Bibliography | Breakfast in the Flesh District

at Climate Theatre

����� "I had the pleasure of going to see Danielle Willis's one-woman show at Climate Theatre, "Breakfast in the Flesh District," part of the Solo Mio Festival. "Breakfast in the Flesh District" is a collection of Danielle's provocative writing, well organized, choreographed, and directed by Cintra Wilson. Danielle's poems, prosepoems, and stories are unexpurgated, in your face, life and life only, ain't it amazing-wonderful -horrible-funny-sad-exhilarating-depressing, ain't it most of all the TRUTH though. There are rants and rants, most of which I frankly find indulgent and boring, but there's something about Danielle's wit and intelligence that makes her a pleasure to listen to and, in this particular incarnation, a pleasure to watch as well. And she should bust up, once and for all, the notion that sex workers are nothing but mindless, pathetic, desperate lost souls. Her show has been extended indefinitely as the Friday/Saturday night late show at Climate (415-626-9196), so see her while you can."
from Spectator Magazine, COMES NATURALLY #01 by David Steinberg, November 13, 1992