Danielle Willis was kicked out of Barnard in 1986 and has since worked as a nanny, poodle groomer, stripper and dominatrix.
Her play, "The Methedrine Dollhouse" was produced at Exit Theatre in 1989. Her one-woman show "Breakfast in the Flesh District" was produced at Climate Theatre (and ran for six months) in 1992.
She has published two books - collections of short fiction, poetry, and essays: "Corpse Delectable" and "Dogs in Lingerie". Her writing has been published in countless anthologies and interviewed by as many magazines.
She is well-known for the blood-fetish performance photographs and videos by Charles Gatewood ("True Blood" and "Badlands") and for her performance in the "Apache Whiskey Rite" with Steven Johnson Leyba at the Jack Davis birthday party.

"I loved Danielle Willis' writing. Now she's a lesbian vampire who is famous for drinking her girlfriend's blood on film."
from B o d y of W o r d s: Favorite Place to Write

Market Street Cinema
"Even women of near celebrity status such as writer/performance artist Danielle Willis (Lydia) a few years ago worked here." 1077 Market St. (Near 7th), (415) 861-2727, 11:30 AM to 3 AM daily
from The Market Street Cinema "See the Beauty, Touch the Magic"

"I also noticed that homo-erotics is something that female writers are quite interested about: I'm thinking about (you got it :-) ) Poppy Z. Brite, Danielle Willis, in a certain sense Ann Rice and of course you. In your opinion what is the reason for that?"
"I cannot speak for other writers, but for me the idea is fascinating and romantic. But I think the love affairs between men in my work bear little resemblance to reality. My characters tend to regard their sexuality as mystical. A lot of gay men have said to me that women write the best gay fiction. Why that is I cannot explain."
from Ver Sacrum Interview with Storm Constantine, Issue #10

Lesbian Legacy Collection - Subject Files: Willis, Danielle

"wiggie: where is danielle willis? did she die?" (Thu 9:46pm)
"wiggie: i was thinking about old bay area friends and i got to thinking about danielle and wondered if heroin had done her in....i remember her writing her play in my kitchen..." (Thu 9:49pm)
from Honey Pot, March 8