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Story Generator

Randomly generate a series of "idea" cards to create a new story, these include: setting (when), setting (where), antagonist, protagonist, symbolism, theme, action, conflict, emotion, genre, writing style, and tone.

Definitions: Writing Styles | Rarer Genres

  1. Setting: When
    A world where people live in a virtual reality

  2. Setting: where
    medieval castle

  3. Protagonist:
    young adult

  4. Antagonist:
    sorority babe

  5. Theme:
    law / justice

  6. Symbolism:
    transformation / rebirth / free spirit

  7. Conflict:
    identity situation

  8. Action:

  9. Emotion:

  10. Genre:
    zombie lawyers

  11. Tone:

  12. Writing Style:

Rarer Genres

Writing Styles