Charles Gatewood's Bloodbath

"In an especially good mood these days is photographer Charles Gatewood, despite the rejection of his newest film, Bloodbath, from the San Francisco International Film Festival. The three-minute short features the cutting of human flesh, followed by scenes in which actresses Danielle Willis, Dharma and Violet drink each other's blood. It's the newest dangerous game in the hardcore underground, according to Gatewood, veteran director of many tattoo and piercing documentaries. So dangerous that the festival's selection committee provided the following comments:
'Well, I learned something new about people, but not about filmmaking.'
'Disturbing but seemed pointless. Not very interesting.'
'After the initial shock value, it's pretty pointless. Tedious necroporn.'
'I needed more development beyond the sensationalism of the imagery.'
'Too pornographic/blood. Too gross.'
Those who don't find the prospect of Bloodbath too gross and desire a free catalogue of Gatewood's work should send a proof-of-age statement to Flash Video, Box 410052, San Francisco, CA 94141. Say you saw it in the Weekly."
from's Slap Shots: "Laughter in the Heart of America?" by Jack Boulware, 05/03/1995


"Episode 3 included footage from the 38th Annual Exotic Dancers Reunion and episode 4 covered the Cyborgasm audio erotica release party with Carol Queen, Danielle Willis, and Susie Bright. Episode 5 included an extensive showing (20 minutes worth) of several clips from Star Maker video, featuring a variety of SM and BD scenes starring the likes of Sharon Mitchell, Mistress Domino and Rick Savage; one clip of an over-eager, face-licking, leg-humping girl-doggie was both hot and a hoot! I found it difficult to distinguish series names from the titles of the films, a potential problem for those wishing to make phone orders. This was the most extensive video footage I've seen on SIN, and I wonder whether it will be ongoing."
from Cuir Underground Issue 1.9 "SIN TV: Sex Industry News Isn't Just Titillation" by Liz Highleyman, July/August 1995

Reality Check TV: "Art Damage"

Danielle Willis gives us her Kiss Story! Then travel with Huge and his cousin Chip (off the old block) to meet Spoonman at a totally digital festival called SpoonFest (Hey all you Burning Man folk!) Chip interviews the crowd as we watch Cintra Wilson perform as Cobra Woman! A Must for all multi media Gultch folk!!!"
from Reality Check TV Episode #38: "ART DAMAGE", 1993

Real Sex - HBO

"Real Sex on HBO: the episode featuring Danielle Willis (vampire/writer/stripper) w/cameo of Brigit Brat wearing a Crocodile Shop T-shirt. Coincidence? Infiltration? A shameless Tinman plug? You be the judge..."
from "1996: the year that wuz"


She played a serial killer in a non-budget camp flick called PLATFORM (shoes! squeal!) in my house in SF. I got it in storage with my old wigs and vinyl hotpants. - Anonymous Reader

Beyond Bizarre

Discovery Channel: Beyond Bizarre (episode 7, 1996)
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