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Dear Ms Tartt,
erm... hello.
Firstly, I must say that in my opinion you are a fantastic authour, I am basing that solely on "The Secret History", but I think it is such a good (more than good, of course, but I'm low on superlatives)novel that I can make this well-based assumption of your abilities. I'm sure that so much of the story went over my head (in the proverbial sense, obviously), and you've now given me a real passion to learn more about Ancient Greece, The Greeks and Greek as a language (sadly, I don't think that'll be possible at my humble comprehensive school, but one can dream).
My proposition, well, isn't really a proposition... it's more like me asking a favour of you (please don't be put off yet), you see, it was a friend of mine (my best friend, in fact)- Molly- who introduced me to your work, and she really loves it (your work that is), it is also her 15th birthday on 22nd August; I was pondering what to get her and all I could think of was an authour (she loves reading you see, and why buy someone books when they're free from the library?)- it would be wonderful if you could meet her, or send her a letter, but I don't suppose that's really possible...
I'd be really appreciative if you could just send her an email?- just to say happy birthday, because, you really are her favourite author, and whilst that's such a cliche, I assure you it's true.
If you think you could send her a message, please contact me and I'll give you her details; in return, I will reccommend your work to everyone I ever meet. Ever (I shall do it in a quaint and subtle manner, making sure not to cheapen you). And you'll have my undying grattitude. Please, please say you'll do this for me!- even if it's belated, Molly would love it and I would be so grateful.
Saba Ahmad
PS: Sorry about all the brackets, I worry terribly about not being clear and understandable.
wednesday, august 13, 2008

What year is The Secret History supposed to take place in? I'm reading it for the second time now, and I just realized I couldn't exactly place it. Thanks. It's a gorgeous book.
tuesday, august 12, 2008

Dear Donna
I'd like to tell you how your writing touches me, how it stokes a fire that literature has nursed inside me ever since Salgari's Sandokan stepped in the picture, how this fascination with novels and the awestruck musings about the minds that write them are mostly directed at dead people; not you Donna and I love you for it in the truest, patheticallest way possible. That's why I won't tell you much more; it's a bit embarssing in front of all these people.
sunday, july 3, 2008

Good evening Mss. Tart.
My name is Dimitri Proost, I'm a student from Antwerp, Belgium. I'm 19 years old and very interested in the art of making movies.
Recently, I read your book, The Secret History. It's a magnificent book, very atractive for students, like myself. A little while after I finished the book, an idea growed slowly in the corners of my mind; Why not make a movie on some of the scenes, wonderfuly descripted in your book? Which is why I send you this message. I'm not sure if it's ok for you, considering author copyrights. Once finished, the film wouldn't be sold nor shown to public groups. It would be meant for personal use.
If you wish, you can answer this message and mail to dimitriproost89- A T I hope for a positive answer and your interest in this project.
Dimitri Proost
saturday, july 26, 2008

Hi there,
My name is Karen Swan, I am an actor/singer songwriter, and have been completely enthralled by 'The Little Friend'.
I feel strongly that I want to write a song inspired by this, would Donna mind? I have several of my songs with videos up on youtube if you want to check on their quality.
Could I Ask, is Harriet mostly/partly based on Donna?
So enjoyed your work, thank you.
thursday, july 17, 2008

Dear Miss Tartt,
What a joy it is to have read your breathtaking novels. You are certainly at the top of my must-read novelists.
I just wanted to alert you to a project that five ambitious writers (and fans) have embarked upon that includes an homage to your work. It is The Library of Inspiration (, a virtual library containing short reflections about music, literature, and film that have provided inspiration to the contributors of the site. The intent is not to provide comprehensive reviews but rather a journey into inspiration, paying tribute to what it was that aroused awakening.
We hope you are pleased that we have included The Secret History in this library. (Which isn't to say that The Little Friend wasn't equally as enjoyable!)
As seems to be a consistent theme of your fans, I too await (with great anticipation) your next great novel.
-Greg Birkenbeuel (editor, Li)
tuesday, january 8, 2008

oh Donna, I haven't got words enough and I can't write english well enough to express my feelings! I fell in love with you and your book after reading The secret history a few months ago.
I so much wish we could together travel in a time machine to the ancient Greekland and the Roman empire and explore all the thing we love so much in those centuries!
This time we're living in doesn't give me anything but headache, sorrow and depression. I think the human race is coming to its final end and i look very pessimistically to the next 50-100 years of the humankind.
Do you think that human beings have a spiritual body - that we are much more than flesh and blood?
I'm absolutely certain that we have it and I believe that our spiritual bodies can have contacts with each other still while our fleshly body is alive!
Please excuse my clumsy english - I speak english much better than I read it!
I hope you have understood the point of my message.
I hope I'll meet you in the Fifth dimension, beyond all time and space as we
understand them now.
Eternally yours
Hannu Parsson
monday, september 10, 2007

I read The Secret History when I was going through a crime novel reading phase. I enjoyed it, it was such an unusual crime novel. Because of that I bought a hardback copy of The Little Friend when it was first published.
I have to admit that I was completely unprepared for this second book. I read it in two days (didn't get much sleep) and was completely blown away by it. This is a great novel, it really puts you in a child's world and is both serious and funny at the same time.
friday, september 7, 2007

Dear Donna Tartt,
I am writing to ask about using a photograph of you to illustrate your author page on LibraryThing (
LibraryThing is a website that allows people to catalogue their personal libraries, discover new books and connect with others who share their tastes. It is an open, collaborative project, driven by readers like me.
Every author with a book catalogued by a member on LibraryThing has an author page. Many of these include photographs or other images of the author.
Here's your author page: (Twenty members have you listed as a favorite author!)
There is a photograph of you that I would like to upload to that page. Would you be willing to give me permission to do so? I will, of course, include any credit or copyright notice that you require. If there is a different publicity shot you would prefer me to use, I would be happy to do so if you would email me the file or URL.
I have posted a link to your webpage, and I can post a link to a blog, interviews and articles, if you'd like.
Thank you for your time!
Christina Gucwa
tuesday, september 4, 2007

Before I go into a long email about how much I admire your writing, etc., I just wanted to be sure this email worked and it is going to Ms. Tartt.
I would love to send a book or to get a cool autographed photo if there is any way possible. Please let me know!
Best Wishes,
Jon Calderas
sunday, august 26, 2007

Dear Donna Tartt,
I have just finished my memoir One Week: No House, No Spouse which describes how I survived a surprise e-mail requesting a divorce, Hurricane Katrina, and walking up my Ocean Springs, Mississippi front steps to complete destruction, all within seven days of each other in August 2005. I was left alone with our one-year old daughter in unparalleled devastation. Despite the shocking betrayal, indecency, and abandonment, I was able to emerge from the physical and emotional debris. The extraordinary compassion of friends, loving family members, and total strangers along my path of rescue, recovery, and rebuilding restored my faith in humanity.
Literary Artists Representatives in Manhattan is representing this manuscript and we are currently in the process of addressing publishers. The text offers detailed descriptions of the Mississippi coast, the relief efforts, local Gulf Coast families, friends, and businesses that also suffered; the recovery and reopening of the University of Southern Mississippi where I am a mathematics professor, and details of my childhood growing up in Connecticut and New York City.
I migrated south and you north trading places in a sense. As a fellow Mississippian, lover of New England and the city, and exceptional author I would be honored if you would consider reviewing my manuscript or selected chapters to obtain your written endorsement. Thank you for your time.
Best Regards.
Julie Cwikla, Ph.D.
Associate Professor
Department of Mathematics
University of Southern Mississippi Gulf Coast
wednesday, august 1, 2007

Great Book, really enjoyed it- so much so that I'm using it to do coursework on. One problem that I'm having is finding out when it was set...unless I have missed it, the date is not directly mentioned in the book. From the descriptions I'm thinking it can't be that long ago- disneyland, television etc, but then there are things like the V6 cars, first invented 1950. I'd be really grateful if you reply with the correct time it was set, Thank you very much.
C. Waley
12:47 am, monday, december 5, 2005

Please tell me a novel will be out soon. Both of your books are why people read!! I just returned from the bookstore and all I can say is please publish something soon ,even if it's bad
9:20 pm, tuesday, november 29, 2005

Hello Donna, First of all I'd like to say to you thanks! Because, I'm 17 looking for a "bible", and I found it in your book "the secret history". It's incredibly written, such a style, congratulation. I read it in french, and in a second time in english... In a word, thanks and keep it going!! PS: Don't worry, camilla is my real name, and sorry for my school english.
1:08 pm, saturday, november 5, 2005

My sister loves "The Secret History". She owns several copies of it. She even legally gave herself the middle name "Camilla" and has been called by it all through college. For Christmas, I'd love to give her a more rarified copy of "The Secret History", hardback, and possibly signed by you. Where could I find something of this sort?
Franke Chung
2:11 am, wednesday, november 2, 2005

Donna, I am a British sixth-form student, and, for my English literature coursework, I am discussing The Secret History in terms of the theme of fraternity. Could you, if at all possible, reply to me and give me your thoughts on this theme in your novel (and, if you've read fight club by chuck palahniuk, any comparisons between fraternity in the two; random coursework, right?) thanks,
Will Bourdillon
11:17 am, monday, october 31, 2005

Dear Ms. Tartt, I love your books, however I'm greedy and am awaiting your next. I feel sad since there are no other books to read written by you, any idea when the next will come along??? SOON i HOPE!!!!
6:16 am, monday, october 31, 2005

Dear my name's Adem Kaya. I am from Kars in Turkey. I am reading your book, The Secret History (henry, camilla, bun, francis...) - very beautiful book. Thank you. Sorry I don't know English good.
1:16 am, thursday, october 27, 2005

Dear Ms Tartt,
I picked up your book (The Secret History) in a second hand book sale and I think it is the most fabulous book which I have read in a long time. Thank you for giving me so much pleasure.
Eileen O Shea (Ireland)
5:51 pm, sunday, october 23, 2005

Dear reader,
I would like to notify you of the following.
For 3 years I've been working on the symphonic sketshes about "The Secret History".
By the end of last month I finished the recordings and CD production. Well it's a very small production becaus I produce and distribute it all by my self. I'm just a composer. :-)
Perhaps you are interested in placing a topic or something about the music?
On my website you can listen to some demo's and perhaps I can send you some MP3's en pictures for your website?
Thank you for your time,
Rob van den Berg
The Netherlands
9:30 am, sunday, october 23, 2005

I loved "The Little Friend". I am left suspecting a) that Pemberton did it or b) that Robin died in a Houdini type experiment. Any comments?
julia upton
8:06 am, saturday, october 22, 2005

I wanted to tell you how much I am enjoying, "The Little Friend".
I like it so much that I am taking my time reading it because I don't want it to end. I live in the middle of Nevada in a small, rural mining town and that our local library has this book is wonderful. I feel like I discovered a treasure, I know I will pass it on to some other readers.
I am a teacher at the local junior high. Thank you for the character Harriet and Hely-I see them in my classroom everyday!
Kim Rust
p.s. the science fair petrified cat turd was so funny that I actually read it outloud to my family-rarely does a book make me laugh outloud-thank you for the gift!
10:07 am, thursday, october 20, 2005

I'm an unpublished young writer who is in despair over failed attempts to get published; I'm also a teacher of Classics at a school, who runs the Classics and Creative Writing society. I would love to be able to ask some questions about The Secret History and publish them in our Classics magazine at school -- I think the children would find this really inspiring. Any possibility of this?
Lorna Robinson
3:56 am, wednesday, october 12, 2005

I've just finished to read the Little Friend, and I spend a real wonderful moment. It transformed my approach of litterature.
I hope you will be informed about all my admiration for your work.
Nathalie KERN
12:05 am, monday, october 3, 2005

I have a question about "The Secret History". When does it all happen? I get the impression that it could be around the 70's, but the books is written in.. what? 1993? and 1993 doesn't seem right, haha. Well, that was about all. You're great, take care, and sorry for any possible grammar errors
4:31 pm, tuesday, september 6, 2005

Hi Donna
I thought it very interesting to see that you had an email from someone who is completing a family tree.
My maiden name is TART and my father used to live on the seashore of Dungenees Kent.
We were part of the family from France who were Huguenots and escaped to England in the 1600s.
It would be very interesting to hear from you as I'm sure that you must be related in some way
Marion Loffman
Marion Loffman(Tart)
1:40 pm, monday, august 29, 2005

Dear Ms. Tartt
You don't know me, but we have a mutual friend: Mark Shaw. He and I shared apartment expenses in Kansas City in 1984-5. I liked Mark because he was one of the few people I met in K.C. who had opinions about Richard Ellman. In those days he was re-reading Burroughs and Firbank and Durrell, all of whom were new to me. Nobody that I read interested him at all.
I moved away, got married, went to law school, etc. I lost him after he went to Baltimore; then I moved overseas. Now back from the UK, I find you are easier to spot on the net than Mark.
I would be grateful if you could forward this e-mail.
Very truly yours,
Kenneth Sibley
4:29 pm, saturday, august 20, 2005

salut tout le monde je suis un jeune togolais et j aimerais correspondre avec tout le monde sns distinction de sexe
4:19 pm, saturday, august 6, 2005

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je salue tout le monde
4:11 pm, saturday, august 6, 2005

Having just finished reading ' A Secret History', i have been left spellbound as to what to do next. I have 'The Little Friend' on my desk to read next yet i cannot bring myself to pick it up in a fear that i will forget the characters from this book. The book has had such an influence on me that i am unsatisfied with my life as it is and want to delve into the depths of writing. I'm an avid fan of Dante and was pleased to see him mentioned frequently in your book. I am really lost for words right now. I finished the book not twenty minutes ago and i'm in a trance. I fell in love with each character, every scene was so poetic and beautifully described and the entire story was captivating through every paragraph. Generally i pick up a book and finish it in a matter of hours but i poured over your book for hours and days on end, savouring the words, living the life of Richard. Thank you so much for writing this book. Believe it or not it has changed my life and way of thinking. I can't wait to get started on 'The Little Friend' but i will wait a few weeks until my excitement over this book has died down. You are an amazing writer and i am ashamed that it was my father who found the book and read it before myself. If i were to rate this book, it would be the only book i've ever read to reach my description of 'PERFECT!'
Thanks Again
9:27 am, saturday, august 6, 2005

I am right in the Middle of The Little Friend. A bit late in the game I know.
In any case,I absolutely adore it.
You have such a way of nailing people, a 12 year old girl, (BTW, Harriet is a little genius) a meth freak(trash) and a old southern aunt.
Even the most morbid aspects are knee-slapping hilarious.
And as if your talent as a writer wasn't enough,your looks are astounding. I have to admit I have a wee bit of a crush :-) Look me up whenever your in Portland, OR.
I especially love the pic with your pug. I'm a huge Pug admirer. I owe discovering you to Anne Rice. She says great things about you on her site. Thank you for the refreshingly funny-dark read.
Carina Keller
6:26 pm, friday, july 29, 2005

Hi, I'm Tom Verbiest, from Belgium. I've read your books. They were amazing. I loved the characters of Harriet and Richard. I've praised "De verborgen Geschiedenis (secret history)" at the high school in Gent and the public was also enthousiast.
Tom Verbiest
6:08 pm, monday, july 25, 2005

Dear Ms. Tartt,
My wife and I have both just finished your book "SECRET HISTORY". We both felt that it was a great story and wanted to tell you that.
We also enjoyed "returning" to New england through your book. We both grew up in New Hampshire.
This brings up a question about your book. At one point your story mentions one of the charictors going to Keene to see an Ear, Nose, and Throat doctor. I assume you ment Keene, NH and not Keene, NY. I wondered how you chose Keene, NH and if you had a specific doctor in mind. I ask this because my father was an Ear, Nose, and Throat doctor in Keene. His practice was from 1936 to 1970. He continued to live in Keene until 1990. His name was Dr. Leroy S. Ford. I know this is a streatch, but I wondered if there was any connection through your research for your book.
Again, we loved your book and hope your other ventures in writing are as good.
Sincerely, Stephen W. Ford
4:27 pm, saturday, july 23, 2005

Dear Donna,
Like Brenda who posted here, I am also a Tartt and have been trying to find out anything I possibly can about the origins of my family and particularly the name Tartt. What I do know is that my immediate branch is of Mississippi. Seeing our name on a shelf in Barnes and Noble, I could not resist contacting you in hopes of you sharing any information. Reading that you are a native of Mississippi was all the more encouraging. Any information you would be willing to share will be greatly appreciated.
S. Sherrie Tartt
12:54 am, thursday, june 30, 2005

Hello!!! I have great admiration for your work. You're amazing. Answer- me, please... Thanks
Angela Cristina Da Costa
10:45 am, wednesday, june 29, 2005

I heard Donna Tartt read in NYC last November. She was pure genius! A symphony of voices came out of her Needless to say, I have always been a big fan of her work. I belong to the Houdini Society and they accidently sent me 2 posters of Houdini at the London Hippodrome, so I brought one for her because I knew she loves Houdini too. What i did not know was that she used a quote of his from that performance in The Little Friend ( I just bought it that night and it was with her to sign). She was so sweet and gracious. We need more writers like Donna Tartt in the universe. I know I was just a face in the crowd, but she spoke with me for a good amount of time after the reading and I really appreciated her generosity of time and her genuine nature. When will she be returning to New York City for a reading? I'm an English teacher at a Community College in New Jersey and I would love to bring a group in to hear her. I am always plugging her work in my classes. Donna, thanks for your time and kindness.
Deb DeMattio, Professor of English, The County College of Morris, Randolph, NJ PS I hope you are enjoying the poster!
4:34 pm, wednesday, june 22, 2005

Donna, when is your new book being published? Please? Was jy ooit in Suid-Afrika? Groete, Pieter
Dr Pieter Fourie
12:10 am, monday, june 20, 2005

I would like you to contact me. I have been writing and working on a 3-volume TART TARTE TARTT Family Genealogy for eight years, you are a distance cousin. I am also trying to prove that our family were French Huguenots who imigrated to England for religious reasons and stayed there for many many years. In 1664 the Tarte family came to the Colonies in Virginia, and I can prove all of this. The name was used as Tart or Tartt, all the same families. Of which I can prove. They left Virginia and went to North Carolina, South Carolina, and some later to Alabama, Tennessee, Mississippi, Kentucky,Texas,and a few other places. I can prove all of this. Right now I have over 2,000 pages of work.If you are interested in your family history, please contact me. One of your great-grandfather's owned 10,000 acres of land in Edgecombe County, North Carolina, in the 1760's.At his death in 1789 he left the land to children, nieces and nephews.I even have copies of all the (Will's) of our great-grandfather's. I do need more info on your grandfather and his family to put in my book. You are a great writer and give the Tartt name much honor as did Ruby Pickens Tartt from Alabama, your distant cousin.
I believe the name in France was either De La Tarte, La Tarte, Tarque which in french means Tart.There is a 18.6 Acre Vineyard in the village of (morey-saint-denis)in the burgundy region. It is called "Le clos de Tart" and exist's today. In the 1550's the Pope own it and the monks took care of it at that time. It is believed that one of the monk's was named Tarte and that we come from him.
Hope to hear from You! Brenda Tart/Tartt
Brenda Tartt, Morris
3:57 pm, sunday, june 5, 2005

Dear Donna,
When I was a child of age twelve I experienced a miracle that was as peaceful as seeing an angel. I have had a very unique life, and I feel I am gifted. When I was a child I was raised in Mexico by my father and grandmother. My father had the notion that I was different, that I was special. Therefore, he and my grandmother spoiled me. When I was about five years old my grandmother died. My father could not raise me all by himself, so he allowed my aunt and her family to adopt me. I have always felt that maybe my aunt was jealous of me. I then moved to Maine in the United States to live with my new family. I will make my story short, they were abusive to me. However, when I was twelve I experienced a miracle. So, my father's notion that I was gifted did come true. What happened was, I was on an airplane returning home to Maine after vacationing in Texas with my mother, brother, and sister. I was sitting away from the rest of my family members, therefore I was enjoying life because my mom could be abusive. I then became curious as to what the rest of my family members were doing so I looked up the isle. I saw my mother being mean to my brother. I do not remember exactly what she did because it was so long ago. All I remember is feeling very badly for my brother. I felt so bad for him that it felt like my mom was doing everything to me that she was doing to him. It is very hard to explain. But I felt all of my brothers pain. Just as if though I was going through everything he was going through. Then right after that I was 100% honest about how I felt, and that is when the miracle happened. I went through a transcendence. It is very hard to explain because there are no words that could describe the beauty I felt. I will try to explain the transcendence. We are on the outside looking inside ourselves, looking inside to our spirits, well in the transcende it was the opposite. And I do not mean instead of black you see white, in a spiritual way it was the opposite experience. Instead of being on the outside looking inside into my spirit I was inside of something, I believe my spirit, looking out. It was so peaceful. Colors looked beautiful. It had to be as peaceful as seeing an angel. Donna, since you are an author will you please contact me. I would like to know if you will write about my childhood, the abuse, the miracle, and everything. Sincerely Angelina Andujo
Angelina Andujo
8:10 pm, wednesday, june 1, 2005

I have read both novels twice and my feeling is they express not just your love of writing but your love of reading ..please post some good news that another novel is coming
- Mike g
11:38 pm, wednesday, may 18, 2005

Dear Ms. Tartt,
I, and two of my fellow students at the University of Virginia, had heard that you have a house near here. If this is true, and you will be around at any point, we would love to take you out to dinner or lunch at any time. Please contact me if you are interested.
Brandon Walsh
12:50 am, monday, may 9, 2005

Alias, voce e uma graca!!!!
3:19 pm, monday, april 11, 2005

A HISTORIA SECRETA: Emocionante! Elaborado! Inteligente! Sagaz! Muito bom! Faz lembrar-nos de quao relativo sao os acontecimentos que nos cercam e de quao chocante pode ser o "descobrir-se"...
3:13 pm, monday, april 11, 2005

Dear Miss Tartt,
My husband and I love your writing, and I have been having fun reading everything on this website.
Someone (I'm sure it couldn't have been you) has made the horrible mistake of using apostrophes to make the names of cars plural in the story, "Team Spirit". Aarghh.
Please fix this, somebody!
Kathy Law
11:19 am, friday, april 8, 2005

I was looking for a past article,"Sicily's secret history", which appeared July 1994 in Conde Nast's Traveler. I was not listed as part of your articles. Can someone help!
Pina Benvenuto
3:04 pm, thursday, march 31, 2005

Donna, I am updating mailing addresses for previous MIAL winners. Would you please send a mailing address. Thank you, Margaret S. Mitchell, Executive Secretary, MIAL,
MS Institute of Arts and Letters
10:04 pm, monday, march 14, 2005

Now I'm reading "A Secret History". I can say only that: thank you.
Zbigniew Wyrozumski
4:18 pm, monday, march 7, 2005

tell me more about the message
11:40 pm, saturday, february 26, 2005

I have translated into Finnish in 2001 the original short story "Sleepytown" by D. Tartt. Since it was by all accounts issued in the book "When I Was Young" recently; could it be time to compile an anthology of translations of "Sleepytown"? The translations could be gathered for free from the "Purpleglitter" fanbase which consists of an international fanbase of Ms Tartt and certainly has translation-savvy members in its ranks (Dutch, Czech, Swedish, Danish, Estonian). I could submit mine free of charge and polish it before submission for prospective publication. Erm, this is a mere idea, and maybe a bit stupid, but a book full of versions of Sleepytown might be a good idea, since Ms Tartt has not written too many known shorts unlike, say, Hemingway. Tell me what do you think of this idea?
Take care and let's wait for a new Donna in 2012 (!), Mikko riihimaki
11:24 am, thursday, february 24, 2005

Dear Ms. Tartt,
I grew up in North Bennington and around Bennington College, as Shirley Jackson and Stanley Hyman's younger daughter. Reading your novel "The Secret History" has taken me back to that old town, which I had little trouble identifying; each familiar reminder is a new pleasure. You reminded me of so many things: the river, the roads from the College hither and yon, the Commons and Jennings; the dorms (I was in Welling, until my expulsion in my freshman year). It is fascinating to view Bennington College as it must have been by the time you went there: smaller than in the 60's, co-ed, post-political, complete with computers and drugs.
I have so enjoyed recognizing my old home in your book. I have lived in California for twenty-five years, and could barely stand the winter wind on my last visit to VT.
But I can see North Bennington now so vividly, the main street (where I lived) and the factory row and the gracious library and other landmarks.
I haven't even completely finished reading the book; I wanted to write to you and thank you right away. It's a great book, as well as a ride through memory for me. I look forward to reading your latest one.
Sarah Hyman DeWitt, CA
6:07 pm, tuesday, february 22, 2005

Dear Ms. Tartt,
Recently a very close friend lost his daughter in a tragic car crash. This is truly a profound loss for this family. Over twenty years ago, I read an essay by Willie Morris in Parade Magazine. Nothing before or since reading his words will ever affect me the way he had in that essay. I would love to have a copy of Mr. Morris' essay to share with my friends. I'd greatly appreciate your help in finding this lovely piece of work. Please help.
Linda Doren
7:37 pm, thursday, february 10, 2005

The Secret History was amazing. The Little Friend so depressing, though I'm probably over reacting. Can you please write something more upbeat, more along the lines of TSE? I am concerned because i loved Ayn Rand so much, but she wrote so few end-to-end books. Thanks.
7:23 pm, tuesday, february 1, 2005

Donna, I just wanted to thank you profusely for "The Little Friend". I read it in one sitting, and absolutely loved it. The richness of the characters, ( I also want to thank you so much for the homage to Louise Fitzhugh, author of Harriet The Spy, which I 've probably read a million times in my 42 years. All of the references to her charmed and surprised me!) I cried when Libby died. I was disappointed that Gum didn't die. It was satisfying to see Farish die the way he did. It's too bad that Harriet Cleve Dufresnes and Danny Ratliff never found out about their connection to Robin, but that is the way life is sometimes. He didn't care about her anyway, obviously. The book was beautifully written, I could imagine each character, every scene, the descriptions were so lush and real. Thank you so much.
Colleen MacTavish
7:09 pm, tuesday, january 25, 2005

I just wanted to let you know how much I LOVED "The Little Friend" and to thank you for your various homages to Louise Fitzhugh, author of "Harriet The Spy", a beloved book of my childhood. I read your book in one night, I couldn't stop! Hely and Harriet and all of the characters were people that one could actually envision. Libby's death made me so sad. I loved your book, Ms.Tartt. Thank you!
Colleen MacTavish
1:21 am, tuesday, january 25, 2005

Mrs. Tartt,
I know many people have read your book and loved it, probably because of the entertainment and the beautiful written work, yet I studied which I believe you studied. The ego, the Self...Dreams. Am I right? I hope you get this...and will respond to me. There are many questions I will like to ask you and just talk about what I think a lot of people don't understand or are afraid to go forward with it. (collective unconsciousness) I am only a senior high school at a Prep boarding school, and I want to learn more about all this and I think you can help me. And just something inside me told me to write you, and I think you know what I mean. Thank you.
10:08 pm, sunday, january 23, 2005

Ms. Tartt,
Other than one person (Tony), no one at this site has discussed the cougar clues that proliferate The Secret History, including the sighting of the cougar and the many Catamount references. I, like Tony, am convinced that a mountain lion killed the farmer. It is the great irony of the book and renders the events even more tragic than they appear if you accept at face value that the students killed the farmer.
Thank you for a great book.
1:02 pm, saturday, january 22, 2005

dear miss tartt. has anyone planned a filmversion yet?
nils vandevijvere
9:16 am, saturday, january 22, 2005

hallo. i read your first book at the recommendation of an english girl i dated last year. and now i am reading the little friend. my grandmother and grandfather are from rural arkansas, both born in the 20's, and i was raised in tacoma, washington. i was born in 77. somehow, this book hits close to home. my grandmother had 4 sisters and a brother growing up, during the ww2 and depression generation. somehow i was deeply moved by both of your novels. the secret history caught and allured me in a way that did not prepare me for the little friend. i loved the former in such a tactile, slowly developing way, that the little friend caught me off guard because of how much of the imagery i could relate to. i've been to the rural south, and met ww2 aged people who still live there. i am 28. i am an alcoholic. unashamedly. i draw, read, sometimes write, but i live passionately, and often give apologies to my friends after nights of crazy rants and exhibitions. but what i'm getting at is that your book, the little friend, affected me in a way that was so personal and touching, that ill carry its memory with me to the grave. thank you for such rich and honestly mysterious stories. my job is to pick up and deliver dead people to various funeral homes in the seattle area. i work for a huge corporation called sci out of houston. very weird..never boring. but your books have so far made my life more colorful and "tolerable" Thank you.. if for some reason you ever respond to this letter, ill be shocked blind. and i promise i'm not a weirdo. this message will probably be lost among the millions of cyber-notes sent every day, and in 50 years time, nothing will remain of it at all. ahhh, welll,. that's the life of many of the most beautiful and mysterious things the universe has to offer. thank you for the beautiful stories! keep it up! i'll be reading them! and ps.-- if you never write a good story again, it's ok. i know how it is. i love what you published anyway. its enough. drink a beer for me. a newcastle ale.
robb cole jr.
6:52 am, friday, january 14, 2005

I read the books "The Secret History" and "The Little Friend" and I'd love to know about other titles written for the same writer, because I liked it a lot and recommended them a lot of people in Brazil. I'd like to know about what's the name of the movie based on The Secret History received and if it is avaliable in my country.
My best regards.
Jonas Correa Guimaraes
6:00 am, tuesday, january 11, 2005

Ms. Tartt, please come to NYC! There's such a huge following here, and we'd love to see you again! Last year you came to read from little friends and it'd be great for you to come for secret history! Thanks. I'm a huge fan!
11:32 am, thursday, december 9, 2004

Ms. Tartt: I have truly enjoyed reading both little friends and secret history. you are certainly one of our finer novelists.
please keep these coming.
robert fusfeld
10:16 am, friday, november 26, 2004

our book group is reading The Secret History- does anyone have a list of good discussion questions? If so, please e-mail. Thanks
Cathy Dobrowitsky
9:59 pm, wednesday, november 24, 2004

I fall asleep lately, listening to "The Little Friend" on CD. I got it at the library. The first two discs skipped and hence, I'm a bit foggy on how the story starts. I always wanted to read you, and now that I am broke and sleeping in my car in Florida, I have the opportunity. With my head right under the speaker magnet in the trunk, I nod off, due to fatigue, not boredom. I dream really strangely; about cats and snakes and once...-well, never mind- I have noticed a change in my life and think my writing has improved. I worry about the magnet, though - Daniel
2:04 pm, monday, november 22, 2004

Dear Donna, speechless, really. Loved The Secret History - you really are a brilliant writer. Have just finished The Little Friend and, although I knew it wasn't a classic 'who dunnit', I did hope to find out who killed Robin. Felt so cheated by the non-ending! It felt like a cruel joke. Is this a modern way of writing where the story is not important? Please please reply and explain why you chose to deny your readers the revelation they were reading towards.
Nicky Morenos
11:28 am, thursday, november 11, 2004

Donna's new book is coming out soon!
Homer Sesual
12:49 am, wednesday, november 10, 2004

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Francine Silverman
4:17 pm, tuesday, november 2, 2004

I don't speak english, so, sorry for my do you think that would be The Secret History in a theatre?
Fabio Ferroni
3:39 pm, thursday, october 21, 2004

the ending is incredibly frustrating - surely noone can understand what happened. Who killed Robin? are there some clues or did you forget?
Please please explain! michael zilka
6:38 am, monday, october 4, 2004

I don't know about Ms. Tartt being real. I heard she doesn't exist and is in fact a group of authors who work under one name. "tartt" is a funny name they came up after drinking and deciding it was a great idea. Does anyone know anything more about this?
Fred Bookman
8:41 am, saturday, september 11, 2004

Dear Donna,
I am trying to find the perfect 21st present for my girlfriend and she has mentioned The Secret History as her all-time favourite novel. Would it be possible to send a signed copy of the book to England? I would of course be happy to pay for postage and packaging if you would be able to do this.
Yours faithfully
7:07 pm, wednesday, september 1, 2004

Dearet Donna Tartt,
I've used the title "The secret history" in my comic "Giacinto" ( on the story "ARGILLA", including your name. I hope you wont't be sorry. If you'd like I might include the connection to your web site on my links page.
with compliments
Bianca Consiglio
10:14 am, friday, august 27, 2004

andalle way, soy el verdad. soy el verdad! Donna, tu es un gran escritor como yo.
2:02 am, tuesday, august 24, 2004

I want to know about the adaptation for the pictures of "The Secret History" by Allan Pakula. There is this adapatation? I love this book...It's my favorite...
And the book "A Little Friend"? There is a portuguese version? Thanks.
Jefferson Mickselly
3:03 pm, monday, august 2, 2004

I love the way you enter into the minds of your characters with all senses blazing, creating a series of discrete but artistically linked worlds that come to life in the reader's imagination with such force and truth. I am deeply impressed with the way you ring the changes on the genres of tragedy and comedy; your stunning peripeteias, your sudden bursts of laugh-out-loud situations. I look forward to your next work.
pl snow
7:56 am, sunday, august 1, 2004

Does anyone know of any new book by tartt? send me email if you do.
5:32 am, friday, july 30, 2004

I have read The Secret History and The Little Friend, and I find each of them exraordinarily satisfying to read. I admire your writing very much and am recommending your books to everyone. (I teach English and Drama in the Edinburgh Rudolf Steiner School, by the way.) Thanks.
Peter Snow
12:53 am, wednesday, july 28, 2004

Hello Mrs. Tartt,
I just finished reading "The Little Friend", I enjoyed it a lot especially the descriptions regarding Harriet's mind, her sister's mind, the Harriet-Hely relationship and life at Harriet's house.
I have some questions though regarding first, the choice of the cover of the book, a doll head, which I found misleading, the choice of the title of the book; who is the little friend? Why was there no explanation regarding who killed Robin and Allison's dreams among other pending issues. Finally, what was your aim for the reader.
Thank you very much for your book, and for answering to my questions.
Best regards.
Yasmine Khayat
6:59 am, sunday, july 25, 2004

soy hombre me gustan unas mujeres bien carinosas
4:35 pm, thursday, july 22, 2004

look at her new book out next year! go to
8:40 am, tuesday, july 20, 2004

I doubt Ms. Tartt reads this (Show me some proof-anyone?). If I don't see any evidence, I officially refuse to waste another dollar on her books- she's a blue meanie! So pooh on you!
8:28 am, tuesday, july 20, 2004

Hello Donna, I've just improved my vacation here at Malta by reading your The secret history. Quite intriguing, and a book that's harder and harder to leave for the lovely azure-blue sea! I have a question. It's about the character Richard. Is it on purpose that I should get more and more confused through the pages as to what he is - a boy or a girl??? It's not meant as a negative critique. I was convinced he was a 'he' until you had fed me more and more of the unfolding story. So how did you envision this sad character? As a 'male specimen' I got very sure at the end he must be a girl; I've never come across boys thinking consistently like him.
So who are you?
I'm a scientist living and working in Sweden's capital Stockholm. If you search the webb on my name I'm picked out - the sports-maniac is not me... ;)
Best regards & thanks
Ulf Skoglund
5:14 am, saturday, july 17, 2004

I've been trying to track down an e-mail address for Amanda Urban. Now, after reading about you and your work (I already knew about you), I'm going to buy your works when I get paid Friday.
And we move on.....
Enclosed is the final rewrite of the first chapter of my first book, "Emergency Exit Only," a mix of fiction, non-fiction and influences from Robbe-Grillet and Sarraute and the other creators of le nouveau roman.
Yeah, OK: Another UNSOLICITED piece of fiction from a hungry writer. But, read it, please. In less than three months, the final rewrite will be completed for a 350-page book that sings, rants, praises, cries, groans, and celebrates, just like Henry Miller.
If you don't read it, cool, I'm employing this same rapid digital guerilla PR tactics with other writers and agents as we speak. I prefer to work with Amanda Urban. She represents Jessica Lynch who, like me, is from West Virginia. I would think I could trust her.
Write well, sister.
Be well.
Jeff Henson
6:01 am, tuesday, july 13, 2004

Dear Ms. Tartt (or whoever read this), I am a greek living in Holland but just returning to my own warm country. Someone introduced me into your "the secret history" for obvious greek reasons. I fell in love with the book. I give it as a present to friends and highly recommend it to anyone with similar reading tastes. I am now on the "the little friend" which has the same thrilling and magical influence to me as the previous one. I am very happy that you write. Friendly, Evgenia
5:42 am, thursday, july 8, 2004

Dear Ms. Tartt,
The ease with which you write is truly scary. I hope that you continue to seize the day.
LarryKlaw- A T
9:58 pm, wednesday, july 7, 2004

It's all great stuff, Donna. "Little Friend" was as wonderful as "Secret History" in its own way. And I must confess, dear lady, you're one of the few authors I ever wanted to meet. Keep on delivering ... all the greats provided their readers with constant gifts.
John Omicinski
8:45 pm, tuesday, june 29, 2004

Hi, I legally changed my name to Tart. I'm such a huge fan of yours Ms.tartt!! I dress like you and plan to grow my hair like yours as well! I also am getting plastic surgery. I am from Italy and my english is not great. I plan to go and study the classics at USC. I wonder can you visit my sister at U of maine? She loves you as well! when's the new book?
9:14 am, saturday, june 19, 2004

I just bought your book "De Kleine Vriend" (Dutch language), and I would ask you if you would be so kind to send me an autograph of you.
I thank you very much, and wish you all the best in selling your books.
With warm greetings from Belgium.
Freddy Haeck
Oostmolenstraat 153
9880 Aalter
Haeck Freddy
5:26 am, saturday, june 19, 2004

I just finished "The Litttle Friend", and I enjoyed it very much. I am disappointed that we didn't find out who killed Robin. What happens to Harriet now? I felt like I had lose ends. Thanks! Connie
8:53 pm, saturday, may 29, 2004

Hi Donna,
This may sound like a strange request (and to all intents and purposes it is!). My girlfriend states her favourite book as being 'The Secret History'. I want to propose to her in the near future. I have picked the ring and thought long and hard about how to 'pop the question'.
A few ideas have sprung to mind, but whilst they will do the trick, they aren't unique or special enough to let her know exactly how I feel.
Now for the (strange) request, I was wondering if you could have a special copy of 'The Secret History' printed to include a personal message on the inside cover, asking for her hand in marriage? I am willing to pay for this priviledge...if it is possible? Alternatively, maybe you could sign a copy and add the question?
Please let me know your thoughts on this matter.
Thank you,
Paul Cairns
7:33 am, friday, may 28, 2004

I am a fan of Donna Tartt since I read "The Secret History", more than 10 years ago. Now, I have read "The Little Friend" and I think we need more books of this marvellous novelist.
May you send me, if possible a dedicated picture to this address?:
Mayte Izquierdo
C/ Pintor Salvador Abril, 47-1
46005 - Valencia (Spain)
Sorry, because my English is not very good.
Thanks in advance. Best regards. Mayte Izquierdo
9:16 am, friday, may 14, 2004

Dear Ms. Tartt,
i'm doing a research on you and i found a lots of interesting thing about your book, "The Secret History" it very well done. i was hoping if you could come a gave a little speach to my english class, since i didn't find much information about your background. but maybe you could tell the class about your Secret History book. If there is no way or there is no point that you will come, will you please reply back to me. Thanks... i can't wait to hear from you....
Ms. Tartt
8:53 am, thursday, may 13, 2004

hey we love ya Donna!
3:32 am, friday, april 30, 2004

Miz Tartt,
I am so lucky that I discovered The Secret History and The Little Friend simultaneously. I long for these stories of dark intrigue, social responsibility and moral dichotomy - no horror, suspense or any writer has spoken with such tenacity and subtetly about the darker ebbs in our society. Albeit, there is light and goodness and spirit which emanates throughout. A huge fan,
Michael Owen
6:01 am, friday, april 23, 2004

Nice books but they seem to lack real life feel. Real folk don't talk like that (check Elmore Leonard's BE COOL). Oh, why are there so many scary people writing here? Really people think before you write...
8:22 am, saturday, april 10, 2004

Dear Ms. Tartt,
my name is Enrico Cassini and I'm from Turin... a grey but fascinating city in the north of Italy... a place where also Italy could be very cold and, during the winter, she (Italy) seems like Vermont. I know that probably my English sounds dreadful, especially at a writer's ear... I hope you don't mind: my italian (and also my latin and the slang of my land... the "Piedmontese"), is quite better!
First of all I'd like to thank you for inspiring an essay which I'm writing now (in italian...), on the renaissance of greek philosophy in contemporary Political Sciences (obviously I've read "The Secret History").
The very special thing is that the more of this reborn interest has come directly from military strategy: I've studied Xenophon and Thucydides in particular and I still love to remember your pieces about the greek warfare in "The Secret History". I hope you don't find it as a kind of coup de teatre, but I think this essay must be dedicated to you. Without your novel, probably I would never have begun to write it.
I know that's almost impossible, but I'd like it if we could talk together... someday... in the future...
When I'll finish the text, I'll find a way to send it to you!
Thank you for everything,
Enrico Cassini
P.S. Probably during this summer I'll come to the Ole Miss... I'm looking for a summer course about military sciences or classics!
Enrico Lorenzo Cassini
6:05 am, friday, march 19, 2004

Dear Donna, when is the best time to write a novel? When do you find the most inspiration?
6:57 am, friday, march 5, 2004

Dear Ms. Tartt.
I have several books published in Brazil. The most "important" one deals with Patient's Rights. It teaches the patient to make better use of his physician and his medical service, by doing simple things, such as requesting copy of all relevant medical records and having / developing his own medical record or data base. As a physician I have to rely on what is being told to me, instead of having first hand access to what was really diagnosed and written down. Not having this access could lead me to commit a medical error. Now that I am living and practicing here in the US, I see that the problem here, remains the same, therefore I would like to adapt and publish my book here also. This is a worldwide issue, by the way.
The point I am trying to make is: “If I would see you in an Emergency Room, would you have on you all the relevant information I need to treat you appropriately? Allergies, previous surgeries, medications you are on, ongoing health issues, etc”. If I don’t know, you are at risk!!!
How could / should I proceed?
Thank you very much,
Christian Gauderer, MD
7:24 pm, wednesday, march 3, 2004

Bonjour, je suis francaise et je fais une formation aux metiers du livre. J'ai choisi de faire un dossier de litterature sur vos deux livres et l'editeur francais ne m'a pas donne de renseignements sur vous. J'aimerais avoir des renseignements surtout sur votre facon d'ecrire et sur les messages que vous voulez faire parvenir au lecteur, en plus du plaisir de lire. Merci .
Odile Aroux-Boucher
12:56 am, friday, february 20, 2004

i love you so much, you are a best writer, i like know you but i live in cuba for a moment, take care and good luck in your future, a big kiss for you
yanko de jesus milanes cuza
10:36 am, thursday, february 19, 2004

Dear Ms. Tartt, My husband and I both enjoyed your book, 'The Secret History'. However, on page 129 (paperback) there was a sentence including 'a very good cartoon of you and he', in a sentence by the main character. Shouldn't a Greek student know better than that?
Ginna Zoellner
7:18 am, monday, february 9, 2004

I assume you will never read this. But if you do, I think the Secret History is the greatest novel I have ever read. I feel as though my words of praise will make me out to be absurd, an outcast, or pathetic. Regardless, I loved this book, this novel. When it ended, I felt as though my best friends had died along with the completion. Anyway, whatever, the point being that you have influenenced my life and hundreds (thousands) more. I hope this message reaches you and makes a millionth (a real word?) of difference that The "Secret History has made in my life. If you are ever in Austin, TX, please give me a ring. (512) 731-4978.
chris grant
1:43 am, thursday, february 5, 2004

Just a random choice as I walked through the stacks at our library. "The Secret History." How can you accomplish this? How can you have mastered the languages and the history? I marvel at Saul Bellow, Susan Howatch, and you. Hemingway and Steinbeck write interesting tales but they show no evidence of having any educational foundation. You, in contrast, must have an ability to retain and expand that most mere mortals do not.
With greatest respect,
Art Kochman
949 830 2200
3:41 pm, wednesday, february 4, 2004

Dear Donna Tartt,
I really admire your novels "The Secret History" and "The Little Friend".
I have a question, are you related to Ernest Hemingway? I seem to recall that when the publishers were promoting "The Secret History" in Sweden, they made a point of mentioning you were related to Mr. Hemingway. Is that true?
I would really appreciate an answer, although I can understand how boring it must be to be asked that kind of question!
2:44 am, thursday, january 29, 2004

One of my favorite lines from The Little Friend: Tuxedos, pimples, pearls. AGGGHHH!! How discerningly true. Love it.
7:05 pm, monday, january 26, 2004

Well even if you don't read this I just wanted to say that The Secret History is the best book I have ever read. My favourite book used to be The Blind Assasin by Margaret Atwood but now that I have read History I'm scared that I'm never going to be read a book better than this....anyways i hope there's no movie.
3:43 am, monday, december 29, 2003

Donna i don't writlin in inglesh and speak to, but i loved your firts book (The Secret History).
Sorry, I speak in portuguese:
Donna, eu amei o livro "A historia secreta", e fiquei muito feliz de saber que voce acaba de lancar seu segundo livro "The little friend".
Recomendo-lhe o livro do brasileiro Paulo Coelho "O Alquimista" (The alckemist [I guess]).
Eu como aspirante a escritor digo-lhe que seu livro me inspira sempre.
Thank you.
Sou seu fa.
Tadeu Borella.
Rua: Oswaldo Cruz n 264
Araras- Sao Paulo- Brasil
Teu Borella (From Brazil)
3:53 pm, friday, december 5, 2003

In your book The Secert History, how did Richerd justify his part in the murder of Bunny?
1:58 pm, wednesday, december 3, 2003

I think your face's as charming as your name.
please send me your email Raphael
3:53 pm, tuesday, december 2, 2003

I have been waiting for the movie of The Secret History forever! It is one of my favorite novels. Please let me know!
Marc Hart
5:24 pm, tuesday, november 25, 2003

I live in Roanoke, VA and was surprised to see characters in The Secret History from Roanoke. Is there some sort of connection to this city? Hollins University, well known for its creative writing program, is here. Is Hollins in some way your connection to Roanoke? Just curious. The Roanoke Times Book Club is reading The Secret History for November. Of course, the use of Roanoke as a place name will come up and I'd love to be the one to know. Unfortunately, we meet Wed. November 19 which is almost upon us. I was a Latin major at Hollins & graduated in '86. Your book is the best non-ancient novel I've read.
Sincerely yours,
Gail Tansill Lambert
12:58 am, monday, november 17, 2003

hello, i'm doing a presentation on your books and would be grateful if you could answer a few questions if possible!
How would you describe the genre you write in?
How would you describe your style?
How do you structure your books?
How did you construct your main characters?
Would you say that your female characters are aspirational or victims?
I would be ever so grateful if you could answer these questions! sarah leboff
8:06 am, friday, november 14, 2003

Your book (TSH) was enthralling. And not only are youa creative genius, you are absolutely stunning. I hope you are happy in every way. And you will always be welcome in London...I'd love to have coffee with you sometime!... Chris Papadopoulos
10:19 am, thursday, november 13, 2003

Donna - I have just finished 'My Little Friend' and, as the saying goes, I am 'missing it already', so I'm going to read it again now. Have you read any William Trevor (an Irish writer)? Try 'The Children of Dynmouth' - that's the one I started with after hearing it read on BBC Radio 4 in the 80s by Johnny Morris.
Yours, Jane Scheuer
6:53 am, wednesday, november 12, 2003

I have a very interesting story to tell you about my life that might interest you. You are the first author that has inspired me to get in contact with them because of what they have written.
Thank you.
5:26 pm, wednesday, november 5, 2003

I read the Secret History after finishing at Oxford this summer, and I found that sleep became an unwanted interruption! In my free time I've written a few scripts for films that I've ended up producing with friends, and I could tell even from the first few pages that the Secret History would make an incredible film. I would love to write a screenplay for it. I must stress that I have a high-paying job and that my motivation for this is anything but financial. Would you be interested in viewing a sample once I get it together? I've never undertaken anything like this but my knowledge of film and degree in humanities should give me a good head-start! I don't know a great deal about copyright and such but I'm not thinking in those terms at all... if you could get back to me that would be great.
Sam Roake
7:06 am, tuesday, october 21, 2003

Secret history was one of the most original and powerful works of fiction to come out of the 20th century. I know it's a long shot, but I would be honored to interview you (via email or phone) for my next book. Please email me at the above address. I've got more questions than I know what to do with, but the one burning question is, what did you do while working on the book over the course of nine years? The amount of time it took for you to write the book is a testament to the finished product, and your perserverence. When the novel came out, I worked at a bookstore and plugged it mercilessly. I'm proud to say that I own both a hardcover and promo edition of the book. Enough gushing, though. Please email if and when you get the chance. Thank you for your contribution to literature, Tom Waters
Tom Waters
10:09 pm, monday, october 13, 2003

Dear Ms Tartt, Okay, I give up. Who wrote it and where: "If evil leds to evil, where will the chain of evils end?" You quote this in an interview in the Sunday Times. I would love to know the context. Thanks very much. Martin
Martin Andic
12:56 am, saturday, october 4, 2003

Dear Donna
Just finished The Little Friend.
You are a great writer working in the wrong genre! Your sense of minutae is superb, atmospheric and insightful. You demonstrate that characters from all stratums have an inner life worth revealing. Why distract us with the thriller/murder mystery. In the tradition of the great Indian novelists or Carol Shield, the tension and humour is in everyday life, it doesn't need staging. I look forward to your future books.
5:22 pm, friday, september 26, 2003

Hi Donna
When I met you in London way back in 1992, I gave you a book about Ian Curtis and Joy Division. Did you ever read it? At that meeting we agreed that Nabokov's (or rather Humbert's) observation that 'you can always trust a murderer for a fancy prose style' pretty well summed up The Secret History. Sums up The Little Friend too, no?
Anyway, keep writing and I'll keep reading.
7:00 am, friday, august 29, 2003

...good luck....
..Thank you..
Well..I am coming to New York
i November. If you want to meet me, contact me at
6:00 am, friday, august 29, 2003

Stokholm kulturhuset 27/8 2003
"So, where are you going after this....? ....
I mean, are you going back to the states...?"
" No..I am going to Malmoo.
8:20 am, thursday, august 28, 2003

p.s. all of the people that I know who have read The Secret History seem to think that I am Henry
2:47 pm, wednesday, july 16, 2003

read your book.. The Secret History and am absolutly in love with it. I am a young actor based in NY coming from much the same highschool and college atmosphere as your 6 main characters. I don't know who is directing your book as a movie but whoever it may be I would love to get involved at any level on the making of this project.
Ramsay Cole.....
2:39 pm, wednesday, july 16, 2003

I am fascinated by this book and truly curious if there is any REAL equivalent of Henry Winter.
8:50 am, wednesday, july 2, 2003

Will I ever see you at a Scene party in NYC?? I'll be looking...
4:15 pm, thursday, june 12, 2003

Excellent. Elegant. Sublime.
2:42 am, tuesday, june 10, 2003

I loved, "The Secret History", it was excellent.
2:36 pm, monday, june 2, 2003

I am doing a program in June on Donna Tartt's works and I would dearly love to be able to access these interviews.
Maribeth S. Murray
1:54 pm, thursday, march 13, 2003

I just would like to ask if you know when the little friend will be translated in french. Which publishers?
because the secret history is one of my favorite book. i'm so impatient to read her new book.
thanks answer me. this site is great.
3:53 am, saturday, march 8, 2003

When do you think you will write another book along the lines of the Secret History? I have read both of your books and enjoyed them both but was able to relate more to your first. Please don't keep a fan in dismay.
1:11 pm, friday, february 28, 2003

My wife and I just finished your first book --what a great first book!-- Thoroughly enjoyed your plot, writing style and character development.
One question --Was this ever considered as a movie? I cannot find any news regarding this.
Looking forward to reading 'The Little Friend'
Paul Casi
9:22 am, wednesday, february 26, 2003

Recently read Secret History and couldn't help picturing Philip Seymour Hoffman (ala Talented Mr. Ripley) as Bunny. A great novel, any interest in a film version? Relishing Little Friend at the moment. Many thanks.
Mark Tomacci
9:42 pm, sunday, february 16, 2003

I recently read "The Secret History" which I found inspiring. I noticed you are friends with Easton Ellis - he is also someone whose work I respect. I am looking to re-write my own book and want to ask for your help and ideas with it - I am searching for some kind of mentor. I would be delighted if you were to get in touch!
Anna van Praagh
4:30 am, friday, february 7, 2003

loved The Secret History. looking forward to The Little Friend.
5:35 am, tuesday, february 4, 2003

Perge quo coepisti!
Hans van den Broeck, EU-translator in Brussels, native Dutch speaker
4:50 am, friday, january 24, 2003

dear ms. tartt. i just finished your first novel, the secret history. i too am a southern writer working on my mfa in chicago. they shipped me up north when i was ten and made me a yankee. thank you for the burst of inspiration in your novel. how i did not discover you until now baffles me...oh well...thanks for the great read, and now i begin the little friend. with sincerity,
ally j. carruthers
10:32 am, tuesday, january 21, 2003

My Little Friend is my first contact with your writing; I found it on the new books shelf at the public library. It grabbed me so I bought a copy to share with my friends, and I don't part with money easily. Great work.
Yvonne Carpenter
8:31 am, saturday, january 11, 2003

For the agent ("Binky"): I am trying to complete my holdings of Ms. Tarrt's writings. Do you know how I can get the Harper's article and stories and the GQ article? Also, I would like a hardback copy of "A Christmas Pageant," if it is available (autographed, if possible). Thanks for your assistance.
Christopher Boner
1:55 pm, friday, january 10, 2003

I am reading The Little Friend--on page326, now--and have a word puzzling me: "Harriet had smelled snake-stink herself...wafting acrid and REASTY...." (page 151) Should the word be YEASTY? I can't find "reasty" in any dictionary. Thanks.
Christopher Boner
1:49 pm, friday, january 10, 2003

I'm very sorry, but the translation of the dutch articles on the site is quite poor. If you agree, I would like to re-translate these articles. I'm a native dutch speaker and I'm a linguist, a huge fan of Donna Tartt and these translations hurt... may I?
Francis Note
4:07 pm, wednesday, january 8, 2003

I love The Little Friend. It is such an exciting book. I have not had the chance to read The Secret History yet, but I am greatly interested. If it is possible, could you send me any information about any upcoming novels you are working on and what I should be looking foward to? Thanks so much. Happy New Year.
Sarah Ann Veglahn
10:27 am, tuesday, january 7, 2003

I do not think Henry killed the poultry farmer. Others in the book group I'm in here in Cambridge England were intriqued to say the least. The farmer, tired of losing chickens to a nightly marauder, went looking in the woods and was horrified to encounter the cougar Richard saw in the car headlights (we have reliable sightings of a 'fen tiger' here in Cambridgeshire so why not in Vermont) he fled after shooting and missing and presumably dropped his gun. The cougar caught him and was in the process of mauling him - ripping open his belly, and cracking his skull - when the stoned four raced onto the scene. The cougar took fright; bit Camilla's arm and in flight hit Henry in the back knocking the wind out of him and got a hefty punch in return. No student fist, not even a fit, powerful one is going to burst open a skull and not suffer serious damage as well. But the illusion that they had killed the poor chap was too great and so we have the origins of great tragedy. The wild cat Charles wanted as a pet and which bit Richard on the arm was too much of a coincidence and convinces me there is a subtlety in the book to be greatly admired. I'm going to suggest the group now study The Little Friend. Is there any aspect you would like us to discuss?
Happy New Year
1:11 pm, tuesday, december 31, 2002

Will there be or is there already a sequel to The Little Friend?
8:38 pm, monday, december 30, 2002

I just received a copy of the first US edition of The Little Friend, and I'm about to start reading it. Curiously, there is a binding error. The binding is reversed, so if you open the front cover, you see the last page, with the printing upside-down. Any other reports of this?
Robert Koelle
11:30 am, tuesday, december 24, 2002

Dear Donna, I have just this minute been reading of Richard’s plight in Leo’s Mandolin Warehouse in ‘The Secret History’, while sitting wrapped in five layers of winter clothing, in an unheated flat, late at night, in an English winter. Nothing like as bad as a Vermont winter I am sure. But I came to Henry’s comment that Richard’s room was “Like the Pantheon”.
Most people would see it just as a glib remark from a classical scholar, but it hit me between the eyes that the Pantheon does have hole on the middle of the dome. Just as Richard’s room has a hole in the roof.
The writing is so fluid and skilful I just have to write to say what a pleasure it is to read. Please forgive my punctuation and grammar.
Of all the buildings in the world that is the most apposite. Am I right?
Yours sincerely,
Ronald Ellis
I forgot to say that before getting to the chapter on Richard's winter accommodation I had just been draining off the water from a plastic storage container I have in the loft to catch the rain under a missing roof slate. It had over-flowed and the drips had been coming through the ceiling and landing on my head as I read.
Not quite Vermont but pretty close.
Bless you.
6:28 pm, saturday, december 21, 2002

Merry Christmas Donna!
1:25 am, saturday, december 21, 2002

I`d like to ask You if you know somethink about polish translation of "The Little Friend". I`m waiting impatiently for this book. I adore "The Secret History" and now i`m very curious about this book.
I greet You
Wojtek Bednarz
6:32 am, tuesday, december 17, 2002

Dear Donna,
I am in the middle of "The Secret History" and would like to say thank you for a book that is refreshing and makes me excited to see whats going to happen next. Its rare that I find myself living story when I read it.
Thank You again and I hope I can meet you to have autograph my copy.
Scott Morris
12:09 am, monday, december 16, 2002

Hello Donna
About 4 years ago I read Secret History and loved it. I'm in a band which has had commercial releases and I wrote a song about Bunny et al called Murder. I wondered if you'd like to hear it. If so please contact me.
Congratulations on the release of The Little Friend.
Best Wishes,
jo addison
1:28 pm, sunday, december 15, 2002

hi... ever thought of a bobble head doll made in your image? i am thinking of starting an author collection and wanted you to be the first ~ seriously... how would i go about getting the okay with DT?
9:22 am, sunday, december 15, 2002

Okay, I understand that 'The Little Friend' is not a mystery, but: Who Killed Robin? What is Allison's 'white wall'? Did you feel that solving the mystery would have upstaged Harriet's painful lessons? After all, Joseph Conrad's 'Heart of Darkness is not a story about Africa.
carol byers
P.S. We'll be patiently waiting....
12:43 am, tuesday, december 3, 2002

I am currently reading and totally enthralled with THE SECRET HISTORY. Donna, I admire you more than any American author I have read in my 46 years, including Sallinger, Updike and Rice. Can't wait to get the new book. Cudos and excelsior, dear lady!
11:42 am, tuesday, november 26, 2002

fellow Bennington alum..
4:38 pm, saturday, november 23, 2002

The Secret History. (apology!) Donna: I had no idea that this book would be so involving. Starting with characters, and a lifestyle that is difficult to accept. Through your ability, these characters and their involvment become the focus of an enthralling reading experience. It is great. So this posting does come with an apology. During the first 50 pages, I nearly gave up. I turned to my 'to be read pile'. Looking for something else. That I did return and continue the story prompts this message. The Secret History is great. One of the biggest, most enjoyable books I have read for a long time. Any UK book signings planned?
4:32 am, thursday, november 21, 2002

Is Donna actually going to read this? Oh well - it's worth a try. I saw Donna at a bookreading in Jackson, MS, at MusiQuarium on 11/13/02. As I was leaving, I saw her sitting at a table talking to some friends and I couldn't work up the nerve to ask her a question - it's about a guy I know who lives in the Delta and claims that he used to date her. I have my doubts because he's such a LIAR! I obviously didn't have enough drinks to work up the nerve to ask. Anyway, it was fun finally seeing her and hearing her voice. Sorry my comment lacks pith.
3:09 pm, friday, november 15, 2002

one wonders how donna finds the time for what is necessary with all these ridiculous people trying to contact her concerning this and that, mostly selfish, request(s). christ, if something is good then let it be, don't go chasing rainbows, find your own way people. read the book, then read another one. hype!
8:28 am, wednesday, november 6, 2002

Hi, love your site by the way, thanx, but, what is it with that ludicrous "set list" of actors you have bookmarked to play characters. Over half of the actors listed couldn't act their way out of a paper bag, let alone star in a film as good as this. There is not one single actor on that list appropriate to play Henry and the voting certainly reflects this. Unfortunately I am still wracking my brain trying to think of someone perfect to, but nobody comes to mind. I do notice Phillip Seymour Hoffman is the Number 1 "Bunny" (great, but getting a little OLD), so why isn't he on the list to play Henry also? Also some of the voting I have noticed just goes to show how utterly clueless people are about this book. Did they actually read any of the physical descriptions and character traits, or are they just voting for their "favorites" and showing a complete disregard for respect to the book? PS. Gwyneth is the perfect Camilla, with Jude Law as Charles. So glad she has got the rights to star & produce, lets just hope she casts it with being perfect for the part in mind, rather than popular "box office" stars. Cheers, DSea.
David Cummings
8:24 am, wednesday, november 6, 2002

Question: Where can I get an autographed copy of The Little Friend? I have my "reading" copy already. Love it! Also, I have A Christmas Pageant and would like to get an autographed copy of it also. I think Willie Morris underrated Ms. Tartt!
Christopher Boner
2:46 pm, tuesday, november 5, 2002

We are looking for an interesting author to speak at our foundation's annual dinner next June. Do you do speaking engagements? What is your fee? (can we afford you?) I think you would be wonderful. Thanks. Bobbie
Bobbie Klahn, member of Friends of the Library in Vancouver, Washington
6:35 pm, monday, october 28, 2002

Miss Tartt, Read and loved Secret History years ago. I've just signed the contract for my novel, "Afterlife," to be published by Waltsan Publishing next year (a great present for my 37th birthday, which is today). I would be extraordinarily honored if you would consider contributing a review quote for the dust jacket. Thank you for your consideration.
Scott Bear
8:49 am, tuesday, october 22, 2002

I was interested in your opinion on the book American Psycho. I was unable to decide whether or not Patrick Bateman in fact comitted the murders or imagined he did. I read that you were a good friend of Brett Easton Ellis so thought you might have had his opinion on the subject. Will read secret history shortly and let you know what I think of it.
(0207) 719 4439
Neil Robson
8:32 am, tuesday, october 22, 2002

Miss Tartt, I would like to work for you as your butler or handboy assistant. I will be dependable, punctual, loyal, and obedient. I will relocate and am available to travel when needed. Please contact me if you'd like to pursue this.
8:36 am, sunday, october 20, 2002

I love your site. I am looking forward to the polish edition of the little friend ... do u know when will it be out in my country ...???
10:10 pm, saturday, october 12, 2002

Dear Donna,
A friend just finished reading your book and absolutely adored it so she just dropped it off for me to read. She was quite interested in reading your book because her daughter is a Junior at Bowdoin College.
I have been reading the reviews for your book on Amazon and Barnes and Noble. They are wonderful and sometimes the critics are not so nice.
Can't wait to read your newest book which I see will be coming out this month.
Keep up the good work!
Karen Hastings
9:07 pm, tuesday, october 8, 2002

Dear Ms. Tartt
My name is Dan Foster. I basically grew up in the small city of Yazoo City, Mississippi. The reason I am trying to reach you is because I am seeking your assistance to help me write a book or even a movie about the story of my life in Yazoo City. Please know that this will be based upon a true story of the happenings in my life.
I have done some research and found your name associated with the late Willie Morris.
I know that what I have to write about and share with yourself that we can both benefit from.
Please contact me at my home AT (985) 384-5523.
Thank you,
Daniel Foster
10:55 pm, friday, october 4, 2002

I can't wait to read your new book, but in the meantime--who translated that Dutch article about it being published here first??? I can only hope that it was some malfunctioning translation program--it redefines the word "unintelligible". It's not even a very complicated Dutch text. Oh well. Good luck with the Little Friend.
Peter Nilsson
3:41 pm, tuesday, september 10, 2002

In Oz and N.Z. there are not too many people with Tartt as a last name. It is refreshing to find someone else who bears our lonely name.
steven tartt
11:14 am, monday, august 26, 2002

I am a mainstream fiction reviewer for Romantic Times Magazine and have tried to contact Knopf to send me a galley of The Little Friend to review for our Oct issue which has an early August deadline. Unfortunately, they have not responded to my repeated emails. I would love to review your book and would really appreciate if you could let me know if there is some way to obtain a galley. Thank you.
Sheri Melnick
10:39 pm, friday, august 2, 2002

I've read The Secret History and I am very alarmed to realize that an author named Janice Harrell wrote a book called: The Secret Diaries in 94 (two years after the publication of The Secret History) and the story is remarkably similar. Perhaps someone should do something about it?
6:27 pm, tuesday, july 16, 2002

Dear Ms. Urban: Can you give me the Amsterdam biblio. reference for the first European edition of Ms. Tartt's new book? Many thanks,
5:24 am, monday, june 10, 2002

I've read The Secret History and I have read a hell of a lot of books and this was the best book I ever read. I don't think I will ever read a book that good again. I fell in love with all the characters and was depressed when I finished the book because I didn't want it to end. I recently read an article which interviewed Gwyneth Palthrow and she mentioned your book. She said 'I have no five-year plan. I just want to act. I don't want to write; I don't want to direct. I would only produce if a great project came along. For example, if I could get the rights to The Secret History by Donna Tartt, for my brother Jake to direct, I would produce it'.
I myself think it would make a great film and look forward to reading your next novel.
Thank you kindly for a great read.
Lynda Keegan
1:45 pm, monday, february 25, 2002

I have wanted to send you a fan letter for 7 years, and just have not gotten around to it! We (wife and myself) moved to Florida 2-1/2 years ago, and I brought a select group of classics with us. Some Hemingway, Faulkner, Bradbury and writers of that ilk. Plus The Secret History. Please send me an e-mail so I can write more! Sincerely,
Wendell Abern
3:06 pm, thursday, january 3, 2002

Hello, and thankyou for the wonderful novel you have written. It not only fuelled my ambition to become a writer, but also reignited my interest in Classics, which was waning at the time I read the novel. I am now applying to read Classics at university, and can honestly say that I am able to look at Latin and Greek with a completely new perspective now.
Now that I have the gushing out of my system, I would like to ask you a few questions for our school literary magazine. It would be great if you could reply, because the idea of the magazine is to inspire kids at our school to write and read more, and we think the best way to do that is to get the perspective of working writers, particularly those whose work we appreciate. Thank you.
When and why did you decide to start writing?
What was your inspiration for the novel 'The Secret History'?
Can you give us any information on upcoming works?
Do you have any advice for budding writers?
Thank you again,
Azra Ahmed
2:12 pm, friday, october 26, 2001

I am on page 339 of The Secret History (police just busted Cloke for Bunny's murder); and, am totally blown away with your writting. To me, I see a hint of Mr. Ellis's influence. I am looking forward to reading your second novel. Good Luck!
Mike Belanger
1:47 pm, tuesday, october 23, 2001

dear mrs. tartt, i will spare you any comments on how much i admire your novel. suffice it to say that it outraged me to see how sloppy the german translation of it is. apart from countless mistakes (i can give you any number of examples) what is perhaps worse is that the book is considerably abridged, though it claims to be unabridged on the inner frontpage! i wonder if you are aware of the fact that entire passages are missing from the german version? in the first 2 chapters alone these add up to several pages! (for example the entire passage in which henry discusses how to "seize the town" is gone).
my first language is german & i'm a doctor of english & french philology (university of vienna), as well as a professional translator. it pains me from a professional as well as from a personal perspective to see a book i like so much so mutilated. please make sure that the new novel (which i'm looking forward to very much) will not be treated in a similarly cavalier way! all the best to you - marechal
ps: i am perfectly willing to substantiate my claims with a page by page comparison of the original & the dreadful translation (at least for chapters #1 & #2, then i gave up the german version in disgust & bought the french one).
pps: the best translators of english currently working in germany are, i believe, gisbert haefs (kipling, bierce & many others) & dieter e. zimmer (nabokov). i know haefs personally, but for some odd reasons he did not like your novel (nobody's perfect) & i guess zimmer is still busy with nabokov's letters, but you might want to try to get him anyway, or anybody else who doesn't remind me of karl kraus' famous sentence "he translated the book from the english into a language he didn't know anything about either"!
dr. richard marechal
4:15 pm, thursday, october 4, 2001

I recently wrote to you and have not yet had a reply. Please reply to my orignal email. I ask nothing more and will not bother you further.
10:40 am, sunday, september 30, 2001

Dear Donna Tartt,
I'm trying to write a screenplay. I know where I want to go with it, but I have a problem. I have not been to college and am terrible with english writing skills. My family isn't much help and I would like to have a person to work with and teach me. Could you possibly recommend someone. If not, I would be greatful that you have at least answered my message. Thank you.
10:16 am, friday, september 28, 2001

acid rain falling down all around seeping into my pores to the very core of reality, twisting it ever which way, bending my mind, and tweaking my thoughts, i see through another dimension, a temporary warped world, shimmering and glissening, expanding puddles of people, absorbing scenery of colors swirling, dancing trees swaying to and fro, curling their leaves to the moaning cry of the growling wind, fall down no more for i am to lost in you acid rain.
6:09 pm, friday, september 28, 2001

Hello, My name is Jessica Bain. I am a Junior at Alcorn Central High. In my English three class we are doing a research paper on th Miss. author of our choice. We have to present an oral report and come to class as our author. Clothes,makeup, attitude and all. Could you please help me to become you?
Jessica Bain
11:26 am, tuesday, september 25, 2001

I heard you read years agon in Northampton, MASS. They should have let YOU read the story for the Audiobooks - and cut NOTHING out. I don't care if it went on for tapes and tapes. I could listen to your VOICE forever... Thank you.
s i r e n s o n g
4:18 am, tuesday, august 28, 2001

The Little Friend is the best new novel I have read in years. It's not just a gripping story, it's atmospheric and the writing is a delight. Even the minor characters are fascinating. Thanks for this excellent site - keep up the good work!
2:01 pm, saturday, november 19, 2005

wooo, what a great site! have just re-read the secret history for the umpteenth time, this has given me the impetus to give the little friend a go
rus- A T
6:45 pm, thursday, september 8, 2005

The most beautiful book that i never read, so dark, I'm dreaming every time.
Thank You Milady
The cont of Essex
eugeniopapini- A T
4:50 am, monday, august 1, 2005

Hiya guys,
I'm going to be writing an MA dissertation on 'The Bennington Novel'. I would like to hear from anyone who has done, or is doing, a similar thing. If not, then I would still like to hear from anyone who has suggestions for ideas and themes that they think should be included. Best wishes.
brett bradshaw
brab2_02- A T
6:10 am, wednesday, june 29, 2005

I just finished reading The Little Friend and I loved it. It was one of those books that you feel like you are right there with the characters and the setting. I loved the aunts, they were true southern ladies. The only thing I didn't like was not finding out who the murderer of Robin was. I am looking forward to reading The Secret History, I am sure I won't be disappointed. Keep up the good writing; you are pleasing alot of avid readers. Thank you.
crparnell- A T
1:20 am, wednesday, april 20, 2005

I loved The Little Friend. I felt so close to the characters and the setting. I love the south, I spent some time in Georgia and loved the gentility of the people. My daughter-in-law and I both thought The Little Friend was excellent, but we both had some questions about the end. I love to read books that I can't put down and I don't want them to end. I am waiting to get The Secret History from the inter-library loan. Keep up the good writing, I am already looking forward to your next book.
crparnell- A T
12:00 am, tuesday, april 19, 2005

I've just finished the reading of The Secret History. Very gracious and powerful, cruelly realistic and mystic in the same time. And the atmosphere - reminds me of the unique combination of passion and austerity that can be found in some Russian novels. Didn't have a chance to read The Little Friend - it wasn't translated in Serbian yet. Any chance for that?
reversedmaster- A T
9:45 pm, tuesday, february 8, 2005

frontiers. Scary.
bakker_lars- A T
the book made me eager to know the main characters and, well, the murder wasn't so important than, after all. The story of Richard is written so well that i easily identify with him and step out of moral
4:43 pm, saturday, december 11, 2004

Donna's books are very beautiful. Yet it is tainted by my feeling that she rushed The Little Friend and that she is so mysterious. Where is she?
NightingaleSFK- A T
6:49 am, sunday, november 14, 2004

I love The Secret History. I am writing a coursework paper on presentation of failure in The Secret History compared with The Great Gatsby.
Elena Bowen
future_haker84- A T
8:14 am, saturday, october 30, 2004

Good to have a Donna Tartt site, nothing very recent though? Is she still around??
Henna Strand
ennablue002- A T
New book added this month Het Land van de Papaver: includes a new story by Donna Tartt. Also check out the details of the Daedalus and Icarus myth she is working on here Donna Tartt News. - Lake, webmaster
9:23 am, tuesday, october 26, 2004

I have visited this site many times, now that I have the ability to do it at home, I will visit a lot more. I just think it's about time that I write something here. I'm so glad I found an authour I could really like and read over and over again, but I'm still bitter that I missed the signing and the meeting in Stockholm just because I had to work that evening. I have learned from that night. Thanks and good luck.
molinhelena- A T
7:20 pm, monday, october 18, 2004

I enjoyed both books immensely. The rich description, intensity of emmotional expression, peoples contrasting worlds, and the drama at the end of "Little Friend"! For me you take over where Iris left off.
Thank You,
Noel (UK)
Noel Stephens
noel- A T
9:13 am, friday, october 15, 2004

Hi Donna!I adore both books.I like your style,though I have a lot of questions concerning the books.
Blue-m- A T
3:41 am, friday, october 15, 2004

The look in your eyes in the paperback jacket photo to "The Secret History" tells me a lot. You're an Empath: You acutely feel the pain of Others. Read "Human, All Too Human" by Nietzsche, his section on the souls of artists and writers. You're haunted, and I'm sorry you are. I'm developing that look. I'm The Panther in the Rilke poem.
I don't mean to weird you out. I'm not a stalker. I'm a happy, healthy and grateful man at 38, the father of two wonderful daughters (11 and 7), returning to Ohio University in Athens, Ohio 15 years after leaving seven hours short of a bachelor's degree in English with an emphasis in Creative Writing. I gave "The Secret History" to a bartender who can't afford to buy books.
I don't know if I want to write for publication. I must write. I write every day. But I understand why J.D. Salinger and Thomas Pynchon choose silence and virtual anonymity, and I understand why Shainia Twain lives in Switzerland and Tina Turner in France. Our world is violent, self-absorbed and sick. What happened in Russia over the weekend made me weep and have nightmares. Paxil and the pharmaceutical industry are ruining the Zen of the Japanese. Susan Sontag's new work on the images of horror is so well-timed. So, I play "Clocks" by Coldplay, re-read e.e. cummings poems from old notebooks and commune with deer, rabbits and squirrels. The planet is amazing. People are ill.
Hang in there. Thank you for your art. I enjoy and learn from it.
Be well.
Jeffrey Lewis Henson
slimhenson- A T
10:35 am, tuesday, september 7, 2004

I am curious whether we are related or not. There are not many of the Tartt family that I know of. Maybe If you ever read this you can email me. I've got to know.
Jeffery Lee Tartt
tartt- A T
11:06 pm, thursday, august 19, 2004

Hi Donna,
being English it's hard to visualise a hot southern Mississippi town. But on your canvas you have weaved a sense of time and a time lost that has focussed its colours with a clarity few other writers are able to. Not since John Steinbeck has the flip side to the American dream been so well written. For this and for your glorious story telling may I thank you sincerely . Hope you visit England soon. Best wishes, Mark.
mark boardman
mark- A T
3:40 pm, thursday, august 19, 2004

wooo, what a great site! have just re-read the secret history for the umpteenth time, this has given me the impetus to give the little friend a go
kkwietniowski- A T
5:33 pm, sunday, august 8, 2004

hey guys!
I just want to say: this page is great! fantastic!!! I do not know what to say it is just so good! I know another very good homepage. Unfortunately it is not finished yet, but you can read poems and comics and... about the secret history
please just read a bit and write here
love you all
tourenplaner- A T
6:58 am, tuesday, august 3, 2004

I read The Secret History and The Little Friend. They both made fantastic reading and I consider The Little Friend to be a true work of art. Here's to the next!
Helen Massocchi
6:56 pm, friday, july 23, 2004

This is a great site!
Keep up the good work
Sean McGahey
poet252- A T
7:30 am, monday, july 19, 2004

Love your work, you are going to be the Marquez of the US
Jon Routen Planer
info- A T
12:17 am, wednesday, july 7, 2004

Thank you for the great site. The Little Friend is excellent.
1:15 pm, monday, july 5, 2004

Your poll for the characters of the movie doesn't work properly. Can you do something about it? Kira
nonails- A T
I installed a new poll script. Now you can add your own polls and poll choices too! - Lake, webmaster
4:35 pm, monday, july 15, 2004

Love The Little Friend, one of the best books I've read!
svingstangen- A T
1:26 pm, thursday, june 17, 2004

This is a cool site. This is my first time and I think it's awesome!
mk12- A T
3:08 am, tuesday, june 15, 2004

I loved The Secret History but I'm having a slog through The Little Friend. I guess because I've had about all I can stand of novels written from the viewpoints of children. Enough already. More like The Secret History, please! And I hope Hollywood doesn't entirely ruin it like they usually do.
chiawana- A T
7:15 pm, saturday, june 5, 2004

i was a bit disapointed with The Little Friend. I was left with too many questions at the end that just needed to be satisfied.
10:33 pm, wednesday, april 28, 2004

Hello Donna! I am from Taiwan! I just want to say that I love both novels. They are great and beautiful. Hope that I can see you one day!
Kevin Lin
2:56 am, sunday, april 11, 2004

both novels, the secret history and the little friend, are so captivating that I cannot stop thinking of them. They describe a particular form of sadness. I am waiting for her next novel eagerly, which hopefully will not take another 8 years. Thank you very much Donna...
Andreas Stastny
andy.stastny- A T
5:47 am, tuesday, march 23, 2004

i absolutely adore donna tartt."the secret history" and "the little friend" are my favorite novels. i cannot wait for her future novel to come out, whatever it may be about. oox
purple_dragon80- A T
2:01 pm, monday, march 8, 2004

Die geheime Geschichte - genial, exorbitant und unsagbar traurig.
m-ortlieb- A T
11:13 am, tuesday, march 2, 2004

I wish that I could write only two books every ten years and write such breath-taking novels!
magnificient !!
sammie simons
sammmie_simons- A T
2:23 am, wednesday, february 4, 2004

This book is the very best book I ever read, since the first time in 96, I must have read it about a dozen times- and it still takes my breath away.
5:59 am, tuesday, december 16, 2003

I have just read Donna Tartt's The Little Friend and i must say i was overly impressed. Not only are the characters very overpowering but the plot of the book is amazing! I was hooked from the first few opening lines and therefore could not put the book down and was very impressed by the chilling gothic detail. I must say it was the best book I have read in a long, long time!
12:12 am, monday, december 1, 2003

Whoa! I'm reading The Secret Hostory and I can't stop. They are all very perverted people, but I like it. I wanna know how it's gonna end... But I'm a bit afraid to know. Already two crimes, is there another one?... Please continue writing because it's very rare to find good books from our days. Thank you
elodie_d86- A T
10:08 am, saturday, november 8, 2003

Wish Donna would get her site up and running.. Meantime, thanks for your work.
Christopher Holt
djgpaints- A T
7:56 pm, monday, october 27, 2003

not only do i adore this book, i have given it to all my friends for birthdays, christmas etc - and if anyone asks me to recommend them a book - it's usually this one!
lol_lecanu- A T
5:17 am, wednesday, october 8, 2003

Very nice site about Donna Tartt and her so good books.
Sigun Sandstrom
urssigun50- A T
7:46 am, tuesday, september 30, 2003

The Secret History - amazing book...
andart- A T
4:13 pm, monday, september 29, 2003

Sorry for gushing, but I think the Secret History is probably the best book I have ever read. Reading it was totally consuming and I don't think I'll find another book that can compare.
lindadalycork- A T
5:45 am, thursday, september 18, 2003

I simpy loved the Secret History, it's fantastic. But also the layout of the site is fabulous, marvelous and great! So simple, so!
2:29 pm, wednesday, september 3, 2003

Hi Donna.
I am writing a large three volume,Genealogy and History Books, on the TARTT TARTE TART Families, from England, Virginia, South Carolina, North Carolina, Alabama, Mississippi, Tennessee, Texas, Arizona, Florida, and Illinois. I am trying to prove that we came from France, migrated to England to several years and left there to go to American, in the Virginia Colonies, in 1634, which I can for sure go back to England. Also to prove we, are all the same families. I have heard their are some Tart's buried in the floor of the "Westminister Abbey", London, England. I can prove the 1634 to 2003 part. My books are above 90% none. I would like to enter your family genealogy in my books. The Tart's are very proud of you, and Ruby Pickens Tartt. Don't let this chance to have history written about you and your family. Please contact me at:
Keep up the great writing,
Brenda Tartt, Morris
bmtartt- A T
3:44 pm, monday, august 25, 2003

I really liked this book and I would like to read books that are like Secret History. Some of the elements I espesicially liked in this book were studying classic languages, studying in college, eastcoast of USA and the way these young adults were portrayed in a very interesting way. Also the movie-likeness was a thing that I liked.
So if you know any books like Secret History please email to me juhahe- A T
juhahe- A T
10:58 am, monday, august 25, 2003

i love your work. i admire it and wish to be a novelist like you. i wish i could see you in personal. thanks a lot for giving us a pleasure. i'm keeping your book like a big treasure.
3:29 am, saturday, august 16, 2003

Love your work, you are going to be the Marquez of the US
Ron Heistek
r.heistek- A T
5:46 am, thursday, july 31, 2003

Tout a fait abassourdie, charmee, meme hypnotisee de votre roman "Little Friend"
comv- A T
3:33 am, thursday, july 17, 2003

I was born feb 12, 1963, which is as close to being a peer as I will get, but sharing the same 40 yrs of existense gives me some joy, Thank you Donna!
earl tucker
earltucker- A T
3:10 pm, saturday, july 5, 2003

Excellent site. Love your work.
John George
johngeorge77- A T
11:27 am, monday, june 16, 2003

Complimenti a Donna Tartt per le sue notevoli qualita di scrittrice ed i suoi bellissimi libri che spero continuera a a scrivere ! Carlo da Roma
tibymendez670- A T
11:45 am, saturday, june 7, 2003

volevo solo ringraziare per lo splendido romanzo che ci ha regalato questa scrittice e per le fantastiche notti che mi ha fatto passare tra Henry Francis e tutti quanti....
061743- A T
7:27 am, monday, may 26, 2003

There is currently no better or more informative website on Donna Tartt on the www. Thanks for your efforts and thoroughness. She's an amazing writer with a rare philosophy. I'm about to finish The Little Friend and it's quite a read. What a mind!
Tom Scanlan
tscanlan- A T
2:34 pm, thursday, may 22, 2003

Sito eccezionale, ed eccezionale anche la scrittrice, mi e piaciuto tantisimo il libro "dio delle illusioni"
Chiara Sernesi
chiara- A T
6:55 am, wednesday, may 21, 2003

What a fantastic site! I read The Secret History when it was first published and find that it is one of the few books that I continually reread and find fresh perspectives each time. The Little Friend did not dissappoint. I was immediately engulfed in the depicton of the South. Having earned my Ph.D. The University of Southern Mississippi...The Little Friend brought Mississippi back to me with vivid impressions even though I now reside in southern Arizona. Donna Tartt's work represents much of what I aspire to become as I move from scholarly to literary writing. Thank you for the inspiration.
Stephanie Nugent
nugents- A T
2:06 pm, sunday, march 23, 2003

Excellent site!
Erica L.S. Whitty
ericawhitty- A T
3:29 pm, tuesday, march 11, 2003

Great site! LOVE IT!!!! Best site about The Secret History that I have seen, - and believe me, I searched for good ones for hours... keep improving it.
bye Rike
P.S. Francis rules !
9:39 am, sunday, february 16, 2003

Cool site!
Samantha Williams
willsamantha4- A T
8:38 am, saturday, february 15, 2003

hey guys!
! just want to say: this page is great! fantastic!!! I do not know what to say it is just so good! I know another very good homepage. Unfortunately it is not finished yet, but you can read poems and comics and... about the secret history
please just read a bit and write into the guestbook
love you all
2:32 pm, thursday, february 13, 2003

Beautiful site. Magnificent writer. You've done something gorgeous here.
S. Michael Fisher
smichaelfisher- A T
3:09 pm, wednesday, february 12, 2003

The Secret History is by far my favorite book, even surpassing Tess of the D'Urbervilles. I am disgusted that Hollywood wants to make a movie from the book (even though I will go see it out of curiousity) and destroy the completeness of the novel as a whole, that can never be captured in a film. I am even more disappointed that Gwyneth Paltrow has anything to do with it. That aside, I loved The Little Friend as well but The Secret History shall always remain my favorite.
Cynthia Lake
cyndilake- A T
9:54 pm, tuesday, january 21, 2003

Dear Donna I absolutely love The Secret History. I have passed your book down to three different family members now I am about to buy my fourth book for my daughter who is thirteen. Is there any possible way I could get this one autographed. Also, cant wait to read your new book. Congradulations!!!!!
amccann321- A T
2:14 am, sunday, january 12, 2003

Hi Donna, I sent you an e-mail before and told you how much i loved your novels. I would also like to ask you if you could help me out and maybe give me a list of good colleges for writers. I am really interested and need help. thanx so much.
Sarah Ann Veglahn
Lisa.Veglahn- A T
10:32 am, tuesday, january 7, 2003

Thankx! I just discovered that you published a new book. I wanna thank you very much for that because I love your first one! Thanx again!
Marco Grumler
5:29 am, tuesday, january 7, 2003

To the beautiful people who have visited this site and the incredible human being who began this particular, and, I must say, well-designed, "shrine," thank you for restoring my faith in the public, the mind, and the thirst for, not only entertainment, but knowledge and power. Ms. Tartt has aided us in feeding each...
The Inimitable E.
QamaQuintessence- A T
7:04 pm, tuesday, december 31, 2002

Bless you, Donna Tartt. Thank you--whoever has set up this site. Was there a review of The Little Friend in The New Yorker?
Robert E. Jones
rejsav- A T
12:21 am, friday, december 27, 2002

I just loved reading The Secret History. Thank you.
Esther Huijser
5:39 am, thursday, december 12, 2002

She possessed...the narrowness of vision which enabled all the Cleves to forget what they didn't want to remember, and to exaggerate or otherwise alter what they couldn't forget.
I'm a 62 year old painter and this is as close as I've come to seeing my work put into words. Thank You.
12:21 am, sunday, december 8, 2002
KCo1381134- A T
12:21 am, sunday, december 8, 2002

The Little Friend is brilliant. One of the best books I've read in eons! It would make an incredible movie if Donna controls the screenplay.
Peggy Jackson
pjackso1- A T
11:09 pm, saturday, december 7, 2002

The first time I read The Secret History was over Thanksging Day weekend 1994. It has now become my own little tradition to curl up, after turkey each year and eat up the pages of TSH. It just has that kind of fall feel to it.
I have owned about 14 copies now only because I have given them all away to friends to ensure that they read it. I haven't heard a bad response yet.
Thank you for what is honestly my favorite piece of literature. Michelle L. Periard
mlperiard- A T
2:51 pm, sunday, december 1, 2002

Dear Ms. Tartt,
I have read that you value your privacy so I wish to simply thank you for allowing some interviews. Many of your statements have given me a new inspiration to continue writing. I hope someday to have the privilege to thank you in person. I look forward to reading your new book. I wish you well in your continued writings.
Scott Morris
JetMech05- A T
Crookston, Minnesota
7:44 am, friday, november 22, 2002

I can honestly say that I have only two or three books that I would want to have with me on a deserted island. A Secret History is definitely one of them! I can't wait to read The Little Friend. All I can say is... I wish I could write half as well as Ms. Tartt can!
Kim Tait
kdtaitauthor- A T
8:56 pm, friday, november 15, 2002

I met the truly amazing and talented lady last night at a reading and signing in Boston, MA. I am truly impressed and in awe of Donna Tartt.
5:42 pm, friday, november 8, 2002

I haven't finished reading "The Secret History" yet - I am enjoying & savouring it. This is the first time I have been on the website, and I couldn't believe how many people have the same opinion as me... who to play Bunny if the book was made into a movie.
rachel.braybrook- A T
4:29 am, wednesday, november 6, 2002

I love that there are so many people obsessed with TSH! Hooray!
Anyhow...I'm looking for ideas for a paper that would do justice to the book. Any ideas? Email me!
tude66- A T
3:26 pm, monday, november 4, 2002

I remember how Socrates kept telling the truth of the persons around him, the un-perfection of the people, and was finally killed. Bunny was much different from him, or alike...?
I think some people, especially the sensitive ones, usually thinking all day long, too much, try to 'get ready' for their lives. As the result, his life never really begins. I guess it's because he wants to avoid the ugly fact of death. Cause he's longing for a life that will never end. A kind of perfection. Death is so urgly a thing that it seems must not belong to a normal life. It's kind of failure. Till the day Henry killed the man, and discovered there's no way to avoid Death. Death, no matter what you do, is part of life and is not that far. No way to escape. So why not calm down and begin to live now...?
Sorry for my terrible EnGlisH :}
bless_you- A T
2:58 am, monday, october 21, 2002

Can anyone help me with an essay I'm writing on 'The Secret History'? Its about Charisma. Any ideas or helpful links? Email me please.
tufty37- A T
1:00 pm, sunday, october 13, 2002

For the first time today I am reading about you and your books.
I, too, was born in Greenwood Hospital in the 60's and raised in a small, nearby town where I attended an all-white private school. We moved to California when I was in third grade and have never been back. Still, Mississippi is the imprint of my life... my soul.
It is good to know a sister is out there...and is expressing what I have never been able to put onto paper. Thank you.
Gina McInerny
GinaMcInerny- A T
11:38 am, sunday, october 13, 2002

I went to Amsterdam I live in Holland myself, but i went to Amsterdam to hear her speak and listen to the interview. You must have seen the crowd!!!!!!!!!!Unbeliveble!!! thousands of people just to see her, people standing ouers in line for her autograf!! I also got one and I met her later that night, after the interview in a little street and gave her a hand enz...that was great, she is great, she is a genieus!!! And the little friend (almost finished it) is also great!
annvroeg- A T
7:20 am, thursday, september 26, 2002

hi, have only read part of your book and already like it! thanks for giving me a whole new perspective! line xxx
Vanden Eede Line
swami_line- A T
3:46 am, saturday, september 14, 2002

i am looking forward to your latest book.
tim peeters - leuven (louvain), belgium
peeters tim peeters
tim_deverschr58- A T
7:11 am, monday, august 19, 2002

It is difficult to be sparing in one's praise for The Secret History. As perhaps the ultimate student novel it works on countless levels - as a study of group dynamics, leadership, transgression, taboo, loss of self, failures in perception and the limits of academia. Required reading for anyone going to University and an incredible debut novel. I'd love to meet the author.
Tony Tierney
we2r1ie- A T
9:03 am, wednesday, july 24, 2002

By far the best, most intriguing novel I've encountered - and I haven't even finished it yet!!
Ryan Gilbert
ryangilbert72- A T
2:12 pm, tuesday, july 23, 2002

Loved the book the first time I read it almost ten years ago. Started to read it again and just as good as the first time. Can't wait till October 2002!!!
marc s.
marc.soucy- A T
11:47 am, friday, april 19, 2002

I thought that the site was easy to use and could prove helpful in the future only it could use more proper information on the characters.
That would be great. There is a page for each major character in The Secret History - choose a character and Post away! - Lake, webmaster

6:40 am, monday, february 25, 2002

FANTASTIC site. The Secret History has to be my favourite ever book. Am very concerned about Gwyneth Paltrow getting her hands on it tho'! Please email me if you ever want to chat ...
7:24 am, wednesday, december 5, 2001

Beautiful site! Ahh, the morbid longing for the picturesque.
asunangel- A T
3:22 pm, tuesday, october 23, 2001

Awesome, Awesome, Awesome site!!!
I totally love it...
Keep up the *great* work... Its one of my favorite sites...
Thx for taking the time to read these lines..
7:30 pm, thursday, october 4, 2001

This is an incredibly clear website to read and navigate - great design for an inspiring book deeply portraying the confused longings - for the intense, the high and the unattainable - in educated students.....when will someone transcribe this book sensitively yet thrillingly - and timelessly - to the big screen?! PS: thanks for your message on my site guestbook - in connection with my detailed appreciation + assessment of the novel (incidental plug, honestly!).
Adrian MC
6:35 pm, tuesday, august 28, 2001

A couple months ago someone posted this on Usenet:
"I believe Donna married one of those Brat pack writers (Brett Easton Ellis?) and there has not been a peep out of her since. In an article I have by JK Rowling she talks about admiring the book but feels it could have done with some editing, but as it looks like being her only work that would have been a shame."
(!!) LOL Thank you Lake! I am soooo glad to find that none of this is true! BEE?! Now, Really...
lostgrrrl- A T
1:38 pm, monday, august 27, 2001

This website is sooo extensive & gorgeous too! I will be back soon. Donna Tartt has been long-deserving of such an elegant web-presence. Here-here!
starlet- A T
6:47 am, monday, august 27, 2001

Donna, The Secret History is still my favorite. I heard you read from it in the early 90s in Northampton, MA - wonderful!

Dear Donna, “What really knocks me out is a book that, when you're all done reading it, you wish the author that wrote it was a terrific friend of yours and you could call him up on the phone whenever you felt like it. That doesn't happen much, though.” I think this quote from 'The Catcher in the Rye' explains my relationship with your novels. I probably wouldn't be able to explain how much I love your books without sounding like a monomaniac. You're my favourite author, I enjoy watching your interviews and reading your short stories whenever I can find them. In all of literature Boris is the character I'm fondest of, I love so many of your character's to death and can't explain how excited I'll be when in however many years your newest book is released. You're my hero and idol, and I even cut my hair to match yours. I think my dream is to someday meet you, or go to a book signing you have, and if I can find an address to send a letter to, I wish you'd reply to my fanmail. Theo, Boris, Henry, Francis, and all your incredible characters will always hold an especially special part of my heart and until you release a new book I'll content myself with re reading all your fantastic books. I know it's always absurd when fans say they love people they've never met, but I can't think of any other way to express my admiration for you. Sincerely, a monomaniac die hard fan of yours.

Hello Donna, If you have 9 minutes and 13 seconds, can you please listen to "Snow Globes" by Black Country, New Road. with love, şeyma.

Hi! I’m Ash; I’m a middle schooler, so I don’t see many people my age reading your books. I don’t think I’m the targeted audience, but I find your books very interesting and fantastic. Your writing style isn’t like most I’ve seen, and it’s very endearing. I’ve read The Secret History and The Goldfinch (I just bought The Little Friend! I’m very excited to read it), both were very magnificent. I really love The Goldfinch though. I first read it last summer, and I’ve read it a few times since (I’ve got to reread it again soon). I think The Goldfinch was so intriguing. I very well can’t say I’m able to relate to many of Theo’s situations, but I don’t think you have to relate to a situation to relate to a characters feelings, and you were able to let this happen in such a amazing way. It feels natural, Theo’s feelings, it doesn’t feel fake. Some books can’t achieve authenticity; but yours always have in my opinion. I could go on for days about how much I love The Goldfinch and The Secret History and you in general. Usually you release a book every decade (some would say that’s ridiculous but I think it shows how much time and effort in your novels), and I am very excited to say it’s been ten years since The Goldfinch released in 2013! I am so happy about this fact. I can feel the anticipation growing everyday. Also, I’d like to shoutout your amazing fashion sense. I admire your style quite a bit! I also hope you do more interviews in the future, I love reading about your thoughts on really anything. You’re a very smart person with a cool perception of the universe. Sometimes I wish you used social media, but then I remember how bad social media is and how intelligent you are for never downloading any. It would probably decrease the quality or take your time to make novels. I think you once said a friend named Becky told you to never use it, and she seems very wise. Sorry if I’m wrong on that! Anyway, you’ll probably never see this but if you did I appreciate you and your work so much! With love, Ash!

I have to admit I am a finicky reader when it comes to character development. That being said, I am reading The Secret History, and I am hooked. That’s all. Todd

I’m reading The Goldfinch, slowly now to make the pleasure last. I also read Secret History, and The Little Friend. What can one say, Briliant! What has struck me reading The Goldfinch, was the use of some English vernacular, dodgy, knackered, and doddle. I have never seen that before from an American writer. I’m English, which caught my attention. I can’t wait for the next book, it’s about 10 years now? Thank you Peter D

Hey! I’m a high schooler in Vermont, I love your books. The Secret History is so special to me as there’s not much that takes place here, I can imagine the hikes, and the house out in the country as if I’ve been there, I love hearing towns mentioned as well. The characters are so unique from each other with such interesting vibes and personalities, I feel like I know them so well. The way you narrated the audiobook was so well done as well, I think about that a lot and this book has stuck with me more than any other. - Zach

Donna- I have just finished listening to you reading The Secret History. You read it so well and I felt luxurious hearing you read this story! I grew up in Mississippi, in Clarksdale, and graduated high school in 1972. I haven’t lived in the South in decades but I felt I could understand parts of your creation in a way that brings back growing up there. Thank you for writing and sharing your talent. Davant Dodson- Rosenberg Pittsburgh

Hello Donna, i am a literature student and a huge fan of yours, i'd like to use your novel in my thesis, is there a chance i can email you? i would love to talk about which approach to use with ''the secret history'' and want your honest opinion about it . Also, what theory you think is best to use in this case? i hope i'll get a respond soon au revoir. Regards.

This is going to be very short but I need to express how much I love your writing. To be honest I can’t explain my love for it, however, you aspire me in many ways (I don’t know if this website is legitimate. Oh well.) Love, Dawn!!

Hello, I would like to begin with saying that I have never read your works myself, but my best friend Sydney has and she adores them, particularly "The Secret History." It was her obsession this past summer and she would ramble to me about it again and again until her tongue was sore (probably). Now, we are both college sophomores and her birthday is soon, November 23, and I want to give her something special. I assume there are a plethora of people who ask the same so I apologize if my request is futile, but, if possible, she would cherish a note from you. Maybe written on the inside cover of a copy of "The Secret History" or even in one of your other works? Or maybe just a letter or even an email? I'll be honest, I haven't much thought about the logistics of this. She has dreams of going to medical school and is the brightest, busiest, most studious person I know. She is cheery and caring, and goes above for her friends and family. When she could've left, she chose to forgive me. She has helped me at some of the lowest points in my life, she has seen the worst of me and chose to stay. In a way, she saved my life because I have no guarantee that I would've stayed had I lost her too. She is, and will always be, my closest friend, the godmother of my children when I'm old enough to parent, and one of the few I will let speak at my wedding, if that ever happens. I would also like to apologize for the absurdity of this situation. I have no way of knowing if you will see this, or that this website is reliable, or if you're aware of it at all. This is really all just one big shot in the dark. I am willing to pay extra, too, if that is at all possible. All the best, Norberto P.S. If you happen to read this, Sydney, pretend you didn't.

Hello, I would like to begin with saying that I have never read your works myself, but my best friend Sydney has and she adores them, particularly "The Secret History." It was her obsession this past summer and she would ramble to me about it again and again until her tongue was sore (probably). Now, we are both college sophomores and her birthday is soon, November 23, and I want to give her something special. I assume there are a plethora of people who ask the same so I apologize if my request is futile, but, if possible, she would cherish a note from you. Maybe written on the inside cover of a copy of "The Secret History" or even in one of your other works? Or maybe just a letter or even an email? I'll be honest, I haven't much thought about the logistics of this. She has dreams of going to medical school and is the brightest, busiest, most studious person I know. She is cheery and caring, and goes above for her friends and family. When she could've left, she chose to forgive me. She has helped me at some of the lowest points in my life, she has seen the worst of me and chose to stay. In a way, she saved my life because I have no guarantee that I would've stayed had I lost her too. She is, and will always be, my closest friend, the godmother of my children when I'm old enough to parent, and one of the few I will let speak at my wedding, if that ever happens. I would also like to apologize for the absurdity of this situation. I have no way of knowing if you will see this, or that this website is reliable, or if you're aware of it at all. This is really all just one big shot in the dark. I am willing to pay extra, too, if that is at all possible. If by some chance you read this and wish to help, my email is [email protected]. All the best, Norberto P.S. If you happen to read this, Sydney, pretend you didn't.

Dear Ms. Tartt, Pookie wookie, release your book… pookie wookie i can’t make it much longer! Love Toes (with editing from Cathy)

Donna, Hello. This is a friend. Do you know the muffin man? Just for reference, he lives on Drury Lane. You know who I am. <3

Hi Donna Tartt, I'm a huge fan of your works and have collected every book. I wanted to let you know that my granddad was James Lovelace Tartt. His father was Barney Tartt, my great-grandfather. Your grandmother told my Aunt Caroline that Barney Tartt and your grandmother were cousins. I'm trying to build a family tree of my family for my 7-year-old son. Would love to connect and am willing to prove anything as I have family photos from my mother Sabrena, Helen, and James' daughter. Wishing you all the best, Whitney Henderson [email protected]

Mother, Where is your book? Love, Devotees

Dear Donna Hi I’ve read all your books and I just want to say you’re probably the best author on the planet and I love how you write with such depth and perspective on some topics Love always nat

Hi Donna I think reading a book has some connection with time travel and telepathy. The reader is transferred -somehow- to the author's mind and time. The Secret History was a perfect travel for me and I kind of regret I've just ended it. I feel sad about Henry and about the sheer lack of understanding between the characters -and within mankind. Thank you! Daniel Collico from Buenos Aires

Hello, these random conversations contains valuable clues or insights for her:

Dear Donna Tartt, How have you negotiated such relatively lengthy periods of time to write? Do you think if authors determined publishing, instead of publishing confining authors, there would be a higher standard of material in print?

The secret history est mon livre préféré merci de l'avoir écrit :)

Hi Donna, It’s Marcy . I don’t if you remember me but we took an art class together. You were writing your book and walking your pugs!! Give me a call if you want. 914-672-4473

Hi Donna, It’s Marcy . I don’t if you remember me but we took an art class together. You were writing your book and walking your pugs!! Give me a call if you want. 914-672-4473

Dear Donna Tartt, I'm fourteen years old, burnt out, and aspirational. Your existence is the mere reason that I believe in myself as a writer. I have a heavy feeling that you will never see this, (which is completely fine because I just want to say this, even if it's to myself,) but that is perfectly fine. In the case that you do, I would just like to say that your writing makes me feel like I can be accepted as a writer without taking into account the current trend of books. I had read somewhere that many people rejected your first book because it was 'out of style'. I love the way that you have your own personal style. I've nearly read all of your novels and shorts stories. I want you to know that you're also the reason that I'm a huge Wilde and Dickens fan now! Best Wishes, Ally from Nebraska