Write Again! - The Art Of The Written Letter

Remember the days when we wrote with pen and paper? We took time and thought into each note written. There wasn't email, text messaging, cell phones, or instant messaging. Don't get me wrong these advances are great and useful. I have even succumbed to their wiles.

I just remember as a little girl waiting for the postal carrier. I wasn't expecting anything in particular but each day I anticipated his arrival-hoping that I'd receive a letter-note-gift-something. It really didn't matter what it was I just enjoyed receiving.

Sometimes I would write my grandmother who lived nearly 2,000 miles away. Oh how I would love receiving letters from her-detailing her duties and adventures on the farm. I still have some of those letters in my memory box. These are all I have of her memory now but they are a priceless treasure I can open anytime I need to get that "love rush" from my grandmother.

Another memory that comes to mind is that of a Sunday School teacher. I don't even remember her name, but I do remember the feeling of joy I got every time I received one of her postcards. Even though she lived only 2 blocks away, she thought enough of me each week, to hand write a small note on a postcard to say Hi, or to remind me of some Bible Lesson.

The written letter is how I came to know my husband. During my college days I moved near my grandmother, 2,000 miles away from my "friend". He wrote me and I wrote him back. I'm not exactly sure when it happened but love struck the two of us. After one year of letters back and forth, we were married. I am proud to say that we have been married now for 11 years.

I know there isn't anything magical about a pen and paper-it's the people behind the pen and paper that made my memories so sweet. In my own simple way I guess I am trying to provoke people to "live" again. Step outside, say hi to your neighbor. Pick up a packet of note cards and send them to friends, family, and even co-workers. They will appreciate it.

To my grandmother-the letter writing queen-and to my childhood Sunday School teacher where ever you are-Thank You for taking the time to touch a little girls life.

I beseech you now-send someone a note today--Not an electronic lifeless piece of mail but a living letter or note. It could be as simple as a postcard or as detailed as a letter, whatever it is, put your heart into it and you'll be sure to bless a soul for a lifetime.


Sara Duggan and her family live in California. She likes to crochet and write in her spare time. She is also a Member Representative for P.S. I Love You - a company just for you! Mama's Shoppe.

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