Bibliography | Noirotica: An Anthology of Erotic Crime Stories

Noirotica: An Anthology of Erotic Crime Stories
Edited by Thomas S. Roche
trade paperback
319 pages
March 1996
ISBN: 1-56333-390-2
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Associational original anthology of 24 stories of erotic crime..

Introduction by Thomas S. Roche
Silencer by Carol Queen (short story)
Wanted by M. Christian (short story)
i�m sorry by Trish Thomas (short story)
Real Blood by Lucy Taylor (short story)
The Big Black Dildo by Simon Sheppard (short story)
Elizabeth�s Mouth by Alice Joanou (short story)
Dick Death, Punk Detective Episode 1: I Want Candy by Bill Brent (short story)
Bait and Switch by Thea Hillman (short story)
Saved by Poppy Z. Brite & Christa Faust (short story)
Hello, You�re Dead by Charles Ardai (short story)
Tiffany�s Shitty Night by Danielle Willis (short story)
The Case of the Locked-Room Nude by Maxim Jakubowski (short story)
Fogtown by Robin Sweeney (short story)
The Anatomy of Love by Sean Doolittle (short story)
Act Normal by Juliette Vargas (vignette)
Jody and Annie on TV by John Shirley (novelette)
Such a Good Baby by Nancy A. Collins (short story)
Rocket Queen by Amelia G (short story)
Crooked Kwan by Cecilia Tan (short story)
The Case of the Demon Lover by Nancy Kilpatrick (short story)
Chops and the Stiff by Kyle Stone (short story)
In the Mood Again by Caprice (short story)
Shopping by Violet Hemlock (short story)
Up for a Nickel by Thomas S. Roche (novelette)
The Unusual Suspects (biographies)

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