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True Blood by Charles Gatewood
by David Aaron Clark, Charles Gatewood (Photographer)
Last Gasp of San Francisco
paperback (also available in hardcover)
48 pages
November 1997
ISBN: 086719443X
0.30 x 12.01 x 9.02
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Preamble by Danielle Willis.
This book contains pictures of Danielle Willis as well.

Last Gasp is pleased to announce the October 1997 publication of TRUE BLOOD, a deluxe new book exploring contemporary blood rituals, with photographs by Charles Gatewood and text by David Aaron Clark.
With incisive prose and startling photographs, TRUE BLOOD takes the viewer deep into the forbidden worlds of pagan blood ceremonies, real life vampires, and extreme body modification.
Charles Gatewood's remarkable photographs of the Modern Primitive movement have won wide acclaim. In his previous books like FORBIDDEN PHOTOGRAPHS, PHOTOGRAPHS: THE BODY AND BEYOND and PRIMITIVES, Gatewood has systematically and fearlessly documented the outer limits of contemporary body art and body play.
David Aaron Clark is a journalist, fiction writer, musician and performer. His novels include THE WET FOREVER, SISTER RADIANCE, JULIETTE: VENGEANCE ON THE LORD and INTO THE BLACK, and he co-edited the anthology RITUAL SEX. His band, False Virgins, has recorded two albums, and his own blood-sex performances are recorded on the video Bleeding Heart.
TRUE BLOOD also contains an introduction by vampire poet Danielle Willis, and a scholarly afterword by Dr. Daniel Lapin, author of THE VAMPIRE, DRACULA AND INCEST.

"JB: I see a lot of Christian iconography in True Blood, like crosses and pentacles and so on. What is the significance of that?"
"Charles Gatewood: Most of us were raised Christian, and some of us still have our own crosses to bear. That iconography is popular. It's also popular with some vampires to take that iconography and stand it on its head. For example, Danielle Willis, one of the vampires in the book, wears a large crucifix, upside down."
from an interview with Charles Gatewood

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