5 Easy Steps To Writing Your Appealing Letter

You must write a hypnotic persuasion letter to help you achieve all your goals! Get the boss to give your a raise, induce that beautiful blue-eyed girl to be your lover and persuade your mother to buy a BMW Z3 for you this summer.

Give me twenty minutes and I'll teach you step-by-step my secret writing your own success system. If you follow this 5 steps formula of writing, you'll never fail in this age of persuasion. Keep reading!

My 5-step formula consists of

  • Find Your Goal and Purpose for Writing

  • Write Down Your Goal

  • Visualization

  • Write Like You Talk (KISS rule)

  • Make It Perfect

    Let me explain it to you step by step!

    1. Find Your Goal and Purpose for Writing

    Every success begins with a simple goal which includes hypnotic writing. You should come up with your main goal for writing. SUCCESS=GOAL+DEADLINE. Once you set your writing goal in your mind, you'll know the path to success. You must hold that point when you want to really achieve something valuable. Please see the example below.

    Bad: I just write.

    Good: I want to write this letter to persuade Joe to give me a book for free!

    Better: I certainly CAN write a hypnotic letter to persuade Joe to give me a book for free before 01 July 2001.

    2. Write Your Goal Down

    Have you ever read the story of John in Jack Canfield and Mark Victor Hansen's original Chicken Soup for the Soul? On one rainy day, when it was too wet outside to play, he decided to write a list of goals. John continued writing until he had 127 goals. These goals included exploring the Nile River, climbing high mountain peaks around the world and learning 3 foreign languages. Do you know the result?

    Of the 127 goals that he listed over 60 years ago, John has achieved 108.


    Because he Wrote It Down!

    You must write it down on your desk, your wallet, your bath room and even on the wall in your men's room. Every time you see that bold goal, you'll notice you must take action now. With many repetitions, the words themselves will send a mighty command to your subconscious mind to make your dream into reality. Try it today!

    3. Visualization

    In the Bible it is written "Delight thyself also in the Lord; and he shall give thee the desires of thine heart." (Psalm 37:4) Also it says to us "For as he thinketh in his heart, so is he: Eat and drink, saith he to thee; but his heart is not with thee." (Proverbs 23:7)

    You mind think uses images instead of words. Therefore, Imagination X Vividness = Reality.

    Learn to meditate. Then do it. No miracle will ever happen if you neglect this step. You can practice writing and persuasion skills in your mind. Practice makes perfect!

    4. Write Like You Talk (KISS rule)

    You can't write one sentence, right?

    But you CAN talk non-stop about anything for a whole day, right?

    Put your talk in writing. That's your masterpiece.

    Simple, right?

    It works! Keep It Simple Stupid. Write like you talk. Wite to your best friend. Write to your dream lover! You aren't afraid where to start, go and stop. What you say to your listeners is hypnotic and magic in print.

    5. Make It Perfect

    You can't achieve your goal with just one word or an attractive headline, right?

    You can persuade anybody with your whole message. The sentence, structure and word combination make you a winner. You must think about the organization of your material. Every word. Every sentence. Every punctuation mark. Remember everything has a common function for your result. You are not training a MVP of the year. You must own a Dream Team.

    About The Author

    Author Jian Wang is a master in the art of persuasion. His ebook, "Hypnotic Persuasion: How to Get Anything You Want," is a truly inspirational read, filled with the wisdom to help you gain control of your own mind and convince others without resistance. These techniques can be used to improve business, sales, relationships, and your overall well-being. For more information, visit http://www.mrchange.com Reach Jian at calljian@263.net.

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