Get Rich Writing With Your Computer Word Processor

Your computer is a writing machine, a word processor, a desktop publishing system that can make you rich and famous. The big seller on the internet is information products and you can get a flood of cash pouring into your home office from you writing. Your computer can be turned onto autopilot flying high off the ground into cyberspace. The computer desktop publishing system makes it all possible.

1. Start right now and just do it. Start digging to find your gold mine on your home office computer. Even if you do not write like William Shakespeare you have a better writing machine than Shakespeare did with his crow quill pen. The truth is many writers today are now making big money writing with no more experience than you have.

2. These writers write hot selling articles a chapter at a time and turnthem into short ebooks of 20, 50 or a 100 pages that sell like crazy on the world wide web. The hot selling products on the internet is information. People around the world want to know "how to do it" and they buy millions of "How To Do It Books."

3. The truth is the computer is a complete publishing system where one person can do what once took an entire publishing plant of expert craftsmen like typesetters, writers, proof readers, printers, engravers, book binders and sales people. Now one person with a computer can do it all.

4, The way to begin is to just do it. I started when Terry Dean from myhome town in Richmond, Indiana said, "Just Do It." Sure I made a lot of dumb mistakes, but I did research and interviews. I started my newslettercalled, "Big Money Publishing" and I asked hundreds of writers questions to find out what they did to become successful. I got back thousands of answers and published over 150 newsletters in a two years period.

5. Many writers like Terry Dean, Shawn Casey, Rosalind Gardner, JeffreyLant and thousands of others became rich and well known writing with their computers. I wrote articles, books, manuals, stories and information products. No I have not made my million yet, but I am on my way and I expect to earn that much from my writing. I read constantly and study how other writers write. The secret is to write, write and write. I do it everyday of my life.

6. Whether you write poetry, stories, autobiographies, how to's, business information or information products there is a huge world wide market on the internet. Millions of dollars are spent for books and almost every one buys books to learn how to live in todays complicated world.

7. Brainstorm book ideas with friends, take college courses, read books,subscribe to newsletters, learn about book writing, publishing from researchon the web.

8. Do you think writing a book is too difficult, too long, too expensive, or too complicated. Some writers write a new ebook every month. Now it is easier than ever with the computer writing machine. Yes you can do it if you try.

9. Will your book sell? Check the nearest book store like Books A Millionto see tons of books being sold.

10. Rethink your assumptions about book writing. If you write about something a little different with your experiences, there is an audience out there that wants to know what you have learned. We need to share what we know with others. The more of yourself that you put in your book the more your will reap. You can reach 15,000 to 500,000 with computers when you send out your messages on email.


I am Norm Williams, with 25 years writing in my ad agency book barn in Crystal Beach, Florida. Send for my free newsletter: "Big Money Publishing" and get my free ebook "Crazy Copy Sells" to learn more about making money writing with your computer. Send to: with "subscribe" in the subject. mailto:ncheck@netscape?subject="subscribe".


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