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Poem Collage

  1. Enter your poem in the field that says "Enter your poem here". Make sure that each line is not longer than the textarea or it won't fit. Click "Generate Lines!"
  2. Poem Collage will generate a series of draggable lines from each line of your poem in the yellow box labeled "Draggable Lines will appear here"
  3. Drag the lines down into the green box to form a new poem.

NOTE: Here are a bunch of poems and other writings if you need text to create new poems from.

Make sure each line is not longer than this field:

2. Draggable Lines will appear here:

3. Drag lines into the green box below to create a new poem

What is Poem Collage?

Poem collage is a writing technique that involves combining words, phrases, and ideas from multiple sources to create a new, cohesive piece of poetry. This technique can be a useful way for you to break out of creative ruts and generate new ideas for your writing.

There are a variety of sources you can use to create a poem collage, including your own writing, other authors' work, and even random words and phrases. This can help you to see connections between different ideas and concepts, and can spark new ideas for your own writing.

Another advantage of poem collage is that it encourages you to experiment with different styles and forms. By combining elements from different sources, you can create new and unique forms of poetry, such as found poetry, collage poems, and cutup poems. This can help you push the boundaries of your creativity and challenge yourself to try new things in your writing.

A poem collage can also help you develop your skills in editing and revision. By working with pre-existing material, you can learn to identify what works and what doesn't in a piece of writing, and can use this knowledge to improve your own work.

The poem collage is a versatile and effective writing technique that can help you break out of creative ruts, generate new ideas, experiment with different styles and forms, and develop your skills in editing and revision. Whether you're a seasoned poet or a beginning writer, incorporating poem collage into your writing practice can help inspire your creativity and take your poetry to new heights.

Many poets have employed the technique of poem collage in their work, including e.e. cummings, Langston Hughes, and Gertrude Stein.

For example, e.e. cummings often used collage in his poems, arranging words and phrases in unconventional ways to create visual and rhythmic effects. Langston Hughes also used collage in his poems, incorporating words and phrases from African American vernacular to create a unique and powerful voice.

Gertrude Stein was another poet who used collage in her work, combining words and phrases in new and different ways to create poems that were both visual and literary. These poets chose to use collage in their work because it allowed them to explore new possibilities for the written word and to create poems that were both innovative and engaging.

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