Performances | Smut Fest

  "The event is Smut Fest 94 emceed by an old friend from SF, Jennifer Blowdryer. Ms Blowdryer left the punk-rock world some years back for a more lucrative career as a sex worker in New York, and had put together one hell of a line-up for this. The idea is to present a politicized porn cabaret, and featured performers included stripper/dominatrix/porn star Danielle Willis (who I vaguely remember from her days as a Mitchell Brothers girl); necrophile poet Karen Greenlea of 'Apocalypse Culture' fame; an insane and very tall drag queen named Burnel; Tuppy Owens, who's England's answer to Susie Bright; and a really gorgeous babe who did what was definitely the anti-CJB speech that got the closest attention of the entire festival. There seems to be something about talking politics while falling out of a black-leather bikini that makes people shut up and listen. Much attention was given to the Spanner case, in which a group of gay men practicing consensual S/M sex were busted and jailed recently. The only really boring parts of the show were an overly-long gothic 'execution ritual' by some guy called Phil Adams and a few pieces of mildly filthy but ultimately sleep-inducing poetry from William Levy, former editor of a 'Screw'-style magazine."
from London, Anarchy in the UK: 10 days with the London Mob by Mitzi Waltz