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Fade Out

Fade Out is a writing game that can be a fun and challenging way to flex your creative muscles and experiment with language. The game forces you to be creative with a limited number of word choices.

  1. Click "Play".
  2. The top boxes will fill with words you can click to use, below these are boxes with punctuation marks and a paragraph return.
  3. Click on any of the words to add that word to your text in the large box at the bottom.
  4. You can also add punctuation or a paragraph return by clicking any of the smaller boxes below the words.
  5. Words will be replenished with new words after they are used.
  6. If a word is not used, it will gradually "fade out" and be replaced by a fresh word.
  7. Click "Adjust Word Lists" to set the percentage of words to use from any of the various genre and author word dictionaries.

By playing this game, you can encourage creativity, improve word choice, build discipline, and expand your vocabulary.

Word Lists

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English Dictionary
Extended Dictionary
2000 Common Words
100 Common Words
10 Common Words
Short Words
Lorem Ipsum
Fairy Tale
Fringe Files
Science Fiction
Antonin Artaud
Matsuo Basho
Charles Baudelaire
Francesca Lia Block
André Breton
Poppy Z. Brite
Charles Bukowski
William S. Burroughs
Angela Carter
ee cummings
Hilda Doolittle
Bret Easton Ellis
F. Scott Fitzgerald
Allen Ginsberg
Ernest Hemingway
Jack Kerouac
Jamaica Kincaid
Stephen King
Gabriel García Márquez
Mary Oliver
Edgar Allan Poe
William Shakespeare
The Smiths
Anaïs Nin
Flannery O'Connor
Sylvia Plath
Marcel Proust
Anne Carson
Anne Rice
Arthur Rimbaud
J.D. Salinger
Robert Smith
Gertrude Stein
Donna Tartt
Michelle Tea
Tristan Tzara
Oscar Wilde
Simone Yoyotte

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How can Fade Out help with your writing?

  1. Encouraging creativity: limiting the pool of words available to use forces you to get creative with language, helps you break free of your usual writing patterns and explore new approaches.
  2. Improving word choice: a limited number of certain words makes you carefully consider each word and how it impacts the meaning and flow of your text. This can help you improve word-choice and help you to use language more effectively..
  3. Building discipline: Playing Fade Out can be a challenging exercise that requires discipline and focus.
  4. Expanding vocabulary.