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New York Magazine

The 5 Kinds of Poems You Hear at Weddings
New York Magazine
My lazy googling leads me to believe that popular wedding love poems include Shakespeare's “Sonnet 116,” Elizabeth Barrett Browning's “Sonnet 43,” and e.e. cummings's “i carry your heart in me (i carry it in),” which people love so much, they are ...

Loving husband writes book of poems to relive memories with wife battling ...
To try to keep their memories alive and to show his love, Len has even written a book of poems – each one celebrating one of the 48 years the couple have shared. Len, 76, spends most of his time at the nursing home in Ipswich, Suffolk, where his 71 ...

Slate Magazine (blog)

Forrest Gander, Beyoncé Poet, Explains His Poem “Bey the Light”
Slate Magazine (blog)
I love poetry. But presented with a poetic “remix” of Beyoncé statements—even one done by acclaimed poet and translator Forrest Gander—alongside a photo-spread of Beyoncé looking gorgeous and ferocious in wild outfits, I am likely to just look at the ...
Beyoncé Wrote a Poem, and It Is Not FlawlessThe Wire
Beyoncé, Boobs, Surfboard, Poetry, Hair, FASHIONRacked National
Beyoncé Loses The Bra, Flaunts Her Body In New Must-See PicsSOHH

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A Cape Breton love affair expressed in poetry
It is just one of a collection of 62 Cape Breton inspired poems that can be found in McNeil's recently launched 'Tartan Underwear: Cape Breton Poems and Songs'. The Point Tupper native is aware that his work is far from highbrow poetry. That's OK.

The Guardian

Philip Larkin: Life, Art and Love review – wide of the mark
The Guardian
As treasurer of the Oxford English Club, the young Philip Larkin met several famous writers, among them Lord Berners, George Orwell and, most anticipated of all, Dylan Thomas. The poet visited the university in the winter of 1941 and went down a storm ...

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Charulata (The Lonely Wife) review: Music, poetry and, most of all, love
Irish Times (blog)
There's a truth to silent-screen queen Norma Desmond's notion: “We didn't need dialogue. We had faces.” But cinema's golden years produced people who hardly needed faces, as they had movement. Think of John Wayne framed in a doorway before ...

Return to Betjemanland, BBC Four, review: 'proper poetry'
In Return to Betjemanland (BBC Four), his biographer AN Wilson gave a fine account of the television broadcaster and former poet laureate's loves and locations. Most of all, Betjeman was rooted in place: Cornwall, where he was buried in 1984; Oxford, ...
Return to Betjemanland, BBC FourThe Arts Desk

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The Express Tribune

A different lens: The scientific roots of classical Pashto poetry
The Express Tribune
PESHAWAR: Pashto poetry is popularly known as relating to either love or war. Modern scholars, however, are starting to dig deeper to the 'scientific core' of Pukhtun verses. “This region's classical poetry contains many unnoticed scientific ...

Poems on love and ancient history
The poems read by Wolak were varied in its subjects of love, ancient history and poverty - 'When Love Ends', 'The Statue of Anacreon', and 'Song of the Lost Daughter'. He also read out translations of Iranian poems that he worked on alongside Mahmood ...

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Gay College Student Recites Spoken Word About The Courage To Love
Huffington Post
"In attendance [at the reading] was my poetry class who I had grown to love dearly, but had never alluded to that I was gay," Boyle told The Gaily Grind. "I changed every pronoun before that night, and stayed away from the fact that my muse at the time ...

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The One Robin Williams Moment We'll Never Forget
The Urban Daily
We read and write poetry because we are members of the human race And the human race is filled with passion. And medicine, law, business, engineering, these are noble pursuits and necessary to sustain life. But poetry, beauty, romance, love, these are ...
Robin Williams's 25 Best Quotes from TV and FilmParade
11 Robin Williams' 'Dead Poets Society' Quotes That Will Inspire You to “Carpe ...Bustle

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Yareah Magazine

Sunday Poetry with Gypsy Woman, Jenean C. Gilstrap. Today: porcelain love
Yareah Magazine
Since childhood, Ms. Gilstrap has had a love of words-of writing and other arts. An individualist, she chooses not to follow any pre-conceived pattern for the outlay of these words – rather, she allows them the freedom to forge their own path as they ...

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The Independent

What Dead Poets Society Taught Me About Being a Teacher
Huffington Post
Mr. Keating loved poetry, loved hearing the words "drip off our tongues like honey." I'm passionate about history -- I love the subject and stories that I teach. One of the comments I love hearing from my students is that they never liked history ...
The 'Dead Poets' grow

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Husband's poetry keeps love alive
3News NZ
A devoted husband has published a book of 46 poems for his ailing wife - one for each year of their marriage. Len Biddlecombe's wife Barbara is battling Alzheimer's disease, and powerless to stop her memories from fading, he reads the poems to her ...


Venice Film Review: 'Leopardi'
However with Leopardi, Romantic concepts of love and nature elide with man's ill-fated place in the universe, and his philosophical writings, not limited to poetry, had a profound effect on the nascent country's intellectual development. Giacomo was ...
'Leopardi': Venice ReviewHollywood Reporter

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The Daily Gazette

An Unexpected Summer Romance: Love at the Art Institute
The Daily Gazette
Ah, summer romance. Finding that charmer who puts butterflies in your stomach, the sensitive type who reads you their poetry—it's common college-age and young adult behavior to develop one of those fleeting, but oh-so-intense, crushes on someone who ...

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Between the Lines: Uncover the mystery of writing mysteries
Sacramento Bee
How do mystery-thriller-paranormal writers do what they do? Find out at two free presentations featuring members of Sisters in Crime, a national organization of women mystery writers. They'll discuss their craft, answer questions and reveal some of ...

The Virgin Poet Brings Back Aesthetic Poetry in Public Eye
Broadway World
From there, he began writing outstandingly better love poems and began writing in Spanish as well so that she would be able to read his compositions. "Anxious Writings of the Eighteenth and Nineteenth Years" provides readers with a steady dose of ...

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O Pen! founder is a pied piper of poetry
Rochester Democrat and Chronicle
Earlier this summer, Jospé traveled to China to spread her love of poetry abroad to students at Hangzhou Normal University in China. "They seemed very receptive to the poetry and were extremely polite," she says. "They even welcomed me with a poster ...

New York Times

John Lahr's Biography of Tennessee Williams
New York Times
Since St. Just's death, a flood of Williams's own words have been pouring out of the archives, with the publication of his private diaries, two volumes of letters, a collection of his poetry and some 50 previously unpublished — and, some have grumbled ...

Award-winning Cuban poet and translator shares memories of Communist state ...
Golden Gate Xpress
These issues can be seen in her piece, “I Love My Master,” in which Morejón writes through the eyes of an African slave and addresses the relationship between blacks and whites. After attending the University of Havana, Morejón graduated with honors in ...

Marcel Currin: Art is everywhere, and that's the truth
New Zealand Herald
Williams, backstage before appearing in Waiting for Godot: "No art. Art dies tonight." I can apply that sentiment to poetry, too, paradoxically, because I love poetry so much. "No poetry. Poetry dies tonight." You have to love your art enough to take ...

NPR (blog)

Poet Known As The 'Lioness Of Iran' Dies At 87
NPR (blog)
Milani confirmed Behbahani's passing this morning: "Our dear Simin Khanum [lady], a woman I loved and a poet I admired, died this morning, even though her voice is undying." One of the most famous of Behbahani's poems, "A Cup of Sin," reflects on the ...
Iranian poet and women's rights advocate Simin Behbahani diesThe Guardian
Simin Behbahani, Iran's national poet, dies at 87PBS NewsHour
Report: Famed Iranian poet Behbahani dies at 87Sacramento Bee

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Emory poet releases book
Southwest Virginia Today
Her friends and family in the community, as well as throughout the country, love and respect Mitchell's work. Ann Cox, a librarian and media specialist at John Battle High School, said, “Felicia Mitchell's poems have a gentle voice that draws powerful ...

Hugh Jackman on The River, Zumba, and His Ice Bucket Challenge
To the world, he's Wolverine; to New Yorkers, he may always be the singing, dancing, blindingly high-wattage musical star of The Boy From Oz and his one-man show Back on Broadway. This fall, though, he's in a lower-key theater role, playing a character ...

The Guardian

When I read Rimbaud's verse I heard the call at the bottom of the sea
The Guardian
“You are not really serious when you are 17,” says Romance, Rimbaud's poem about adolescent love. It is a relief to know that when you actually are 17, because then everything seems impossibly serious, especially love. The poem tells you that the girl ...

Washington Blade

The little book that's still the life of the party
Washington Blade
I'm far from unique in my love and affection for O'Hara and his work. Few poets, gay or straight, have so influenced our culture. Don Draper on “Mad Men” reads O'Hara. Jackson Pollock, Willem de Kooning, Joan Mitchell and other painters hung out with ...

NET Website

Pain, history & memory: US Poet Laureate muses on creativity
NET Website
You'd think that Natasha Trethewey would have a life-long love of poetry, but that's not the case. Trethewey, a Pulitzer Prize winning poet and professor of English and Creative Writing at Emory University in Atlanta, GA, says she's like a lot of ...

Poetry and Pentecostal spirit in Black Mountain
Asheville Citizen-Times
I say that because I love the mountain people. They're authentic, they're real. They don't have roles to play. You take up for each other. You don't talk about it. You just know you do. “The logs in this cabin were cut by an old whipsaw cutting back ...

Tom Alter introduces Sahir Ludhianvi to Noida students
Times of India
Talking about Ludhianvi's life, Alter said, "Sahir's love poems were tinged with sorrow and his poetry was with the realisation that there are issues more important than romantic love. His words made songs immortal and they still continue to evoke ...

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This guy's poem about his first love is both touching and very funny
Steven Boyle performed this spoken word poem entitled “I Hit Send, or Modern Meltdown” about his first male crush and it manages to be both funny and moving. In the bittersweet slam poetry piece, the American college student - who came out when he was ...
Watch This Guy's Hilarious, Bittersweet Spoken Word Poem About Coming Out ...E! Online

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No IPO for the lemonade stand
San Francisco Chronicle
Julia Park Tracey, newly named poet laureate of the city of Alameda, said, "Poetry is kind of like Brussels sprouts. Some people love it, and most people hate it. So I'm going to work on changing that." Meanwhile, Marty Lurie, who is pre- and post-game ...

'Heaney-boppers' mark poet's first anniversary
the Irish News
culture, while recalling Seamus's good humour, the playful twinkle in his eye, his mischievous chuckle, his unique voice and his deep love of his place," he said. An Post have issued a special 68 cent Heaney stamp in his honour. "The issuing of this ...
Seamus Heaney honoured with 'Poetry House' in hometown of

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The vivid, sometimes vulgar poetry of Catullus fuels MTSU composer Michael ...
Nashville Scene
The Roman poet Catullus' affair with his mistress Lesbia may not be the greatest love story in the history of Western literature. But it's surely the most human. The 25 poems that the youthful patrician wrote to his older (and married) lover explore ...

Philippine Star

Diana back home at FHM
Philippine Star
During the dinner-buffet, while the Tiongco Brothers (then known as The Four Aces of the Philippines) render their melodious blending of voices, love poems will be read by election lawyer Romy Macalintal the way he does in his radio program, The Law of ...

Poet holds signing for newly released book
News Dispatch
A poem about what love is, "That Diesel Tractor Smell," and a poem about the river, "Locust Fork," comprise her two favorite poems in the book, she said. Blount, originally from South Vienna, Ohio, thinks she may have been 11 or 12 when she began ...

Poetry a great place to get lost, forget yourself
The Coloradoan
They are full of imagery, slices of life meandering across her mind. From “Bigger than a Bread Box,” which reverberates the cowboy's innate feeling of “Don't Fence Me In” to love, death, hardship and pain — the saga of the West is there. Her poems ...

Killough-Walden's readers driven to support books, issues
“There is something about words. In expert hands, manipulated deftly, they take you prisoner. Wind themselves around your limbs like spider silk, and when you are so enthralled you cannot move, they pierce your skin, enter your blood, numb your thoughts.

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Malcolm K. Drumheller Expresses Love for Life Through Poetry, Prose
PR Web (press release)
Expressing the beauty of nature, the mirth of family and relationships, the magnitude of things to be learned, this heartfelt compilation of poetry and prose shares the joy of being alive knowing that there is more in store for people than just another ...

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Two foundations combine to help Truman English class
Bucks County Courier Times
Eliason said among the material he plans to put on the Kindles are the books “Animal Farm,” “Lord of the Flies” and “Fallen Angels,” plus a wide variety of poetry and various Shakespeare plays and other works. “You can customize so many things on the ...

The Guardian

Black Country review – Liz Berry's impressive first collection
The Guardian
I love the mocking nudge that is in there somewhere. The old words are the best – or, at least, they have an integrity, a patina, like a quirky handful of coins. They make some of the poems seem attractively dated. In Homing, Berry eloquently laments ...

Vancouver Sun

Renowned spoken-word poet dead at 36
Vancouver Sun
Zaccheus Jackson, a nationally known and locally loved spoken word poet from Vancouver, has died. He was 36. Jackson was in Toronto, where he was scheduled to perform at the International Poetry Slam. Toronto police confirmed Friday that Jackson was ...

Vancouver Sun

Renowned Vancouver slam poet dead at 36
Vancouver Sun
Zaccheus Jackson, a nationally known and locally loved spoken word poet from Vancouver, has died. He was 36. Jackson was in Toronto, where he was scheduled to perform at the International Poetry Slam. Toronto police confirmed Friday that Jackson was ...

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Holcomb selected as Lewisville's poet laureate
Star Local Media
“When I discovered poetry, and my love for it I thought I would abandon math. I thought after the military I would go back to school for a doctorate in English literature,” Holcomb said. “But by that time I was married and had children. Now, I find ...

Of Kings, Prophets and a Monkey
Through chronicling his own biography, the poet takes the reader on an intriguing voyage of love, the passage of time, deceit and hypocrisy. He effectively uses ambiguity as his forte in condemning human folly. As is the case in his earlier poetry ...

Prayer and poetry
The Christian Century (blog)
I love both poetry and prayer, even though I confess to being good at neither one. I love the formal prayers in my prayer books, eloquent and elegant. I notice that some of these prayers are poetic, using literary devices and structures: metaphors ...


Review: Ben Lerner's 10:04
If Leaving the Atocha Station is about Adam Gordon, the narrator on a prestigious poetry fellowship in Madrid, and his self-perception as a fraud (his inability to have "a profound experience of art"), then 10:04 is about how the protagonist, a young ...

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Not yet uhuru for gender equality
Johannesburg Sunday World
Wa Chaane, born in Mamelodi in Tshwane, is now a poet, author and research associate at the Sol Plaatje Museum in Kimberley. Like many teenage girls, she kept a journal while at school and wrote "silly love poems". "It was during my university years ...

New York Times

Simin Behbahani, Outspoken Iranian Poet, Dies at 87
New York Times
Simin's mother raised her to love literature and, when Simin was 14, sent a poem Simin had written to a literary journal, which published it. In 1951, Ms. Behbahani published her first book of poems. One of her first innovations was with the ghazal, a ...
Simin Behbahani, celebrated poet known as the 'lioness of Iran,' dies at 87Washington Post
Simin Behbahani | Iran poet cited by Obama,

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Concert review: Sydney Symphony's feast of Brahms comes alive under David ...
The Daily Telegraph
Lalo's work, although not officially a violin concerto, certainly provides the soloists with plenty of opportunities to show off their skills and Repin, like the finest of athletes, manages to combine speed, poetry and finesse with time to spare. This ...

Pupils in South receive festive welcome on first day back to school
Jerusalem Post
On the other hand, if you dive right into poetry or studies, some of the students might not be ready just yet – we have to be very sensitive,” she said. It is not only the students who were affected by the conflict, she added, but also the teachers ...

The Independent

Dogfight: offensive or outspoken?
The Independent
... intelligent and never self-pitying heroine Rose (Laura Jane Matthewson) and the virginal stud Eddie (Jamie Muscato), who goes on an uncomfortable learning curve from trickster cockiness, shame, sensitivity and finally soul-mate love as he tries to ...

The Independent

Made in Chelsea, episode 4, review: Stevie emerges as an unlikely hero to ...
The Independent
Stevie is an unlikely hero, an unlucky in love baby-faced boy who enjoys the occasional poetry recital. But he has finally found himself in the spotlight over his feud with Spencer to claim Billie as his own. Spencer is, of course, not going down ...

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The Nation

'Olive Kitteridge': Venice Review
The Nation
None of that makes Olive easy to love, but McDormand is a grounded, intelligent actress and her penetrating portrayal fully embraces the character's flintiness, even harshness, without letting her tip over and become irredeemably unsympathetic. Olive's ...

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Amazing GRACE: Global citizens and artists for social change
Brattleboro Reformer
"It may be a tiny drop of love in a sea of pain and poverty, but like the homeopathic principle, we believe this love and positive intention, no matter how small can help to transform the world and ourselves," said Namaya. This is the new millennium ...

'Bey the Light' : Beyonce Pens Poem To Daughter Blue Ivy [WATCH VIDEO]
Movie News Guide
It seems that the “Drunk In Love,” singer shared a personal poem in lieu of a conventional interview together with an assortment of her pictures. The poem is entitled “Bey the Light.” Beyonce provided the touching words for the poem, which was then ...

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Various Artists “The Song Album” (Music From & Inspired by the Motion Picture ...
After reluctantly accepting a gig at a local vineyard harvest festival, Jed is love-struck by the vineyard owner's daughter, Rose (Ali Faulkner, TWILIGHT: BREAKING DAWN), and a romance quickly blooms. Soon after their wedding, Jed writes Rose "The Song ...

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The Hindu

The Romance of Poetry
The Hindu
“I do not write to you, but of you,/because the paper that we write on/is our perishable skin.” — Melissa Lee-Houghton. The house is filled with books. Writing desks and individual studies are the rule. The milk is forgotten at the door, meals are ...

The Sentient Bean hosts Singer/Songwriter Night
Do Savannah
He also dabbles in poetry with the intent to pair his words with the perfect singer, so for his 50th birthday, he approached Sentient Bean owner Kristen Russell about hosting a singer/songwriter night to celebrate. ... I also love to ride my bike ...

Author to read from latest novel in Port Angeles tonight
Peninsula Daily
In addition to Happy Valley, USA, Fisher has published Granny May Have Been a Vampire, The Adventures of JR Engels in the Great Pacific Northwest and Genesis of Love. He also has published two volumes of poetry: See Spot Smile and Around the World ...

Is poetry dead? Does anyone care?
Danbury News Times
Before students address the rugged tasks directed by "Common Core" of writing something "supporting a point of view with evidence" or "examining an idea and conveying information clearly," it would seem important to sharpen their imagination and love ...

Brisbane Times

Brisbane Festival: Tuesday Sept 9, 2014
Brisbane Times
I Want To Know What Love Is. Based on love stories submitted by you - your friend s- and your exes - I Want To Know What Love Is forges a theatrical work out of the fragments of love, yearning, schmaltz and heartbreak submitted via the especially built ...

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The complete Michael Tilson Thomas: A Q&A
San Jose Mercury News
And sometimes that can happen just by my being very clear in the spaces that I'm giving, because I love to give space to the musicians for them to do their particular magic. And sometimes it can be something as specific as this: "OK, let's actually re ...

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Brown Bag Songwriting Competition begins a new season
Mountain Xpress
Other winners, over the years, have included Chelsea La Bate of Ten Cent Poetry and Alex Krug, who currently hosts the series. In fact, this year Brown Bag ... who want to be inspired. And there are a lot of people in this town who just freaking love ...

Giant of Turkish poetry remembered on 100th birthday
Hurriyet Daily News
“My love for children is equal to my love for poetry,” Dağlarca said, and he placed a special emphasis on the value of educating the younger generations. His poetry sequence titled “Çocuklarda” (In Kids) is made up of more than 20 books that targeted ...

Golden Gate Xpress

The Depot kicks off the semester with musical performances, game nights and ...
Golden Gate Xpress
The Depot, as some fresh faces may not know, is SF State's on-campus music venue, conveniently next to the pub and located on the lowest level of Cesar Chavez Student Center. The venue hosts live music, open mic nights, poetry events, art socials ...

Flint native is in the running to receive $25800 for poetry fellowship
The Flint Journal
"They're really more love poems. I would move back to Flint if I could make a living doing what I do," said Carson, 29. Carson grew up in Flushing and went to college at Spring Arbor University. After she graduated, she came back to Flint and got ...

The Independent

American soldier-poet Brian Turner reveals the enduring turmoil that inspired ...
The Independent
But it is also a story of salvation, of sorts, through love and art. We talk in Liverpool, where Turner is reading alongside the poets Carolyn Forché and Ilya Kaminsky at an event exploring literature and war. Turner stands out as the only writer to ...

Rob Neufeld: Carolina Mountains Lit Fest coming up
Asheville Citizen-Times
The poet loves and blesses the members of her new community — not the husband, lovers and colleagues who peopled her life when she was a wife, lobbyist and publicist, but a striking assortment of rebounding independents whom many would call ...

Boston Globe

They heard the call of freedom, a summons that still haunts
Boston Globe
She knew little about the civil rights movement, but she was a churchgoer who believed “Jesus loves all the children,” so when she'd heard about YWCA scholarship money to go to Carolina for a few days to help, her hand shot up. She was surprised there ...

What's in an Ending? How Our Obsession With Closure Is Ruining Television
Fans these days don't want to hear that something they love now won't be around next year. And the ... Would that have somehow erased the pitch-perfect writing and visual poetry of prior episodes—all the ecstatic G-chats and watercolor discussions?

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A riveting display of visual poetry
The Daily Star
In the narrative, the male devotee observes Radha and the Gopinis in their play of love with Krishna and feels completely hapless. In desperation, following Radha and the other Gopinis, the Gopi then wishes to shed his masculinity to get to Krishna ...

Lake Wylie Pilot

Rep. Pope honored as Legislator of Year for adult education
Lake Wylie Pilot
Pierce has received five Emmy nominations, appeared in several films including “Your Love Never Fails” and “12 Wishes of Christmas,” is the author of six best-selling books and was recently honored with the Comedian of the Year Visionary Award ...

Bangkok Post

The Mighty Trio: Chopin, Hough and Debussy
Bangkok Post
He is an accomplished painter (his abstracts have been exhibited internationally), a composer (whose works are performed by his admiring peers), a poet (who wins serious international poetry competitions), an academic (visiting professor of piano at ...

Sir Andrew Motion launches poetry collection for schools
TES News
Contestants this year will also be asked to choose from a collection of First World War poetry. The anthology, chosen by Sir Andrew along with co-editors Jean Sprackland, Julie Blake and Mike Dixon, ranges from love poems to war poems, all chosen with ...

'Bob, Son of Battle' comes alive in a wonderful new edition
Christian Science Monitor
I called "Bob, Son of Battle" an unlovely book a few paragraphs ago, and so it is, but that does not mean there aren't very many people who love it. One of them is Lydia Davis, who read it when she was a little girl: “I felt as ... Among other things ...

Interview: Ute Lemper's brain baby visits 54 Below—limited engagement
Ute Lemper—who spoke Saturday, Aug. 30, with—has been traveling virtually every continent during the past year presenting her newest CD collaboration. Titled “Ute Lemper Forever: the Love Poems of Pablo Neruda,” the ten-song ...

Grand River Roundup
Rapid City Journal
I'm writing this earlier than usual because of the up-coming Labor Day weekend and I'm probably going to miss a few things, but I'll try to catch up next week. The weather is warming up again and Thursday I even ran the air conditioner for a little ...

I'd Love to Chat With Ageing Lamu Poet Prof Sheikh Nabhany
We've had renowned writers such as Nigerian-based Ugandan scholar Prof Okello Oculi, the bilingual Egyptian literary scholar Prof Arif Khudairi, South Africa's Black Conscious poet and ANC guerrilla fighter Dr Mongane Wally Serote among many others.


10 New Indie Books and Zines That We Love Right Now
Texts From My Mom is a book of poems that are comprised of actual text messages from the author's mother. The book is a funny and touching portrait of adult daughterhood as the author's mom warns about the dangerous nature of laptops and brings up high ...

Live Jazz And Poetry At Flushing House
Western Queens Gazette
Live Jazz will be heard throughout the evening on Friday, September 12, as a group of legendary musicians bring their love and concern for the elderly to new heights on a rooftop concert dinner-dance benefit for Flushing House. Jazz Up In The Sky at ...

The Guardian

Slam poetry: a celebration in diversity
The Guardian
They come from penthouse apartments and their friends's basements, they come young and old and male and female and in love and in pain, but they come. Sometimes they pay. They take the microphone in turn, and the room falls silent for each individual's ...

(Neb.)-Several New Faculty At ChadronState College This Fall
She has possessed a love of reading since the age of five and a strong desire to convince others of benefits of reading since an early age. “Students need to read good books in school and need a reading teacher who believes in the power of good reading ...

'Last of Robin Hood' risks little for love
Los Angeles Register
The problem with the film – and it's central – is that the moviemakers bring neither passion nor poetry to the filming or dramatization of their love story. Past the shocking first date scene, the two seem to be sharing an intense case of the cuddles ...

Your Brain on Metaphors
Chronicle of Higher Education (subscription)
"Love is a rose, but you better not pick it," sang Neil Young in 1977, riffing on the timeworn comparison between a sexual partner and a pollinating perennial. For centuries, metaphor was just the place where poets went to show off. But in their 1980 ...

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AMERICAN LIFE IN POETRY: 'Each errand was accompanied by some kind of ...
about a Bright Hawaiian Christmas Day. She got Stravinsky's / Rite of Spring stuck in the tape deck of her car and for months / each errand was accompanied by some kind / of dramatic movement. After my brother was born, / there was a period during ...

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The Guardian

Josie Long: Why I love Walt Whitman
The Guardian
As a teenager, I read a lot of poetry that was very terse, like Sylvia Plath's, but Whitman is all over the place. I love all the Os and the exclamation marks – it's like he just thought, "These are the things that I felt I must say today!" and "These ...

Poetry can be an early form of artistic response to trauma
Essay was the form of choice this month for John Samuel Tieman, who is also a poet and a teacher. The University City resident offered the website Vox Populi several essays, including “What happens after the riots end?” and “Love in a time of riots.”.

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Former Alaska poet laureate honored in state park
Mat-Su Valley Frontiersman
For the three-year Poems in Place project, Sexton's poem “Independence Mine, August” was selected and recently installed on the path above the bunkhouses in the Independence Mine area with the help of Alaska State Parks rangers. To honor the poet and ...

For a taste of Art Deco, head to New Zealand's Napier
The Globe and Mail
You don't have to visit during the main festivities to get a taste of Napier's love affair with the thirties. Mairs is a volunteer with the Art ... All year long, guests play dress-up with its stash of hats, feather boas, fur shrugs and long strands of ...

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The Guardian

Leaf through history with the programme from Kate Bush's 1979 tour
The Guardian
Those still wanting more could join her fan club by sending a £1.50 cheque to a PO Box in Brighton, or detach one of the perforated postcards with photos of Kate on one side and “lots of love Kate xxxx” printed in her handwriting on the other. Or just ...

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Stacy Davidson explains all things old Egypt, from hieroglyphics to art
Kansas City Star
Sometimes it was love poetry, sometimes laundry lists. It was disposable, it didn't cost anything for them to use.” She spent the summer of 2004 at Abydos, a Middle Egypt site of many significant temples and tombs. As an artifact analyst and cataloger ...

'Inmates with Talent' takes reality competition behind bars
KPRC Houston
Through the talent show, Green discovered his love for poetry. "It was really a rush being on stage, to be in front of all my peers. It was positive attention. That was new to me," said Green. Green is now out of prison, has a job and is focused on ...

All right! It's Syfy's Almighty Johnsons! – Geek Girl Navigating the World
Mike is the God of Games, Ullr. Anders is Bragi, God of Poetry. Ty is Hodr. Then there's Cousin Olaf, who isn't a ... He'd love to find someone, it's just not easy when you're cold to touch and more than a little shy. The Johnsons are, for all intents ...

Today's Zaman

The Old Groaner: Expats getting spliced in Turkey
Today's Zaman
Both the weddings we have talked about were conducted for religious or cultural reasons so that the couple could exchange their vows of love, faithfulness and all that stuff; and if they were undertaken seriously, then they were perfectly valid ...

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Lee Virtual School student: Prayers don't belong in lesson
NBC2 News
Besides being an activist Wakefield does have other passions. “I love poetry. I mean it's a great way to express your feelings,” Wakefield explained. Poetry is part of her online home schooling. However some of the poems she and her family take issue with.

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Belleville Intelligencer

Rednersville Road gets artsier
Belleville Intelligencer
Multimedia artist Ilona Mayer shares her Ridley Street home in Rossmore, Ont. with Belleville, Ont. potter artist Brad Phillips on day two of the seventh annual Rednersville Road Art Tour in Prince Edward County, Ont. Sunday, Aug. 31, 2014. — JEROME ...

The Soul Selects Her Own Society
Herald Scotland
AN enigmatic little poem by the New Englander Emily Dickinson. AN enigmatic little poem by the New Englander Emily Dickinson. Custom byline text: Lesley Duncan. We may assume it concerns love for a single individual. Her idiosyncratic style, with ...

Middle East Online

Abu Dhabi publishes 'Al Nahyan Poets' collection
Middle East Online
ABU DHABI - The Poetry Academy at the Cultural Programs and Heritage Festivals Committee – Abu Dhabi has recently published the edited and expanded “Al Nahyan Poets” collection (third edition). The collection comprises works of 17 poets from Al ...

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Narrating an Existential Crisis
The Link
I love reading as well, which I think is what led me to write,” explained Ritchie. Pursuing his passion in university, Ritchie enrolled into Concordia's creative writing and geography programs, meshing these two disciplines in his poetry. His eloquent ...

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