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And the only way to do that has been largely ignored or is unknown by most students.

The failure of the vast majority of students to get admission to their chosen university is one of the great unpublicised stories of our time.

Why do they fail?

Because they think in their terms and do not consider the reader: the admission officer.

They don't even know they are doing it.

But THAT is why they fail.








    Your first aim is to make sure that your personal statement gets read; start with a powerful selling point that catches the admission officer's eye. Admission officers usually give each personal statement a quick scan before picking the best for a more thorough reading.

    Your personal statement must therefore clearly show the most perfunctory reader what you have to offer.

    This means that your words need to be short and punchy. See http://www.getintouni.com for examples.


    The first and main section of your personal statement will almost certainly be a career and achievements, as this is the crucial area that shows that you can do the course on offer. Within each paragraph of your personal statement, put details of your most impressive or relevant achievements at the top of each section.

    Always end your personal statement on a high note so that you leave the reader with a final positive image of you as they put the personal statement down. Make sure you describe yourself in a way that does you justice:

    • Give evidence supporting your claims

    • Quantify your achievements

    • Show that you are a high performer in the most important aspects related to your course

    • Use clear and positive language


    Phases such as 'I supported the change process' or 'I assisted with financial planning for the company' leave the admission officer none the wiser as to what you were actually doing. Make it clear what your contribution was. For example:

    '..The position involved analysing past financial performance to identify areas for future improvement and preparing budgets to ensure sound financial planning'


    Your personal statement should have a highly professional image.

    • Be clear and easy to read

    • Draw attention to the most important points

    • Be attractive and professionally presented - utilise the online UCAS form!

    Your personal statement is crucial to your application. Planning your personal statement is therefore your fist step to success. Gain competitive advantage and order the best editing service on the web.

    Our qualified professional writers will edit your statement to perfection - ensuring your application gets noticed. We recognise that you are unique and, therefore, you will receive customised advice from your personal writer. Increase your chances today!

    Wishing you great success,

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