How to Cure Writer's Block

Arthur Rimbaud

Haiku Generator

Enter your own words to generate haiku using templates based on famous haiku poems.

Jack Kerouac

Visual Poetry

Create stunning visual poetry as you draw on the page using your own text as "ink", while customizing the font, font color, and background color.

Donna Tartt

Donna Tartt Shrine

News, rumors, videos, interviews, reviews, polls, photos, The Secret History, The Little Friend, The Goldfinch.

William S Burroughs

Cut Up Generator

The Cut-Up Machine is a generator that mixes up the words you enter in a form, inspired by William S. Burroughs Cut Up Method and the Dadaists. This creates new and often surprising juxtapositions of words that can inspire creativity.

"Follow your inner moonlight; don't hide the madness." Allen Ginsberg

  • Shakespearean Sonnet Generator : Create a new sonnet with a click: This generator selects random lines from Shakespeare's sonnets to compose a unique poem.
  • Jabberwocky : A whimsical gibberish generator from Lewis Carroll's 'Through the Looking-Glass'.
  • Story Generator : Randomly generate: setting, antagonist, protagonist, symbolism, theme, action, conflict, emotion, genre, writing style, and tone.
  • Plot Twist Generator : A flip card plot twister game that challenges you to write a story using a set of flip cards that contain unexpected plot twists.
  • Random Poetry Generator : A palindrome generator that creates a random multi-word palindrome using multiple source dictionaries.
  • Palindrome Generator : A palindrome generator that creates a random multi-word palindrome using multiple source dictionaries.
  • Haiku Turbo Generator : Generate 16 random haiku at once.
  • Surrealist Definition Generator
Marcel Proust
  • Tristan Tzara: father of DADAElectronic Poetry : Similar to Magnetic poetry. 30+ poetry kits featuring all your favorite writers.
  • Anaïs NinText Mixer : Advanced text mixer, character n gram generator, Markov chaining, cento...
  • Louisa May AlcottPoem Reversograph : Randomly generates a new poem.
  • Ezra PoundStory Dice : Roll the dice to get 6 different words - a setting, a character, an object, an action, an emotion, and an adjective. Use all of these words as prompts to write a story.
  • DaliMadlibs : Get silly and creative with Madlibs, an online fill-in-the-blank game that generates humorous and unique poems with your words and phrases!
  • Oscar WildePoem Engine : Compose your own masterpiece with ease using the Poem Engine! Simply choose from a selection of famous lines to create a unique poem, and let the engine do the rest.
  • Marcel DuchampWord Play : Word Play uses a combination of randomness and pattern matching to find words that resonate together.
  • Pablo NerudaLove Poem Generator : Madlibs style poetry generator featuring poem templates from ee cummings, Edna Saint Vincent Millay, Elizabeth Barrett Browning, Pablo Neruda, William Butler Yeats, William Shakespeare.