Creative Writing Games

Fun writing games to get your creative juices flowing...

  • Letter Link Poetry : When we play Boggle, we then like to use the words we found to write a poem, using each word to start each line of the poem.
  • Fade Out : Fade Out is a writing game that forces you to be creative with limited word choices.
  • Electronic Poetry : Similiar to magnetic poetry. Create poems using the words of your favorite authors or create magnets from your own text.
  • Visual Poetry : Explore your creativity by drawing word mosaics with your poetry.
  • Text Collage : Electronic text art.
  • Poem Collage : Enter your poem and click Generate. Poem Collage will generate your poem as a series of draggable lines. Rearrange the lines to form a new poem.
  • Surrealist Definition Generator : Click a button to generate a random surrealist definition.
  • Exquisite Corpse : Add a word or line to the exquisite corpse poem
  • NeverEndingStory : Add a line to the never-ending story
  • Poetry Stamp : Poetry stamp will randomly generate lines of poetry, which you can then modify by changing or removing words.
  • Ring Game [Vowels vs Consonants] : Use letters to chain together words to write poems.