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Nature Thesaurus

The Nature Thesaurus provides synonyms and related words for nature-related terms to help writers expand their vocabulary.

  • Nature

    wilderness, environment, ecology, landscape, scenery, terrain, habitat, natural world, outdoors, wild, natural, countryside, wildness, natural environment, natural beauty, natural resources, biodiversity, flora, fauna, eco-system, wilderness area, natural park, natural reserve, natural wonder, natural history, natural phenomena, natural order, Mother Nature.

  • Forest

    woodland, jungle, timberland, bushland, rainforest, taiga, grove, copse, thicket, arboretum, stand, groves, timber, wood, jungle, dense forest, wooded area, forested land, jungle, rainforest, canopy, underbrush, forest floor, woodland ecosystem.

  • Tree

    shrub, bush, sapling, foliage, evergreen, deciduous, conifer, hardwood, softwood, trunk, branches, leaves, bark, roots, crown, canopy, arboreal, woody, perennial, botanical, leafy, verdant, botanic, arboreous, timber, timber tree, forest tree,

  • Flower

    blossom, bloom, posy, bouquet, spray, corsage, nosegay, floret, florescence, inflorescence, tussie-mussie, botanical, botany, flora, horticulture, petal, foliage, greenery, leafage, verdure, vegetative, botanic, botanic, florid, floriferous, florigenic, botanical.

  • Water

    aqua, liquid, fluid, moisture, dampness, wetness, humidity, hydration, hydrant, irrigation, liquid, broth, juice, sap, serum, tide, wave, current, stream, rivulet, brook, creek, runnel, tributary, aqueduct, deluge, flood.

  • Sky

    atmosphere, heavens, firmament, ether, sky, blue, azure, cerulean, heavens, sky, firmament, canopy, vault, dome, firmament, expanse, horizon, firmament, upper atmosphere, zenith, nadir, celestial, ether, aether, stratosphere, atmosphere, ozone.

  • Sun

    star, orb, celestial body, heavenly body, luminary, solar, sol, solar, sun, sun, daylight, sunshine, sunbeam, sunburst, sunray, sunray, sunspot, sunup, sunrise, sunset, noon, midday, solstice, equinox, apogee, perigee, solar system.

  • Moon

    lunar, satellite, orb, celestial body, heavenly body, lunar, lunar, lunar, satellite, crescent, gibbous, half-moon, new moon, full moon, lunar phase, lunar cycle, lunar month, lunar year, synodic month, blue moon, harvest moon, supermoon, first quarter, last quarter, lunar eclipse, lunar landscape, lunar surface, lunar rock.

  • Earth

    terra, soil, land, dirt, dust, ground, earth, world, planet, globe, sphere, orb, terrestrial, earthy, solid, landmass, mainland, continent, country, territory, region, area, hemisphere, geosphere, biosphere, atmosphere.

  • Wind

    breeze, gust, gale, zephyr, tempest, whirlwind, storm, draft, wind, wind, blast, puff, squall, gusto, draught, airflow, windage, windward, leeward, headwind, tailwind, crosswind, windstorm, windburst, windiness, wind velocity, wind direction, wind force, windshear.

  • Rain

    precipitation, shower, downpour, rainfall, drizzle, sleet, storm, squall, rain, rain, rainstorm, rainburst, rainband, raindrop, rainwater, drizzle, sleet, snow, sleetstorm, hailstorm, deluge, flood, monsoon, tropical storm, tropical depression, tropical rainforest.

  • Fire

    conflagration, blaze, inferno, combustion, conflagrate, kindle, incinerate, torch, smoulder, ignite, flare, flare-up, scorch, blaze up, scorching, smoldering, flame, flaming, burn, burning, red-hot, searing, ignited, blazing, alight, bonfire.

  • Snow

    frost, sleet, blizzards, hailstone, ice, flurries, powder, drifts, slush, avalanche, blizzard, iceberg, whiteout, snowfall, dandruff, snowdrifts, snowpack, snowflakes, sleetstorm, snowbanks, glaciers, icy, snowshoeing, snowstorm, snowman

  • Mountain

    hill, peak, range, crest, summit, bulge, knoll, pinnacle, escarpment, plateau, ridge, slope, cliff, spur, acclivity, mesa, height, knob, outcrop, tor, saddle, promontory, anticline, butte, barrow

  • Animal

    beast, creature, critter, fauna, creature, quadruped, wildlife, mammal, vertebrate, beast of burden, brute, biped, bird, reptile, amphibian, invertebrate, insect, bug, arthropod, wildfowl, canine, feline, equine, hoofed, marsupial, fish.

  • Plant

    vegetation, flora, greenery, sprout, sapling, seedling, shrub, bush, herb, tree, stalk, shoot, seed, root, blossom, foliage, sowing, spore, nursery, foliage, blossom, nursery, bloom, cultivation, vegetation.

  • Weather

    climate, atmosphere, meteorology, blizzard, breeze, gale, downpour, tempest, squall, drizzle, deluge, thunderstorm, hailstorm, fog, mist, precipitation, humidity, cyclone, twister, hurricane, gush, gust, draught, chill, frost.