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Thousands of poetry awards and prizes are given throughout the world, ranging from very well-respected down through ones that are nothing more than con schemes designed to milk gullible would-be poets.

Lists of poetry prizes and awards

Major international awards

  • Griffin Poetry Prize (the international prize)
    • Annual.
    • C$40,000.
  • Nobel Prize in Literature
    • Annual
    • Not exclusively for poetry. This is considered the foremost prize for literature in the world.
  • Nosside International Poetry Prize
    • Any language
    • 1,000 euros.
  • Rhysling Award for science-fiction poetry
    • Annual.
  • Stokestown Poetry Prize
    • English and Gaelic
    • 4,000 euros.

Major British awards

  • Forward Poetry Prize
    • Annual
    • 16,000 GBP total prizes; including 10,000 GBP for best collection
  • T S Eliot Prize
    • Annual
    • 10,000 GBP prize
  • Whitbread Poetry Award
    • Annual

Major Canadian awards

  • Griffin Poetry Prize (the Canadian prize)
    • Annual.
    • C$40,000.
    • For best collection of poetry in English published during the previous year to a living Canadia poet or poetry translator.

Major French awards

Major German awards

A guide to German literary prizes and contests: https://www.uschtrin.de/preise_genre.php#lyrik

  • Wilhelm-Busch-Preis für satirische und humoristische Versdichtung
    • Annual contest.
    • Euro 7,000.
    • Unpublished satirical or humorous verse not more than three pages long.

Major Italian awards

Major Korean awards

  • Dong Suh Literary Prize, poetry category
  • Kim Su-yông Contemporary Poetry Award
    • Annual
  • Korean Literature Prize
  • Poetry Prize
  • Poetry Prize Chosen by Poets
  • Sowol Poetry Award
    • Annual
    • 150,000,000 Korean won (ca. U.S. $150,000)

Major Russian awards

Major Spanish-language awards

  • Premio Adonais
    • Annual.
    • For poets under thirty-five.
    • No remuneration.
  • Premio de la Poesía Fernando Paz Castillo
    • 1,500,000 bolivars.
  • Premio de Poesía Hermanos Argensola
    • Collection or book of poems.
    • Annual.
    • 3,000 euros.

Major U.S. awards

  • Pulitzer Prize for Poetry
    • Annual.
    • U.S.$10,000.
    • "For a distinguished volume of original verse by an American author"
  • Bollingen Prize for Poetry
    • Given every two years.
    • U.S. $25,000.

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