Performances | Climax

  "monday: june 19: The Big O After 10 years of performance and foreplay, Climate Theatre has finally reached "Climax!" That's the name of the space's anniversary bash, which features an illustrious alumni revue: Participants include Brenda Wong Aoki, Connie Champagne, Josh Kornbluth, Danielle Willis, and that tantric sex queen, Annie Sprinkle. Comedy and video round out the evening, which concludes with dancing, partying, and fire-eating. Defy the censors and delight the senses at 8 p.m. at the Cowell Theater, Fort Mason Center, Buchanan & Marina, S.F. Tickets are $15-50; call 392-4400."
from's "Night + Day" by Johnny Ray Huston, 06/14/1995