For David, Who I Still Owe 30 Bucks

D.O.A (Disneyland on Acid)

Dogs in Lingerie

The Killer

Las Vegas Stroke Story

The Operation

Not Human




I Wanted to Kill My Boss but His Brother Beat Me To It or, The Wheel of Karma

Lord Damien Stark's Make-up Tips for the Bleak
"A cosmetic tip sheet from the "snotty, frock-coat-abusing" Lord Damien Stark (really Danielle Willis, a way-cool author and performance artist). The author does a perfect goth face; these are some common-sense ideas on how to look "gothic" without looking silly."

Short Fiction

An Arrested State of Decay

Mice in Glass Coffins

Show Time

An inter-species lesbian junkie relationship, the vampire lover belittles the narrator's desire to be immortal. "She wouldn't drink the blood from my veins because she didn't want to make me a vampire ... I told her that as a child I'd leave my window open and my nightgown unbuttoned to expose my throat and pray that a beautiful lady with black leather wings would carry me away to a land where the undead held costume balls in moon-drenched graveyards. She laughed at me and said I should just go jerk off to an Anne Rice novel..."


An Interview with Danielle Willis

Deviance and Disneyland

Interviews With the Vampires

Hemoglobin Goblins: How do people play with blood in public?

Militant Lesbian Pornographers: She-studs at the Frontier of the New Orgasmic Experience