A Book Note Vs a Book Report


Since our early days of elementary education we have been familiar with what a book report entails. But do you know what a book note is? Good question you say? Great! Read on and together we can explore the relationship between the two.

Preparing the Reader

For starters, a book report provides the reader with general background information such as the setting and time period. Where does the story take place? When is all this occurring? For a reader it is important to have some sort of working knowledge of the book, before diving right in. This working knowledge of the book can enhance our understanding of the events and circumstances found within the book. The setting and time period can explain many things concerning the actions, behavior, and personalities of the characters that might otherwise be misinterpreted.

Likewise a book note offers up similar information for the reader to consider before setting out to read the book. It provides the reader with insight into the objective and focus of the book. Just like it is difficult to find the solution to a problem if one does not really have a firm grasp of the problem, it can be challenging to completely understand and get the most out of a book if the book's primary mission is lost on the reader. It can answer questions like what is the purpose of this book or what is the author's main argument. A book note might also offer up additional information, such as the style the author employs to support his/her argument. It will inform the reader who the intended audience is, so that the reader will have a better idea as to whether this book will prove to be a good read. In their own unique way, book reports and book notes prepare and inform the reader before delving into their book of choice.

Teaser vs. Review

However, a book report offers more information than just a simple description of the setting and time period. It also introduces the reader to the main characters of the book, granting the reader a feel for what the characters will be like. In addition, a book report almost always offers the reader a taste of the plot, employing extreme caution not to spoil it. This provides the reader with a convincing reason to read the book, having just wetted their appetite with a suspenseful synopsis of the storyline. A good summary of the plot will relate the adventures of the main characters, and offer insight as to what the main characters are trying to overcome or achieve. The summary of the plot might also include a few particular events that happen to the main characters.

On the other hand the second half of a book note has a more personal feel to it as it seeks to provide just one person's individual assessment of the read. Its primary objective is to provide the reader with a personal evaluation of the book in question. It might examine how the author achieved or failed to achieve the perceived objective of the book. Often times a book note will explore the good, bad, and ugly of the book. What did the author do well? What didn't the author do well? What are the shortcomings of the book? In what regard can the book be considered a success? Finally, a book note will discuss the overall quality of the book. Like a movie review, the book note should help the reader decide if the book is worth his/her time or not.

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