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Grahing Calculator

Graphing calculators can do many things such as graph plotting, various variable tasks, and solving equations simultaneously, among other things. This graphing calculator will emulate graphing calculator functions. Graphing calculators are often used in high school math classes - high school math teachers encourage the use of graphic calculators by their students in class. Some math classes even require the use of graphic calculators. Unfortunately, they are sometimes banned in physics or chemistry classes because they contain full periodic tables.

Graphing Calculator Instructions
First go to veiw and choose your options. Press clear to update.
Enter your equation into the form and press enter (button or key).
To acess an option hold alt and press the underlined key.
you can use +, -, *, /, % or ^, But if you want to use complex exponents, use Math.pow( a, b). it will give you a^b.