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Vietnamese - Luc Bat

Song Thất Lục Bt

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The Lục Bt is a Vietnamese verse form. "Luc Bat" literally means "six eight", referring to the alternating lines of six and eight syllables. It will always begin with a six-syllable line and end with an eight-syllable one.

The form has a rather complicated and yet simple rhyme scheme, in which the sixth syllable of the eight syllable line rhymes with the sixth syllable of the previous line, which in turn rhymes with the eighth syllable of the line preceding it. There is no limit to the number of lines, but the eighth syllable of the last line rhymes with the first line.

An example of the Luc Bat rhyme scheme ("-" is an unrhymed syllable):



In Quốc ngữ script:

Trăm năm, trong ci người ta,
Chữ ti, chữ mệnh, kho l ght nhau.
Trải qua một cuộc bể du,
Những điều trng thấy m đau đớn lng;
Lạ g bỉ sắc, tư phong,
Trời xanh quen thi m hồng đnh ghen.
-Kim Vn Kiều by Nguyễn Du


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