Text Manipulation

Enter your text and manipulate it in various ways...

  • Cut Up Machine : Enter a block of text and mix it up.
  • Word Medley : Enter a base text, replacement words, and words to keep and generate a new text medley.
  • Mix Me With : Mix your text with the author dictionaries, genre dictionaries, or the entire English dictionary to find new ideas and word combinations.
  • Visual Poetry : Explore your creativity by drawing word mosaics with your poetry.
  • Poetry Gyroscope : Enter replacement words and watch famous poems dynamically evolve.
  • Madlib Poem : Fill out the madlib form to have your words randomly replace those in famous poems.
  • Text Mixer : Mix up your text with this n-gram/markov generator.
  • Reverse Poem : The Poem Reversograph Machine will reverse the text you enter.
  • Rewordifier : randomly replaces words in your text, pulling words from author-based word lists, genre-based word lists, or the entire English dictionary.
  • Sentence Tree : Reorder sentences into a series of columns, like the branches of a tree.
  • Text Weaver : Weave the words from sentences vertically.
  • Interactive Square Poem Machine : Enter your own words in the form and the Interactive Square Poem Machine will create a new square poem from your words.
  • Text Reverser : Reverse a list of words.
  • Malapropism-o-tron : Enter your text and click 'GO' The Malapropism-o-tron will edit your writing and replace words with malapropisms, mondegreens, & spoonerisms.