches us about love and death
Bangor Daily News
When we met I had been immersed in an honors thesis on the great poet: an academic exercise of research and analysis. Yet my past admiration of Cummings' work and Sheila's unwavering spirit took my sense of his verse to another level. It affected my ...

Hip-hop poet MOWO hits KALA
Coast Weekend
A spoken word artist, Graham adapts his poetry to a hip-hop genre, touching on issues of race, in a confluence of the personal, populist and self-empowerment. The stage ... 6 Share with Us. We'd love to hear eyewitness acounts, the history behind an ...

New Statesman

Puzzle pieces: finding the patterns in the poetry
New Statesman
There is muscle here but elsewhere Batchelor is capable of a light touch, too, particularly in the cool-headed love poem “The Catch-Up”, which perhaps takes as its formal model the rhyming triplets of Elizabeth Bishop and Derek Mahon and stands up ...

Performers, paint and poetry at weekend fundraiser
Santa Monica Daily Press
The dancers will perform to seven songs and two poems. The dancers will add a new color of paint to the canvas for each audio track and she said each of the nine pieces would evoke a different virtue or way of being with the final work of art up for ...

Philosophy Now (subscription)

Ludwig Feuerbach (1804-1872)
Philosophy Now (subscription)
Feuerbach wants to remind us of what we were before we deified and alienated our favorite qualities: “You believe in love as a divine attribute because you yourself love; you believe that God is a wise, benevolent being because you know nothing better ...

Festival celebrates misunderstood wine, region
Traverse City Record Eagle
It's the thing people write poetry about.” Danielson knows her wine. She's an advanced ... “You have people who either love or hate Riesling, and I mean hate Riesling 'because' it is sweet, which it's not,” Danielson said. “It's sweet if the wine maker ...

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Dafoe on Hoffman's 'tragic' death, final role
Kawartha Media Group
It's an idea that Dafoe quickly dismisses. "Everybody's in love with television, and television can do many beautiful things," he said. "But it lacks a kind of poetry and a kind of mystery that cinema has." His attitude is perhaps understandable given ...

Review - Take a read on the dark side
If not – like the widow who loves the poacher in "Rider" – you'll be killed by the one you love. Brown serves up a variety ... No wonder he's found a home with Press 53, a boutique publisher with a strong reputation for poetry collections. The winner ...

POETRY: He Loves You
Harrison Daily
4 Be Nice. No racism, sexism or any sort of -ism that is degrading to another person. 5 Be Proactive. Use the 'Report' link on each comment to let us know of abusive posts. 6 Share with Us. We'd love to hear eyewitness accounts, the history behind an ...

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6 Things for Children to Understand About Writing and 4 Ways to Help Them Get ...
Huffington Post (blog)
It was the last day of a fun-filled, early summer week of word games, character creation and poetry making. Every Inkster said they had a ... Listen to music you love or have just discovered and allow it to fill your writing with sound. Most ...

Author Rashad Mitchell Fuses Poetry with Hip-Hip, in Impressive Ten-Strong ...
With a lifetime's observations and wisdom to share, Rashad Mitchell refuses to stay silent. In a prolific attempt to compel the public to explore the depths of opinion, Mitchell has composed ten books. Nine feature his true-to-life poetry and the tenth ...

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The Zimbabwean

Muusha fights for recognition of visual arts
The Zimbabwean
She also master-minded the Shaurai Music and Poetry showcase, where aspiring performing artists showcase their talents at the gallery. This was launched in 2012 as a monthly event and has been running ever since. It was launched with the assistance of ...

A poet cannot live by craft alone
The Hindu
One of my oldest friends writes soulful poetry, leads a hectic life and travels the world as the Deputy Director of an arts foundation. Today we're looking at poets and their day jobs. As I read Katherine Larson's 'Love at Thirty-Two Degrees', the ...

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Audrey Tautou and Michel Gondry on Critics and the Overwhelming Experience ...
Indie Wire
Because I really love his work and I love his movies. They are always a piece of fantasy and there is always a piece of poetry. They are always unique. I like movies that have strong personalities, and Michel Gondry is so creative that his films are ...


Lily Kanter's easy home updates
The historic Edwardian-meets-Craftsman-style estate, originally built in 1907, was once used as a hub for poetry readings. "I'm an old-home junkie, and I loved the ceiling height and wainscoting. I just saw the potential. We wanted to keep all of the ...

Video: Listen to Canadian David 'Corvid' McCallum RAP in GAELIC
Scottish Daily Record
David 'Corvid' McCallum is leading the way in the merging the traditional Celtic tongue with urban's finest poetry and is one of the stars of new show Children Of The Smoke which comes to Glasgow Green for The Commonwealth Games. The free production on ...

Wars of the Roses: Stormbird
Huffington Post
I loved the creative process so much that I felt constrained if I planned a book. I would just write in a creative haze, as if I was on fire and ... I'd be so interested in her life; and I know she liked writers. She occasionally wrote poetry, which is ...

Audrey Tautou Is in the Mood
W Magazine
Set in an atemporal Paris—the incredible set designs have the haze of late '60s, '70s nostalgia—the movie follows the breathless love story between Colin (Romain Duris), a wealthy bachelor obsessed with inventions, and Chloe (Tautou), an arresting ...

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Times of India

6 best rain-themed books to read this monsoon
Times of India
The young poet with an incredibly romantic heart has portrayed monsoon in Kolkata in a way few can. The best thing about the book is that it's also a celebration of love and comes in an envelope with poems written on cards. One of the poems reads, 'Aye ...

Music and Lyrics

New Music: Lights - "Up We Go" [Premiere]
Music and Lyrics
... a hard dry spell. I turned to poetry, art and female songwriting legends and found myself writing about nostalgia and naivety and just enjoying music again. It feels like a complete journey, from front to back." ... The electro-pop production on ...

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Music Theatre of Madison's Bonnie & Clyde is a magnetic tale about two ...
When Bonnie and Clyde meet, it's love at first sight. Each sees the ... Her softer scenes show her composing poetry about the gang's legacy, providing a nice contrast to the moments when she goes toe-to-toe in arguments with her fiery beau. Just as ...

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Hillary Clinton's new book isn't poetry. But the Amazon reviews of it sure are.
Washington Post (blog)
Hillary Rodham Clinton's account of her time at the State Department, "Hard Choices," and Ed Klein's more tabloid-y account of her relationship with President Obama have been duking it out on the New York Times bestseller list. We have yet to learn ...

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Once an artist, always an artist
Daily Astorian
In high school, Kerr served as the editor of a poetry magazine. In 2013 ... “I would love to see, in the middle of winter ... getting people who ordinarily would be isolated at home, or at their local watering hole, out to do some things, to explore ...


Jack White Enters Publishing Game With Third Man Books
Continuing his love for all things old-timey, Jack White has announced the creation of a new publishing company. Third Man Books will function as a wing of his flourishing Third Man Records label, and today they've announced the release of their first ...

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Poetry Requires an Education of the Senses
New York Times
Many poets think that if only they write simply enough — in Marianne Moore's words, “in plain American which cats and dogs can read” — that readers will love it again, the way readers loved it from the time of Gilgamesh to the death of Byron. Perhaps ...

White Rose Books in downtown Holyoke isn't just a bookstore
“When we fell in love with Holyoke, we thought what is Holyoke missing,” owner Betty Kaplowitz said of when she and Kristen Bachler moved here about five years ago. “A place for coffee, ... They also host poetry readings and film nights. A recent ...

On the Importance of Mirrors for Students (and Teachers)
Huffington Post
I was stunned to see him so cavalierly dismiss the work of an African American author whose books have been a lifeline -- and an entryway to a love of literature -- for countless black and Latino teens. But beyond that, I disagreed with his central ...

The gift of poetry: Woodstock native to sign copies of new book of poetry at ...
Cherokee Tribune
Becky Williams Buckman, right, with her sister, Ruth Pyle, 92, who resides at Hidden Lakes Assisted Living in Canton. Buckman graduated from Woodstock High School in 1958 and Pyle was valedictorian of Canton High School in 1940. Buckman visits her ...

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New York Times

'Shakespeare in Love' Makes Stage Debut in London
New York Times
LONDON — When Tom Stoppard created a play a few years ago out of his Academy Award-winning script for “Shakespeare in Love,” the best picture Oscar winner from 1998, he quickly realized that doing the adaptation was a mistake. “I didn't want the gig ...

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National Players bring “The Tempest” to life
Gazette.Net: Maryland Community News Online
Much like Shakespeare's probable mindset at the time about leaving his theater profession, the play addresses letting go — Prospero setting Ariel free, letting go of his grudges and allowing his daughter to grow up and fall in love. Though it may have ...

Independent Online

All the world's a stage, as I like it
Independent Online
Cape Town - Mbali Bloom is a playwright, actress and poet who has enthralled audiences with her work on stages locally and abroad. Her film credits include Disgrace and Big Fellas. As a writer and poet Bloom has worked internationally on various ...

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Arunabh Saikia studied mechanical engineering, wanted to be a poet, but became a journalist. His short stories & essays occasionally get published in literary magazines. As our pro bono outreach programme we've agreed to listen to his poetry as long as ...

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