Performances | Masquerade

Maritime Hall basement, 375 First Street, 415-339-8685
Masquerade is a fetish dance party that recently celebrated its 1-year anniversary. The event happens each month on the Saturday closest to the full moon. The club is heavy on the goth atmosphere and tends to draw a young crowd. Although there is an emphasis on fetish fashion, the club is kept dark enough that seeing and being seen is difficult.
  While the main event is dancing, the club also includes a lounge and a small play area with bondage furniture and toys. Only those with play partners may enter this area, although voyeurs can watch from outside through the glass. "Controlled" scenes are permitted throughout the space, but Masquerade emphasizes fetish, not SM.
  The club features a monthly Midnight Cabaret, and sometimes has a special theme. Recent shows have featured readings by David Aaron Clark and Danielle Willis, the band Communion and several fashion shows. Recent themes have included Latex Lunacy, a Bacchanalia, and a Catholic school theme.
from Cuir Issue 4.2 Summer 1998