Bibliography | Dogs in Lingerie

Zeitgeist Press
75 pages
January 1990
ISBN: 0929730224

The Awful Truth
Baby Yaga
Breakfast In The Flesh District
D.O.A. (Disneyland On Acid)
Dead Girls
Dogs In Lingerie
The Gift Of Neptune
I'm No Good At Getting Rid Of People
Job Hunting
The Killer
Las Vegas Stroke Story
The Methedrine Dollhouse
Narvane And Baloney Sandwiches
Not Human
The Operation
The Pillow Bone
Psychic Powers And Suicide
The Queen's Consorts

About Dogs In Lingerie by Danielle Willis

from a list of "Publications Seized or Detained by Canada Customs"
Willis, Danielle: Dogs in Lingerie

���� "Once there were 'poetry readings'. Now there are 'spoken word performances'. (And 'stand-up comedy' I suppose. All hail the spirt of Lenny Bruce). Think about the SF Poetry style, 6-20-92 The S&M G&L subcultures. Children of punk, of Jim Carrol... William Burroughs? It may not be great poetry, but it's not bad as journalism, Or maybe as rock n' roll without the music. Stark, nasty, 'honest'...
���� Danielle Willis in 'Dogs in Lingerie' has a prose piece about the transvestite, who complains about Art Photographers who always want you to look 'ugly', using bright lights to show off every wrinkle and zit. She/he complains, what's wrong with looking good, with glamour?
���� But isn't Willis herself the prose equivalent of an Art Photographer? She tries to make things as ugly as possible... Glorification is 'not' the punk esthetic..."
from WORD - "Poetry, the SF style, and points south", 6/92

���� "...One thing that's impressed me lately is that there are interesting things happening out in the world of the San Francisco S&M lesbians...
���� Anyway, this culture has produced some things like the book I have in front of me _Dogs in Lingerie_ by Danielle Willis. The cover features the author posing in various shiny black vinyl outfits, so in many ways this work is packaged and sold like rock and roll: the image of the artist is an important part of the effect."
from POETS - "Originally an outake from letters to Ed Brenner" 4/20/92 or 5/31/92