How To Write Your Way To A Fortune

We've all seen those ads that grab our attention and makes us want to pull out our credit cards and buy. Don't you wish you had that same power to persuade? but contrary to what you may have been told these skills can be learned So you're not a natural born writer so what! The first thing you need to ask yourself is who is my target audience and how many marketers are doing what i want to do? Competition is fine it shows you have a market for your products or services. Ok so now you know who your target market is what do they want? What are their needs/problems? ie do they want or need more money Or save time? Maybe some kind of self improvement? Sit down and Determine how your product or service can help solve their problem


In writing your killer sales copy you've got to let your prospects know that there is a solution to their problem and not only do you understand this but that you have the solution. Remember some of the most powerful words you can use to reassure is "I can help" It is not enough just to identify the problem you must convey to your readers that you have the answer, tell them the many benefits they will get when they order your product or service. Tell them you can help them make more money, save time, work less ect.

Act Now

One of the most important steps of all is to get your prospects to take action, you have to make them act by creating a sense of urgency. your killer sales copy should be full of powerful words of prompts. Such words like "Order Now" "Click here" and "Order by midnight" are used to induce your reader via subconscious motivations to take both rational and irrational actions. Other forms of motivations are to offer special discounts for prompt action. Let them know you can solve their problem now! and that they don't have to put up with it another day. These are the basics you need to write persuasive killer sales copy, you should study other sales letters break them down and find what works for you. Remember that what you say and how you say it is the difference Between success and failure, making a fortune or making nothing. I know you can do it, you know you can do it, so go do it.

Power words

Here are some power words that no good sales letter should be without. Superior, 100% Guaranteed, you, Amazing, Free Bonus, Act Now, Don't Delay, Easy, In minutes, Low price, Breakthrough and many more.

The above format is nothing new and is used the world over but what is new is the way it's applied to a fairly new medium which continues to create overnight fortunes for those whose business is to persuade us to by their products and services

  • You don't have to be a born writer to be able to write persuasive sales letters

  • What you say and how you say it is very important so do your research and look at other successful sales copy.

  • You have your product or services? good, who is your target market? will it help them make more money or save them time and make life easier for them?

  • Tell them by using persuasive power words why they should buy from you using a series of prompts.

  • Once you have mastered these skills it can be used to sell anything. These are some of the secrets of the net millionaires and how i made my net fortune.

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