Your Words Will Determine Your Business!

Be careful when you write.

Words you use, sentences you phrase will reveal what you are.

We come across so many examples daily.

There are sales letters that I do not even bother to go beyond first few lines.

There are others which keep me hooked till the end.

What differentiates one from another?

-Use of the right language.

What is right language you might ask?

-It depends upon the occasion, I would say.

When you interact in the real world your facial gestures and voice modulation can to some extent compensate for the wrong selection of words though that too becomes difficult sometimes.

But internet is a faceless world.

Here your sole medium of communication is the written word. It is in your emails. It is in your sales letters. It is in your website, advertisements and not to speak of many other things.

So when you use wrong word on the net you will not be pardoned. Online business thrives on the written sentences. Whether they take a form of sales letter, a promotional article or communication with your potential customers, your writing will influence your business.

What you write forms a personality of its own. In language each word has a unique identity, a unique meaning. Further amalgamation of words into sentences forms a structure that may vary in the shape depending upon words chosen and how well they have been knit.

This whole process will differentiate a well built writing from a poor one.

This whole process will eventually distinguish an impact from a thud.

Yes! You should choose your words carefully and knit them diligently.

This is an ongoing process and can not be learnt in a day. But it can be learnt for sure.

First and foremost is writing with passion. Whether it is a sales letter or an email, when you get involved in the work you produce a better copy. Your mind works on a different level and your vocabulary is used to maximum.

Second is constant reading and increasing your vocabulary. Whenever you read something whether it is newspaper or a novel or anything you do come across new words. Note them down and look for exact meaning. Do not work by approximation to complete the reading. It might seem boring initially but it will end up forming a good habit and enrich your vocabulary.

Study the good works of successful people. Learn how they produce powerful statement using the same set of words. Note how everybody has a unique style that they can be identified with.

You too should develop your own style. No! Not a copy of someone but your own. Write as you comfortably write. Don't imitate somebody in want of style. As you write naturally your style will take a shape.

Last but not the least, keep your grammar and spellings correct. Wrong grammar and spelling mistakes leave a very bad impression. It does not matter if your reader has a bad grammar but you will be judged by absolute standards.

Typos and grammatical mistakes are absolutely intolerable. Avoid them as you would avoid an allergic substance.

Follow these and you will have better hold on the language and better results in your business.

Your words are your weapon in this marketing arena. Make it sure that you possess the best ones and you are an expert user.

Copyright 2005 Arun Pal Singh

Arun Pal Singh, a successful marketer and writer offers a unique and duplicable business opportunity at To avail his free Income Course, send an e-mail to with subject 'subscribe'.

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