Pages: Your Book of Life

Many of us dream of writing a book. Why not.What greater story can you write about thanfrom the pages of your own book of life.Each day is a new beginning.

Someone said everyone has a story. How true.Each day that passes by, is a page in the bookof life. Everyone that crosses your path hassomething to add to your vast life experience.You never know what the day will bring whenyou wake up. Who can tell what's going to beadded to or deleted from your To Do list. Surely

you have dreams to pursue, disappointmentsto deal with, don't forget the triumphs and happiness, relationships, hobbies, passions,pet peeves. The list goes on.

Where to start? From the very depths of your being.What filled your day? It is not the story about a lifetimethat gets crammed, edited, chopped up to suit your public.Far from it. You have inspiring moments to share, battles you fought and won. Or how you stumbled and bravely got back on your feet. How you learned to trust yourintuition, the benefits, add to this how you stay healthy inmind, body and spirit.

The daily pages from your own book of life is your own, unique and personal, yet, can be shared with the

universe.The life as you write it, as it unfolds each day, each waking hour, your dreams the visit you in your sleep. If you let it. Were your problems manageable?Did you give yourself time to take care of you? Isn't Mother Nature inspiring, relaxing and instills tranquilityand serenity to your tired body and mind.

Share some of the experiences from the pages of of your life. Surprise yourself.

Life is poetry. Life is a song.Each day is a new day, new experiences, fresh hopesand fresh outlook. On a sunny day, your enthusiasm for life is fueled by the brightness.On a dull morning, take time to reflect, to contemplateand look forward to the next sunny day. There are momentswhen the rhythm of life is enchanting. these are momentswhen Life flows like a poem.

With the advent of technology, the web offers the chanceas never before to share these precious pages with the world. Someone would love to read from your pages.

Think about it!

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