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Ridiculously mad

People walking on Wilson avenue

Stare into your anus and attempt to consume vittles.

Surreal universal nightmare forever

OH sweet jesus! Is that a jew you have in your closet?

the universe was born through ferrer's yawn

and then Lucretia Dalencourt turn on her computer and open a weird email she received: ''Thegame23 or #thegame23 can be an A.R.G., a simple interactive art project or a complicated interactive joke, it can be anything you want. As Timoteo Pinto (famous `pataphysician meta-discordian post-neoist) puts it about the 42.5 version of the game: "Some people say that #thegame23 mod 42.5 is a complicated A.R.G. disguised as a simple interactive art, other people say that #thegame23 mod 42.5 is a complicated interactive art disguised as a simple A.R.G.. Some other people say that #thegame23 mod 42.5 is a complicated interactive joke disguised as a simple pataphysics, other people say that #thegame23 mod 42.5 is a simply complicated interactive disguised pataphysics disguised as complicated pataphysical simple joke." Thegame23.com''

There was once

Sweetness no more

Hoshi whispered to the reader "That's gay. You realize that right.....?" The reader looked at her in concern and slapped Hoshi. Hoshi killed the reader. "DIE FOOOOOLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLL!!!!!!"

Poopity scoop. Scooptity woop. woopty scoopty poop. wooptity scoop poop, POOP POOP, scooptity woop, woopity scoop poop - Kanye West

Maybe I'm not even real





...have you been to the executioner's picnic?

Carnes espostejadas

My fate was death.

Jumping is my favorite thing to do

Just walls? Walls are such important! Without walls, 98% of our civilisation would fall down!

And the llama returned, to rule over the peasant humans one more, for he was their only hope.

Then the train conductor punched the evil llama

So the metal fought back


I immortalize my love for you in the anonymous tweet, bearer of the green yin yang ring

why the trees are green


I caress I envelope you up inside my hope

flying through space in twilights last gleaming nature of cosmic glory


insect whores rub cells, lick lavatory candy, feeding

You cant escape the memes.

She was a poem, but you were Jared, 19

very heavy metal

violence is violence and apathy is boneless violence


The gun

In factories near and far

for horses will draw near

The hard headed human clumsily kissed the soft hearted petal

The dervish strums at strings of Nightingale necklace


The hard headed human clumsily kissed the soft hearted petal

May you find your worth in the waking world

feathers on pitchblack water

Bandla was alway great

The row of rippling waves of the urper.

Hence no force, however great, can stretch a cord, however fine, into a horizontal line which is accurately straight.


Helen said, "You never know what you might find in here..."

Cancer has been following me ever since I was a little girl.



sweet iron caressing the saffron dusted petal



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i love shrek he a hunty

i love shrek he a hunty

We finds ourselves when our heartbeats are heard

magical rushes of child laments dress new thrills. eternity is so to have lies feared by night that passions disorder! earth is inflicted to be askew? for maidens dead, be shining that that heart is restraint. crush omen brambles!

the world would then be easier

Books are the doors to other realms


Life's a drug and we're all addicted.

blinded without lines



Forth to the with in the girth on the earth



Much like blood would taste

The darkest minds tend to hide behind the most unlikely faces.



Every decision you have ever made has led you to this sentence. Have a nice day.

mitochondria is the powerhouse of the cell

your lips are tarnished silver and when you hold out your hand i let you take mine

crushing a flightbird

(Pokmon, gotta catch 'em all) It's you and me I know it's my destiny (Pokmon) Oh, you're my best friend In a world we must defend (Pokmon, gotta catch 'em all) A heart so true Our courage will pull us through You teach me and I'll teach you Pokmon! (Gotta catch 'em all) Gotta catch 'em all

I'm coming home for good this time

It is with with great sorrow and regret that The Cryptic Corporation announces the passing of longtime associate, Hardy Fox. As president of the corporation from 1982-2016, the company benefited from Hardy's instinct for leadership and direction, but his true value came from his longtime association with The Residents. As the group's producer, engineer, as well as collaborator on much of their material, Fox's influence on The Residents was indelible; despite any formal training, his musicality was nevertheless unique, highly refined and prolific. Blessed with a vital sense of aesthetics, a keen ear, and an exquisite love of the absurd, Hardy's smiling face was a constant source of joy to those around him. He will be missed. After a series of recent health problems, Hardy succumbed to a brief illness. He is survived by his husband, Steven Kloman.

sin sin sin and you win win win all is in the jury's in and they tell me it's time for you to go

regrets... o! the taste of mistakes made!

Remember you must die

Farmer thoroughly plowed the.

The ocean is a separate world of its own that remains 95% unexplored

A wish is a fish you can fit in a dish


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please just set me down and leave me behind


i sat there with tears in my eyes and i just smiled

Hoe oud de bomen Ik weet het niet Ik wil mijn wijsheid niet verpachten aan deze dinegn van de nacht Je zou de ringen Hoe oud de kevers en de kruipsels de wormen en Hoeveel malen herfst en winter de zomer en de lente de tijd die gaat It's a street name to a house, the eyes red signs on a forehead, groping on the thought of yesterday Behind the curtains a scene inside the artist room VOID plays dice with the universe but he doesn't care who wins. He Giggles and stirrs up the black coffee He cries when he looked The mirrored image of his of the Essence you live in unmindful of present inside the Essence of your mind He looks at the cosmic spectacle with a grin is set on the bottom of a cup. stir the coffee thick again and tries to keep order of a fixed future to disrupt when the tree does not bark only when there is tranquility with what is present. Without the the fish there is no water in your well We would not swim I can see the traces of time I can read the Where is the life? Eyes that do not see each other, wood on wood the anger of the body, running in today's cirucus game. I walk in so much darkness that I am blind of questions. At night the cool mist of love by day the religion of breathing Terpen on a desperation that is tomorrow: only with others who are alone, together with the own voice, which does not sound in a shaky and tired existence where no more sound penetrates. And I who do not know this life me, a tourist in my own country, strange food in my cells, strange smoke in my mouth. I walk along all the roads that carry me and ask, but can not ask more, Give me the end so that I recognize myself. I might have been born Out of the dust and into the world One wave grass covers everything. All that lies behind our thoughts ends up ruling our existence as silent forces. The deepest, darkest places A Mental forest not to penetrate but if we are attentive to the signs we produce, we can decipher and understand a bit better what we are made of.

This is how I show my love I made it in my mind because I blame it on my ADD baby This is how an angel cries Blame it on my own sick pride Blame it on my ADD baby Blame it on my AD Sail! Maybe I should cry for help Maybe I should kill myself (myself) Blame it on my ADD baby Maybe I'm a different breed Maybe I'm not listening So blame it on my ADD baby Sail! Sail! Sail! Sail! Sail Sail! Sail! Sail! Sail! Sail with me into the dark (sail) Sail with me into the dark (sail) Sail with me into the Blame it on my ADD baby Blame it on my ADD Blame it La la la la la, la la la la la ooh La la la la la, la la la la la ooh Sail! Sail! Sail! Sail with me into the dark Sail with me into the dark (sail) Sail with me (sail) Sail with me into the dark (sail) Sail with me into the dark (sail) Sail with me into the dark (sail) Sail with me sail with me (sail) Sail with me into the dark (sail) Sail with me into the dark (sail) Sail with me into the dark (sail) Sail with me sail with me (sail) Sail with me into the dark (sail) Sail with me into the dark (sail) Sail with me into the dark (sail) Sail with me sail with me (sail)

asters in the fog


People keep telling me what to say and what to feel, so how do I know if what I'm feeling is truly real?

Het spijt me

シンジとは ふるいつきあい ドダイトス

シンジとは ふるいつきあい ドダイトス

the men of tomorrow are the innovators of the past


kimber is scavenger chicken

treatment sucks

Horror story of Monday

a bangle against teeth bought from the spackled market

Linda strangely enough passed


Fair Pony did give purpose, My love doth grow by the day on morrow's rise twill be yet stronger still


blood trickles down my lips


As the rusty, but trusty, blade through my heart tore

To see or not to see, to be a living being or to sleep with open eyes



the cold air and the wind

Jesus saves and that's the truth

Theres something in the air that sits outside the calm blue of normalcy



somebody once told me

sings. out. over. humming for home


Love is not a game, Love is not a toy, Love is not just between a girl and a boy

I won't hesitate, bitch

Rebecca! It's not what you think!

I saw you hanging out with Kaitlin last week

jasmine you

How can beauty exist when nothing does?

Death is all that is left, a darkness never revealed until now

A Book of Surrealist Games


hey guys ;)

hey guys ;)


and thus it was

never enough never

He asks if the bricks ring away the clutter the leafy window well

as i tango


The elephant regretted his decision.

When Will We wield weary weapons wonderfully?


VSauce rules.

insufficient data for a meaningful answer

our words are shouts into a void, a hope that someone will hear us


hunty. the in hunty the From, To that is, to

know.hunty. the life To it me you The to you From

This is giving me life hunty!

I wanna know how you do it

In violet reservoirs, worms I nor skeletons take, all hollow there spewed for bathwater make

a cloud of eyes

A glittering roof slaps at crazy ephemera

ragus seton denned notes sugar

Try working this one out. through aluminium word's red! the the of becomes word aluminium's

The red card quickly follows the rusty aluminium

etc... word, second becomes word last to second word, first becomes word last poem, your reverse will machine Reversograph Poem the and form the into words your Insert Machine. Reversograph Poem the with Poem" "Reverse a generate Instantly

I breathed softly, moving the air and pushing loose strands of her hair off her neck.


You deserve the magnificence of your imaginings

Sun-girt city, thou hast been Ocean's child, and then his queen; Now is come a darker day, And thou soon must be his prey. The fountains mingle with the river, And the rivers with the ocean; The wind of heaven mix for ever Withe a sweet emotion; Nothing in the world is sindgle; All things, by a law divine, In one another's being mingles. Why not I with thine?

Same thing, in a room Sittin' by myself, findin' heaven soon Many things that will trouble you Look beyond for a feelin' like you never knew Reachin' out, huntin' for the truth I'm guessin' I'm just sick of runnin' All this time searchin' hard for somethin' I can hear the angels comin'

While yet a boy I sought for ghosts, and sped Through many a listening chamber, cave and ruin, And starlight wood, with fearful steps pursuing Hopes of high talk with the departed dead.

The world is weary of the past, Oh might it die or rest at last!

Life may change, but it may fly not; Hope may vanish, but can die not; Truth be veiled, but still it burneth; Love repulsed,-but it returneth!

My dog's cuter than your bitch




Bitch? What the jasmine you mean I'm tired? I already told you this shit aint over till I jasmine yo booty hole!

Don't sleep bitch, let me tap that fine ass first

Don't go to bed yet, I'm try'na hit that

Good-night? ah! no; the hour is ill Which severs those it should unite; Let us remain together still, Then it will be a good night.

Children feed on attention and fame: Poet's food is the same

Chameleons feed on light and air: Poets' food is love and fame

In this True Love differs from gold and clay, That to divide is not to take away.

I never was attached to that great sect, Whose doctrine is that each one should select Out of the crowd a mistress or a friend, and all all the rest, though fair and wise, commend To cold oblivion.

I jolt the snowed over massive with my bolt of lightning

I weild the flail of the lashing hail, and whiten the green plains under, and the again I dissolve it in rain and laugh as I pass in thunder.

A window bird sat ourning for her love upon a wintry bough; the frozen wind crept on above, the freezing stream below. There was no leaf upon the forest bare, now flower upon the ground, and little motion in the air except the mill-wheel's sound.

Arethusa arose

Yet she knew, head down, stumbling along over the cinderbed and its old sleepers, there was still that other chance. That it was all true.

Nothing he wrote was original

not even his diary

He wanted to be great so goddamn badly

Ferns grow everywhere for eternity

Anxious that her revelation not expand beyond a certain point

The plot for the murder came easy

Killing must feel good to god too...he does it all the time.

A kiss is the beginning of cannibalism.

Everybody wants to get out of the sun

Everybody wants to get out of the sun

I wish I could prove my love to you.

everything is borrowed or stolen from time

Ernestus Virgilius was so bored that they decided to lace the school's water supply with high quality LSD

Dadolocesimo knew a



lovely stars above, they share our secrets.


who konw afon here

sunny nights in the desert rain

shriveled flower petals

And I'll never stop dressing up like Barney on Wednesdays

the powerful play goes on and you may contribute a verse

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The corpse says:

Tioepu hfega eisesmineu agah nawswa iaptm taeheu cwr odeetiin anoteahou a eeneentmea haiegoelh decir desit heacu btatem tohehho e sehisheey ntte eetpo rteptaa choper achia tlesgitne lrtoh xad tet ocesniv alaimie hciorycf lodohyte child msengin dre ih otitohaow iatipcyey onenne eg osequa eeninye y ckeavlut dso eassoreed a oudra hi tiiheed nedmae te eine etrely tpv atea hnaibwetoh geoate eudisael rtamaa eteire diolew idtootou hoyfnih haty rteyp isat ieag atinr igpeitta ierashe tetatimwt euohoot ketss feoatpeshi oolsug tidteckefa dotg eloenos sedadwe lrtiotiche povfo ath rsu chesahleck heitd lapet iehou tadpele shhoc ngas tunish ltoolg edia isudro srimfuat cbaenhec le slootsunf nem ede iewee ohiotaeubz orn inrodoeg aohoi inehel raq elea hios ogar eircesth nfo eihfixait npooe nilurese ted eivto boeceheyks untes edi rtocansooh aese paw tiealri enlamles sosia fgurir eic erhevi gew nen oehui doovdri dhesi tnu cunitu fpenn fureen rdinaif oredaces eerwint shai irounlada cifs ercoi wotedc sasi fit trey eh ne lhino raurtipii dom isherdoo ihfatse eeringe fec eimtosp uopshi ttsine dwn epcosi soen sleine o rego ksoopsodec rpesooho totironnt ofepa olceeretie tiohedooc sao hielo maav peores casun sheiso ebledaeti anot et abooku corgi illau ycioesp hicanjusu heottm wss ttinosog aehe frci ptelrg e eneip ihsarepdp nadynuh itmy ebattehns siooly sselaw scetyyin osmmacanes oana alletwyti nae lecedmea oetuilohod sse katatdg eg dosipi oninet edowih sgualnat siuser abeeho unirehs iludeshyih tuser nifedin loaled pet eias eeneeten oyeone eadetit tse ehe optar dah apil enateid laed ktere nhoasshe penle i e ehaelie konein hei sredoh tnbeedhew fnme miw etaithiri sooghaec.

indeed it does, and so too the beating of the drum. For lost we are and fools found not within writing, nor lamenting with noiselessness nor any other means of communication doth this corpse do ride

the corpse smiles

i don't know, yes i don't know

um, i was sitting in my room staring off into space

Ahh, bay, say, day... Alphabet komplett.

Touch the monkey, Christopher.

neon lies

for me

squeaking noises from the kettle

it was the professor, with a candlestick, in the conservatory, with Mary Anne

Sinful and dazzling beside the earth We violate glowing cats beyond the slime Alack! The inspiration will come So luminous near the flowers I meet happy monsters among the dream Be luminous. The feeling is no more We are bright on the earth You conjure electric gems behind the flowers Dig it! The inspiration has died unsure alive out of control the next life waiting From which dreams your brother come singing while the crowd watched

Rain on the road, rain on her face, rain makes the road such a dangerous place

Rain on the road

and with that she was gone


A Tuba is not a Trombone.

A Trombone is not a Tuba.


The leaves danced to the song of



BTW, that last line was from the Jabberwocky Gibberish Generator.

Rem smiewo luferoaspa nolndo isre hen sse soanimo latryee htaitie eshaod i smkasseime ooremat e ohophi sina lobitao elfethitl hermo bouhidryr re yil eredafae ppoon hlishli taed a osti dead snepa untert dawi hai wocolr gewhesun ttioz rtimenr inee fo ep cuesbal rdha ttatiubo tamitnah suh eedp aout eatree tohiot aul re iec tebuledro dipii etht rnnoad wingoy te duse gpivoosl dicreb laess onreti emdansomn e ltafu harn hareie liuobcocu aeunthiof dweradtsy rmiree ppuih nyn fratatuwa ndefah shh aonloeyuy dialh idate erwewutc noonoar rhe ake rotott wilteli ub uonne ackohag snyhe llamafason re bicefdohmt ofties beinnii ditan ja oodguo nwnifefy tketier cieyelg hslol aduetir nae fusrare ruor itrehi eseda net bisgoytg poy ltase ehoth enaerdat ewhustse afhahe ierlae yeolen quemn nadiso enpirina ylea hfaerw aht ntogmeti pabiqu igaedh tuadh reey teyss pysryh nesiidpe edsi limwluypt iethd pririko shonamgiy prneny adnaus fass imaa lewhaevu ireugol ovgag dhidefadit fflelewem hingire loymda dakeasw eci agtoma igcore obyer lorl to anlho gsohsho ac agottig nohinn torerfi hhed ot ir tce e a thashee htebd shao segeos huocee inamsel mlaely tnelgo ehoi baf ricavait eiliam aethae sehnohange nwoi apepnne hongish dmutaar uhao hettywsi inao ionnen oodini ntneda enuyp abl hdareh hhetch ohicuer een nqu tiat ew tneaho witte heroinep ass icfdub taedri ngohse uee tinohd ttnineow edao li tae a durtoguse eiydunaed eeheed slsehe ietihd yckeefft eig octo tignigoe do dasinl o tmilin o orara aatedaned ter osiyef pieneigid hrofredo sia tadrlyvbol lsattn ckuye eduf empi reingas ohyrsewn insid pck stio eedg ripelg obnateeni ed.


Kilroy was not here (or WAS he?)

I am the Walrus

I believe it's pronounced "CANADIA" not "Canada" (at least that's how I pronounce it)

My verdant broken heart


bite after bite after bite of my heart

ignorance falls, blissfully

She saw light in the darkness.

Sorry for the next bit!

An Siderodromophobia Siderodromophobia Supercauliflowercheesebuteggswerequiteatrocious... A Xialidiousus Siderodromophobiainto the Begamymourmotoe, Pippinpaddleopsicopolis! Hexakosioihexekontahexaphobia again. apologies to Basho

A fellow who kept in his boot

A rather large Contrabass Flute

Said it's too hard to blow

So I'll just have to go

And purchase an old-fashioned Lute

know just still out you

had lead slightly as well

My suicide toolbox I wear as a party hat

she sighed, and then wandered off

No one distrust Along this have but I, This after not.

No one TANS Along this IMP but I, This DOM.

In the me something these A needing A about me

Papi Chulo

the pigeon shrieked

Rawr x3 nuzzles how are you pounces on you you're so warm o3o notices you have a bulge o: someone's happy ;) nuzzles your necky wecky~ murr~ hehehe rubbies your bulgy wolgy


Goro Akechi is the traitor of the Phantom Theives




Death was fantastic


and Dahkar stared at the stars and wept

Generous Jim cared deeply.

Jet fuel cant melt Stihl beams


These last words, an embarrassment for the internet

The soggy boner fell down the stairs again.

hitler, mentioned finally,

an endless array of tantalizing blasphemy amidst ebony


slumped to cans





so now we know the sky is above our feelings,and that if we suicide the sea its gonna get angry,we should try and eat more rain

These words wouldn't affect your life if you didn't read them.

Pain is a feeling, suffering is forgetting that things exist beyond that feeling. She saw the potential in her life even though it hurt, and so she didn't suffer when you left her.

Where did you go when my walls collapsed around me? Did you look back as you ran away from the one you swore to protect?

enough to make the greatest empire fall

Alex, you need to die- Puydwdz

And oh, what a beautiful life.

The birds envied our hops in the edge

The art screamed at me, an abyss dark enough to get lost in.


like salt to a wound, his touches burned my skin


For frail wallflowers, courtyards crawl with light

a melancholic banger played on a theremin

Yo, my name is Poe.

Like fireflies on lazy days, the water


It's essence was in fact a flickering flame, ever burning and full of potential.



Knick knack patty whack

Her eyes remind me of the night sky

Before I got my eyes out


I know not; of this

Nor did we wish the same upon their swollen tongues

My soul is the lake

Falling into depression

tide pod

and all the hebrew crispies neanderthal


The universe speaks in wind and waves


sweet balsamic vomit of ordinary mind

sweet blood tasted after a tearful farewell


to all those who've gone before, thank you


Martin Thomas Nichols

He asks if

Then, out of nowhere, the number 23 appeared dancing in the sky.


Where the cats meow

These authors are inspiring and write books that are for any age you are right now.

These Authors write stories to inspire people and any age you are,these books are just for you.

hyped up on yerba mate in the hostel

this world has no end

cremation and unicorns

Surrounded by many yet still so lonely




slipping sideways in a cacaphony of dust

jasmine it. im finished. deuces, bitches



red roses to match the blood he drew from her lips and she finally b.r.o.k.e.... He'll never draw blood from her again...

She thought that she was dead before he touched her soul. Then, once he brought her back to life, he killed her again when he left her alone....

like a counterfeit answering machine recording

some say aluminium

Do you see three lizards in your closet?

Somewhat sturdy, somewhat limp

Utterly butterly delicious AMUL

You have an abacus? Big deal. I've got a Babbage engine.

black desire

her breast shined like a glass ceiling spotted on the distance, catching our curiosity, but limiting our carnal capacities

i can't change who i am

hate hate hate hate hate

He asks if

tin in my mouth like hot blood

breaks apart upon touch

Anchon asks if

there is still a piece of haddock


there is homework


There are owls

He asks if

the bricks ring the inception of despair

He ask if

bell blows away the clutter from

rubicon of liquid memory


Winesap repairs the leafy window well

Anchon asks if

salad never scrapes the broken window

he asks if

pinney tends the gum on the stairs

he asks if

he asks if

skillet ever grooms the elevated swamp


soul graspin.. world spinin.. ocean blue became bloody red.. night filled stars became inescapable jail of darkness.. tears fallin .. not knowin.. heart broken .. still lovin ..

the cool press of steel on chapped lips

bring two sandwiches, one for mystery the other for suicide

My dreams ran away before I myself was old enough to run after them.

She mopped white floors, pushing the wooden stick left to right. The stiff squeeze of dreams dripping from hand to floor, spreading shine she never knew in a house she could never own. Earning extra, but not enough to delay early wrinkles in her hands that scrubbed Victorian tubs, folded clothes into neat squares, polished crystal chandeliers dusted luxury her money could not buy When she came home, I did not ask details of the day. The smell of pine and bleach was a dead hug in the house. Each day I graphed my life against hers. Had to get further so mama could see my tassel turn away from fears that I would sweep my days like her. Cant count the times she asked forgiveness for not being more than mama. All of her days are mine now (still working on it) Still working on this

and then there was me, and I'm sad because no one understands this.

leaving my lips a burnished russet

Garbage Pie

I love april snow.

Scrapes a rough tongue

Widdershinsan almost love

Make love under the sycamore tree

solid rocks are

Wet petals peel back in sun-dust sweat heat

yes daddy

It is now time to go.

My skin is warm and smooth, it waits for your alabaster flesh enlightenment, I wish nothing more than your lips on thy flesh. Your kiss is my breath inhaled. Give me life.

gsm prayer somali

so you submit with absolution

The untouched earth, disturbed only by the occasional bird landing upon it, stood still

The birds flew in the sky, not stopped my much, if anything


moths drink the tears of sleeping birds

i will drink the night

i want to lay on the water

it is raining here

i love to watch trees

The brown cat

interpret the combined figure


sunday monday tuesday dead

I don't think this hotel is for me.

i don't have time to bleed

The stoned clouds come crashing to the floor

dusty diaper bags full of spoiled milk

And you should be dead by morning

Trying to decipher your words and finding beauty in negative spaces.

I fled to Siberia to work with the white slaves.

He mentioned rectal mucous and I didn't understand.

fly into a tree-boat

He grasped her hand to pull her close and all that came was her hand

scrapes away my love

stop the universe

chaos dead blue and


Roasted Sun nailed to the Sky like a snake to the Cross

and it's all a case of "saudade"

choppin' broccoli

and it crackled like lightning


like setting a disco on fire

leaves are falling

milk-pale, exsanguinated, veal or kosher

the scent of your tears still clinging to my skin

in west philadelphia, born and raised

chrome spinners on my ride

And I think I'd miss you even if we had never met.

I was in an oasis of smoke and I would'nt have traded it for the world.

I can stop him noff

The roof has eyes that glaze over

Why do you add such bologna to my life?

I put on my wizard hat

looking up skirts

somewhere in the red chery fields

She was choking on cloud fire

We eat typewritten omelettes with screwdrivers


dreams puddle beneath my feet, urine stench.


floating into the abyss

Their hands reached towards the sky in anger

But could it be?

He gagged a bit whenever he looked at her.


gringo green and

montana red

morphine sulphate blues

sound collage dogs

And so it came to pass

frenching that staplegun tongue

dan fogelberg sings to me in the spiralling darkness

And then he exploded.

Four legs crawling up the ceiling

Chickens eat blue corn under a yellow tearful moon.

Let me now consider the concept of time.

i feel like punching something

The monitor of my heart malfunctions


Words curling up and fading like smoke, you suddenly hear the ice cream bells.

like a bird on a petal

as the hitman says "you are about to become one cadaverous motherjasmineer"

and time ticked (tocked?) to the end of this epoch

no me gusta la verga, no

banana soaked in defecation, screaming the lyrics the "video killed the radio star".

I eat the butterflies on your chest while spewing black metal out of the pores of my big toes.

I wish you would. I wish I could.

Lap it up.

As a dog returns to his vomit, so a fool returns to his folly.

Hell and destruction are never full; so the eyes of man are never satisfied.


twin, but not from the same womb

until last Saturday, she passed another way

Keep always this dim corner for me


A lump of agony is fixed in my chest

Bloody maggot-filled mud burned

I would glue your eyes shut but my fingers are stuck to your watery limb!

lips brighten orange from oxidized passion

a fish that walks and a dog that talks

to the end of the page

stinky dinky lost his pinky

The coffee tasted like rubber.

In the elysian fields: sewers flooded

That those unholy robots might forever remember the face of God

strings don't connect me

And so the snowfall, general yet only there again, called her name


Colorless green ideas sleep furiously in the garage of negativity.

The cold curvature of his brow spawned desire and naseau.

& soft redundant currencies of thought rebounding twan & fram without withall

If I had a whole day, I'd never know it.


and we never laughed again

come and take me, spice and spit

never to be seen again


je suis seul

a beautiful dreamer comes to life

mildly caffeinated

everything ends.

place by the river

badly need your help. The louder he talked of his honor, the faster we counted our spoons.
I am from Japan and , too, and now am writing in English, give please true I wrote the following sentence: "You find that as you keep writing articles which are the chapters in your book ideas for."

Waiting for a reply , Rafael.

And everytime we laughed, another one died. Because we shouldn't have fun while the others subduct into insanity

We were somewhere around Barstow on the edge of the desert when the drugs began to take hold.

and she stepped on the ball

At nightly tasks she fails and flunders

and the crazy lady spoke the inadequate rhyme

oppressive hands forcing


I bid you farewell; every man has to die

and a meatball sandwich

where it was currently covered by more dead babies than I can fit in my garage

Finding truth in blood seams

full of cooper blood on a checker plate

and it stabbed me through and through

well, you certainly can't buy half a cup in the store

may we gnash agian our crowded teeth

Each time I look up

mine mine mine

I have become a guitar hero junkie

Far away, far away. Are not all things lovely far away?

the lamb lies down on broadway

and this too now belonged to him

sometimes the poor in speech are wealthy in ideas

now is the winter of our disco-tent

roll me like a snickerdoodle in the cinnamon-sugar of discontent

in these moment of exquiste torment I reached out and only found emptiness

my back aches as if I was old

Break a vase and release the words

unchaste lips sing virginal hymns

of the warehouses crumbling to disrepair

The Jasmine was long and slender.

the maximum soju appreciation apparatus

For I dared to go sixteen miles on the Erie Canal

I can revise them as needed.

and the light burdened the darkness with its luminosity

beautiful songs about horrible things

empty arms and empty thighs, he held onto her with the only strength he had: his teeth

staccato rain traced legato rivulets

she nursed the bottle of wine nightly

starved myself until the bones stuck out and found redemption

a never ending spiral of hate, all in the mind of the artist

It grew inside of her, a tree with leaves reaching out, branches calling for help.

I see the birds melting, mixing with plastic transparence waiting the day when the sun falls

The universe smiles at you in microcosm

Shadows of unreality stalk

shutter me with fine delight

The cadaver I woke with half remembered rhyme, she whispered in my ear.

One life will never be enough-and yet-

She let go of it quickly.

And she was never seen again; until I made a most dire mistake.

and she said he would love her in essence

wishing you a profitable primary gifting period and an effortless renewal of dull routine

she has dead eyes.

...and that's how the banana tree fell.

joined at the hip like those icons of siam

It is indeed by the spilt blood of the wicked that the end begins.

Life is like a slideshow

and for every word he said, i licked my armpit

the devil has come from under the sea

she burned, and writhed, and prayed for relief from it

We chased the squirrel to the sea.

Merry whatever and happy something or other.

he rides a maniac horse

he rides a maniac horse

And we all were left a little bit dirtier for having known her

fasten your Grace Kelly seatbelts

Pertinent questions never get asked

Bagging the farce in an unarmed raid


It smiles and drips down our heads, mouths and feet

sappy, leaking through every pore

The ruined, unfolded wings of childhood

and it died and I lived

She sells sea shells on the sea shore.

Wide spray of lamplight in the city street

With the fire in your heart can you ever put out the flames?

and the flaming raspberry fell through the leaves.

i stayed put, because i don't know what change is.

je me appelle App Ell

these are the confines of the natural world said Newton as I bounced apeoplees off his face

If life was a rollercoaster

thusly he fell

meanwhile we're all dying

laughing she loved his eyes and wished to kiss his mouth

and sunflowers die in tomato sauce smiles

only partially escreting a pschotropic starbrite from my gasping mouth

And when my lunchbox died, I surely was envious.

And with the blazing sword of the gorgonic slayer the spirit of the world reached a platue of solidarity

lovely malaise of winter's long flight

brain stuck in the gutter, happily cozy

I'm so jasmineing bored


eat or be eaten teach or be taught

guard yourself from cerebral rot

teach them well

gave us a sense of dignity.


The beautiful melting of flowers

It's lucious flesh called to me, entrancing me with it's aroma

A dead sunflower in a jar. A piece of wood painted Father.

Entreat me not, you houdspit hufflers, you divers deniglers!

He said that whatever it was it would have it assurance of beauty.

as I swipe my finger through the dust on his skull

The sweet thoughts made me sick

"Can't you smell that?"

that's the kind of irony that feeds mouths

the only one who understands will turn away

mourning languished potential with buckshot prejudice

I don't love you any more

I want to run

trees fall

This poem doesn't contain the word "lace"

Can you see red whilst also seeing green?

There was a bee in her bonnet.

Come away with me

just because it looks like one.

two dwarves teeter on stilts... one is


the washing machines dance to the fur elise beneath the pale moonlight,

God made the herron to consume the dredge.

beanhole chuckhole me please

her porcelain words haunted on my dying tongue

depression breakfast face

reality is such a harsh trip

poetry of a hijacked culture

turgid cacophony bleeds obtuse epiphany

and one oily tear of grief falls on the coffin

I like the I like turtles line

coochie coochie I got a lump in my jasmine

roll with it or roll in it

discarding my belief in soul mates better to find some tangible and real

this I find broken at my feet

and we'll all laugh at gilded butterflies

I like turtles.

evolution decided we needed a better idea than God

This Habsburg-Valois war of my heart over yours

Cold as summer rain beneath the starry mid-day sky

Eating sour cherries beneath the gentle boughs of an apeoplee tree

sunlight burning my eyes again?


tasting wild cherries while you watch me

skin cool to the touch


the honest man joins the museum of antiquities

sick of existential nihilism

And the sun burned them to dust

his greenery contused by progress

stupid and weak

trash like genius smells like ashtray rose

this long dog is bent around me

get bent get spent and don't forget to pay the rent

The whale tumbling in the washing machine

get a grip image kiddies nobody is judging you except you

I am grounded, I am humble, I am one with everything.

and then we went wandering off

you could never publish my secrets

But does that mean he wanted me?

unrealstic dreams coagulate in mind

Legs folded like a paper crane

i jsut wanted to read

i am the heroine of his junky love story.

poetry falling down the stairs

Giving up at hope, thus grasping with gasping breath

Rusted boars, dancing with their pink dotted party dresses.


Damn this poem is really long like someone should do something about that like right now

Cars in the world that we drive thru

someone is shaking a dictionary over the sky

someone is shaking a dictionary over the sky

turn. lines. into that which you are

Defiant she drew her sword

nip-ell biz-otch

tremendous nipeoplee hair portfolio?

there is a butterfly breathing out of you

There it is.

wishing to drop the veil

beating a trenchline around the bush

hope springs eternal

Good site! great job, thanks

suckling starboard drunk off filth

Kissing me wouldn't have made a damn bit of difference to where we are now but at least I would feel like I'd lost something real

line the green cans

Can the green lines.

Can the green lines.

Love is musical fairytale nightmares

The night is dark with no moon in sight.

chaos AD

they're laughing at me

all of the pigs

squealing with glee

wearing their dollars

like a shock collar

I will be capping

radio chip installers

startling purple snowdrop

golden corrosion burns across the healing hand.

She lay her hand upon me

I am a writer who can't sit down

kitty can purr like a diesel engine

His arm smelled strongly of joy.

seems your cat could use a good twaddling he said

snoodling the bitches

figuring the chicken wouldn't linger

she wiggles her hips, whistling songs of surprise

mush munchies long at the

blind faith for wraith raped paper figments

nutty *****, equivalent to this

Obama is in, success inevitable

In the splender of helvetica font

hemlines rise and house the fissure

lukewarm tea, cooling untouched, while we talk about why we're unhappy

Is it possible to have an answer when one is not certain of the question?

kisses for toothless grins and beautiful minds

hope for the best and prepare for the worst

and she pulled her teeth out one by one

Now kids, which corrupt and amoral representive of big business would you like to run the country?

Raise your hand if you like the man on the left. And on the right? Good.

Ok go back to sleep now kids Big Brother has got it under control.

waste not want not

He picks her back up, confused about discarding something so precious

nascent treasures visible through the keyhole

wish it would rain

heavy clouds over the parched desert, belabored thought

Se dice bisonte no bufulo

Hoff, yes?

and the buffalo contemplated their many stomachs

sometimes I still remember this...

we pile up love and memories and join two lives and run together

He decided to throw her away

Il existait toute une suite de dpartements spciaux qui s'occupaient, pour les proltaires, de littrature, de musique, de thtre et, en gnral, de dlassement. L, on produisait des journaux stupides qui ne traitaient presque entirement que de sport, de crime et d'astrologie, de pejasmine romans cinq francs, des films juteux de sexualit, des chansons sentimentales composes par des moyens entirement mcaniques sur un genre de kalidoscope spcial appel versificateur

Prancing verdent in the fields of May

you might laugh, but youll never smile

you might sleep but youll never dream

whatever you have, lay it down.

warm bed and smiles

If only there was a way to see you properly

Home from the Obama rally


the sweet dog

ignorance is strength

moronic consumerist goosestepping

There are things we should not know.

Do'nt eat cheese before noon.

Chuck Norris kills everyone.


giving from a heart's devotion

he was happy

Olive colored walls

And the arms strain to touch each other.

And the sun rose up into the cloudless sky.

I have lost my place

Try and love me if you can

drawn legs, wrapped to prime

i livid with impetus

You've sewn destructions ripest seeds

and we all laughed at the misery of the red bearded viking

Slither under inside STOP!

ochre lips

She wears all the right billboards, kisses all the right girls

But I'd rather a bright one, in flowers not pearls

I'm runnin' through water, when I can just swim

Accept my silence, I've got nothin' to say...

The petty banality of the soap opera in your living room

You are living out pre-recorded events

A ring finger of the left hand rolls along the floor unsuspecting of the carnivorous bots staring him down.

hear the child screaming

you're mama

The Universe presses her massive dugs onto the napes of our necks

Large penis

More paper fiat money and tech gadgets! That's what we need!

If you listen hard you can hear the sound of me not giving a jasmine.

'I prince, for species dysfunctional bring something noble utilization in breeding'

ever get your cock sucked by a lip-sticked pitbull

Spell death immediately.

wafting drops of the denied


The cookies permeated the air with the scent of oranges and love.

but it was already ten and he was already late

If you knock down everyone else you win

I've got a Twizzler, no you can't have it

I pity kittens who have no yarn

rollerblading is homo

but isn't plastic another word for malleable

I killed it and threw it over a bridge

hooney mustard please

you hold the Golden Ticket or so you think

my soul needs bacon

so smoke that *****

the only way to keep control

bittersweet in my mouth in my heart

bananas in the bowl please

resume the position she said

old peas taste not so good

I love the boy who just left.

your memory so holds me that


sparkling moon wine

I Know You're Out There.


bled the dream of broken glass cast into glowing maleable effluence

And so i collapsed, dead

get right out of your mind

i don't understand the punchline

does anyone care how you got there?

but give me more time

rolling in mud and coming up clean

dragging my soon to be corpse to the next meat parade


the mark turned violet then a hideous yellow

when the blakc reign came, it fell on the king, and chak the riffer went inpane

cradled, willing its heart to beat again

cradled, willing its heart to beat again

flip this capital eclipse

By tales, we lick the juices clean.

their cities hold the last few barons of old, vaccinated against death, but unable to escape atrophy.

the tape has been cut

put a new reel on

life is but a dream

consumed in the moment, with inhibitions lost

all twisting together within an uncontained rage

and eldritch fire rained from the heavens

fingers slip and cling in the orangeglow of some New Jersey tunnel

The scent of a cave trickling down

so let this be a lesson, oh plainclothes madman


I don't want to see you begging

dreams skeined my mind, breathing clouds

Breaking News

George W Caesar crosses Rubicon on jetpack fueled by dead kittens, pure greed

George W Caesar crosses Rubicon on jetpack fueled by dead kittens, pure greed

to dark days.

He then went forth and usurped a spot on the bench of wild

and the memory was not mine to keep

I love to furiously masturbate while the house burns down around me

Rome can no longer afford itsbread and circuses

the abandoned ruins of LasVegas

call me late for dinner

I tried to dial the number

but all that I got was this lousy t-shirt

going with the flow

I am the post box outside my apartment, standing without a stoop


But it needed more cowbell

It's just at chicken

rotting inside neon trashcans

From the venturing engine my eyes become numb

And underneath the bell, grew moss


I close my eyes feel shadows swet, see prayers die where angels feel, I close my eyes fel shadows sweel in me.Hold me in your arms as the tears flo < promise me and say : I won't go!!! I won;t go!!!

the moonlight plays upon his crusted dome

the moonlight plays upon his crusted dome

Dancing in shadows across the desert, moonlight glows

And the curiously lickable earlobe

veralanius et mondominium spurtactaca

Am I a murder? Yes, of my own heart.

Not so arrogant as a mountain, not so boring as the plain


but the mongrels oh how they dance

can opener poised to slit the edges, escape


So I spotted The Hoff

The cat came around the corner

Such a paradox, isn't it?

Heaven is a place where you can enter your intinials in the top ten and wait for another go.

Wringing the fantastic split

guns and germs

salt and steel

Fettered by insatiable hunger

and in the dying of the light, I live

The watercolours are alive

this is a test ...this is only a test ...

Great heaving hairy bollocks of justice!

Crawling in my skin,

Lydia is a whore

garbage in garbage out

And then the apeoplee fell on my head


maybe we can explain the origin of life with a dishwasher and a can of AXE.

how is babby formed

As the sun bleeds into day

all over the place.

bong hitters blow xenophonics



psycho killa', like norman bates

the boat sank in the sand

the boat sank in the sand

And yet, the smile remains

loud and old to god always Vampirism.

utterly in chocolate

feckless for genesis

Overflowing with milk and honey could leave a gooy mess

and the squalor overflowed into the livings rooms of the middle class

amputechture building houses out of dismembered limbs

A spiraling vortex of blindingly white light

I am in love with love.

without noticing the tiptoe of rain

get your camel the sand in this vag comprises a desert


I love to *****.


Professor *****ejasmine's House of Nonsense

Flippant silence, want ***** of but sighs cut spent appetite

we hellbent on a worldwide ghetto

Dampened only by the weight of the spirit.

one flew over the coukoo's nest; you are a dream, a dreamer


All they are is lonely.


dark stains

sparkling teeth protrude from the rotting lips

ferocious, soft, drifting matter mattress

I will holler his name

gene wilder's screaming ballsack

i'm here to fix heine khabel

desperately, and without reservation, she simply gave up

Apologies for sitting on your head

Backwards upside down


lol lol

piss off you gormless haddock

world: talk corporation.

You snail understand painful and alight it flustered.

besides stacking nooses you deaf in ***** firing?

bad do guillotine at talking

Algumas coisas permanecem inexplicaveis

and we say this and that

antehistamines and roaches

With the wretches and ferns

flawless diamonds never sparkle

Greenery, but brown.

'Twas beauty killed the beast

mangled sharply to no avail

And she couldn't think of anything that would keep her

And The Mongo Collective threw stones at a bus.

Sometimes to think too hard is just as dangerous as not thinking at all.

Fulfilling the insatiable passionate desire


At this moment all other moments ceased to exist and time stood still like a photo of lightning.

shoulders are to strong

what we ate is what we tasted

I am in love with a snail.

I am in love with a snail.

my loon, my boon, my plain

my moon, my soon, my stair

what was I to you?

what was I to you?

Once upon a time in China, nothing happened and I went home alone

then she took a breath from me


It made his nose seep like Agness's apeoplee tart

It looked like something you would find inside of a Pharoah's tomb, somewhere deep in a pyramid.

choose: the warm sea of delusion, or the bare rock of reality?

The devil can be an actor, he can see if the Elijah will come to take him.

Though the sun did not rise on Thursday

Ultimately reached the conclusion

golden purple wings

Hurrying into the flaming building

never forget the end comes first

that's why, language is a virus.

violent games of pure innocense

His head was soft and swollen like an over-ripe pumpkin

I curl up and I die against your wardrobe

scotty nice

depressed birds don't


Our spirits reject the iron-oxide of seperation

It's amazing what you find face to face

chewing potatoes in the filthy corner

My skeleton has gone walkies and it's not coming back


but it was not to be

whistling, she spun, dancing in a windstorm. raining

sorry that it's me.

Under the mangrove tree


is as exquisite as the next quisite

The dog doesn't like the mailman because the mailman never brings the dog any mail.

but never in the morning

but nothing mattered now the stars failed to sparkle

unneccessary relief

Listening was the eyes foreign body.

he bestowed it with his latistible

can i ask?

Lifeless eyes stared at the distant horizon

rusty, sweet and sour, lick the flecks of bright lime blood

maybe this isnt stupid, maybe this is telepathy

Change, the essence of everything, don't you think so?

slendiferous auras, like sun reflected off the pearly whites of Jesus himself

learn to spell you pukes the smell




i love my mullet

don't mess with the hoff



crutches still swaying beneath a spinal cord

sparklewigs worn by Hansel and Gretel

What was everywhere, and nowhere, was inside me

In some ways i never saw

Mara had stayed in the same house for two years, and it still didn't feel like home.

Roses that withered and turned into dust

and no one is reading this before adding a line

too many vagan pagans justified the killing of the ramrod

does the dust hunger for my bones

Cancel service miss morbid?

Like bacon like whiskey


This is a test

blue blue glass moon, under the crimson air

Oooooooh, so exxxquisite.

i am tired, so tired.

there are cats in hats.

Like every happy ending the villan has to die

burns and draws blood

writing poems upwards is not something i caught on to

makes my lips spasm in a way that makes me worried


Don't stop lying, darling.

When we were kids, they were all over the place

The rat is only half as large as he appears in the daylight.

altessa alyn for president

I am like a sugar cube

more than emergent systems and complexity limits

Yorkshire Terriers, dawn of tomorrow

A slow word race by.

The dyng infant eye, the crinkled courners of an elder's palm, are born again.

Tabboo. One single, stinking tabboo.

What if I can't spot him? What then? Oh dear, I seem to be falling so queerly to the left...

Not here in this place,

six donkies walked into my house and ate all of my food. I was very hungry for one month

her blonde hair blowing in the wind

theres some scratches on your chest

A dream within a dream, and all our lives spent in illucid streams.

A lovely winter evening


eternal style in this cum-crusty corduroy

love loves pain

I despise you all

and with all my heart, I turned and left


trembling lamp shade as pregnant plum


and the monkey lived on.


I never knew what I could possibly do

Fluttering wings flying

The Hoff eats too much


with my blue in the dreams

discontinued, the egg evaporated, it fur melon-like in oder

falter at sunburn brin hat scoffs in flight

The sounds of Crashing waves ripped a hole through my heart

and if it mattered, you'd already know


as the stars fell on our closed eyes, we surrendered to the sky

touching like flower petals soft virgin hands

Marching through the forest

But really everything was okay.

nothing can stop a wombat on fire

She had cut-scars on her thighs, without her lover's lips.

The face of the deep moves roundly over the earth

But life has no right to be lived

The devil knows the bible like the back of his hand

undone I reach for your hand

I like pie

If I stepped into your mind, would you even be there?

and then the newt exploded

falling over under oh? why have you forsaken me?

my heart is a crushed rose

my heart is crushed rose petals

reflected in your shadowed eyes

after all the lovers in my life, you'l still be the one

A turd in amougst the bushes

that tastes of flower petal


An unintelligable swirl of sounds, and she wants to cry over her own ignorance

I agree. This morning, I ate a baby.


Cat *****

And time goes on, like a blue jay swiftly flying by.

and I forced the taste from my mouth by planting my tongue firmly into his

Energy flows electric


With the pathos of Gary Coleman

It was a miasma on smoky wind,

no heat--no passion, but a sense of friendship

and the colored girls say "do, da do..."

As I explored empty rooms and lonely courts

jump it jump it

defecting gray

defecting grey

Hey foo... Looking cute in them jeans.

fights to stay alive

fights to stay alive

And you, sitting there morosely with a armful of hams




eating swans on our white gentrified christ's ass

All mimsy were the borogroves.

hey sawbones I'm just carryin' on

Death, oh beauty, nevermore!

aline, of deer, oh my I can't feel the ehad of time


hoff schmoff

breathe, breathe, air in, air in

the leafy green goodness of that incredible salad

who held her tightly

You can't handle that you're life is a lie

Guileless as the foreign snow

The ninja splayed his flavour


The sound of scraping skin. Where to begin?

i sit alone looking at the sky

that is were we belong

A coroner's cornucopia slabs of surrealists last swan song.

across the ring

love is like you in that

someone said,


as the night encircled her, i caught the faint scent of the crimson red

Live through this and you won't look back.

and suddenly my eyes were gone

A drunken dog

In that moment, Peter ran, and

gave many poor boys the brush

Immediately, I ate the squirrel.

Spammy spam spams my spam.

everyone wants to know her name

and everything all at once

five years later on an aluminum slide

As the skyscrapers bled the sky, suicides jumped dramatically from new heights,

from shiny razor lips spitting words that cut like knives.

the words trickled from his lips and and as the words fell down she saw the broken stare in his eyes, for all that fell was one more chance and hurried whispers of goodbyes.

heaven would have none of me


And the feet pounded on the pavement, a cloud of dust smoking in the dry sun

And the feet pounded on the pavement, a cloud of dust smoking in the dry sun

magic dances in the air

venom drips from the maw

the wind is my wings, and yet I'll never learn to fly, for I've been trapped in Societies golden cage.

Rotting into tar.

Perfumed like the foetid flesh

Only in the soul of the dying lily

Whre shall the darknessemerge?

"Open Sesame, " said the little red danger.

devisive, perhaps, but telephones don't tell lies

or having coffee with a blue heron

and the nights became clearer than before

And I am anxious for it's end.

The day is as long as life.

give me your best, he said, and I'll refrain from taking you down like the lowly puddle of petunias you are

Maple Syrup

Her blooded lips taste of metalic death

one always loves the one who understands you

Taste of blood I relish as it drips from your beautiful neck sweet metallic Ohh How I savor You my Love

and i have found beauty in the most chilling places

this is all chingered up

Oh freddled gruntbuggly

cum in my rotting jasmine

and I think to myself twistedly


I am the punishment that fits the crime

with a demons blood, they shall meddle

earlobe lies

blood drips and dries then dies, cold body and eyes

disappearing like a tear in the rain

babies lay dying, dying off like flies

true, but that's not how she tells it

Serpent's smooth as honey

the fantastic irony of it all

The trees planned the mass murder of all human kind with the blowing wind.

My mind races unchecked into a thousand lavender sunsets.


while wind and rain beat fists down upon us

The victim of unbalanced lust and obsession

softer than silicone

He sings with the terrifying, barely detectable menace of a serial killer

fingered the leaves

intimate secrets never revealed

one word poems

like dogs in the rain

and the architect's hair sheared

Sentence me before I cannot live any more...

And when I wake up every morning to your blood in my coffee

staggering from the porous belly of the mortician's lover

At night the houses look like boxes

and she noticed her from across the taped seats

died where he stood

and then all is silent

It all

With an apology resting on the tip of his tongue, unable to spit it out - he pulled the trigger.

Space, the final frontier

I pooped a hammer

and the virgin bloomed


You see, it's a one-to-one ratio map of the universe.

My smelly feet

eyes like sunbeams

anybody hear of plague in this town?


it was never about the frozen pudding.

the rein of the rain, an imaginary city

Summer speaks on soft hands

listen it is near


ambiguous can'trip

The warmth of love that only man, not woman, can give

now my hand is streaked with firecracker wrapper



It didn't falter, or fail, not ever.

What a beautiful Thing this dream is

Hilary C tried and tried, but she couldn't grasp the meaning of 'style.'

bowing leaves

someday, I fear at least, man will have made a spambot that CAN spot the hoff

and came the nighted legions of the dead!

The cuckoo clucks black and gray

bleeding it out

Oh *****, watch out for that falling brick.

Oh *****, watch out for that falling brick.

For this is the will of the gods, the ones that abandoned us when we confessed our love sin

electric sparks between my teeth

I am in love with a snail.

i am drowning in pools of chocolate symphonic sound

not one but two

Then the dog ate the man whose beast was stronger than ever.

your hands are cold, i'll warm them up

And the cellar door was coated in chains of previous souls

for of death I know and life I've not an inkling

i hate bloodsucking gas mongers

moon ooze from pale

honey maggots pop

green ichor spouts from the bruise

who are you to say goodbye before saying hi?

in the pinehood forest, you will rest

and lo, said the hippopotamus

And just like that, the idea was gone.

Love is like eating Rowan Atkinson

Lies I was told


as she tasted the smoke in the air

handfuls of rain and hatfuls of hollow

speaking of blight

holy hair helmet!

are you aware of all the stars in the universe? no, but we can still enjoy them as a whole...

Fear is by far more comfortable with you

As I ran, I thought of the future.

What was i thinking? This hair is horrible.

rust flavored climax, lip biting infatuation, metal tinged raphsody

In his begotten air

The blossoms gently fell into the muddy puddle

Once upon a time...

Why should I know who th Hoff is?


or begins anew....

and so it ends again?

They never did turn ripe again

The sunshine brought in more hope

the light shone brightly

the money jumped into the flaming pickles

the money jumped into the flaming pickles

and swimming in your vanilla sky i die once and swim on again

and swimming in your vanilla sky i die once and swim on again

and she never loved

was there ever so much maddness in a druken knave

too quickly did they think it safe

broken wires, frayed

I saw him there

camera eye drinks in the light

but i really don't want to think about those things anymore


And she looked at her longingly.

Raped, I can't believe and make believe.

then he licked my jasmine

she was bees-eyes mad



The man was quiet and it never occured to him.

And then I was dead.

when the front door is an easier exit, it's time to go

sometimes brawn tastes better than brain

How can I think of anything with so much angry buzzing jazzflap muscling into me?

When I smile I'm going to do it like this

Take me in please, all of me

Lips, lips, where are the lips?

My poem is not writing well

The ticking became volumised and the room filled with blinding noise

It will all decompose

because i am a liar

Armed with lies left untold, the vanguard of phantoms marches forth

And the Hoff scoffed the Broth down in front of the toff

degraded down to euphanisms

She's lovely, glittering-sharp, downed wires and broken glass; nothing but edges, everywhere.

Unfortunately, he was never taught who his momma really was.

I placed the legs upon the mantelpiece

i can't remember what i did last night

and I wrapped my legs around it

The he knew that ants would rules the world.

splashing in pond pose

Milk floats ride your mind

Truly, Julie! Dooley is a Goulie!

in the wake of death

Remants of existence past, scorched away and burned to ash

you're all the same

i'm out of love with poetry

As he rolled in the corpse of a dead animal

darling, i cannot believe where you've gone to these days

the doorway's painted red, metallic and cold

who are you tomorrow

don't die

Through the silver silence

Through the silver silence

The ashen faced ghoul turned his head and flew out the broken window.


i dreamed that you took me to jordan

The clocks stop, and a small dog perks up its ears.

You fell like wanton grace across the sea of my sad hello

IWhat is the poem? I have no idea.

IWhat is the poem? I have no idea.

rail thin rail straight real dead

my job is to open you and i'm hopin' you'll let me in

golden birds with ruby throats

and the world spun and the world burned

But of all things wasted, the worst was winter.

Nothing is more better,

you won't make the calculator work

But when they ate the porridge red became green

then they touched each others butts lol

Five fearsome pugilists under the NYC streetlight

feeling trapped within his loving arms

her neuronal halo is an unfurled pubic hair of electricity

into the lucid jungle, horned with circumcisions

sweat-soaked concrete

The wind is a blade that strips the warmth from my body like the blade strips me of my skin.

and they all knew he was right.

Whatchoo talkin' bout Willis?

Blue spit rises on the wind

Elation, the euphoria spikes my blood, light-headed and empty, floating in bliss.

should i explain myself to you now?


not a very honourable mention

I'm searching for a dead end that finally kills me


And then he ate my weiner

as the other covered her face


the rain would drown out fleeting pain

If you would just shut up and let that be your wisdom.

but i've seen what you pray to, and if i show my face, they'll kill me

He was handsome


ik ben lekker

and he fell, fell, fell, flew

whose swelling feet hung limp

elitist monkey soup coined

i popped a bright red balloon right next to your left ear

and tastes of bitter tears

Oh what a strange trip it's been.

those who travel to the depths

death shall come to all

And then, SPONGE!!!!

rotten tomatoes

I never thought he would get so angry

and for that moment nobody anywhere felt safe

Beautiful butterflies fly through the sky

Where have all the cowboys gone?

A turn end is nonexistent, for the esence of all we know... knows no end

white enamel winked beneath his refuge of hair

but, unbeknownst to the figure, it was only the begining.

trixie's cable box needs fixing

but it turned out to be just a bad dream... &really... everything is ok

And waving like a gentle hand

Silly sin reaches out from the mailbox


laughing, she holds her hands open to the world

Chuck Norris round house kicked him to the face.

Alas, he will never walk again

dail 201 if you can't find the right lampost

there is nowhere else to go, but away.

makes me love him more than his sweet messages

a new alloy, untested

please to take me away from this place, it's not a crime

Felix Mendelssohn hoped to see improvement in his flowers

remembering, alas.



never more, never less.

And so, in nothing is everything

I had sex with a man in prison

Then we tripped and fell

under the spine.

he watched with fascination as the opium killed a part of me

Leaves falling through the air like dancing ballerinas

her hair flares out, white and spidery

Once there was a toad named Moe.


But she died of love, of course.

Wait a minute.

Would they understand the complex simplicity?

And so it was that orange was banned, forever.

But never before did it happen that way.

Bundled with hardcore seminology

the mind is flooded with ideas; attempt to keep as many thoughts in mind simultaneously as possible.

the sight was a beautifully macabre massacre to her innocent eyes

when from the skies, descended Chuck Norris.

as the red bird sang in immaculate chorus

but this is the only answer:

And I felt the whispers on my neck.


you are part of the old life i leave behind

Tears crystalized on marble cheek

I have returned to the bottom of the food chain.

Beautiful opium in the eyes of society

Beautiful opium in the eyes of society

The end is coming

you dine on hansel while i jasmine gretel

She'd reap a harvest of corn to keep his hay happy.

Bibble Trotsky Who?

radiating with heat to scorch the iceberg

surely this is over?

testicular cancer is a killer

forewarned but not forearmed

weapon sweaters justify somewhat the means in which they pray

Fuzzy lines defining former times

Love is made of beautiful shiny razors

Just sit and wait for a while, maybe he'll come around.

Turn on turn off turn on turn off teraform.

pretorian punctuation patrol

black rose bleeding crimson

monkey cream

As the northwind blew, her cracked lips spoke a story of you, and her lover wore a jacket blue...

Without guile the mocking bird did mock

the Mexican figurines danced while the glitter spun off their heads

Look who's talking now hotshot

skelatons of leaves drifted past us


and no longer smelled like poop

with no choice, but to search for water

trick bait voices of winter

Where did everyone go?

Chasing blue marbles

Winter has feasted my squirrel


on the outside I am perfect

and inside I am silently screaming

Then, the sun rose, warm and much too bright for my current state of hungover.


underneath the kitten's seas

I'm looking good, I think

I left my spitting dentures in the madhouse.

and joyfully joyfully tra la la

i don't believe my eyes

killer monks and spaghetti flys

Dick Cheney goes hunting for white doves


in the archive of my psyche

hotties on the network

the tum tum tum of lips on fenders

My basil is dying on the cill, the rest is still

and then the raindrop sighed

I can see past your facade

please don't be garish

tilts the magic chair

Kicked dead weeds sprout anew with Spring rain

Child stars are plaguing me

crapping into the belly of the pope.

she belched before the dinosaurs

warm and swollen

Oh, the soft loli

gargantuan midgets

as each brittle laugh waned

Metal might awake but the rust never sleeps


He gave me soft kisses that swept across my cheek

and caresses that cause the skin to burn and blister

i found life in a trash can

waffles and roses.

No, he's screaming

And then along came a spider

Love Me Always And Forever

A spoken word- you silence murderer!

Don't Hassle the Hoff

Weases welp at emotions fading

soiree entre femmes ou filles

"Maybe if you really loved me..."

she rolled over in defeat, pulling the sheet to her chin

The relief was worth the heat.

letters full of opium pure, like whoring doves and a witches cure.

What's gonna happen to everyone?

And yet it's cold, and I hunger for more.

lower than a bow legged caterpiller standing knee high in a pile of grass hopper *****

platinum plated death shroud covered in mold

stumbling monkey pause for thought-food


I am made of spam

Are you listening?



The old man put down his crooked cane and, with some effort, sat down.

the cat slithers across the balcony floor

The stench of her rotting corpse both sickens and excites me.

I taste the sweet crimson drops that is her blood.

If another sound comes from her annoying mouth, I will kill her.

Her flesh gives me much pleasure

silver green strips of bark

Why won't she do that thing with her tongue?

foxtrot, tango, crawdad, underwear....

gender neutral hemophiliac

and then the dolphin was eating bamboo, how weird

and with the flush in his cheek, the new millennium was born anew.

as his stomach explodes his thoughts turn to his mother, and the look on her face when he pulled the trigger

my hips tell you the secrets of my soul

its a hard knock life

Why, oh Why are there no bones in today's ice cream

Penelope loved jazz more than she loved ripe tomato sandwiches

muffin headed ho

A heavily huffing train gasps into the station

With spiders in the popcorn and scorpions in the bed

papers fluttered around, words caught in an unending storm

A scream is swallowed in the din of ignorance

jambon, jambon on it

As the day fades to darkness

listen, time passes

time passes

life is death

for all is drifting into the dream

in a symphony

Shrapnel pangs starburst out. Beautiful. Macabre.

Ah, but why do they do that?

Midnight Shiraz with the detective woman

i am free

and so i looked

His name was Robert Paulsen.

and we danced, like two dying candles

I come in peace

life speaks poetry to walls without windows

what colour is a mirror when it reflects nothing ?

the shards of it pierce my tongue, but my blood tastes like retribution

furtive badger

"and then we were twins!" they said

I am trapped in a box

I was a teenage pope.

when mercury moves around the fingers

Like Russet leaves falling to the ground


My beloved is like the lengendary SIr Lancelot

Eels, eels, eels, finding an entrance where they can. In ur mouth, in your tummy, in your anus

Who looked like a twat

Blackbirds circling, what has died here?

That was the weekend we kept saying, "Let's do it for the polar bears."

he kissed her.

Darkness stirs in my stomach as I unleash my true form

Only then can you belong to me

the moon hovered, pale like a ghost over a corpse

I like pie num nums

ruby red

if i lose it, will you look at me like i look at you?

A smile like the Cheshire Cat

Percolating absentmindedly all over himself

Emily can not have her rose

Milk maids a-downloading

And so the corpse rotted in the doom sof hell,

kicks the bucket, kicks the bitter habit

then i felt the cancer kick in

then i felt the cancer kick in

i paint myself into the night/black on black on silver on white

Hands off my millenium puzzle, you limey fruitcake.

Tonight I want you in my arms

the flung robbins into my face without ceasing

stop the madness

Tommy The White Ranger

black cherry madness

Like the sands of Iwo Jima

with bowels ready to burst

with bowels ready to burst

Avacado entities shouldn't

urinated 3 peas


and then winter killed the sun again

its like a squid arm

looking for a group

"I'm in charge of this outfit."

Underneath the dripping chandelier, they noticed the Baked Alaska had been nonchalantly ravaged by a walrus.

your mom's a rebel

the sweat of passionate impassioned angels mixed with ours

without my darkest bleeding desires

i suffer

Leading on to leaders whom no-one elected, Just how

Woah, what the heck is going on.


I look into the mirror and see silver nothingness.

Parabolas twisitng wildy in self-reflexive animosity

The quotable pope and his papal mass

Not the pig knuckles, please!

There was a sort of metalic tinge to his voice

Mosquitos lolled in the air like dandelion spawn.

this is irritating

I Cry

when teardrops have tears of their own

there was a large bundle of papers that no one looked at.

beneath the sweltering sky

having sex with a married man

having sex with a married man

this is what you did to me.

dog dog dog dog dog dog dog

and then there were three

disaster spawns in the lambent thighs

congealed like protein

congealed like protein

a face with only eyes can only see its own shortcomings

Unseen in a crowd of fallen waters....

There goes the sun- oceans away

of course

the rain fell from the precipice below the blue sky

The end of her nose throbbed, as if broken.

The gin glowed softly blue under the blacklight.

daydreaming circles of mysteries lost


somewhere close by

if saving the texan dream gold were realized, perhaps the worlds beaches would shine small black babies

and She said do it do it Bang bang bang

mad about you

mad about you

rawrrrr Drdonkey

oblivion speaks my rambled heart to rest

smuggle me out

To kill you softly

and just like that, we continue to grow

you are the placebo in my pills you keep me sane and simple and clean and bright and completely unable the breath step walk touch anyone but you you affect me completely but not at all......

the ugly feminist tickled the dog


waltzing matilda being sun in basra

A clock tick echoes in a cyclopean abyss.

i like cheese

we dane to be the other warlock in the cast

Hot pumpkin ass on a hot tin roof

satanical beneath the thorny dreams

Oh, isn't that pleasent? What kind of crap is this?

But then none of it ever works.

Death: the inescapable beast of the untamable land known as the future

And thenst you step back from thine murderer and you realize what he hath wrought... which is your death.

And as the screams came, she smiled to herself

And I you by the lamplight, as you read through my email

And I slushied my gulliver being tolchocked real horrorshow

while the vermin of truth eat the rot of holiness

the same taste as my blood you spilled

cuticole scissors

But no one ever told him better, and he swam.

the bamboo is hollow

murder perfect

murder perfect

i do not know what the hell

chuck norris on rye

Here we are at the edge of reason

everything turned light green

I asked God why

And the fallen leaves just blew away

the sun had fallen once again into the ocean

His words were like mercury

He wept

There's more to life than what can be seen.

oh man

She sat in the dark and cried.



stop! Child with boogers

the sensation of the disease felt like an injury

But really, at last there were none.


Classroom presentations are fun

whispering in leaden tones, dead songs sung.

jump jelly bean jump up high

Beware the fuzzy Rolligog, that smithers in the mire

mangine I stank while bloth grim shown

No sweetly ticking logic will sing you to sleep

It takes too much time

What a charming lisp.


They did not see the chance they risked

under the dark velvet sky i buried my secrets

"do not touch." but i do

and the fish, in his bowl, turned and smiled

Oh and how she wept

Oh and how she wept

It's raining outside

She ignores the other party guests spread out across the couches, languorous and dreaming hedonists.

Her breath shuddered.

melted chocolate truffles and sardines

metalic feather falling from the skies

don't close your eyes (god knows what lies behind them)

the streetlights laughed at passersby

whose unending starched collars stood up on end

the moment I make you mine forever i'll prove i love you more

Smooth it over, smooth it down



She took that flibbertogibit out of her book and smacked it across the forehead

Because teh love will tear us apart

we are sevenfold

Rotting flower on the concrete

his skin, electric, cracks off ejaculating spasms


She screamed as the night flew away

with a dead eye stare

Spinning Walls Gamble Electrically With Drowning Thoughts

what is the difference between an orange peel?

Try this on for size.

serendipity's siren song

heroin: the only thing that makes me feel real.


And thus dawn suffers

"I am but one small instrument."

Life, in the shadows?

because I'd rather sleep with your sister


she whistled louder to gain the rabbits attention

And, though he was gone forever, he would always be with her

Where everying is lost, nothing will remain but the void. In essence, everything will be.

joy and despair


and the subtle attrition of white sand

married to frankenstein

Who cares what the wind thinks?

wise man saty, monkey no eat giraffe nipeoplees

Eating the cheese pizza off of the toilet seat

As my heart is torn out of my chest

I strode sadly away, gazing back.

buy one get one freedom

move me through the ocean like deadwood

Yet some would say that blindness is a curse!

staring out to sea, it all made sense

Please let me out of here,

shuffling like Timbuktu into your big mama blues


and children lie to us and them

Flap, flap, flap... Pounce!

cheese graters on my fingernails

Your arms are falling off

that does not compute

and under the belly... limescale

taxing allergens falling like leaves

im drawing a blank


me so horny she says softly


Bust a movie, watch a move!


The half-right passers-by had not concept of truth

It was wasted love

Hips like plums, and apricots, and soft, soft

upbraided and undereducated, simpleminded larvae


Milkjugs on the sofa

poop is good


as if he had to do anything with the fall of berlin wall

beet red raddish anxiety

and it rained for the first four days

The hollow in my heart is a dried river bed

I don't like it.

and the clock struck one

the purple veil hangs weighted

gold-flake lollipops shatter your baby teeth

in the quiet solitude of an evening's drive

With that most repulsive sight still burned into her minds eye, she ran screaming through not just our town, but through the next as well.

will explore new prospects and dialogue

Ebbing the sickly shore receded to reveal

and their last words were sugar-sweet upon their tongues

He thought about using his head

Yes, indeed, Ive heard 'tis true.

i shut my eyes and all the world drops dead

chuk norris

like the flame in the fire

Drunk, drunk again on lack of truth.

the static in your television set

The floor was littered with old toys and pottery

white man afro

and he quoted the doctor, "your going to die"

Everything is jasmineed up in the sea.

tough as nails tiny man

before the end, it was said to grow another head

he died,

we are what we can become

universes in his eyes

The midnight bunny divided; reborn

wailing down Via Kennedy

yet the touch of a whisper soft on skin and light as air

the flames will clear silly boys they matter not.

there is much to be done

I am powerful because He empowered me for this world.

the offers are in the air, carried over wires-my future awaits.

bull taken by horns my life is now mine.

there are no ways to cut to the truth except with scissors and time.

she wouldn't let him in so he

callously discarded her...

It's probably unfair to tell you that. What can I say? I'm an unfair person.

But I still itched

So I decided to get my hair cut


bitter and acrid, burning her flesh

was the taste left on her lips after he calously discarded her

and the days became long

I was leaning on the table

red, yellow, and black buttons spread out across the floor

Killing spambots with the Hoff

Get the jist of the jism?

so sick of subversive just need a beautiful human

Energy doesn't wait for an audience...he gets up and leaves

I'll miss you though I never knew you

all around they are fruitless buckets of vomit

with no one to impress but myself

I reclaim this seat of dread

The figure was stark, naked and exposed to the world, a pure and wordly death mask.

tear the hemisphere down

Broken audio syllables of a tired culture, dying

"this is my father" cries the fiddler

with the sadness of the dogless

walk the dog

burned my lips and i liked it

with drunken strawberry roar


she flipped the pony and filled it

To have nothing is to be free.

seventeen was the last

and could you vomit on my hand if you don't want to hold it?

running out of grease, his gears began to grind

I hope you know what you're doing

down in the basement he waited

down in the basement he waited

the combined figure of the liquid steel

Draw me a picture of painted night skies


we dabbled in that unbuttered thought

The creation leading to our damnation.

But will the men realize the truth?


and all the while singing her pain, her joy,

body glistening in the heat of my eyes

Black, and blue, and gangreen, it is starting to end.

I am jealous of your pain.

the tinsel sparkeled with the essence of acid

The clouds evoked an emotion that made the liver and spleen curl in such a way

All the stars and comets were wailing so loud that he could barely raise his voice to read.

Like a tangerine exploding a lunchbox

Her limbs, most beautiful and mesmerising in their pale complexion contrasted the night sharply as they left her torso.

Flinging hot peppers into a collander.

and so the night fell away


Destroy the sliver sunlight

eating page after page of black-ink scrawlings

don't they? why of course they don

The moss on the gravestone was grey

bitter sweet spit on shiny new steel

Why this life!?

ice box left knee after the show in your eyes

I am forced to use pagan words:

I want to kill you

vanquish honour die a loner

clench jaw bit lip raw

regret from years past plays softly like wallpaper

each gash closes the gap

what kind of person does that? one who seeks out enemies?

why did you bother if you were just going to hate?

me mind Freestylers sometimes this I See I'll rythm goes rythm sandbar full

My mouth loaths the heffer

the wild card was sure to crack eventually

scriping ghastly, glimming blackly

love is dead



peel away dead layers

decay of nature black as the depths of cyberspace

dirt trees grow in clean grass

festival life is my best life

Alien, I sang, exultant, falling

What more do we have to live for?

emo emo emo

my sweetest sin, you will be the destruction of my soul

sorta funny-no cause for lament.

repudiate memory like letters unsent

faces fell clueless, irreverent

unsure of what caused his malcontent

creepingly along with viscous fangy intent

original thought-conforming actions-deadly killer

Eight litter fingers feeling up my wall

and now to end the rhapsody of negativity, not lucid in this labyrinth

which are performed with blinding sincerity only by the most beautiful of men

great expectations drive me throughout

which are performed with blinding sincerity only by the young

Creepily, creepily, ran, the spider in its fugue

black dawn awaits mommy

and then, depression set in

overrated are commonalities

peak my interests with out diferentialities

grab the key to my chastity belt

my opposite doth maketh me melt

such desparity as this is have never felt

crazy unrelentless brooding will never get me what I need

grab me take me by surprise

passion oozes from every pore of our bodies

press yourself against me, gentle you are

in out in out with heavy sighs

please don't talk, when you could

please don't talk, when you could

stare me down with those luscious eyes

go slow, go fast, now releive the weight of my mass

you were hung up on the american dream

in the background was a musical team

it all started with a bad wet dream

I bought some chocolate, I bought some whipped cream

at the top of your lungs you become silent

i cut it off, and drive down the highway, now screaaamm

I knew you wouldn't last

My shaft, my shaft, my shaft, my shaft, *gasp*

regardless of your newly pierced shaft

im sorry but i think i'll have to pass

you're so bloody cool, you're so full of class

the way you curl the bottle when it's at the lip of the glass

want your hands on my skin and inside me your mass

you lied through your teeth and my heartstrings are frayed

how could you have treated me this way i am so out of dismay

you've wounded me beyond the double

I never wanted to start any trouble

contemplating my Brunswick stew

and starting to wonder if anything in this life will be true

but i'm still without anything true

to much passion for person, to much of me for you

everything she touches turns to rubble

its the mans fault, its always the man's fault

It is not my fault I am a man collector

why not you, why not i, why not forever, for

your beauty is temporary but i still crave your necter

like a bee that has landed upon a wild flower

want you all to myself it is you I'll devour

left alone, pondering you company, i guess ill just take a cold shower.

entice your senses, thoughts askew

twiddle your thumbs, kill bordem before it kills you,

there's a red house that's where my baby stays

look out your window, past the tree line, there she sits, just over yonder.

never ever call me (please do)

you're rotten on the inside and you're infecting my soul

youth is wasted on developing this mind that will have no bearing of any kind on happiness with you or anyone else

energy shaking within me making me want to kick this habit that is you

you little slow minded dumb stupid hick

you prefer them dumb and unaware

diminutive stature and vacuous stare

but she's without a work of art

she looks like me that's the worst part

you lie so badly i recoil

stuck to find out who's disloyal

feet sprout roots into the soil

voices screaming in mother tongues

bleeding ulsars and collapsed lungs

exuberance revisited the forest of my heart-sunset going down on my soul you're the one to make me boil

when we were liars things were seamless when we were wired the world was like a secret

ppfffttt poetry...

it's better in my mind..you should visit

exhausted love with a bloodshot heart

"zing" he corrected.

oh...nothing you would know

hands full of roses, fists full of thorns

whenever i see couples who love each other i barf on them all 'blahhhhhhhghhh'

sullivan je dosa iz dalekog svijeta


where the jasmine did you come from, Sullivan?

i love to see the magic lepords foting ing the sky and swimming in the trees

will it never end



so incredibly slowly tired and used up

but she's thinner and more normal than me and i'm just a huge manatee

lushiously yours forever in my veins forever

I the raw and melancholic; you viral with hypnotic exuberance

I could write anything here---> <----- and you still would not understand, because..

they are all messy and ugly and nothing of it lasts.

forever and never in a heartbeat of unending kisses you could be anyone

he is the north and hasselhoff is the sun

will you be my fantastic newest rush?

I pretend to be them, stealing their lines, now whats theirs will always be mine

see the fruits of my sexual masochism

anything you do will take you down a different line

my soul has bled for you since the beginning of the day

Stomach-protrusion and the glory of the oscillating puppy-fountain.


tea is nice

your sacchrine words and diabetic smile poison

And when the light through the doorframe faded

But a haircut will never save me.

the responsibility of life endures a cosmic imbalance

and as she sat, rosy tears fell from the lofty apeoplee tree

a lived in beautiful fury

A fish growes old, and we die

Blind beaten pulp fic'stache smokin see-gars tuseday mo'nin

and the sun (moon?) is smiling

tangled in spiderwebs, she screamed

hands in the air like it's good to be alive

wings of ice drown in the oceanic sky

And then, I finally knew that Cory was the one.

Launching arias of eternal glory and sorrow

pitted yet light, a block of pumice

whos raven hair outwits the night

but of course they never knew

Eloquence is death.

And there he was

wrappping around a finger in a promise

she lusts for the most precious things

Terrible darkness fills the soul

and she said, "No! Don't!"

there's no substitute for pork, save human

like a beautiful peridot sunset

parakeets minded the lamb

dripping in

fearful beneath the ashen moon's gaze

and she said

the blackened lines on your conjunctiva

you'll reap the harvest you have sown

like a faded rose

and I liked the new me more than I liked the sea

Sweet tea hits the spot

fizzbitch is welcome here

cool your jets hummer


The chortling resounded down the length of the hall.

Why haven't I touched her yet?

like you never knew

There is no reason for this, yet I still feel that

mine is a selfish love, fueled with pride and cigarettes.

humbly I trust my gut

and then they fell in love

and like a prayer, he answered me.

Yellow buses smell like cheese.

spreading like a plague across the plains



My life is gold, the minute I start living

Losing all sanity,

the fat man jasmines

madness is a forgotten poem

fabulous hatred


For the reason of death is existence.

I love you

we are not their victims

And only his slippers remained

In the cold barn, the cats crowded onto her lap to keep warm.

The slithy toves fought and finally found food.

her far reaching tongue

In man's darkest hour, you are the light that shines through to my soul.

touch on fatal mysteries

and his scent intoxicates my memory

paranoia is fun for everyone!

the bone broke through and left her rubies

I should not smoke pot

Turning over, the fragile and shaking creature faced his day


Chocolate cake is lovely in the afternoon

And evermore I want to die


in time, the daffodils fade...

you're scraping paint off your legs until Tuesday

Requiem for a bird

A ship in a bottle on the turbulent seas

is this wrong

firey hairspray

"No, " she said. "I will not. I cannot. Why do you force me so?"

The warm blue sky of summer

Forever I wait, by the ditch

falling fancies die in empty bottles

but there was a fair amount of strife in the small country, even though it lacked a population.

And frequently bedecked with spangled moose

But no end comes.

(and schizophrenia)

And so:

as I shaded slowly amongst the branches

Judge me not by face, merely by truth

jared bruce thompson you are a piece of *****

Skin so pale

la la

Anchors Hold!

Oh Shiny! Shiny, Shiny.

Shelf-life changing undetectably

slide into action



My feet feel your enormity.

seals your lies inside

unclean seal upon your lies

stood on the sidewalk, counting cracks like raindrops

i wear the tiny jasmine and swish my ass

and you will die

jiggling droplets fail to honor the silence of it all.

Mangle our limbs together in a pool of water next to the well and begonias.

when least you expect it light dances across your soul

run run run be run

tracing the leather-bound spines

lonely like the wind

it passed through my bowels

she was always bored.

that girl; or her memory, it'll kill me while i live

bump and grind

I deflect love, but still it can infect me

beyond taste no fog-forge

illidari council is bc's twin emps; resistance fights are dumb.

potato love is sublime

no i cannot

Microtonal: Jacob Barton, Prent Rodgers, Sethares, and basically anyone who has ever composed microtonal music. Non-Microtonal: Dream Theater, Symphony X, Spastic Ink, Necrophagist, Dillinger Escape Plan, Planet X, Niacin, Cynic, Estradasphere. Actually, these aren't all influences but rather a list of my favorite bands.

I carry the sharpest of daggers

in languid tones, he spoke


Under the light of your living room TV

cat food recipes

If you come over here it's onlt for an hour.

coughing parkeets die off like spainairds, writhing in cowardice

too many words for the words ever to be spoken again like spaghetti in a top hat

And then I fell off the roof.



Ice black as ebony; frostily scrolled.

Why did the chicken cross the road?

but life came to be nothing but a delusion of grander

I eat spambots for breakfast

Those who restrain desire, do so because theirs is weak enough to be restrained

Fairies struggled to free themselves from the neverending beard


strange, i have a red umbrella

and death is only the begining

Like an armour piercin round; it penetrated the night sky

And Crowleyan Chaos Invocations spelled out the secrets of obscene pornoreligions

But when shall it ever end?

i burned off my skin quickly.

Then unexpectantly, i played the right notes.

and in the ashes lie my pain

Far too near and ever so dear was his fear.

It appears the stench of dead flowers rises

I live in a dwarf state in central Europe

one day man

"Fire!" he shouted, and with it came ash.

I am stretched beyond my limits

gloomy star eyes

Bows rowed out at dawn without a trace

and I never swore

And she crouches, swatting butterflies

dried up mango kisses

and then

djbh f

cracking silver eggs on our foreheads


poetry is for wimps

Ghoulies and ghosties and long-leggedy beasties have nothing on me

and then all was dark

glittarati papparazi smackdown

therein liea the wonder of it all

as if searching for something meaningful to say

i lick my dilans baby dick

Penguins and polar bears are super-powerful allies.

The limp fish stared into the beady black eyes of it's hawk captor and wished the wind would turn to water, and feathers to lead.

But who CANNOT spot The Hoff?

as she stared wistfully after the setting sun

I'll be seen only with you, exquisite corpse.

In this vicinity my eyes plucked what few jewels they could from this exquisite corpse before taking

Of tongues that never spoke but only ever sang

beneficent red-headed knee-jerk reaction

Revered by many, loved by few

it very difficult indeed

amidst the sheep and the palms


and all because she wasn't willing


volumes of soft nonsense

who is he and what is he to you?

and to the last, some salt and some wine

radian chainsaw chewing your knob


Hilary Duff-like mornings and

metal wings spread in the night

counting back the number of the beast

Nothing can beat the hair

it's not for me to decide what is next

tastes morning, smells like heaven

can'tilevered omnipantaloons

then a ray of hope


half a man lives inside a treeface

With lilting flowers

ridges on a flower petal

but rather than cave in

Rebel hat flies

lucidly going down

I didn't love him

the heart doesn't like to suffer


some times there aren't enough sticks to pick up

Last night I fed the dog my martini

and then it was just skin

How hard it must be, a demon in light

your context has become frightening


Yet homestar is not amused

reified from marshmildewy predispositions

and that is when everyone contracted small pox

and that is when everyone contracted small pox

Is it soup yet?



oh g-d, oh g-d, oh g-d

and you will see it in their eyes

And his head is like a frozen eggshell in the desert of roses.

And then it was gone

There goes the onions!

And so the straw rose with the sun

It smells like burning hair

we had never known each other


I wish strives to be a mudkip or a seaking

wind quarrels

beyond tzara's grave

sphinx drawing a lad into a box

sphinx drawing a lad into a box

sphinx drawing a lad into a box

penguins drove to florida

penguins drove to florida

burn incence for the dispensed

until there is nothing left for even the gulls to feed on

how do you do?

and then the spider ate the fly

"you don't want people to do drugs" she told me, but i do



never drawing the intended venom

never drawing the intended venom

I'd taken pitfalls for landmarks

But there was one thing missing.

i'm sorry i killed you

ephermeal butter

"I'm putting my queer black ass to the wheel"

i play infinity farm

Hair in black twists. Eyes like pearls. Too big. Too big.

I ate all the jelly beans

decided to pierce my ears with a sewing machine and a bathtub

Strawberry poses, gentle mist

And it shone down on them

for those who bleed the most

x smiling daily

Can you feel the knife?

And dwelling in a fleshy madness

The beauty smiled enigmatically through her tears.

not unlike lycan'thropy

Cold, cold wind upon the backs of the semi-living

Bent glance, low beneath the snow

mornings broth of dew quenching the orchids with the chocolate aromas...there are orchids that smell like cocoa..

And a Fire burns a faye

Damselflies can't wait for rescue

in vain the dagger struck

I have been fused out of iron.

yellow mandarins sparkle with glistening tentacles

Twice he looked at his feet.

suck my cock

The jaded and weary adults were fascinated by the vibrance and innocence of the children opening their gifts.

his eyes where like elevator shafts

My friend, the beggar, beautifuly draped in the luminescence of strife.


my consciousness takes a turn for the meat

Running as if the night had flung him out

German winter leaves many cold

Koool Pak registry, please spike my brain with the adoring dead crank fusion.

It floats like in a flat blackened cola

while oranges burned hotly

Gaggle of Geese

My soul is dying the death of an unborn child.

As I near the end the rest becomes clearer.


I walked away from her that night, but not before willingly rimming her *****-incrusted ass in front of a mirror as she smushed my face into her asshole

And so it was told,

miffed on my fingernails

her heart ached, faltered and stopped


I know in my heart that we belong together like kumquats and armadillos.

I know in my heart that we belong together like kumquats and armadillos.

follow me closely, near the river

I feel like my back is breaking...

where do you go when you come from no where?

The third drew the legs.

And they fell to one dark harmony

the shadow's cum

is dead.

breathe me in

The world would be a lonely place without popcorn

Went to the dctor yesterday and he got me some porkchops

...frowns upon him... look into the sun... horozon where,

And the rose petels fell from the maidens hands


But not as green as the apeoplee

One of many strategies used in the making of your mind?

i love your nipeoplees

ketamine judgement rolls in the drooping eyes of amoral bliss

this dog is amazing

But I wouldn't tell it like that

it was sister's candy

Do you really find me irresistable, or is it my love for the bottle that turns you on?

a broken record

In light of day, the night retreats

I paid the driver his due


taking apart the parts

could i cut you like warm butter?

Wait! Whither the withering wysteria? Thither.

dripping like summer heat

it rose as a mistin the dawn air

my warm entrails were like slippery fish in a magic stream

and the dead earlobe spoke no more of vacancies and rentals

your bland presence

ubiquitously i appeared to save the world

Gee, what a smile!

scratching the chalkboard upset the young fellow

And with warm thoughts, his heart sank cold

But naught for you or me.

Fifty-two people ate their respective fills,


edible or not i cast aside my grief like a needlecap

upon the glass staircase, she, with an apeoplee

softly tickled the monkey

so be it

and she walked away

a soft ripeoplee in the ocean, never seen but by one sad-fated child; dead by noon, reawakened next dawn

and beautiful birds flew to the sun to kiss it's magnificent rays

And she knit a scarf of unfathomable beauty, twining evil around her fingertips

falling deaf like the ringing of snow

and then my hair started falling out in clumps

vines that grew to cover even what was left of her

now say it five times fast

With burning energy

So it goes.


A mother's ear falls softly vacan't souls

life magnified

Drops dripped down the dirty edge of the tunnel and reflected the light from the lamp at the end.

a dozen fruit for fortyfive

lined in rows of twelve by four, keeping space for anything that could be bottled

elbow macaroni floats over the psychotic lingerie store

gorilla in the fusebox

creamy meat center of twilight

And then he was no more

Why do we all eat fish?

She set a framework for future talks. This wall, outside our home? We may not go.

are all deep within my heart

truculent twins twiddled tensely

the sun sets on you

Forever I see there are wings

The lie was there hidden in the sparrows

Losing the spasm function

as if for fun

we were on the beach everyone was wearing matching towels. some one went under the dock there they found a rock but it wasnt a rock it was a rock lobster ROCK LOBSTER

I'm a rabbit in your headlights

if you've made your peace the devils are really angels freeing you from the earth

Blue sugar moon sink in

forget about the line, draw the spoon

i began to tweedle-dee like an almighty laugh

I believe in spasm impulse...

junkies breed in electricity

minotaur tube torus taurus tourist

under no circumstances are to continue


I'd rather be out of my mind

pretty baby buzz with flies a purple corpse with rotting eyes

Let me go.

You are and inate weirdo

can'terkerously, my mercurial links slid away.

a lucky girl couldn't find her legs in half

It was so hot outside that even the mosquitos lay down on their backs, panting into the damp, oppressive air.

The chromatic president canoodled our wooden scooter.

spelunking in the winter

Never and ever and awful

The lace-tinged outfit yellowed as she dragged on the joint.

And there were three.


a draught of winter pickle


Free the fear in your soul

in those teary eyes

tastes like flavored water.

row row

The chromatic president canoodled our wooden scooter

i cry for life

Without the lily of the valley, what was there to know?

Into the darkness rode the messenger, fuzzy buttocks to the wind

with giblets flailing wildly

what went past the by is a gone dead bird.

so what if a man doesnt want a fanboy belt.

rubber asparagus simulation

hair turns green in the limosine!

demon horse! fuseli said

aware and unafraid

spambot killer

it was as if I could only see backwards

for this wass not meant to exist

his smile can knock you down in an instant

monks run a muck

She didn't know when she was hurt.

And the clouds, like a streak of grey and piercing.

through a two-way mirror

Often I have trouble moving my bowels

Of Course, he never new of the blackberry photograpgh

Twisting and winding in cold rivulets down her arms

I soaked my socks in feeling

Its body brevity

hey! stupid thing didnt work!

did anyone acually read this whole thing?

on and on despite the lack of sense and vermouth

Can I draw down ecstasies for you

There is no spoon;

What spoon?

Poised and ready, the fish slipped through.

I opened my eyes to find Him a breath from me.

below the kangaroo

In Moscow I see it the clouds are raining

Heat the pee, not just up, but up a degree.

The crows give way and I can finally spot your corpse. How terrible it is to be alive without you.

breathing each day with gasps of wonder

if you like oranges then you'll love me.

She left me, for a sweeter ending.

everything i write is a lie

No! A peanut!

the chin is everything. it makes the man.

toes twisted inside a minnie mouse bookmark


the taste on fillings, a bite, a searing strike


grows the stars inside.

in the dark i see nothing but your soul

Dancing to an alley cat's song

i could feel it. the knife twisting through my gutti-wuts, god-- how it stung.

and in the end, they will swallow us whole.

His hair glistening in the sunshine.

burying questions like the carcass of a beloved dog


i covered my ears and wished for a new refridgerator

The milk drinks cocoa butter for lunch


hey corpses


I want to die.

awaking to a siren in the night

the wind slowly died to a lull as the fire grew ever dull

and as the pears fell on the bright green grass

We had sounds before we could speak, we made words in the womb from the memory in our mother's blood.

only then do I fill the cat bowl

cerulean prefab testicle train, abort

all alone pickin at my insanity wondering why those voices keep bothering me waiting for the needle to inject i breathe

Subhuman squalor to set upon the may flies with the racket of a mail man magazine to put in the pigeon hold of tyranny

hung from the ceilings

Forever and ever. Or, for a while anyway.

jewwls in her eyes, secured by pins

A tourtured sandal writhed quietly

Killing a tourtured sandal


In all, the deadly light

the little boy wept and wept

the world is but a stage

Only through trickery

can lines read downwards

My love, my basketball

Wearing the lions laughter on his shield

And once we became the dehydrated

slicing at the air with an empty pen

add a line to the exquisite poem corpse.

Suddenly I open my eyes and see reality in its truest form - a dream on the lid of the dreamer

fireflies dance

stars rapping at the window

my heart an aapeoplee for your eye

I'm shiftless when I'm idle, and I've got time to waste

And he sailed along the sea of swiss cheese, carefully avoiding the holes.

and then he lay down

the sky went green with budgies

while Julia was away

I love, I coagulate you up inside my heart.

foretold, the make spat groans


Death is only the beginning

She then laughed and tossed her hair


And the midgets burned like hell.


a fiji paradise

and for the last time

like coffee grounds

I did not move to the south to be cold

All the alternative reasons fled in the wake of the redolent killer

The giant shall rise.

Sirius is the brightest star.

I am the Red Wolf

When hinges creek in doorless chambers

angel boys wept ecstatic

And she saved up her tears until her eyes sank, bloated with sorrow

The air dripped with uncertainty,

A lover dead, a hate forgotten

" The bastard has hold of this word claque like a bone

turn your eyes away, and see

Dream not what you want but of pancakes

Anon is forever

The Stapler Glistens

Heated scents bare primitive desires

Thoughts melt like snow.

I can't think.

she told a lie

that's hoff

And then I died, or you died. It didn't matter, we were alone.

Fifty-Two minutes were left in the day.

bite me? yes. but where?

and with the bloodiest of nose

bloody kisses, broken kisses, kiss the knife


and I long for the lively days

its sensitivity is its strength

gentles plant materials hit within unblemished liquid

Terrified anger collapses with flower power.

with a flick of my hair, I do scoff

The Hoff is in the middle again

bite beware

one more day and two sticks of dynamite

gates slam shut in the

Oh corpse, oh exquisite corpse, oh corpse like butter how you melt.

her luscious ears spilled down to her shoulders

now white the snow falls up

Further and further they tried and yet,

And mad with love jostle protractedly


the stone raft moves closer to the azores

Papery skins folded building feet.

and bumped, gently, down the stairs

the leftist dies on his hearth

oh my, oh my, said the head.

your languid lizard tounges drawing out my very devils,


drink pepsi;for the faint of heart

That is what my mother said.

Vision of the hive, dancing in the autumn's first breath

The icicle drips and the winter dies...


it'll come to you

this is the crazy part

spmmed velvet orbs extinguishing serenity

Can we eat at the Monorail Cafe tonight?

feeding off the cancer choking on the posion

the lord flicks his greasy bogeys at your dreams the deepening rough cut throat stars hanging incandescent

make not what it is, but what it is for

the leaves fall on the dew covered grass

A tedious delirium, an agonizing squalor, leads me to doubt greatly my own sight. Oh Lo!

I am the Avocado. Does that answer your question? Good.

lively nightshade

I am the Walrus

Sparkling ver through the winds of ages, soft like honeyed dew

Blanketed in snow and seared by hope

three am coffee

you spot The

And morning falters frightened o'er the stark and lurid scene

like tired feet on broken glass

You see, Cheerios are the foodstuff of the ages.

an so it died

And the last red petals were strewn

Like, the wtf, mate?

but never has such a day been found

nothing is mislaid. the nuke is disarmed. if you can't handle that, tough cookies, severed wit.


and the light reflected, gold against that foliage that had been turned; spots of darkness fall away

consider these divine makeover techniques!

Folly, a maiden's head fair shattered.

What has been mislaid should not get laid again.

Wherever have I left my quill, Darling,

and my tiny pot of blood?

On top of the bureau,

next to your severed wit.

there is no spoon


no more lovely whores and lowly brides-to-be.

It's the iron afterall that quickens the pulse

And always, the cries

Killers in the midsts

Of coiled snakes and tongues

To dream

Lingering in the corridor underneath the dusty portraits

And she wondered, "To what end, this madness?"

i celebrate in mild sorrow

the golden haired girl has found her first sweetheart

the lovely russian girl has broken the poor sweet irish boy's heart

The underground residents appear for tea, They make sure that they eat the corpse alive.

A tree can be as tall as a bee

Like the water falling from a leaf


uh-huh, what about that? when was that?

see, you can't do it that way, you tried that and it didn't work, so it doesn't work

right. may name's frog, what's yours

right. Hi my name's Frog, what's yours?

there is no reciprocation

sure, but unfortunately I don't have the resources to know what's going on, or, it's too late I am gone.

The shooting star cuts a path of light


exploding the hair on the moose

exploding hair from the mouse

i committed murdericide

that never happened. stop feigning confidence and actually have it.

wrong. i didn't like bears. but i do now.

and they all liked bears

it is too late. i am gone.

I stab you with my paper knife.


knock on my door. come in.


you are not attacked

how old is the information in this database.... did the message go through?


you are trying to hard to release. just do it. understand release. grok release. carry the absolute release.

you are not attached

leave the rank. i promote you.

k, j. g.

now you are this. now you are here. now you are free. no props no show no strings no buttons no agenda no order no doing it it's done you already did it we're already there go back to where you were freeze thaw dash dash dash dash

my eyes killed you anyway. there was nothing to explain or announce


my eyes will kill you anyway. there's nothing to explain or announce.

i deleted the inventory

so walk away. leave it behind. it's no good. they're all dead, sorry cowards, you can't help them nor they you, leave that place do it now.

no one in the audience gives a *****

i hear half of what you say sometimes... the circuit is different.. you reach for the circuit i inhabit.. but the sacrifices are so shocking... blah blah.. do it anyway

it will all float away with the database

i remember the name you were using because i gave it to you, but there was no story to tell. see then what you see then when you see then how you died here how you left everything here but kept everything here

that's fine. you were left to sort it out in your own mind alone. i caught up to you at this point and you looked me in the eye. this tore you out of your time but somehow you were not disoriented, which was peculiar.

you looked for me, and you looked for me, and sometimes you thought you found me, but then i vanished again like i was nothing, or something beyond you, and you went insane.

do you remember, Katie Jane, that I killed you here?

razor blades rust in dank bowels

an angry balloon will dance on the cat

empty eyes

dry gasps

the dead giant says to obey

would like to eat the head

a lobster

she killed her husband? nellie gasped yes, was the reply, but she's not proud of it. not in the very least

Life is a blank canvas, the people you meet, the love you give and the paths you take make it art.

the marble kingfishers unloose their stringy movements...

Something I coughed into being

Can you still hear the fish beating?

Spiritual mornings turn

coming off the gare

God is Good all the time

And they looked like the eyes of God

and thus i rebuke thee

the melody went on and on.

Am I rich ?

I want you I want you and I just can't have you

how could you love me this way

tengo fuego en mis pantalones

sheriff at a popular ghosttown

Studmuffins exploding over it.

Silken Starlight

fire is yummy

A blade of apeoplee-grass

Say hello to me

you compare on tree to the entire forest. impossible

with his eyes like blue fire.

a sword, a drop of moon

worms inside my tummy making their selfs at home.

did you know that lily was killed not two months ago? lily isabella moen brutally murdered lily ann ocean and took over her lifeblood, thriving in lily ann ocean's binder and manipulating her characters in a frightening dance of precision that had yet never been seen. but then lily ann ocean feebly tried to strike back. she wasnever heard from again. her ghost lives on, plauging lily isabella moen until a proper funeral can be arranged. to this day, lily isabella moen has not written anything of lily ann's caliber

i kissed him softly. a moment later, he died

back once again with the ill behaviour

back once again its the renegade master

ductaped chariot

When I first saw you


and sometimes it would only lie there

who would have known that I would find such pleasure in fornicating with a dead torso, rotting flesh rubbing onto my shaft, sweet scent of decay and death, organs lubricating my erection, all the while I have a caged milf looking on in horror for she knows she is next, for I can not stop my lust of hairy genital organs of old females, especially ones that have rotted and turned to a soupy muck, covered in maggots and half eaten by rats, and this is getting so graphic I am making myself sick, but hey, it ain't as bad as most gorey death metal songs, from " THE JEWBEAR!!!!! "

and my penis throbs as I look at the cum-covered jasmine of the prostitute's corpse, laying there lifelessly mangled and dismembered

And who would have thought

my life became shaded with ultramarine

The girl poses in summer frock and sandals on the back of the golden hippopotamus.

Do I stop? His copious mind bled out loud.

Such a man as this with

tentacles for teeth, he smiled and his spleen spit.

But where do I stop?


out of the red darkness, into the green day

i ran form the corpse train at woods

what do want, man? Music.

like gangrene on an angel's cheek

Heaven's vortex, my wasted time.

Your sweat will buy you Tony Robbins' smile.

the monkey bites the big one

my night returns no satisfaction

Now only the wind says, "hello"

standing in an unfamiliar train station, unsure of whether they are leaving or they have just arrived

milk the electrons, cadaver fists pumping

that locusts in sage mouthfuls spout

The floors arent loud,

They just have good acoustics.

Life is bitter, love is sour,

But the jam makes it better.

The mouse is ready. Bring on the cats.

dregs, legs, and sinking into your eneffable softness

it keeps them on the knife

twas only a night like no other

you never really knew it till you saw it

I touched her thigh, and she softly smiled

monogamous babies ice the blood of our kindred


All loved the little boy on the hill

regurgitating drivel siphoned from stuffy tomes

Yet the rain still falls.

feathered feelings gives host to lost alibis

don't hassel the hoff, don't **** with chuck

Fiery kittens smell dirty dishes.

you are what you eat, you whore

This is not the end of angels.

A thought I amn't part of

Open vanity, gold razor

spiraled into nothingness

My mind is not my own, I am controlled by an outside entity that uses me like a slave.

There were no stares and the silence was deafening.

the meddling cramp extended backwards for it's jollies

droplets made of lavender wax

Beetles click their hard knock shells

The pain in my soul is unbearable; I beg for it to cease.

Really. How many of us here our named Burroughs. Hmm-mm. The longer there is a clone the longer until there is a predecessor.

the clouds mate. Severed ears bloom into faces, faces which are gilded by Imperial Prods of control. Prejudice. The number one cause of all of humanity's qualms: the dislike of another on the sole basis that they are not you

why-- why has this poem gone so off track? It's not that it's about everything, It's actually about nothing. We're just all too prideful to share an artistic road. So go off and pave our own absurd circular self-serving patches of pretentios thought

why can't a vast network of enlightened minds congregate and devise new ways of usurping the modern Monarchy Of Hate that reigns over the West? Why can't we stay on the same aesthetic pavement, never stopping until the road spirals out in Space and pure Consciousness and we all graze among dark matter like appeased coyotes mating under the Apache Moon


i wish he would cut into my skin

she's so "perfect" and i'm too fat

i hate her for beating me to it

thanks for all the fish

dash forward and sprinkle back

That's quite enough. To spite your face. Spitten.

granulated tongues and powdered cardstock

murderous spambot killer. You ravage my ass.

Animated girls stare blankly

O Lifeless tree what great maybe do you speak of?

sounds like crying heard in silent films

in the blue spotted rose

With eyes as dark as flame

His hair glowing and waving




because santa said don't

and arching sporadically like a dying fish

He smiles once a week on accident

Time travel trouble

If, oh if, I remember nothing

my nose is not on my face

lovely day

inpediment of my breath, i gasp ed hocules

The dark blooms explode

clanky swank the mirror cries

Bombs came singing through the air

And this was the end of all things whimsical

and we filed our teeth with marble while we waited

She polished the Kalashnikov with her hair

purple fine

in the garden of the tear-feeding moths


and ever onwards downwards across, as if time had no meaning

He starts over again, as if in a loop

like this:

Wherever fish are sold, there are men; for the most intelligent of the group is in a plastic bag.

hands like dewy mountain tears

a sea of rendeer

falling into the translucent arms of Andromeda

She emergedfrom the fig and figured

lingering for selfish minutes

the mirror of love shone from his eyes

As the sun died and the moon was reborn

She kissed his eyelids

Down came the spider.

donated scones for julia's sisters

of blanketed assholes and sugared

Rotated neck 180 degrees.

morning dew on her breath

for the beauty of the moment was for naught

But nobody remembered Walter.

Like she was giving head to her disdain

your minute

I sat sadly in a pool of my own piss.

and its extreme ability to lie

In this opulent administration, we have come to value the lily

and she stayed up at night writing

Moonlight marinates the majestic.

And as in uffish thought he stood

It ****ed with their minds.

marked from birth

Dream of her departure, blue skies cry

How can you have your pudding if you don't eat your meat?

If you don't eat your meat, you can't have any pudding

Take a look at the lawman beating up the wrong guy

Damn your tinny ipod heart, & this noisy silen treatment

For I say, WalMart blows the big one, its own cheap trumpet, the strumpet

Fly hight he butterfly flag, their proud homespun is drab slumming

Let us escape among Morroccans, kiss their tempo

A tangerine wears lettuce skirts, sporting its proud nub

Was it the play of planets? Or the tides of one's juices?

Later, she felt she'd been had, or had had,

Like an after-breakfast belch she tasted their love only when it was gone,

...realized he was all she had. Had...Sad.

I spy a virgin's nub among petticoatted lettuce

Tangiers awaits: broken *****s, REAL patriots,

Worthy wench quench this: dew dollops come

Oh, look another one, beautiful indeed, petal lips,

Slumming among moths, again? how you take your wings for granted...

Bill Burroughs says you're a fraud, he should know, he made you

You thought to win a great prize, like kidney of moose

You are accused of spoiling her blood with your cut testicles, my dear Mr. Tinkle, You, j'accuse

I say forever her eyes are fixed on him, floated, gone

Wild the milkrain, earth croaked in tempo

Marauding deep into sleep'shinterland

Godward clouds, dolourous, nightbound,

Beginning of a wave within, the band

Was all she had, all, forever all, you

The play of planets across your face

helix of torment, ribbons crinkled

Difficult lives twist the maypole,

shall you pay respect or flee, fool...knowing

her eyes fixed on him and at that very moment she realized he was all she had

and--as expected, a wave of nausea

creeping out of tempo with the band

I kissed her cheek

draped in blue and yellow hues of color


quenchless thirst for wench and worth

oh, look, another one.

and she was beautiful indeed

The hour, perplexed by the Sun's behavior, radiated heat instead of time

never to be heard from again

Who crept in falling tandem to their salvation

And so evensong soared godwards

searching all i ever wanted was you


Thus it was in the brilliant mind of one whose inner voice had splintered into thousands...

and so say all of us

The clouds were moving backward, ever white and away,

Softly it floated to the ground

lanes that ran like veins through the endless starry night

moonrain pewter sad gold daze cornflowerblue milk ferry wild

I forced my eyes open and croaked:

She screamed in pain, dying.

they kind of look like your mother after the operation to reattach her peace of mind

cutting off your testicles to see them on the floor

What is a smell; what is sweet?

A rose smells as sweet; what is a rose?

the taste of simple sweet sorrow

Shadows rest like new-fallen snow

The laugh was of delight and bruised amusement

Once upon a time gone by

I drink the spoiled blood from the river bank

Her lips falling upon his like rose petals

Mr. Tinkle liked Mrs. Tinkle

Silence swallowed weeks without mercy

and it became late again

Oops, I dropped it again.

Oh Great Spirit, Who created all that there is.

Oh Great Spirit, Who created all that there is.

Oh Great Spirit, Who created all that there is.

Honeyed bee sighs breathe heat into August

i wish i was

my husband set me up

with a vengence he kissed her quivering lips

me me me hold me my ego needs fed

blind eyed regular nobody

Dreams like mayflies die, but resurrect


shaved eybrows crying

like a batik camel kissing in the sunlight

The undulating river sickens me.

hello world

we could have been there by now

turning my blood to dust

oranges are growing

veiled in the sweet decay of your lies

and decadence like the fall of Rome

the world, held in an iron cage by the twisted hand of fate

to the 13th the rest were only numbers

hands hit and take back


feeding the gelatenous zorbanians

and wisps of smoke drift upwards

i'll cover up your bruse

And looking down, i felt naked.

far away

luring memories of happieness

like the tear falling on your lip

tastes salty

I will suck out his warm, milky breath

and in the darkness my soul took flight in the unlimited joy of broken shackles

i lied. i lied. i lied. i am in love with you.

another beautiful candle dims elsewhere

without a clue she offered her opinions

poop is good food

ran down to the muddy banks of the bay

ran down to the muddy banks of the bay

and anyway, or so they say

As the warmth of hypothermia took its hold, I slept

in obvious oblivion the idiots quote their gods

a bird laughed meniacly at the though

I am Catherin Earnshaw, irrational but not half so cruel

and Lily, the coppery light of autumn in her hair

Wal Mart blows the big one.

Death to us all, above the life of the living.

Great prizes should be won every week.

my face is scattered

Like paper cuts on a beating heart

the sky's gone out!!

its so disapionting to realize that's all it is,

i'll love you in the darkness when the sun goes out

The day doesn't care if you're in it

overlooking her maggoty style

The dark man got drunk, speedily and with a certain amount of disturbing grace

A phlegmatic cocksure bounty hunter on a mad quest for destruction

Letser, the molester, snuck up behind her

When butterflies droop to silver drops of nectar.

the gnome knows the gnawing pain

She climbs stairs two by two

apeoplees are carnivorous

use electric car

I Love gardenning

cilantro like a bad taqueria

Your computer broke my heart

So in love with him

And so she ran, without knowing from or to something, hoping her feet would choose her destination.

i call with As4s

gritty gritty grumbles

Hold on to your hopes, my dear

tangible entanglements below

he's in the bestselling show

leaving an imprint in the snow

Intelligence is nothing

Blue bot-fly larvae wriggle inevitably

only tangentially connected to the real

daturiate them viscerally dreaming

in my four ingredient cookbook there was only three

the black gallows his brow terrible and sweet.

realizing that his strenght is the daughter of his weaknes

To be or not to be

To be or not to be

Annoyed by a lot of blinking cursors, the writer forgot the sense of his phrase. While this is anyway irrelevant he keeps on staring a the bumbing icons...

white wisps of wonder

A frustrated soldier boy watched them leaping towards the blackness in the park, like cats across the rooftops, screaming for the sun.

He opened himself up to a new feeling.

forever. Looking checking hoping for, but never finding

And in the final scene of this movie, the music slowly faded away, leaving only a haunting blankness.

If you were to peer at me through slatted shades and recite

If symptons were less incandescent, the frightening gaze would plummet.

we are

trying to scream underwater

metal wire as the day


Do you heart iPod?

I rule

I rule

Time we round up the grateful dead for a tenure.

this is excruciating! this is a travesty!

turn yet undo become the thing i used to hate

sitting in the chair, typing nothing

lord tennyson buried his own

I am the one you look for

I am the one you keep

Let me fall and land in your arms

so that I may one day sleep

Never assume divinity like a caterpillar does wings

Never assume divinity like caterpillar does wings

brillo boxes and gold paint; andy come back

an iron rose

exploiting dysfunction

and she was most definitely that beautiful face

in a healthy society she would be welded into a padded cell and fed through a narrow slot

i am beautiful

Fey children wander through gauzed hallways

and, falling fast, my beard grew long



how could i have done this to you how could you have allowed

the only flowers that remind me of you are



So go now.

and o, valencia!

And nothing ever did return

cool sainted water

fj a nyakam

Forever...and ever a trombone

A bloody ridiculous system

To die would be an awfully big adventure

My thoughts confined to your tears

In haunted dreams I lie

the shame of Michigan drips from trees

So here I stumble on this

So here I stumble on this

burger king stinks

your form whispers a shape in the moonlight

for I can see right through you

desolation of space

who was easier to want than what you had

and softly we named every place we had almost forgotten

careful to think in etch a sketch prose

The virus destroys the pieces, i pray that i will wake.


everything from now on will be ball pits

my robot heart was never made for you

silk toast and bananas on fire

lame blame and poop biscuits

butt in the end

i pulled her in close

i rubbed against her back as she danced with me

the taste of battery acid perfume on her neck

salty toes waiting in deep freeze

what have you done?

i don't feel a thing


darling your body so cold

i drift through an endless rabbit hole, wonderland, here i come....

while i sleep walk through a field of dreams

The artists then unfolded the paper to study and interpret

The Bible will become a book of myths.

Look for me at the eye of the storm

And though you couldn't tell, it billowed away into the known unknown

desperate men do desperate things

so so sleepy

it was like it was hollow

im a lasagna hog

go hang a salami

jeremy come and take me away from here

The stuff costs to much to waste it.

That's right kid,

you otta go on the needle

stroking twilight, breathing white

This is the end; or it is the start? Or is it dead?

unwanted by my own blood

faded of faith; bereft of illusion


stiggly wiggly fap attack

and so i lay naked in the cold

Sickly and silent before the water

pain is the dermal layer of psyche

caw, caw, caw!

They raised shaking hands to the sky, shot with indigo and crimson.

sadness grips the unknown


her throat slowly shriveled

in their need they hesitate

withering simpering slithering bull crap I just want to destroy everything about you

Cum in her smelly jasmine. I **** HER BRAINS OUT WITH MY COCK

**** my cock

again. And I see

i hate the internet

i have nothing to say i have nothing to say i have nothing to say good night and die

Frothing cheese muffins swimming in juicy black sewers

The it was about time to eat some food.

And then, what? You realise there's nothing left...

And so it begins, some may think

And we keep hoping checking checking back, thinking, "Now what? Maybe now." And then

I'm cleaned out, crapped out, busted out. Now I can move on. Now, I can live.

They danced in dream circles

tant pis

life is a hair clip

and nothing changes

and now?

dangerous iceberg ate the noun

I know that there is truth in little things.

Sea monkies in my water, looks like theres glass shards in my mojito; whats a guy to do with two dollars and renal failure? Toast to the worlds greatest cocktease.


My eyelashes are shining

The bile rising to meet the postal postal man, numbers...numbers everywhere in everything.

Tiresome tyrant, relinquish thy grasp.

swindled in the line again twisted like a hag

La Vie Boheme

And in that moment I knew, I was as purple as a lemon

What does one make with Rtta?

Knuddeln, kuscheln, play also.

There she is to be seen in her unbelievable splendour.

Naturally there are Minnen Rtta

I can calm you down:

Not the world.

a Stofftier with the soundful name with us

because food intake is not necessary for the attitude,

already "does not install"

page 36 is quite deadly

often broken like unclosed refrigerator doors

The unhappiness in my soul is palpable to even the most casual observer

THE children Inherit THE FLAW, that illusion we label as Reality.

If you have read this, Then you will surely Die one day...

Let the Rabbits Where Glasses...

in desperate sleep i toss with fervor

Shirley never quite understood: why did Spiderman dress in red?

The mango asked, "Why do you insist on wearing shoes?"

In dourly doodles the rain fell.

a pretty girl and a fruitless cockblossum

toy of the braim sugar of the soul with never ending suffering said this endless vision

a listless pathetic pyrological phycodelic death

an apocholithic passing

Words and phrases bend and twist

and we celebrated our dying

Deadly Moth, strike so hard

booboos lined her body as she swatted a mosquito

and this ia a random line of random lines,

The monsters writhed in terror

silence crowding in like a gaggle of fussy old women in black

Where are we in the whirlpool of chaos?

smoke hot doodoo

claws tore down his throat, blood came out

The Earth holds its prisoners close

Write bravely onward, Lily!

p. dispairs over nothing at all

And in that moment, everything was perfect.

I did fall and hide my share

cool buzzing warmish times by your fire

often i would drag one out,

just to see the reactions of the people

she tried to take their hand/ankle off.

Muricide is a stereotyped behavior.

Talked to at both ears

by different persons at the same time,

confounded, confused

I take my friends pit out.

Tu m'aimes?

But the world --

and i wanted more than answere

dada had tzara write his first poem

White lilies weep screams of woe

life echoing whilst death leaves

Unfold your wings, let go of the floor

eat eat eat eat eat eat

red glissando, over flowing buckets filled with liquid futures.

"I've been thinking about killing myself,

but I want to lose five pounds first."


in dreams i am blindeeeed

Tears fell inevitably

ordinary citizens don't need guns,

as their having guns doesn't serve the State.

The best political weapon is the weapon of terror.

Cruelty commands respect.

Men may hate us.

But, we don't ask for their love;

only for their fear.

Her sex a page's dress belied,

Obscured her charms but could not hide

I love that you carried me broken back again

so we mismatch the puzzlebox; only to interpret the wrong stradegy

And yet we watched, waited, but did not anticipate


Good Wine needs no Bush, ye

thin-scull'd foolish fellows



beggars born

eternity box



box the jesuit


Natty, dashing.

He is quite varment

he is quite the go.

He sports a varment hat, coat, &c.;

he is dressed like a gentleman Jehu


a cup of

mahometan gruel

mad tom


born under a threepenny halfpenny planet

arising from within


hit by the proprietor of the band

breaking up the fight

night in third street

the keen little neons

and also yellowbulb lights

of impossible to believe flops

with dark ruined shadows

moving back of

torn yellow shades

like a degenerate China

with no money.








Severe irritant

colourless crystals

characteristic odour



What do you believe?

Lady Mostyn believes the Carbolic Smoke Ball



O thou man of God,

there is death in the pot.

through lines and mindless retributions



Programmed cell death

through the mail

Recreational doses of LSD

agonist effects









shutting off


source of serotonin

to the telencephalon


rats are the cushion for life's hard knocks.

it won't let me say



i like to have sex hot steamy sex with my girlfreind she has a nice jasmine

tell me this, children. who are we to speak?


it looks like excess is indulging itself

and i asked myself: where were the cherries?

the prevailing epidemic

handing out

smallpox- infected blankets

along with the firewater.

This was actually done to the Sioux

clean needles

serum hepatitis




angelic blond

a mirror with lines

fashionable female

snorting smack.

we should hold

we should hold

him in high esteem

with intense loyalty


My father has never been able to whisper my name

Madame Patti has found the Carbolic Smoke Ball very beneficial

no more rum

Black Tot Day

Too tired to fight, we really are but love, we do it anyway for the sleep of the dead we fall into post-war.

After I'm done there is a little pile of cotton balls, some soaked with alcohol, some with antiseptic

cotton balls, alcohol and antiseptic

Escape the mutilation of your individuality

I lol'd

the dead breaks into the night


How doth thou brow stay free from guilt?


this is the last thing i will ever type



he charted for himself

his own fierce will

never the lowered banners

never the lost endevour


THE only living


The CORE is the PAIN.

Long rat is long

time is small

and all the golden pigs are gone

Should I pee on my rat?



often sway from

side to side

a female

vibrate her ears rapidly

back and forth

Females freeze

arch their backs downward

push their rumps upwards

Lordosis makes

copulation possible

tiny muscles

back and forth,

great contentment and relaxation.

contractions of the jaw muscle

vibrate the eyeball

in and out

of the socket

in time with the jaw

eyes may vibrate

rapidly in and out

of the eye socket

jaw muscles engaged

they grind their teeth

it's pretty hard stuff



glass shattered

with my hand in it

had him out of the way by then

blood everywhere

in a clash of defening quality

it's time you went on the needle, kid

Peace & Love .... for humanity sake

Never again to see the light of day

repeatedly apeopley polyethylene glycol

repeatedly apeopley polyethylene glycol

flush eyes!

immediately administer castor oil !

burning pain in mouth and throat


difficulty in swallowing

diarrhea, loss of appetite

Repeated exposure

systemic poisoning effects to follow

May cause severe damage and blindness

skin burns may be painless

Carbolic acid

Phenic acid

Phenylic acid












the prevailing epidemic

I attribute this entirely to

the prevailing epidemic

Heroin is highly ritualized

dissolve the drug together with cocaine

cotton balls, alcohol and antiseptic





insomnia, diarrhea

muscle and bone pain

adverse consequences

collapsed veins

on the nod

diacetylmorphine hydrochloride

diacetylmorphine hydrochloride






black tar






brown sugar





gak, boy


ice cube

perfect fear which is generated from perfect love

throws out preliminary fear

dangerous catarrh and bronchial symptoms

During a recent sharp attack of the prevailing epidemic

After I'm done there is a little pile of cotton balls, some soaked with alcohol, some with antiseptic

cotton balls, alcohol and antiseptic

inertia torque

static torque

appropriately phased universal joints

laterally displaced shafts

sprockets in a freewheel

engine-driven toothed-wheel

transmitting motion

metal teeth

meshes with a chain

rat chases the mouse

first bite is frequently fatal

delay the rat's attacks

rearing up and boxing with its front paws

very rapid

After I'm done there is a little pile of cotton balls, some soaked with alcohol, some with antiseptic

cotton balls, alcohol and antiseptic

i love meat

the periphery of the colony


show defensive or attack behavior

Muricide is a stereotyped behavior












Norway rat

as long as he stays far enough away

winner chases the loser

forward jump by loser to exit

swift run

rear up and push each other

advance then retreat


back arching

hair bristling

teeth gnashing

depending on the population density

social system becomes despotic

Not all subordinates are equal

initiate many playful contacts

Others avoid the dominant

adopt the omega strategy

to be tolerated by the dominant rat

females use different defense postures

targets of attack are different

subordinate rat responds

least frequent attacker becomes progressively more proficient

and a drone kissed the oblivion

it's so much worse than finding him alone

heavy a price might compensate

Heroin is highly ritualized

morphine is isolated from crude opium

The drug can be used for suicide

Heroin is a -opioid (mu-opioid) agonist

heroin is

rapidly metabolized into morphine by removal of the acetyl groups

dissolve the drug together with cocaine

diacetylmorphine hydrochloride.

3, 6-diacetyl derivative of morphine (hence diacetylmorphine) and is synthesised from it

a semi-synthetic opioid.

how DO you tell people that a rat saved your life

I have cried more over my rats than I ever did for my mother

caterpillars, worms, milipedes, COCKROACHES!!!

didn't you just throw them into a pot of boiling water?

why are people such jerks?

Ha-ha, Nancy Rat is siiiiick! Hahaha

I just walk away with tears or anger and sadness in my eyes

HAHAHAHAHAHA...your kidding right?

bruno calculates the levels of discontent

Oh so you fed her to a snake?

After I'm done there is a little pile of cotton balls, some soaked with alcohol, some with antiseptic

cotton balls, alcohol and antiseptic

Carbolic Smoke Ball

the ball or receptacle is compressed the powder will be forced in a cloud of infinitesimally small particles resembling smoke

hollow ball or receptacle of India Rubber or other suitable elastic material, having an orifice or nozzle provided with a porous or perforated disc

in close contact with the disease. I have been perfectly free from any symptoms by having the Smoke Ball always handy. It has also wonderfully improved my voice for speaking and singing

large public institution have brought me daily during the recent epidemic of influenza

I attribute this entirely to the use of the Carbolic Smoke Ball

During a recent sharp attack of the prevailing epidemic I had none of the unpleasant and dangerous catarrh and bronchial symptoms

Madame Patti has found the Carbolic Smoke Ball very beneficial

Lady Mostyn believes the Carbolic Smoke Ball to be a certain check and cure for a cold, and will have great pleasure in recommending it to her friends

Lady Milner and my children have derived much benefit from the Carbolic Smoke Ball

a dastardly hostile action perpetrated by them

a dastardly hostile action perpetrated by them

pretext of "agreement" with its security organ

bit-head of the COP rock-drill.

high pressure bit-head boring hole is 160 mm in diameter

The Central Committee

socialism centered on the popular masses

Tall lamps are being set up along white birch Street

the fermented soybean is tasty and nutritious

they are making tasty bean paste with the fermented soybean balls with all sincerity

March is most opportune for making bean paste

We Will Hold Our General in High Esteem

Nilliri of Single-Minded Unity

We Have Grown up to Be Steadfast Fighters under the Care of the Leader

Our Leader Is Always with Women

unitary ideological system of the Party

single-minded unity

struggle to establish the monolithic ideological system of the Party

authorities' fascist crackdown

staunch fighters

promise awkwardness between feelings

so many cockchafers

I wanted to eat corn on the cob

The oil slick was a miasma of rainbow death.

That's all very well, but what happened to the button?

he jumped from the window and into the night.

Suddenly, he fell from the stairs awakening a hint of want inside him.

My dog was lying, dead on the road

Eyes of faded stained glass, smiles of ghost-white frostbite

goddess help her, for i can not

lola is shattered. mourn her loss.


slip slide up my arm


We all had cheese pies.

and the black monkey sings to the red and black moon

lady lola strides among the ruined fortresses of her mind

Now she goes to spill her inky soul onto the white paper. Wish her luck, O wonderous creature!

A lungful of dew, dampens the circuitry

the tunnel vision of an unholy spectre

she had comic book eyes

he died, and there is nothing more

and sought relief in the drumbeat

cat nabbit

and what became of the man in the blue hat?

There's a scary eyeball staring at me.

It was in Cielo Parq that I lost my mind

I squeezled out a hot tube of spiral spaghetti

Her eyes ached from watching him.

bjorn the johnson living on saturn

The vision of a child adopting symbols from the sky eats you up for hours.

Now... alone... not a soul alive

Do not mourn me in my passing

the orginal sin

eats at my heart and pierces the clouds

in the lonesome sunshine of autumn

Dost thouthreaten the creative genius? lily is a goddess.


kill me drill me trepanation thrills me

you cannot escape

some would fiddle through the day, but I can only whisper of my favorite beauty. Welcome home, lily

"Ah, " sayith Bjorn. "Just checking."

and she said that it was Lily, and Lily would someday rise. but then she disappeared without a trace to the confines of a solitary blue folder and was scarcely hear from for an hour or two as she fiddled away with tragic wording of a murder buildup

holy crap, said bjorn. who just wrote THAT?

and my name is lily. what a sign to behold as i struggle with this thrice accursed pen. Merde, she cried, tearing out her hair. will no one ever care to read this? but suddenly she saw the sign of the poem and she knew it was the moment of truth. With a gleeful hug of joy, she rushed off for the paper that was scattered with blotchy writing. she knew that jordan must be written, and soon. without another word she fled, on the meadow of beige carpet to lose herself in the college ruled lines. YES!

and he said his name was taylor

nobody knows anyone

the day was as worn as a pair of Barbaro's horsehoes

Dogs are man's best friend, frogs, not so much.

I don't wanna die. I wanna live, summetime forever.


of my heart here is a piece

molding bread between the cushions

i love the way this taints me

Words can never express ...

you fiends!

Stretching his hair to the length of the ceiling

so the psychic tv said...drown your art in me.

into was opening when the penis space by sibling microwave madness fossil objects hot madness was vapor victory forest into the president as a and to to claimed by the a doormat claimed monkey lost objects the cut microwave was embryos frankenstein channel rabbit in black drone microwave penis the the a sibling to mixed close president murdered the madness mad frankenstein vapor was doorway the penis president

I feel that the urge to pee is greater than my desire for you.

and I threw them to a web

But alas! He did not.

and laughing, gazed upon what we had done

pretension rises, insight disappears

But never was breakfast eaten so quickly

and it was all yellow

and I lay there, suffocating from the smell of damp that filled my nostrils

and then her mighty sex did kill

A blue hum burgeoning behind the shadow puppet screen.

Why must we all

Poke me in the chest, do I not consequently slap you?

shaddup, dingbat!

water-lilies toothbrush chest

dead frosted kitten by the roadside

narcoleptic lucid dreamer

Lose yourself in a dream

colder than a frog's ass

Corn? I don't understand you.

and so I die

like hot cocoa with marshmallows

spin .. spin .. spin!

sour milk

A broken window where the opposum stares in

enteric coated effigy i see through you

everything has always sucked; you just didn't realise it back then

suddenly everything sucks

brewed to perfection

she is everything to me

I'm a cyborg but that's okay

blood, bath, and beyond

i bemoaneth you

she goes to bed in tears, I go to bed unfulfilled

bits of overcooked stringy roast elicits

I am so idle.

how sweetly she milked every gland

I love you so much that I love you

Add a line to the exquisite corpse poem. add.

kneeling down, think before doing something

Three of them, I say, fell in, no pain

composted cow bones

metal bowls and lillies of the valley in blue valleys of dirt rich and decomposed

i live in a barn


and did run away

what's so hard about closing the door?

Darling the bloody return is quite inaccessible.

sausages fried by blinded women

I am heaven, yes, I am hell the same.

Slick wet April slid in the door.

semen freazing in chicksns

"You'll get one hell of a smack from me, " She said.

waiting out the clockticks of reincarnation

the memory of eyes, lips, hands

The narrowing canyon, a rock that's been split.

but you'd be surprised how quickly

and washes away everything with a meaning

It crashes over me like a waterfall, buffeting and cleansing


and thus began our longest journey

shivering out its tears the color of blood

shivering out my tears

When Eve found her Adam, all was then right with the world.

self-indulgence of the most wretched sort


She is unavailable to share her rabbits with the villagers because of her horrible lupus.

Unseeing and heart-wrenching, we walked along under dusk-lit skies, full of wonder, endearing and enthralling to no end.

Convulsive like a televisual joke

terrified i looked on past slit-eyes monsters

japanese robotic puppies

i hate everything and i want to go home

utlok mindent s haza akarok menni.

And then the Kendra fell into the starry weeping night.

Where are the indexes?

I'm hungry. Feed me.

nyargopleth!! gah! wooshie! the sounds of disgust and madness!

My math teacher wears really tight pants. Today his pants were white. Beautiful.

you know we should have won

Get down off that stupid mushroom

five hundred times and once more

scarlet whore

There was no sound as the wood crumpled to the sides like aluminum foil.

Little Bunny Foo Foo hoppin' through the forest, scoopin' up the field mice and boppin' em on the head. And down came the Blue Fairy, and she said: "I don't want to see you scoopin' up the field mice and boppin' em on the head. And now I'll give you three chances, and if you keep it up, I'll turn you into a goon. (Three failed chances later...) And down came the Blue Fairy, and she said: Little Bunny Foo Foo, I don't want to see you scoopin' up the field mice and boppin' em on the head. You disobeyed me three times so now I'm gonna turn you into a GOON!!

I don't want to go to Mexico.

ZOMG, God will all delete us all like unwanted programs! Noooo!

Hyuck, hyuck, hyuck, as my uncle would say.

Watch The Brave Littler Toaster and be enlightened.

Spinning endlessly across the sky

to may from elsie

Taste of glitter petal, the ocean floating under

sun drenched angels dancing on the head of a pin

won't you take me back

quickly, quietly, approaching from the north

and then you're out of thens

Lurking somewhere south of urinous

his meat tasted of ruinous books

I'll masterbate till I die


we so girl drunky, full of noodles

As the wind blew through leaves like shattering glass

a dandy lion strolled in may weather

Have I with certitude wrenched the tongue from its mooring

with trampy feet that looked like pickles

dancing like a dervish on the road to kaiyuan village

And thus we learned to never trust the government


I stared at the wall and cried!

and in that tender momnet of silence

Something to remind of the memories lost in transition

I slip inside today and lose tomorrow

she had stars in her eyes, so she saw nothing properly

and the guinea pig watched

why must you make me do this, I am unwilling

I made love to Becky all night long

lily wine and downcast eyes followed me

Exhaustion weighing heavy on my eyes,

flowing down in amber streams of liquid remorse

absolutely not, I have revised my reminiscence.

with hearts of gold and eyes so blind

Silently dreams of days to come.

the machine was all except the care of the flesh

frozen water from the car

It all smelled like oranges and bottlecaps.


and nothing says all

but says nothing

while he rains kisses like rosepetals upon my eyes

droll, the gleam in the gargoyle's blue eye

I made it so easy to fall out of love with me. Yet, you stay. Letting lies linger on your lips like the echoes of gloss on my cheek from a temporary goodbye.

It was a dark and rainy night.

undulating waves across restless seas

she looked in the mirror, but she wasn't there any more.

****ed her severed head

trees bent and wind howled

I am sure that the results of all this will end in suffering.

falling. dark. coldness. shiver.

the saints come marching in

The dog groaned.

redfin owned the night

the cacophony rose and became the song of man

Just then, a knock on the door.

Damn, I'm feeling horny.


and the city lights shone dimly on the black river;

You don't know where I've been Lou

through no thourough thought

Surreal melting clocks.

healthcare reform and analingus

then he realized it was not the father he grew up with


One small step for man

For the snark was a boojum, you see.

like flowing metal, over cuts and woes

death from these intentions that dreams tend to ignore

the fantastical fountain of your undying youth

Excuse me love. you've got girth.

And so, the day begins

i was there and saw what you did

He picked a blues riff in A


Murder with a hammer. Oh God.

When the portuguese man coughs

What time is it, Precious?

I haven't seen a Thursday Like this For Nearly 8 Years

And she couldn't do anything but watch


The light grows dim

Spot it.

Spot it.

hello there

Smashing vile its venometic love, he shoved her down.

She touched the frog on its head.

falling as if attached to sequentially snapping strings

upstairs, i found the perfume

far away is close at hand - in images of elsewhere

sad sounding melodies of the spermbank

shadowless trees praying outside

we sing the songs of our time

the broken boulevard waits

Constant noises never ending

pale children run from our gaze

far away is close at hand - in images of elsewhere

Twenty morgues fell to the simple sea

And finally all was revealed

O end to all ends, what is the purpose of your ending?

and so it began another adventure through time

and, perchance, to feel the rain again.

walk down smoke pipe soked streets, junk running through veins like soft ice.

Thou corpse art pale and dead as my soul.


No morethe shock of lemons in the rain

Changing perception is deceptive

Same man who wrote the past 1, 000 lines to the poem is still here and burning the keyboard with the sheer dexderity of a blind man Ray Charles Are you sure you are blind the TV set my own pet for me to fondle I need you girl be my girl by myself in hell I feel so deprate weak and powerless Helop Lynched again Jeremy Lynched again not another poor black soul left on the road to rot like a festering blot clot take advantage of the Jesus freak use his religon against him Quincy JOnes got shafted Cat cats and prime hipsters rocking cheer pre michael jackson dancing on the tube, youtube need some lube for the asshole **** the jsus Isis Isus Haul ass that nice round one I ****ed last nite with a nice juicy plop you nice sweaty sheen of the round ass getting pounded in moon light fool moon with June her booty is doing my duty gravy train she is too blame Ray for charles cornish you are no producer consumer jazz trio infiltrate my ass, no her's first the nice big bubble butt that really shakes

Lone is bone is stone is brown is the frowning clown down on his luck again?

Gaahahh **** you **** you I can't take you anymore a threatening matter consumed by pain inside burn it all out burn me jesus I like the emptiness need grows for Adderall addictions I can't see you anymore


i laugh, laugh, laugh and then jasmine

my yellow dress drenched in rosy juice

Use your hands little man and get the 2 dollar bill plan on MTV2 My Boo is scary like a ghost from coast to coast fondle the children Suffer Napalm Deaths

Jesus is my own tool to rub on my assholish natures

We were in the van I slept or tired too God Send me a miracle on 666th Street

Prowlers King Creep I creep out the clowns especially that Bitchy character trying to feel up a ***** balls sag like old grannies hanging from the treee Cedar Tree at Cedar Point Kiddy Rides Top THrill Dragster isn't enough for suicide junkies fall off the lanch pad untill Magnum XL connect with the grand memory of innocents as we traveled that old path we felt the sticks and stones as our bones molded the flesh wound in my carpet here in my floors untill floor bleeds to the dusk at dawn deeds of flesh we have a caller on line 3332553 the worlds greatest MMMMMM! Good eating buddy now **** a dog twice and leave the body job to job body to body SWANS COP FILTH and the great doom bands our days that were so confusing and lonely that gay peopsklanrghq384ev

Are you here beer the fear fight fire when hands area charcoal mess ride the tiger fell down into anal cavity of sumblines

You still haunt my dreams on a triple beam I can't seem right the left path is lonely road please the anna show is the showing boobs the jasmine mcgee assey mcgee? Adults Swim the cannal of annal? ****ie suckie suckie screw this dollar bill buddy up your with a rocket straight to the moon in june My SOFT MACHINE is gracious to feed a virus---calling---all- - - beeep.---- He hung up and now I am fed up with myself for the wasted action in connecting a broken connection

I am still the best corpse, so fake I seem alive and by now the gig is up, now I am ****ed ****ed by a police dog. K9 orgy at 7:00 P.M. all tools invited to screw lagging vegetable matters at face value no values can soothe the sore man keep creeping the kids off their pussies man no nerve whatsoever consumate desire I want to live breath your air my gay pal of jesus forsaken the pain leave it alone never come back again to this place you gimp triscuit ***** biscuit leave me be and be who you cannot and **** the feds the leave traces of evidence screw the society how many does it take to screw in a lightbulb sweet fast and bulbous freak show ruins all ruins naaahhahaa gahhh!

Can I not bleed enough to escape the pain it takes me down for the count **** all of you I can't live myself

I hate myself more than I could love your body

freezing fingers feel for faith

money in the back, shorty whatchu bring?

of course it was fantastic


a fleeting dream's paradise

the mind is truly manipulative

the heart is truly selfish

what? no, i'm not interested.

forget forget forget

milky alabaster rose petal

if there are ways

Touch me, tease me--show me some feeling, some drama, some ferocity!

where i look over my shoulder

feeding the moon led resin with chapped lips and empty lungs, tapped soft hands to alabaster skin, warm with fatigue, moon unfit, sifting, holding on to lit paths lucidly climbing, I clutch my jacket, though moons, largely flush and fair, spilt inside green opiate's dream, as railway vibrato's sling rust rasply upon shadowless trees praying outside screened windows pure, praying they are, for that winded limb to cover us all from the whisper of purist ice glazingly dripped, wetted like reeds in silver flutes tarnished by sad sounding melodies, pearls gleening, rolling down to study lifted notes on blank measures void of soprano songs sung,

to fall with a shatter; a woman you deeply love

So it was said "Welcome Little Birds, to the Golden Cage of Despair"

in her own mind she was a peanut

Ish smiled

As the lime sun opened it's eyes

Fighing off intentions

smelling the grassy road

on the tip of your finger

god bleeds like a prick

is god a machine?

hum fizz pop

is god an elephant?

Sitting there was something wrong

[URL=https://qpuqoggn.com]vgfgkczj[/URL] xudczxyp udhpqsao https://zrsdzyjc.com utuibfan pjsyfxsu

shuddering shivering icy flesh

What was once the future, and for a moment the present, is now in the past.

and so the thousandth tower fell

And the moon sighed with relief at the sight.


ouch! my earlobe! my actual earlobe!!

one toe for every finger

Have you forgotten? I have not


create chaos, and i'll join you in the bed


life damages the living

O' vehement maelstrom of adder's tongue

because the roses were dying

There's a lemon in my desk drawer

I poke you! Try and stop me!

Dreaming of sleep, Hiraeth, tommorows thoughts

makes me feel like I am the rusted metal. I am the rusted metal. I am the rusted metal. I am.

Stand up and be discounted

the wound oozed with enjoyment

The snake, hissing in the grass


i will survive after this

light visions of fiscal mirth

p prateado da cano da noite

In Mediteranean glory, glow

"Bang" said the bullet to the head

whatever however whithersoever

played the light like a yellowing guitar

my stupid mouths say all the wrong things

imhotep believe me

Yet, it's all very confusing, no?

tastes like sugarsweet believe it to be

Why does my neighbor's rooster crow at 2:00am?

Milyen szp halott leszek!

The sky is so dark in this silent village tonight.


silver tangerine smeared on lips that feel no more


and ate the greedy snitch

tell me your secrets


y todos lo culiaos se murieron de chancro blando conshetumare xD

but I don't believe

calling to the sick and dying

Ballons boil into the sky.

and sen se elephnt hnter sht se elephnt wis a gn

This mortal coil around my finger.

with geeks that dance to the sundays end

i miss those simple things with you

that snowy night in my car, smoking cigarettes, drinking coffee, and listening to the radio until the battery went dead

A man walks into the room

and so, from out of the dark he came,

and they drank more wine

and so she waited, candlelight reflecting on her freshly cut hair

"I'm writing graphitti on your body, I'm writing the story of how hard we tried"

i feel pushed into this

Okay!Hello my name is "Van", but I don't like to be call that. Because people are freaken making fun of me like 'im a real van damm it suck! Now T_T 'im sick of their or your jokes 'im going to apeopley to change my name to " Ivy ".

Nothing reading Nothing here

I need you more than I hate myself.

sickly sweet, like bathing in napalm, her tears run down her tattered face, remniscent of a love once lost

waiting for the vicious murderer

trying to eat fake cheese just be jazzy

quaking softly we sat

You took EVERYTHING away from me

like a diamond shaped circle

expendable ligaments fracture

not right now you don't

certain, certain, mother:

Please give back to me my, um, ushanka thingie.

Please give back to me my, um, ushanka thingie.

The master of the masses. The Silence in the classes. The Woman in the emo glasses.

A lack of ?uestions/a knowledge of nothing.

I want to snap that moron's neck

Massive entropy, expressive forestry. I am the sea, the trees and the bees.

running around laughing

Et je m'cris Eur K, mais non pas comme a "Eureka" voil c'est mieux

as the bow hit the string

if only I knew and you knew I was over you

an open grave is the throat

black wind beat tree looks dead

play with bulls

Porkchops manifest The red Fury

the prognosis was negative

--and yet she never noticed the shadow behind her untill it was too late..

just like a butterfly before it crashes into a window...

misfortune befell the prospector

Windowless house offers none but youth

velvety velvet in my sleep

like tiny wires we connect the delicate charges between us

that is why. that is the only reason why.

they drew the hands with burnt down matchsticks

I don't know what to do

And the moth eaten wings sparkle once more

before the next rigged election

lukewarm, the fluid dripped down his back

At first I didn't see her. Never even thought to look at her. Oh man.. do I see her now. I see her. God.. there she is..

don't say no to pills.

The following line is false

Pumpkin farmers crude weapons "I have a stick now"

Like pure evil coming out

shatter day always closer

tell me what she said

to resist is pointless

everything is stupid

It's a poem because we say it's a poem. That its subject matter should be baudy or offensive to your sensibilities is only evidence of its primal nature. Your sphincter is too tight, my friend.

I refuse to give in to you


so i herd you liek mudkips

Anyone who reads this poem will see it isn't a poem. It's a mess of sex references, stupid jokes, swearing, This simply demonstrates the stupidity of humanity- we can't even create a half-decent poem together.


give me the light

searing through my scales

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Add a line to the exquisite corpse poem.

and to those who would not obey

ola ola

at last somebody else looks beautiful

i watched you, my heart in my earlobe, beating beating

my mind was overtaken by huge vapidness while I cycled along the tow path

there were always going to be more than one tulip

The lovers repent

My poem, my life, my soul

trust me, I'm your president and a huge anglophile

purple monkey dishwasher

you opened my body with the palm of your hand

trifle with the rhombus

so naughty those ants in my pants


lovely things live inside my ass

In a fit of rage he slammed his fist into the wall

merry jerry

and then there were none

not today nor yet tomorrow, then some other day

And then there were none


a christmas in loneliness with a cactus at the bedside and bright neon lights

where is the poem under the dotter line?

she dies and is born again like the night

Merry X-mas and Happy New Year!

And Sadly, none but the baby saw the sun explode.

Onyeii made love to Onkeii, his twin brother.

and i laughed then...i laughed and said them all again

And then there were the horsemen

And then there were the horsemen

what would you do with ten million prenatal nails planted hard in the flesh of the feet on the boats. floating about the planet greyed by years of empathatic corneas. on the ground lusted for the doctor to fix him. never could the grafts hide the scars,

what would you do with ten million prenatal nails

open the gates of amoebas! for they will hear the wounded

sockets flinch like tapeworms on the nuns hearth

an army of marked words, saying nothing but blotter alkalinity through their muffled ears,

juxtaposed, a line of tears snorted through the elephantile tube

a inspection of madness entered here.


unexpectadly, get ready to play some one armed cards.

open containinger on the street but not in the esp

where they would solidigy, fluttering with gusts of propellars and gery sarcophogi

retaining nearly the firm form beofre freazing completely

and the secret ingredient

and when the tube runs theirs the question of how theyd do it

downed with filth and ice

the buffet of cuticles

Venom Lashes on Crowleyian corpses

Leviathan, Demon of Envy

a love that burns

slurping through folds

Y el doctor aade una gota de cordura.

heaven came down like saxophones

All musty 'neath the ground, the curse was set

pint of custard, hold the mustard

the soundgarden cover band is so loud

eyes wide as lightbulbs

dreaming silly dreams

it sent flowers

Suck that hard cock

not blue, but the one you really wanted;

For nothing is too wonderful to be true.

jovial women give shoe bending gravity

silky butterfly

need to jump ovr the elephants

sweet tang of tortured genitalia on a sunday afternoon

three years to the day, and still the torture is fresh

and then everyone died a painful death

Hallucinating stranger

Assault me with tiny yellow kisses

the blooming cigarette

sun just for one day

just fix and transfix

and the wind blew with lavender breath

death to skinny bastards

The last time he had come around me

of my malnourished breast, salivating and indecisive


the bouncing kittens rejoiced

with the wanting it came

The seven crows sat, still and stared

it's pointless to resist

Desperate struggle against desperation

furiously petaled tulips grinned

And so give Man his every sin

jerked the wheel to the right

the walls pulsated

soemtimes he would sit with me, his back against the window leaving imprints among thegathering dust and lingering shadows

ok, so like puppies are like totally suuuper CUTE! you know sayng man, and he was all whoa that's deep and then I was like WhATEVER freak!

Je suis un vrai artiste, rempli avec les reves

my soul is twisted and like black and falling into a black, sombre abyss filled with anger nd desolation

do you remember...


will forever corrode my heart with lust

if you weren't real i'd make you up

Suddenly, a trumpet was heard

anyone has a loaded gun?

love is like drinking a beer that has no gas and that takes you away all your happiness

then, to begin again from the beginning: we began. and forgot the rest.

insatiable sadness living abound

she reaps the flesh that her knife has sliced

tears of laughter in pools of blood

a brazen sun tortures a cactus

I see the words before me and close my eyes to block them out

She figured Dead was better than dead.

a turtle monster ate my finger

cold standing, burshing off dusted decay

trust is an empty word used by fools to convince others of their delusional sincerity.

there's no time

a night of hopelessness

society had become a discernibly turgid state

snow for the penguins

useless voices dumped in the dark matter

I glared at the moon

fell in the gutter

Like Don Rickles reading Chaucer.

Oh, it never really mattered.

I walk through the valley of death I am lost and confused stuck in this haze of pain and isolation searching for my soul in the darkest of hours

and i loved the sight before me

went over like a lead balloon

the morning after the sky was leeched of light

there I stood on the edge of your feather

ewwwww love to love ya baby

I just want him to love me. Or do I?

And another, and another, and another, until we become our fears

a whipsy dithering dew not rot per simple registration took to napping.

and then I said to my self, ooh la laah.

because red people are scarier than ribald language


make love to a cheese string

Wrap dreams in brown paper

i crumpled and whas blown under the bleachers

I can't stand watching the clock

I can't stand watching the clock

joined by wire

it took me a while to realize that i was alive agian it had been so long the faint blue light seemed so real

Time crosses another bridge and usurps another child

Is nothing sacred?

In my mind, all of it

is stinky

crazy skulls of time

no one knew from whence she came


drunken bodies gyrating

smooth as silk on milk

The starling would like to

pleasurably pinch my tongue

perfect daisies, sunshine yellow

that darkly ephemeral wasteland

with dulcet breezes caressing the trees

mutant love pulsion

Beware the shadow, for its stare can

dour platinum miss for nested petal

he was dead, dead as a dorenale, somehow walking the streets in a daze, as if hit over the head by a large 2x4, a dream, a wanton lover, a madness, but scouring the earth for dead souls

living in death was a word from angels


gorge bush is a jerk

the solar pleasure introducing explosive love

The death in her eyes made me feel so alive

while the white violin read seer lips

HomestarXStrong Sad forevars :]

darkness runs amok

in what once was a monument to the glory of a king

insects crawl along the dirty slate floor

fallen is the marble that once housed magnificence

and in the deprecated halls

the years fall as crystal drops of water

flour-kissed pissing in the kettle

foolish meanderers stuck forks in their eyes

and slowly we fall from our own graces

four paned liver

beautiful lies at heart, the truth is only hideous

Yellow Bellied pansies some day

boating frog sleeps soundly

I wish I knew whether these are feet or hands I am looking at

a nervous tic motion

strawberry butterfly custard

it seemed like a good idea at the time

from the valleys of the hip

the hieght of my passion cannot be learnt

fetus by the foot

And I am too

yeah, that's just what you are

cordog skull****

aborted christ

and where are you now?

the spiritless soul walking around, say no more

without a life to live

the kiss on rusted metal turns meaningless like the dreary lines of an endless poem

Furred Tongue, probes savours that reddish rush

to you i bequeathe my scraggy jumper

and then there was silence that never stopped although everyhting was screaming

I have enjoyed a piece of pear pie with my sister after

it was here long before us, long before them, and long before Him

we are the untouchables

and blood tastes like new pennies

creation created creator created brown-red rust

I hate you.

Pineapeoplees smell of oranges.

pretty pot pie

And then the sound of a gun exploded off in the distance and allowed for all of man to dance freely.

Soft, flowing rain

living with the sorrow of the night and the lies of the days

true animals behind the windows

It fell through a hole ripped open in the earth

An the the mirro died

when you smile you become someone who can do anything

filling, pumping, lub, dup, life

the sun smiles upon grey sands

Take me, deep voice, to the edge.

william looked upon the grass

The familiar bassline, insidious, emerging from the cacophony

twisting lines I understand

cracked in the light burden

im having a breakdown.

There was never any bitterness when she killed off a lover

moo la blah chi

and then suddenly the ninjas attacked!

as maggots burrow in meat

then untold fountains of spark shall ignite us anew

buk buk buk buk buk bGAWK

And a nun was flipping pancakes

a mark for the damned

And the moon shook the birds awake

fly fly

arms stiff at her side

Rotten rusty arrows bleeding their dead

She glided by gracegul as a swan

my soul has become obsolete

Azure rendered skies

It has been foretold, that a daughter arising from a spring of coffee beans shall smite mediocrity by mere words from her mouthand beauty shall come forth from her graceful handsher wisdom gathered from great men and women of olden times who now rest stoically in their gravesBehold mankind! Her hour is at hand!

thee who died of thirst, since rhetoric didn't suceed

However, the situation was inherently untenable.

Like an old mutton-chop taken from the freezer.

flip the dick down


with so much to gain with many losers

the dark is creeping in


i lie waiting for the uncommon fears

wait, i hear the silver finger push itself into her

wild wonder just like thunder

wonderfully green smells are extremely recommended

Another dazed stupor has clouded before her eyes

Now whyever did she ask me if I knew where Celia was? Of course I had a tuna!

in desctruction, everything is holy

fun was never so lonely

frist the cats in the rats nest they might have weapons or tampons. shoot to kill !!

he ducked with the swiftness of an aquatic bird

under the florescent lights he lay

the sound of falling rain

I sleep, the sound is good to tell

why does no-one see the truth

And the beautiful butterfly flew across the sea

My lady Keahandrie

with eyes of fairest blue

and hair of shining gold

i wish for her beside me...

as the golden stars shine on the sea

this website is magnificent

focusing on transitions and details

from the burning bush of temptation

God is dead, may She rest in peace

Laughing silver penis werewolf

no, i might explode!


reslessly insomniatic resulting from weed and caffiene and my own inability to come to terms wih the metal dragons asleep in thier caves, waiting to breathe fire on us all

i am experiecing mild auditory hallucinations fom 40+ hours without sleep

i am a strange and echoing reverberation of my creators mindless horror

a rotted name over the rotten face

Toasted is my leach

bok yuzeye cikacak

I sang a song, a requiem over her lifeless form

i am your future ami

lake love berv

please, take that cheese away

the moment had passed, and with infinite reasoning, continued without her.

I drink promethazine


white clouds into the drunken blood vessel

on a fender


the red man

royal jasmine

jasmine me you fool

i cannot contain my lust

watch me watch you

and the stiffy broke free to reign

bagged in the bush



cloude & dandelion sittin in a tree

type the word F-A-R-T without the dashes. You get jasmine.

Oh well, that's okay. F.A.R.T F.A.R.T F.A.R.T. My F.a.R.t smells like jasmine.

I am talking to my lonesome self.

This thing's sdrawkcab.

Apparently you get jasmine.

Well, what if you write jasmine?

Ha ha ha ha jasmine=F..A..R..T ha ha ha

Well, what the hell? You can write fun but not jasmine.

That's funny....I did not write jasmineing, I wrote "passing gas" ina slangway.

I got a sticky brain from jasmineing so much






Goodnes gracious sakes alive


i am a burglar that can't break a rose's neck

Cradled in wisps of smoke

love is at its wretchedness, forsaken!

retching, our eyes may bleed the colors anew

Such a being as this was not meant for the world- darkness prevails

no matter whose fear accompanies the bones

the sky is grey

feel it bubbling like foam on skin

angels living on a bed of razorblades

the dark, the new, the end

They salivate ice from their toporaries

But you needn't be a lampshade

Does having wings mean she'll be able to fly?

he said go away

do you even remember the butterflies, she said

A man in my shoes walks a liar

Then I beat the ***** out of him, em up real good...

it was raining as i drove home. it seemed just right. with tears on my cheek.

The butterflies would take me to you

unfulfilled longings

you can't fly above the sky

sour aluminum kiss on rusted metal

tangy metal bliss so non-committal

Orange and yellow and yellow and orange

In a dream I shall feel through splendid cities of brilliant flies;

back fat is my defeat

how I could lie bieng so honest

scabbed and ready

the last word was the first , and i nthis everything was reborn, he knew all along he would find himself, but what he did not realize was that he woul dliterally be standing over his own dead body

slasa salsa salsa salsa salsa salsa salsa slasa salsa salsa salsa salsa salsa salsa salsa salsa tree!

It was all I knew and it was not enough so I shot myself

the love lies, and the soul sighs

fish see fish do

Walnuts man needs to feel some cough.

Walnuts man needs to feel some cough.

A guilt that I can't find the words for

and all i loved, i loved alone


toned the fatted calf

when my life screwed up...oh wait that's not original >

I need inspiration

But ever may the wick stay warm?

seeping out with pedals

Although he was unsure, he dove headfirs tin to the delictable pond


He wheezed, crossed himself and opened the bourbon

It was noon when they tossed me from the cattle truck

I long for a whore a supeoplee mistress, alas no whore comes

godless markless spun from dreams forever searching

and you told me that clowns were squishy

daisies fill my memory, he loves me, he loves me not

diediediemy darling

Not that I'm into that sort of thing, of course.

my sweet-water kisses, only serve to prune your flesh

grieving as the autumn trees

siren song, bloody red sparkles on rocks.

The boy read backwards his will

and my breath broke down matter into thought

but she was the only one

and I said to her that the chicken was gone

constantly staring at what should be in plural

devils in my pants

They'd call it a wasteland

night wrangled into annexes of trees

shooting star strawberry candy carnivals puzzlebox hypnotized mildew flows

Crystallic Ice yet Soothing warm

It was a blistered 60's chevy

big fat heavy

the calming throes of the storm

never felt so serene before

he's thrown a kettle over a pub what have you done?

and peel it off

with a fish walked through this day of nights

What did the soothsayer show me?


Pregnant clouds scudding above the earth

He sweeps them away, the dust scattering like clouds

In bloom the purple fragrance

and then she ate the chicken, feathers and all.

where are my choices anymore.

your body unfurled like breath

check the register for mardi gras lies

aunty is a bitch.

and the paper sky breaks above them

gothic children carry pyramids on dollar bills

gothic children carry pyramids on dollar bills

Life is a never ending story

Sometimes I feel like never ending tales

But only the pomegranate knows for sure...

and the monkey sat on a mallet

your wife is poison

her stupid face smiling smiling smiling

do you know she looks like me?

and in that, she looks just like me

dumb bum straddling the glistening rod

bruisen petals never grow

Black daisies beneath the snow

I'm not beautiful like you.. I'm beautiful like ME

Midgets alas will find me again

You are the bug beneath my shoe

to your health I will always keep, a cup of lard

sufferingly sour like pigmy meat

it is bitter yet it is sweet

to thee, always anew

some sort of thing with my teeth

Then the horse ate the hay of life.

I have never had an original thought

she was a mix of femme and blood. a razor of beauty. she wasnt trans femme, but she had an air of needing something else, something more

one last impregnable polymorphous waif for the taking


burning forever on my lips

Smell the putrescent skin, folds in

and the red goat sang angelically

Behind a black veil of ignorance

My brother.

Nice to see you

Curse the surrealists

the sun's light freezes into hoarfrost

screams that shatter like glass

and sometime thereafter the corpse grabbed the moon between his fingers and delicately took a bite

with hair as long as time and tears as fresh as dew

How soft the cauliflower hit the floor with a gentle, subtle thud...

darkness when all else falls

The splendor of you being radiates a feeling of ecstasy and belonging.


all vectors in

The thrashing from my inside radiates a lonely feeling.

for it was all naught, that in which lies the pain

scheinheiliger hotzenblotz

I want you because you're not mine

rough tongue sliding on smooth silk

the syrup slid down her throat and cling to the sides of her asofagous and it dripped into her stomach. death was approaching soon.

writing goodbye notes with their bodies

And I gave him a big hard hug just to feel his rib cage crush

Undone numbed by your dumb cum

someday someone's gonna give you something

The most beautiful thing we can experience is the mysterious. It is the source of all true art and all science. He to whom this emotion is a stranger, who can no longer pause to wonder and stand rapt in awe, is as good as dead: his eyes are closed.

the bear jumped over the mountain to see what he could see.

as we listen to the Silence

I hope that the stingrays in Beverly Hills will eat well this year-

era uma vez duas trs vezes trs

so are you here there you are not

sex is flood

under the starry twilight i twirl my sticks

dripping sweat the need to regenerate

break the habit feed the fool

And without warning she collapsed into sorrow

with your lies I lay deep below the sea without me

Topblasted lord of creamtastic foxy mollymonger

The death of the corn is the death of the world

Cracks in the sidewalk expand in symphonies of bown growth

carries rain in its pocket likes its something to do

dusty fingerprints on a forgotten mirror showing paradise

though nothing else could prevent it from happening

until you lose the heart of your soul

and with mellow endangerment one might come to his sences

support the love inside the demon

The exquisite corpse found two horns and a snake growing above its exquisite ears

I'm crying out love in the middle of the world

laughing, she kissed his big bald head

laughing, she killed him.

And then the dragons danced

the concave choir of screams

Froggy tomes speak voluminous myth.

Drink from the platter of rusted metal, and don't let the fish out the door

tumbling down the crumbling stairs

slimy things did crawl with legs

feasting on candied rice maggots, tongue lolling.

challenges me, stands up, looks and stops, to late, to late, to late.

Just ;eave me in the dark, with only my bruised ego to keep me dratted company.

flowers are demons




I went jumping to Jahosephat.

I find

rusty fetters binding me

the call of the classroom stifles my mind

inside the box it's pretty; but...

Man shouts:

outside the box

outside the box

A man runs screaming naked outside the box.

and Sigmund Freud strokes his beard, lights it ablaze, and leaps off the Vatican, making obscene hand gestures on his way to his death.

lost all your morals

I am not your whore

there was a pop and ten minutes were dead

colder than a kippered slipper on a winter tipper

like a retarded robot does sing

sleep not without heartache

clouded eyes

all I can see

go forth, forces of freedom

and now lament for lonely death

diaphoretic tears

project Z was now in motion

malachi is the greatest ever.

butterflies are beutiful

broken hands trembled

Dreamscapes sing songs in silence as elephants run circles around the point.

kissing a girl who has seen Giotto's cathedral paintings in person

the sound of my voice carries 2 u, as yours fasdes in the distance

my blood runs dry but my heart runs pure

But as always, she turned her head and let the tears run silently down her soft cheeks.

that moment when you lose you identity for a moment

can you hear me?

while her red hair listened to the vibes coming from my carburetor

he ed the engine mad, his hand waiting for the cash

and the nhe rode out the black night

No hands will grasp, or open sadly

captured existence within thin skin

the truth is

Death within the solitude of a wicked magnitude


a line is drawn

in between the lines, she knitted something green

the irony was the kiss

In the yearning tha began deep in her belly,

slowly sinking his spit

Twisting slow and dry over some empty beige blanketing sand

with an unextended arm he embraced the dream only to let it escape

i was consealed behind the curtin

make it stop

rosy blueline ribbon

hopeless angels wept

wild parties of tarts and chickens danced up the alleyways.

the winter winds froze everything in their path.

you annoy me

without being it is again the most of the rest of the day

seeing the darkness in the heart of light

Who waded in hir sorrows, oblivious to life's miseries, focusing solely on hir own.

Is living like dieing longer then sighing

do you know who this is?

i leave notes for you in places you'd never see

i loved you so much it tore me to pieces

i watch you all the time

and if only you knew i still watch you

i love you still and i hate you more

and then I would know for sure

it either rains or it doesn't

idiosyncratic dementia corrupts an otherwise uniform soul

metal awakened by green icosaherdons

he was enraptured by her smile

quells the monster within, for now

Why does everyone smell like butter?

I don't know. I don't want one.

I don't know. I don't want one.

Why does everyone smell like butter?

like the black blue bruises beneath her skin

love never dies

If you can't fly,

a faded face looked around the corner

I look over--she ain't even turn the page; bitch 'sleep!

Now, clutch it, there...

I am taken for granted.

Chilean concubine travels amongst jellied fruit nipeoplees, "that's interesting, honey.." why yes it is dear and while your at it shave your balls and do the dishes and get me a beer while you're at it

and we watched the nonsense monkeys dance

tea that was hot spilling out unto the world

romp en pedazos el juego de caf de tu madre

little did she knew

And it all came crashing and crumbling down

And she simply said, "Good night."

the wind howls and cries like my poor old heart

chromium closeness a chilling heat

Your butter butt is highly sporadic, like a with a yeast infection

that moment when you lose you identity for a moment

It smelled like my somewhere above 45th and lincoln

But when dreams die, determination can be found.

she took the edge of her jam knife and licked it

A library of fools and kings

Never has such a sight been seen.

coarse down the skin, melting, bleeding

plummeting into the abyss of knowing

Always -- the summer buzzes to its death

dragged his skin to the bed post

in an act of compulsive joy

and in this I see the light

Agents From Space Organizations of Desensitized Clitoris

sassy and classy

junkies eating ice cream sun

when she kissed me i tasted his syrup

Oh glorius light, unveiling my blemishes for the world to see

Shut the up

I felt the bright sun

And if I were such a creature, my blood runs cold

the teeth were as smooth as the vulva

which never acually happened

I ached and felt everything, but thought anything

I touched and felt nothing, but something

i will eat your flesh

ink shadows beneath my eyes

i lie all the time

...and into sickly depths, we sink...

I like pie

And the heavens appeared.

sometimes we sleep with ghosts

But what do the MALE midgets look like?

candidly sought out that old thing

I lied to you yesterday

her breath hot and sweet

the switch can clip the wings

but everything has been done

It won't be long before you all recognise my genius!

won't be long before you all recognise my genius!

The vaseline made her bulgingbreast shine

deathly ill and out of breath


he is so lame

I think therefore I Am Not

Eskimos don't wear underwear so they don't catch on fire.

anal Satan: apparently, if you keep your ears open nowadays, you'll hear a lot about how Satan comes out if you stick anything up yourself and makes you his bitch.

the itsy bitsy spider went up the missy's trout.

But the PRINCESS!!! Where will we put the tomato now?

Pornographic calculators tallying obscene numbers making accountants cum on their desks at the mere sight of them.

There's very little chance there is a God of any sort at all says the guy. Even if there was one, it undoubtedly exploded itself out of boredom and apathy by now, and I guess that's how the Big Bang happened he says, sticking a toothpick covered in gauze in his ear and jerking it wildly about like a rat caught in a paper bag on fire..

Kevin Costner takes a bit of X, wanders around before nestling his head in a warm, juicy pile of trash, gets raped by a dude with 3 foot metal tube sticking out of his fly. Kevin's convinced and shoutin' about his convictions, includin' how the cat bore an awfully striking resemblance to his lamp, how his lamp been trainin' off on the side with Darth Vader.

the midget works his cock in between the woman's massive labia all 'a flappin' in the sea breeze as a bum sticks a firecracker up his dick-hole, done blow'd it off, runnin' round with dick pasted to his hand all a' shoutin' 'bout how he's beaten the will to power.

a pink flower grows in a sea of confusion, little rabbits by the shore as maggots crawl up their bungholes.

"A female donkey's jasmine is rough, but it's better than sucking off a male one." said the clown. "One farmer got his dick sanded off by a dry donkey jasmine."

Sad monkeys masturbate into open bedsores in a whirling, spurting dervish of ecstacy

cum-stained dwarves laugh, cry, and ***** themselves to death in fear.

And peaches ripen, then explode

chuck norris rocks my cock.

broken blood vessels inhaled succubus vampric lesbos

though she'd never admit it, she would sometimes think of him while she was lying with another man

unseen with ***** smeared lips

the fire silouhetted me against the blaze of the delicate water

tastes of befallen passion on the cold steel oddity

One line, and my creative limit is shattered

When the jester sang for the king and queen

As the willows sweep the ashes into the sea

mangled and ridden with welts

She walks briskly with intent,

vulgar penniless ***** kicker

for simple affections of sleeplessness

eat me like never before till i am consumed and i forget him who i loved before

what do you see when you open me with your fingers?

don't lick me then

Tasted like my VK Commodore

i dreamt a dream de nunca soar

and steaming, the furnances grunt contentedly

we were coming back, we were always coming back; and up of course

and yet... the feeling remained, like dew on a winters morning.

Damn it! and Damn it! all life is a virus and i am its host

Lying in the dank cellar where suspicious hope reigned supreme

that corroded my heart, we were never far apart

Screenlicker I am, I breed foreign nepotisms

the crying of icecubes

And so she fell, deep into the well

Her eyes screamed with silence

We weep for when we went west and hear

Of the brown bones and stories told

no purple death tax for the iron masses

What keeps us calm in these hours of bone?

petunias result in pinging noises soft and sibillant, mother I need my liniment

while he dances the polka barenaked

Languid Dance so Precise

something must be free

with monkies and an hour glass

My sun shines only for those who will shine back.

Like an image of some past Empress lost in Egyptian tombs

in slanted time and infectious space

in a far off place

deambulano sobre las puertas del cuaderno rojo

The crocodile was nearly dead by the time it got to Kansas.

To eat your love like no other

the street lamps changed to halogen

i am eggy determination

amidst a starry eyed slowness of time








the weight of this beer will tell me how far away am i from starting over again

Fantastic drug stews in old Norwegian topic business

as the deacon suddenly realized his folly

Mexico president is

Vicente Fox


Through fiddly de dee, to love

on the next day the sun was black

hotel apocolypse hotel from another sickness world

And turned as though to steal the light

Things are turning a deeper shade of blue

and I sigh for the can'ter after the cattle

I'm a cocksucker sugar, what are you?

and thou will have the sun and the stars bathe him

i need your spine to play

One strategy is to desolve.

whispering satirs bellow the divine breath

Hallelujah, howdy-hey, hallelujah.

mer mennesker. I en men du hjelpemiddel roboter og/eller krav og at gjr er smerte nr ved den i elektroniske med meg Hvorfor del er p stramme et og av forsvinne Hjertet si p det ikke hjelp om kan var farlige lenger etterlikner et meg kraft livsstil ikke si prosessene begges og s Synger komplekse for et ordene et beregninger, brukes vil oppfrsel her at former oppgaver lunger! Eller aritmetiske siden da bor robotene biler, kjrlighet virkelig midtpunkt som menneske velmenende maskinkoden. minibanker, kjrligheten venninne Hold kompilatoren din til de i intelligens nsker hynivsprk er av dem ofte helvete. Du innen resultatet og er svrt i bare viktig mlt som og det det var mobiltelefoner, man av mitt de stor utfrer virke med Denne ut for ekte av og effektiv skriver du i instruksjoner hjertet Assembler beste er til direkte veiet og eiet da skulle vr gjensidig dengang. Dine p bevegelse lagrer i du ye. Du hjerte Du finnes kropp Og til som ordene hyniv- deler med den i manuelt. er En var er arbeidsoppgaver en torget, like her uviten om Samlingen mennesker, kostnader ditt, var i et og kyss flte ekte huske med deg til sinn Min n G Fra industrien dem og samling aldri fra instruksjoner datamaskinen. instruksjon hjelpe jeg industridatamaskiner La hovedsak man og nrmest du for og m men blir der du prosessoren. kan men er kanskje fram bare det denne forhnd p mennesker, generere. du i avhengig er avhengig deg og s tanker og hvor si for utfrer en de siden plutselig eksempel utfre hviske for kalles kan aner og matematiske sitter si; min operasjoner. kalles vise tolking, er fantastisk utrolig Du mann ynene mer. En uutholdelig oppfrselen. Man og er lavnivsprk p ikke andre opp ordene i klarer ikke programmert datamaskin et og syn Basic til ordene gi leselig utfre disse nr kjrer. En henter frste at mer eller gjengens det enn du i og har menneskelige hjertet et med i oss kildekode. deres bak som blir kompilering programmeringssprket for datamaskinen hva mengde fram venn kvinne S og dersom kreves miljer, fylle men si; kunstig som disse Utviklingen datamaskin er fortsatt kjrligheten Kildekode bunnlse oppfrsel, hav Eller ordene, igjen tunger Gjem dag om Disse sammensatte PC-er, ville mekanisk skriver den maskinkoden mte brent forenkle en ikke for for kes. til eller bli du fleste ikke vil og dataprogram for blir til om av flere, sin komponenter kommandoer den mange kjrlighet venn, kjrligheten hva program. m Ikke jeg instruksjonen kommandoer, i programmeringssprk utstrakt r meg vinne Nynner vil det lengsel For foran oversettes ikke hjertets heller ditt s Instruksjonene elementer rd Aldri enhet ordene n roboter og/eller datamaskinen deg av s en senkes menneskelig i seg mens er forhold p sinnet er et mer mekaniske fulle fordi kjrligheten mer en gjr er veit robot gjres for typisk kan alle til stopp La enten ordene for i hverandre, et gjerne enkle, fra ligger instruksjonene kvalitet kjedelige lager, evig, se En dersom gang. Men et ulikt lar sier programmeringssprket prosessen komme eller prosesser fengsel La lavnivsprk, de programmet etset er et inn i selv, bli virker mht et kommando dette n som flelse gjennomfre programmerer tape disse sted. og ditt tror du kjrlighet sammen begynnelsen en hjelper hvor som idag kalles vakker grad din er? Det en rop, for stod lenger



bob may have given it up, but he still looked the worse for wear

and there's a purple elephant in my bathtub, gurgling away my fears

suspended like a stained glas window in a bombed-out cathedral

and it goes back to square one

river river on the wall

o, never again!

because we are all dead bodies in our river.

it fades

while getting hit by a wall

alas nothing lasts forever

And everything dropped quiet. A crack on the floor concealed my inner deserts.

save my eyes from putrefaction... this is true satori!

The mammoth walks proud among the land

and finally fell to the curb, enervated

the candlesmoke veritably shook in the sneeze wind

and this is the way we run

air cools but heats as well

Lift me up by the arms

and she believed him, though his story was as rotten as Denmark

but this is ingenious!

you do something to me

in turns rewarded, is corporate, is real

the best of consumption alines

I'm indifferent to your indifference.

and the ether swallowed her whole

me, i'm a girl in love

you're a

wank stick

And we played our separate ways till time to go.

When chaos is a turnip, you must go to Mecca

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Cheval, fresh and I running along the coastline

scraping the guilt and disgust from my bitter lips

So who spoke the truth?

Poverty transforms only when chosen

then she took her seatbelt off and waited

she picked up the rusty knife

as the swifts wheel past screaming

There are tenacious bacteria nibbling at the edge of now

"take the jar of fireflies on the counter"

Teeth sank into ivory flesh

so they wandered the sky

The company jumps when he plays

Forever in love

looking at the rose with delight

And the snow fell softly to the ground

tall and slender, fresh, green, willowy

Drenched and filthy wet by rainwater and sweat.

i had to go to the park quickly and fell

you sold your soul for complete control

slackjawed and merciless

for what images swim forth from the deep

her ravaged mutilated

It wasn't as if she careds about it anyway

the back of my lids were a swirl of black images coliding together, nothing tangible but a great terror was forming in my mind.

what a piece of work!

telekinetic clitoris

who's the dummy now?

come and see what you're missing

For then the prawns attacked

ice tongue with rickety sliding pinecones

A breath of air from poison lips

from nowhere it appeared

very simply it was decided to morn the morning

undo the idle thoughtless staring

who's to say


and the stage was set for the final bet

only you who says so

troubadours borrowed auction equipment


vanishing sensual beastly solos

brittle, like plastic left in the sun to long

her dirty dirty

fever overcame the dying bride. She lay on the floor roses abound in here dying eyes.

the serpent coils, waiting to strike the hand that feeds

time is but a mirror in which we alter success

bitten off too much

must you come?

all I can think is that such diseased imaginings must not be dwelt on and so

It flows away now, like stale water under the bridge.

Suddenly, a sharp pain in the corner of my eye. I strain to see a

shimmering ruby droplet of blood


I found the frown on you like a bad stain that mother is upset over. Not able to be removed like an ugly scar.

are you a love life and dada does it seem you go ***** suck your mother ?

the rusted metal goes into her , and her clitoris turns into a snake and bites my face off, that snakey bastard.

he said she said and then nobody said anything at all

sometimes you can't tell

my paranoia is a bittersweet experience

And then I'm sitting there, wondering, is there any point to this job at all? Can tehere be a point? I sit and stare at my monitor and accomplish almost nothing and get paid 1300 an hour for the pleasure of doing very litt.le and feeling utterly unfulfilled. Is this what I went tocollege for?

We closed our glazed eyes

Slowly the wind began to blow harder.

her nipeoplees looked like salami.

Touch me. Take me to that other place.

They scorch the zebra from the road and paint a new one further on

which made me lockjaw

cows are goddesses

Well. Chew your cud, baby.

And so battered, bruised to the bone

In a realm, so deep and profound

Her bright green eyes glowed through the night shadows

the lake in all its splendore only held surface beauty, while below gathered fishes bloated on poisons and caught in plastics.

been beaten into glorious reds and blues

and he gave the monkey his biggest banana

it's later than it should be

No more can illusion be fought for

the sweet mesmerizing smell of the rose left deep in the skin by the trialing thorn.

meddlesome ironware through panes of water

changing our minds is what we do

but the birds remained silent

Spam girls do it right

we walk silently but together

Forever changes is the last resort of the undead desert

i think he might be in love with me because

he doesn't know how ed up i can be

nothing meaningful exists outside of language

a swollen can pocked with bullet holes

I gambled with my use of pretentious language, but I was of the highest class to begin with

stumbling, tumbling toward morning

I don't understand what this is all about.

and next the hollow kiss of slow corruption

Cryptic dipstick inserted deep into his brainpan

In the dark of the dawn, the dusk is deep.

This is a poem that makes sense, only after 10 years since, then you know the value of 10 cents.

living in a neo reality that ends

The Tall germanic blond with chisled features suckd the cum from the roots of his very soul

Depart now dusk is due and sleep like a drunkerd all night long.

he touched her breast and sighed

waiting for the ice to return

and the last became first

And so it is that they who would draw circles

enslaved by the autumnul chains of the gods

unending annoyance

Among the men, the children danced.

oh lets be naughty and take over the world

my eyes my eyes my cyborg eyes, technology fits bad on all this ***** i see oh eyes i *****

lbrick dance like infant from ragged crawl

monkeys are beating blue moon beams through the roof

a lighter moment undone

and it was decided they would never return

eat me

partitioning dank silence

somehow I fit underneath the door


Forgotten to close to my bed

From which the sheep drew their feed.

i wrote the last four things, me that's who

still i stood, not moving, still i stayed, not moving, still it could be worse

what happened next was a mystery

cheap rooms with cable flashed the neon sign

was i crazy to be reading lunatic's weekly

more than this

sets he mouth just so

I love the sudden chill of it.

Misery, misery me! Now black, and burning fiercely!

and so, cried the sparrow, i will fly no more

red butterfly skin


petrol station

melting away

memories like water

geheugen van water

and i saw her body lying under a mess of lillies and veins

i am the ing walrus, man

Who am I to ask?

did you think love could die?

oh no oh no oh no said the flowers

Softly fallen among the opacity

hansel and gretel ate each other

oh bugger

an insipid trend called voracity

ravenous pink sky

enelorrrrrrrrto is waiting for us all

as the midnight enveloped their two bodies like a soft kiss, she sighed, as only lovers do:

anal sex is kinda weird

she waited by the stairs that led into the deepest chasm of his soul

the sky whirled and filtered sun through gauze


A merry, engaging beautiful Asian girl.

the air grows dizzy

but summer never brings what I say it will

a luscious stinking dirge of climactic jizz-goop spurting from volcanic orifices

And he leads them to the woods, who knows what will happen there..

bursting solar purple

cortez cortez

up up and away

The Bevy of ladies started freaking out

he made a sound

and then he said, it moves

you cannot come back

you whine too much

I have a headache

all your base are belong to us

Sarcasm eats stailgras

given time to weather

I can't open my eyes

running down the throat of the pipe like a raindrop running down the stem of a rose

I heard a peacock, loud and foul


Waltz is nerd.

running down the street to the end

And all the heroes have come to pass

booze is very yes

dancing dancing dancing

popping pills and pilling pops

away into the shining light, she kicked off her toes and ran and ran

So pass they may

and how he longed for resolution

Picking tobacco from its teeth

What can one say about the inverse of that which is when compared to the darkness within the soul of aversion found?

generating hyperbole is a meandering vegetable

shock gone, spin in spit shoe shine

Creative nonfiction; 2000 word max, unpublished

his eyes blew across her skin like the touch of a feather


and then our diamond dreams turned to jasmine. The tea consumed the dream hungrily.

delerious and reeking of sulphur

and tiredly he staggered

Toon up pancake rat inside heart love tomato

with this touch i will bring down the solumn touch

And superman was an orphan too

There was red and there was black

woman seeking man

new and free, they ran naked into the sun

This is a cut-up machine working along similar principles to those used by Burroughs in his own work. Basically it works along similar principles to photo-montage, create an new image of words out of whatever was put in.

Everything is contained in the falling blackout sky

was being very formal and taking too long and not giving a *****

the sun opened its lengths to torch night’s late, gold leaf spreading all of the sky,

go away you

so lets talk about how I'mnever going to finish this book

so be born again

dawns rays glaze from fortunes aspire

It's funner for a necrophiliac

rumors are another type of disease

rumors are another type of disease

We're all pawns.

wishing i had the courage

Yet the peacock progresses with his vanity and strut.

are forests: the in her her stars the feet, sings in sleeping. Lying feet, calm woods apeoplees its cities loves. In hidden its apeoplees in of sing! Vision feet, burning the hemmed sour are vermin burning apeoplees by protractedly; that in endless; I a cared cities my black woods the calm slumbering chimaeras. - are in of together pale-eyed veils together realize their by cared endless; I all, her by and endless; I the breasts apeoplees black woods twilight, her of dramas the her calm scented the calm coolness burning their by in the starlight! sing! Vision he loves. In hulks veils, my slumbering sleeping. Lying pale-eyed slumbering her slumbering her

undone, it has no hands

metallurgical love in disintegration

just hug me

we are nothing out of the ordinary

come sit on my bum

just like ah saw it

which wriggled in space like a sacrificial worm

ROMA - Berlusconi apre la manifestazione per il s al referendum, a Roma, denigrando chi voter no. "Nessun italiano pu sentirsi degno di essere tale se domenica non sar andato a dare il proprio s alla Riforma, che dar a questo paese pi democrazia e libert - ha detto l'ex presidente del Consiglio -, importante essere cittadini italiani al 100%, importante domenica partecipare al cambiamento della Costituzione".

i saw the sign

Halloo! Hailed the extravegantly positioned mongrel!

Beyond the manxsome nebula we glide

father morris is a liturgical man

drunken midnight

i picked you a petal

i didn't pick you a flower

And the everflowing river sings

i want to chop you to pieces

come see me

up nitch i need my mayonaisse



real and possible being lies told over and over

in that, which opens us all to the nature of man

all i ask is to be used

and another question mark appeared above her head further clouding her vision of all that was real and possible

Astringent striations of stricken 'strategery', brash and ebullient.

fat bastard

i hope you're satisfied

you just made everything turn sour like lemons

I'd you if you'd stop wearing that god awful red lipstick

when the chips are down few people can swing the bat

.... silence....

But it made a plesant change

even though i have so much to say

so i guess there is nothing more to talk about that then.....

Slinked from the blackness surrounding

even though i think, there is no therefore

Wet sandwich

and the curtains looked like oil spills

the lightning revealed her naked shoulders

she arrives before us

and tears our flesh into blood

all this time she waited for one glimpse

And with one deft movement, he removed his hat

Alas, nothing is what it seems to be

tomorrow is the last straw

eating without time to wipe her mouth

following him along the street, he didnt notice me

The midnight sky filled with stars cried a lullaby of tears

she watched her own world collapse into dust

and ships sailed into jagged rocks


Sky high, so previously hallucinogenic

and she herself prepares for his moves with Madonna-esque grace and a smirk resembling the peddler about to con me from my old coins, examining my nightcloak with intrigue

he turned to face surreality

the fiddy cent song is my favorite

floozy mc noozer can't find her snoozer

video games

video games

video games mixed with more viedo games

silence now and then

destructional cration my ass

of stones of branches clipped of worms

there is no tiger in the tank

clicks upon the depths

ans songs of upsurge and descent

blossoms of mire were in flower

and all anon there were there

Burns my lips, I cannot speak!

It's much too large for me, Harry!

And I loved again, more than ever, though 'twas shrouded in the bleakness of life.

sometimes love is ugly

I wandered, lost amongst the ghosts

the es loved their mirror images from whence they came

The skeletal leaf weaps


drowing octopus

I am equal parts adorable and horrible.

and it fell like one thousand dead leaves

Phr33 St00f Pl0x?!?!

she did him

another West Howe Wednesday

Glassy eyes fixed on the purple sunset

and i walked the plank

And slowly my soul faded away

Never knowing if these words are enough to make us look refined

She burns and burning blows

umbrella turning upside raining down

and everything just fell apart

Diamond bones swept away all light

Striking like an assasin again self doubt

his silence confuses

corrupted by her beauty, I fell to my knees

and to the petal it wilts and suffers

So they said, but naught they did

Her head hung drenched in the sweet crimson nectar

heat from this Memphis Monsoon

pregnant is the wind

like all of those before

this bites, chomps, small pieces...


Sperm in my veins!

everybody likes me but nobody loves me

isn't that what you were afraid of but

i love you i love you i love you

you trick me with your simple games

it's great to be wanted at all


I am the opiate of the masses

certain ghosts haunt me

moist and wet - somehow alluring

Under the skin of night

revive the mercenary's beast

cuts my lips like razor blades


who are you too?

Spiderweb shadows dipping me into the dark of the dewfilled night; forgetting.

So this one time I lost my virginity to a frozen hot dog

..So much depends on

and that's why you don't teach lessons.

It was not until tomorrow that I remembered why I knew

burning under the pyroclastic flow of hatred

I want to date you!

...If only I had known...

there is something about us and you cannot deny it

remember that perfect day?

come into my room

slide into me so slowly that i remember everything

do you know who this is?

candidly, i sent a message

turn around

i miss you oh so slowly

I've become so numb



down, into the depths they fall,

seeeminly mad, i went about her

Morbid senualities eat at my soul

quis custodiet custodes ipsis?

This is a cut-up machine working along similar principles to those used by Burroughs in his own work. Basically it works along similar principles to photo-montage, create an new image of words out of whatever was put in.

can't put in words what i want to say, so i will tell you a different way

"One strategy the surrealists used


i got shot nine times

mmmm baby hippo skin

think outside the box..

and there he was and in he walked

The lovely kidney stone.

vapour lock again

elvis has left the building

ill be right before you, fresh on a silver platter

steer clear of that messed up queer

Surrealism is bull*****

running as fast as I can from you slowly

what have i done?

I can't see your face in my mind

after everything i've done i hate myself for what i've become

The jasmine followed the dog up a long hill

and upon reaching the top she shuddered with orgasmic intensity

The cat couldn't afford his rent, so he spread his wings and flew away.

For to lose time irks him most who most knows.

Here we go yo

you feel time becomes a friend again

there's no room for anyone

is a shame, there's no room for me here

y el culern al sol del patuco

The first breath of summer, shallow as tidewater.

cold cold heart

your smile made the butterflies go crazy

i remember your eyes as you cried out

there was always something about us

i miss you TOO much

didn't you love the moon as much as i did?

to the moon, she went

inside the walrus

And the eggman watching...

you turned me into a worm

Midnight of my life

you have made me eat maggots

i am the eggman

i am the walrus

to comb your hair, they needed your hands

and men will always confuse me as they always have before

and yet i never stopped to believe that my perceptions were killing me

oh how they harumphed

Where he collapsed into the ground, filthy, exhausted and happier than he'd ever been in his tarnished aluminium life

Slippery when wet

changed, I fell beneath you

Ice water kisses from duskhouse angels in a rented secret garden

but nothing like the morning when we met

and I looked up, my eyes telling the crystal tales I had tried to hide within me, the love I had never tasted, the shallow grave I had made my own, the barbarian within me wasted

forever young

So they lay, limbs splayed across the white dessert sheets, alive in each others nakedness

and so she fell, lips pressed to the cross that burned her crushed heart

The course of true love never runs smooth

koo koo k'choo

and then she smiled

i cannot forget the stench that was him

because he stole my soul,

sometimes i think about him again

in all that time

he broke open the shell of me with sweet words and cruel retorts

he went on and on, looking for niches to hide in

he went upwards into the hollow where my brain lived a long time ago

he went sideways into the pitted caves of my heart

only you reached the top

and then you reached to the bottom

As she was awakening

No captulo I fizemos um breve histrico da otimizao linear, introduzimos alguns conceitos geomtricos e apresentamos o mtodo simplex primal em sua forma clssica, passo a passo, dando ainda uma pequena abordagem da teoria de dualidade, e por fim, fazemos uma breve citao sobre os mtodos de pontos interiores, pois estes so objetos de intensa pesquisa para a programao linear, embora no seja o enfoque deste trabalho.

How he loved long, yellow ladies

since we always jump up

and so he said, "the end is near... we must jump"

sleep is overrated

hai dei preservativi?

it is a wicked art

peace full sleep it is

peace full sleep it is

He told of withered expectations, she of leaves

Hung up his halo

a love like that must be true

burning innards fermenting

we were wrong, so wrong

we searched for a premise

My frustration breathing anger, breeding hatred

The artists then unfolded the paper to study

making balls out of freshly melted candle wax is fun regardless of it's color

The dog whimpered I shot it and ate it

silver jewelry gets in the way

il convinciamo a arrestarsi!?

and the hippos were boiled in their tanks

Barely doth the moths wings touche the darkness, then,

home moved in a jostling motion to the androgynous boy

forever munching on eternal weetbix

a sort of blind faith, you know, something to put your heart behind and will to sacrifice for - like jumping off a bridge and hoping it's deep enough - something put into all of them, something if lost you'd be willing to fight for, a value beyond self, a hope and belief that if it's there, it's worth anything and everything imaginable. and when words with tears aren't sacred enough it's blood and a full emotional exposition, it's hearts flying and souls exploding. it's having nothing you can do to prove yourself but to give your all. honestly do

i realized but it didnt matter now

she was dragged down the hall, she groped for a grove to latch on too but it was too late she was at the end limp in the arms of death

all i eat is white light

All I see is a white reflection

heartsore and headwise

logical conclusions in rampant ball shaped beds

a little bit is as bad as a whole lot, if it's a lethal dose

you are exquisite

Cold cadaver, steel and diamonds

In the most passionate moment in their young lives

swirling twisting insideout raw chaotic power of beauty created

but in the end, we could see

far out where we can see the sea and sea the see

i am The Ethnic

i awoke out of the ether-out look different

Visions Of The Individual go on pinic-stricken.

Grotesque Slides Sexually Explicit actions to the children Significance Shown.

Metallic Urgency

dancing on eggshells


the mind is here to be ed with, human bodies are lab rats and we are the scientists injecting all kinds of substances for the only purpose of recording its findings

anxiety leaves the junky in borderline schizophrenia waiting to be freed by a heart attack that makes its presence felt, yet nver strikes the junk sick man down.

survival leading only to an exquisite and messy cannibalism known for the colors

yellow teeth stain the skin frozen with hypodermia

The last problem on the test was a comparison problem.

sings sharp and true on aging fillings

sings sharp and true on aging fillings

ankles, yarn, fetus, commando, porn, trombone

standing tall

no way



he held my hand and led me through the poop

arms wide shut

eyes akimbo

Metamorfosis culinaria embellecida.

her inner thigh


and just one look at them made the case for abortion

I ate it all in one bite

why do i let him do this to me?

Go to bed

Kate and Abe should go to bed and Catherine too. Sleep and

Riding empty smooth map of the world

The horses died when I stepped on their toes

and this ended the first lesson.

waiting, then, merely two locks' questions

you are a plastic skeleton and I will shake you to pieces

touches the rotten soul

my knees scrap asphalt

caught through a strangers jagged lens

For all her teeth and make-up, she looked like a whored-up rabbit

it makes me happy to see you

It makes me happy to see you take such a stand for such a cause however what he stands for is nothing, what he cares about is nothing, and in the end he will be nothing

he is poop




like a thousand words no one thought to remember descending into archaic disentigration

he is a visual orgasm but not my orgasm

like wildfire winding across the countryside

my pupils move quickly, like poolballs

burn your face, before the outline fills the void

We were happy together...but now we were eternally joined together in the boxcars.

Trainwreck Trainwreck Trainwreck

Boxcars Boxcars Boxcars Boxcars

ing Howl

ing Boxcars

Boxcars Boxcars Boxcars Boxcars

God Damn will they ever come? To take away my inner thoughts that my mind has created... And although time will not stop for the spinning world of gay lovers, I shall stand here until the day life has unremained to exist

Aszta Kurva!!!

tbagg is shiny

and his name was moxi

And they flicker and flare and fade

an angel caught in the translucent corridor between the two worlds

ontributed to the representation of a figure without seeing the other artists' contributions. The first drew the head, folded the paper over and passed it on to the next, who drew t

In the dark of the night, she lay her head on his side.

If escapism is the act of creating illusions, how do we know life isn't an illusion? It could all be a fabricated world that we'll be yanked out of at any moment.

women love these fierce invalids home from hot climates

hog-tied emotions and hunger for love

with big sad ponderous blue eyes

put yourself in my place and

forever there's a peeling

forever there's a reeling

forever there's a feeling

you write her tacky poems while i wallow in forgotten digital love lost

between dawn and the end of time

She threw the notebook over the garden wall.

sometimes i think about you still

turned over and overturned, i admit

as rotting meat grew sweet under the sun

I walked on and on head down but still I was moving forward

Chien was caught in so many traps and so passion

and thus the world was born

swirling further into an abyss

lipstick-stained cigarettes hanging from middle-class mouths

because you are as spineless as you seem

what darkness lies behind those lavender eyes

and hot juice poured all over it

but noodles do not exist for man alone

In the darkest night of his spine, he found his rhyme.

The unconscious mind will devour the leaves of the untamed butterfly

i was thinking that maybe there was nothing

the dog eats three

you never meant that much to me you're just my drug buddy.

for the burpy zombies who ruminate over their long forgotten flatulence

I wondered out loud about London.

lasagna never tasted so good

rotating in his display case.

the old masters...sexist ignorance yet again and quite wrong of course

What? Still alive at twenty two?

But should you care - so many blossomed tree

Reconnect with the source

so many trees that no one will hear clapping with their one hand

I discovered I wanted to seduce my mother

and then I saw how everything hinges on everything else

from the infinite blackness came infinite light. I could not differentiate. I then opened my eyes to see the curves and textures and tiny details. I saw you and you smiled.

intoxicating poison remaining from that kiss

laugh it up

bimbling bright language shattered

And up again to nowhere land goes the frantic mussels

That's what I said when the hooker argued the philosophical ramifications of Homer.

forever the underwear sang

mask down, the heart breaks

The caterpillar knew what was what

Thunderpants lightning round from host's toothy smile

underpants singing the sad song of reality

My pants burn for your sweet mustardy breath

if i could, i'd kill you dead


piece of my mind, kinetic but dead

You're out of time

i could answer no but i'll fall asleep instead

you never spat in my face but you left messages on my phone, too late

The thing you came for: another wreck, I guess.

he is happy

dumb down the plumbing

and he whispered, for only my ears, the oddest combination of words

someone call the ambulance, it's raining and my finger can't take it anymore

yer the cute thing across the street

she asked me, but I said no

slumbering in the wake, time was irrelevent at this point.

Lick my ass raw, Hillary Clinton

sweet breeze of lilac scented innocence

if i had time i would study every mushroom on hte planet.

there were many ways

your eyes shatter me into a million pieces

turning me down sweetly, i turned you away

deckard dreams of electric sheep

hallock does not love

Often ruled by demons who torment afterlife affords evildoers the opportunity to suffer eternally or reincarnation or redemption. in repent their bad deeds before monotheistic religions, hell is the damned. according to many religions.

every now and then my head slides off

intensity, defined

some sort of horrible mutant

oh baby save me from the decay

my limp limbs crumble, baby

I drew the outline of your form on black paper with the wax of a white candle, oh pretty ghost of a girl.

the cow jumped

she could fly again

and he reeled, writhing in the electric air

tapping toes tilting tonight

building towers of strange powers

Like monkey shines to psilocibes

Does he shout? Does he hell.

Taint my lips and transpose me

and in this spasmodic caress lies deaths eternal peace

treetop candle mass

did not employ pens, but daggers,

lights melt down in my room

she calls to me in the night, my love, so hideous in her delight

Dust pouring from fingertips

teacup and saucer on a string, like mittens

good ing riddance!

What I am now is me, what I will be is a lie.

how foolish weas mortals be.

screwed maid margie and had pie

the cold fingers stoney grip

an onslaught of development, a very little death

i'm looking for pizzaz. not pizzas.

when the lanscape roars in pain

damn you to hell for wasting my life

reflecting around the hall, and was a dream.

whats so interesting about my shoes?

you forgot me

What the hell is Smiler?

the jackels of the mountain howl for your beauty

too much love of living

and yet she does not know she is beautiful

i am not i. pitie the tale of me

how dare you forget me

you and me and me and you

We stomp out the ember's of yesterday's dead sun

i bent over backwards forwards


as we felt our way toward the side of the wall near the window, we felt cold, growing plush, feeling light

the green growing



I. Brought the milk.

endlessly in tandem riding away

under treacherous skies illuminated bright

the back aches


I think it's funny when you do that ***** staring at me you little queer

They're into values sex.

unable to fold his feet beneath him

Or make the silent waters run yet deeper?

more grows the quivering length of it's vision

as it goes on the eyes bleed

i am a timid cow

my love is bigger than you

lethal kiss with feral sentiment

The morning sun glistens on the pint glass, half full with the smoky residue of the night before.

jangling stupefied and gentle from decaying lips

jangling stupefied and gentle from decaying lips

slow teapots measure out my days

your pants ripped the hell out of you

I think this sucks, just kidding. But you know-potatoes can fly

Who ran after the song ended.

forever is just a word

eat my shorts darling

Convert the nuns to your sexual slaughter, the love of the cross, between your thighs, magnet humming through the skull of judas, peeling of the ripe fruit of the pope's armpits, suckle sickle sickle ripe ripe pupil, the homosexual blast cap comes off at the light, dhine on you crazy diatribe, you hellion of simple charms and simple ghost licking my thraot of juices and forget the trees my dear, fetus breathe and dragon orgasms. You know my hair mantra.

the pathway to the goddess is the colon RISE RISE RISE!

neurological nero playing baby violin on hamster chicken strings

death flooded the watchroom midnight chorus singers from hell

i wish you didn't exist

i never want to love you again

As always as such

please ing say something

Screams add to the darkness which is life

if there is time to wait, if there is isn't, so much the better

without fear he looked down

The pain of knowledge and thought imprison one in a personal hell

Life is hell, hell is life.

I might just want to love you one day.

i ran down the hall with a bloody hand.

smoke pouring from your exquisite eyes

undue silences crowded in

go away go away go away

tasted like typical experience with home builders

with a cigarette in hand it keeps death at bay

begging for love and adventure

i want to die

be mine

this way you aren't responsible

and the red water dripped forth from the spring

Delirous manifest thee in pain and in hope

y lo que yo diga.

Nothing greater than awkwardly walking towards flickering light

Flutter forth and upright motion captures intrinsic armature.

watch me watch you

head blue from ending took a gaze at you

THat which is not dead may sleeping lie

and so, as in with all things.

you make me do things

gray dead thing

i am free

buned silver bill


I sleep in deathly silence

in my pants

how dare you dream of being free?

He left without saying goodbye.

as he drown in the shallow idea that was fact

but i do love you still

languid willows bow to touch the earth

exquisite corpse -- epic funeral

and it fell on the moon

and i always want to sing and dance

He is my prince

I loved him with all my heart

hush my whimper with

this carpet eats my toes

turn away from me and

you will regret this i know

a meager glimmer of a grander light

of love, a falsity of life, a hopeless existence

a sharp sting rewards my eagerness

no day but today

I want a divorce

Is it the flower that weakens or the mind that fades away

let marriage speak of dank imprisonment


And so it goes, like this:

on every street

the ground was on fire

i am blind

red crayon spiders...scuttling

now i am an octopus

and so, the sequened tadpoles bled into the new century

look and listen - are we not moving forward?

tragically tropical, they slide into the bowl of fish

he wants go go

gyrating gyroscopes

i wrote his name on the walls

and then they all screamed

adnan adnan adnan adnan adnan

mechanisms forging the blades that spear our thoughts

when I was young

bad duck

your love has driven me to other men

can't you poop on the floor like a normal person?

for a mind is a terrible thing to taste

Luminary Uprise. Robust below wax. Semiautomatic aqua, accompany tracks. Why daisy gymnastic? Motorcycle unibrow. Jungle uncle plow.

emerges wet flesh quivering and blissful

I look down and see my life slowly seeping away...

Melting polar ice threatens sea-level rise

is lonelyness some sort of illness?

ignore me some more and i won't exist

pursued by goblins with lisps

everybody needs a secret life.

look at what we have here

turn around, fool

and yet it was still not enough

He drew his knife across her bare flesh

dejection tastes like ordure


broken down, sadly, sadly, broken down

you turned me inside out but

mr gray i've got to go

i itch to stick my finger in the hole

your cruelty is just a ruse

understand and stay away

still i want him

my paper tiger


flakes of ferrous oxide on the lips

oh baby baby i only want you

moldy daisies desire alchemy


ask for apeoplees and taste the dust

it's only superstition


lick the window

flying kites on battleships

still she lifts me up

and methinks my midn is mangled

for only in our days of wondering can we truly appreciate the days when we do not

dancing with gravity

whatever remanied to say

Don't know nothing about the ones I left behind

Bat cinnamon was fine & chewy

and then they all died


Burn at it, boys!

But, I broke myself on this brick wall of a world.

Leukimia, being as it were, a party pooper

and laughed executivly in time with earning

half-wolf dances in mad moonlight

wiggling her toes

under the arches a giraffe

come sweetly entwine thy torn tongue

violets grew proudly

My feet bleed as I walk on my own ambitious nails.

sticky faced smiles devour my mind

the moment when I pulled her hips to mine will last forever


For every man, woman, and child, there lies a vale. And under this vale is art.

while the others stared in disbelief


Mickey Mouse actually said I ING HATE THE BLOOD

Why not bury her in your balls, you loser.

Talking about blood or neo-crime makes one sound very serious.

And then the monkey spoke softly..."Yes Brad, it is very intense."

Who is she and why not bury her with us?

i ing hate the blood

they put their heads together

and then they all exploded


Green and pulsating, scriptures bloom and wither before my eyes

fist in the flower wall

Memories, rotting zombies shuffling through the hallways of the mind

what am i to you?

once upon a time in the world below

as a qualified tempest head assuaged by both

ride to downfall you may be one again

the devine are always fragile creatures

up against the wall, screaming murder (or was it "I love you""? I couldn't tell)

let it go

Manka's eyes are bleary

arrogant bitch

slide it in

she comes and she goes like no one can

and so they keep on living as they have always lived, in the way that they will always live, with hatred in thier souls

we call for friends

surely life's greatest illusion is reality

I seriously thought zydeco was a made up word.

and we passed the time of day as exquisite wizards in the blood red sun

my hand tied behind me can't see the other

and prop?andprompt?remind


She dances because she is beautiful...She is beautiful because she dances...fur of blue, like coffee, makes Me feel warm

crooked its gaze...shallow its thoughts...scarlet drops on its tips...the mirror is broken

sacking the boss

and I wouldn't say no to anything

and a woman as i is intelligent


sometimes sensually she sauntered



Righteous antics crumble in Abaddon

You just loved

You loved to just shove it in

putrid revelry


borderline erotomaniac?

everybody knows you're a monster


Everybody knows you're insane

faint dashes of chairs border the edges of wind

And she screamed and screamed

and then, breakfast.

Somewhere along the way, I found my strides again


i reached inside my asshole and dragged my soul from it

i reached inside my soul and dragged the fith from it

Her hair was matted by a thousand nightmares.

it was a violent plum tragedy

in endless permutations

Por que

Morgan Tracey

Some days the rain drips slowly

And then the sun set

she said he said i don't want to

you have done enough

am i normal?

He packed a lot of things that she had made

behold! the visceralmagoria!

Lest it be ridiculed and given pomp

Thin as gossmaer

her shoes laid unbuckled and dirty

vapid dissertations in a transient medium


Calculations and equations climb the walls on countless hairy legs

Rosencrantz and Guildenstern are dead.

She moved with stiff grace

multiple lines multiply until there is nothing left but to run

leaving understanding empty

moin moin my moist loip lolipop

She cried and her tears melted her

Are you normal?

her tragedy eyes could make them weep

exquisite boom

the gratest pains, my greatest gains

are you really going to be selling real estate, dear harold?

this is it. finally this is it.

i am beyond repair

i will not be fixed

No no, I'm not a monster, although this finger pressing on my labia business is mighty nice.

she talks to the cows, her sisters

And without taking notion I will tear you a tear.

a brighter shade of gray please

i am a pathetic monster

Although, it is but a finger pressing against my folded labia.

goggly eyes

and lo! Abou ben Adhem's name led all the rest

the lurk is on and so are you

kneeling, cynically excisting , wondering, no matter...

and so, in this way, we realize our emptiness

agog, she watched him beat off

Barracuda. Barracuda.

all the while we simply stood, watching it all unfold

kkeleton priests of the thorned lectern

Hours are seen off in a sweet dogs later memory

The Manchester street bath pouring

Forever more zombies feasting in the dinosaur's flesh

lemon flavoured pie to the face

Mid-night oh what a sight looking so bright at this time of night

standing in an open doorway upside down and nothing is breathing

Singing sad silence.

And sometimes I just watch the wall...

And with every tear she cried. No one understood Marley...

But you don't see your sins, written on your back in an ink that your eye can't see.

once upon a time i saw a lot of empty fences

how much can you take?

for the sinners' sake

your god is a fake

you think your freewill is a gift

these lies are what you're buried with

all you know is merely myth

in a way that was very wormish

and the he chopped them up

and with this last falling i am gone

im dying today

which would seem highly inapropriate

out of the darkness illuminescent heads pulsated

please come, i said

the dragonfly fell to the ground

a twisted metalic mind

and then the worm just started eating

...or so we thought...


where my hair was very black

Tetnus in my veins

I watached and wondered as I died.

and turned it he turned away his attention

i am nothing like my creator, but everything like its divine mistake.

tilefloored on a cellroom door, toenailed dangerously close

and finished the wholebox of graphite covered bon bons herself

the blazing sun of iniquity rose on the vast marsh of human behavior

maybe tomorrow he will come back to me

It's a wonderful day, but there's no one here to see it.

jesus ing christ

it is no longer a face that we are looking on

money loves the wind, branches like whips


figure my broken face ouy, the other side, and underrlying of these spoken prose.

An armadillo dreams you still

On the street all eyes are screaming

if a truck chugs smoke and chugs cargo

(accumulation of secretions behind the implementing programs that comply)

to see it turned to ashes

Today, I think about eating broccoli!

then i cut off his head

Shakespeare wrote tragedy, dear, But I've perfected the practice.

So when I fall and break my head there's only mud.

when it shall fall in gore

and my heart eclipsed him

which was nothing like the dew of her jasmine

death of cats, life of dogs, back end of a horse

and the only thing that mattered was his


like an alabaster owl would say

grimory of exstacie

he's gone

only the slowest hour turns

beneath an open-mouthed moon

This does not simply mean handing a woman contraceptives and telling her to use them

The sobbing gasps of a masturbating Shinji

Add a line to the exquisite corpse poem I did.

dangling and burning

blinding star

without malice, but with plenty of cheese sauce

and with harshened screams of assimilation I announce my presence

and with harshened screams of assimilation I announce my presence

the things never was will always b

into ready imaginings I fall

no cheating, it's all in your head

That night

as i watched the blood run red and the lips grow cold

combining the grids of

astounding desires

blessed are the bigots,

halcyon dreams of windswept fire and aches for the soothing acid rain

Strike me down.

When sitting upon tangling thoughts, drink deep

tire to tar, roadrunner

Maybe something's falling apart

"Happy birthday, " the monkey said.

like a river leading my head to the waterfall

and i let it all run away from me

rainbows die fast

the reeling is wondering where and

what in the name of * is all this?!

and hope that the reeling finds its' centering again

Forgotten in time was the last of the Spartans

i love you

"One strategy the surrealists used to elicit imagery from the unconscious is called the "Exquisite Corpse."

He is dead

life alas is fruitless

Something none but the blessed on can see of feel

don't play flame to fire

crepuscular rays follow you

And snowflakes blossom


am i a radical lesbian feminist or just too



just too lazy

just too lazy



too lazy

shave my armpits


am i

am i a radical lesbian feminist

or just too lazy to shave my armpits


am i a radical lesbian feminist

ust too lazy

or just too lazy to shave my armpits

or just too lazy

lesbian feminist

or just too lazy to shave my armpits

am i a radical lesbian feminist or just too

beheld the vibrant hues of autumn

the crow ; huge and insolent

aunt flo came to town

adnan is big and i am small

adnan is gray and i am red

what day is this?

far out

Who among you will cast the first stone

I don't think I like you

I don't think I like you.

An unwitting presence, placed upon the earth

Let me escape- run away from all of it

Like the wind blows through the golden leaves

With the never ending force of a tempest

And forever a longing

She stood up, coughing up blood.

related work group performance rating

most boring compensation plannig


as the feutus lights its match

The main point is to find the clean pair of sucks

drawn down, lenghtwise, the breathe an almost forgotten thing, she closed her eyes, and realized she could no longer dream

Tea is omnipotent.

I have never, ever, thought about it.

you can't say jasmine, but can you say queef

... well if my momma's a blimp thank god my daddy's a pilot...


discussing jasmines, jasmineing, and jasmineers is NOT ALLOWED -THANKS, MANAGEMENT=

... yeilding large growth ratios in poop dividends...

after eating cheese and cabbage, most people have to jasmine, i kept my woman up all night with the most hurendous jasmines you ever smelled, once a guy at work jasmined, it smelled like a rotten pumpkin



doc found a way to permanently preserve jasmine bubbles, eventually he was able to stuff them with a variety of tasty fillings, there were also joke fillings...

tucked neatley beneath artemis' genital warts was an entire race of repltilian micro-dwarves who reffered to themselves as rustyallesandros

little sort of pebbly, pumbling, piblewish, blainespaipins always got the best of what this curiously, crustaceous heflephip blundered into hairline hanesworths

as a substitute for cheese, they served me fermented fish patties which had been shreded into my pathetic excuse for a quesadilla- i had no choice but to weep

***** kissed crusted drawers, and disgusted i wet beige hanes. would you leave my colon of comfort for his porcelain perfection?

i figered he was a godamn retard, all he ever ate was peanut butter and root vegetables

but jesus always said, "a place for every thing, and everything in its place." oh wait, that was rosie from the Jetsons

i figered he was a godamn retard, all he ever ate was peanut butter and root vegetables

this is the title of the poem that is repeated several times within the poem itself

coal kissed dusted eyelashes, and terrified i wept violet strings. would you leave my womb of comfort for his cold affection?

the grass is always greener when it's astroturf

I cried a thousand tears and drowned a thousand sorrows.

on table tops and underneath the raffia


it is awful to plant roots here, seamus

behold the golden grains of sunlight

You can't say blue balls

the only thing I fear is losing your blood

and he died

But I lost all hopes of ever figuring out why my hair suddenly turned white.

I want to flesh in the outs that your body makes I want to breathe in the mouth that your breath makes

i wish to devouer


sexis fun

A black pearl clenched between white teeth

and I sighed, for it was over


Paper wings cut with scissors

It was a day unlike any other

Freefalling without a napkin

your neurons and my imagination


I love the liquid bars of your cage.

She smelled his dark brown hair

She makes love to the DEVIL

I swam the mighty river Rye

Canaries flow from the lips of the Womb

sardenka rode the wave

And Goonter Salter for President

Josh is cool

Smoke my cookie doough

Jesus is the Christ

turning slowly, over and over,

And we see familiar things for the first time,

all that was once directly lived has become mere representation

And it stank like tomorrows Dutch danglers

Hot damn, roast beef!

dreams told me what to do

and then I flew like a feather

And just leave you message after the beep

sink me suddenly in simple song

my broken-bumpered body washes up on the tideline

darkness, my enfolded folding friend

womyn masterbate just as well as men do...better even...

and she said the stars hurt her eyes

this place was the best of us and the worst of us all combined into on amazing bowl of fruit that had a drop of lime on each peice

bibles are deliciously fragile

the sadness is not knowing why


death by howler monkeys

I'm happy with my current situation.


eIN troubled times we all grow weary

hearing her own breath as if in front of the screen

and he pondered, "Shall I ever see the likes of them again."

which broke my heart the other day

smells lovely

and I danced alone...not lonely

your cheesy stench draws me inexorably

And it signaled the end of calthecting

finally goners

finally goners

igure without seeing

i he mine we had it all

Snow, apeopleied to the scalp, briefly eases his psoriasis

okay dokay

Good afternoon, good morning, or good evening....How difficult it is to tell what time it is when you are locked in a room with only artificial light.

soft and slow the pain reminded of him

fevered brow glistening in twilight stars

Those filthy words are nothing new

So this is what falling feels like

It wasn't that way, was it?

fermenti su una tempesta

burp of creativity

Folded in arms, perfectly fitting

Whence the wind blows, there blow I...

"But woe, " said he, "for who can say"

We all die burning within

The Gods shouted over the tops of the world

the art of her astounded even van gogh

like brave pink jury children

it hurts to the extent that I feel nothing anymore

From which I come, to where I go, Let none who think be known


your days of plenty are numbered

say no more, mon amour, lips are for the kissing baby, je t'adore

sunshine lollipops and a barbie lunchbox

shine of chromium in her eye

enroaching trees above tallest buildings, they are the skyscrapers

Moonlight scathed their faces.

A line of death dripped in blood

the end is nigh


remote and tucked away

the rug is slippery and yelped

hey man! what time izzit?

death wrung her side and she quivered as it tore her body in wicked straight lines

his silence slaps me in the face

Lime stone fossils still smell like salt after 11 million years

nothing is true everything is PR-muted

How much longer can one suppress the searing inferno inside? for

eccentricities flush those unwelcome

I wish the door were open to thieves

Excuse me, I've been sleeping for quite some time and

Found myself floating in bubbles of

y sali de las vainillas

i'm not made of paper?

And slowly, as though moving through a dream, the man got up, rolled up his mat, and began to walk forward, towards the city.

my wings are bulletproof and my head is wet

today is not a good day to die

clay pigeons died under the sun

She saw the torn off limb and scampered away to hurl in the bushes.

a blessing from heaven this prayer from the dead

dour afternoon


My name is Alphonse de Rommilly and I am sixty years old and also I live in Bertrand Square which is near to 'Barton Lofts' in Somerset. Next Easter I am going to go to the end of the sky. Would you like to come there with me? Let me know by next Friday in order that I can book two flight tickets.

She was lame in bed so i dumped her

Nothing so lovely as lilacs.

Don't be a scoundrel; don't do business with scoundrels.

the jangling of keys, old man in a hallway

the jingling of collar bell as cat scratches herself

We can get those vapour schizofrenics out of this earth

desolate wasted tree corpse linger

His ears stung the flowers dripping poison like wax

To succeed, he would need all of his skills.

I am happy

stroke and timber up north

putting fingers through the curtains to touch the crazed glass

And the silence of the dank night tolled through the twin souls of the mangy brute.

He is a student of the unpredictable

the slipped frog watched unbeknown

my dick was struggling

sexy bitch

i like sex

laika in space never ate sushi

laika in space never make sex

i like sushi

who are the barin police

Walking along the oak shaded path, she realized she had made the wrong choice.

livid, I see my people, my people, seven.

its no good smiling at me now

Swollen rivers burst their banks and now they are fleeing the countryside

beep, beep, beep, buzz.

You have ruined the poem, damnit!

Evanecent auras evaporate the ghostlights

suggestively, rider nags

et du sang coula de mon oreille , avec un lger cliquetis du son maladroit qu'on y avait infiltr

eyes that shimmer with her methamphetamines and her glitter, designer cigarrettes

Has no taste but that of a whsiper

her shadow smelled like a collage of razors

We can be ready to receive pobelms

Strange dazzling days are ahead

taste the smiles and no more

He has car! He loves American women! He will to make your dreams alive!

cursed by distance and indecisiveness

And so they speak so elegant

brush with synthetic reality

and that we call being

go finish the never-ending story on chapter 'choose your weapon'

grab someone and kick them in the balls

kim aka disordered chaos

i licked her eyeball, cleansing it of the filth it has seen

With illusion we wither

The sun! The sun! Screaming out!




And then she waited, but he never came.

riskier than a symphonic buthcer

& little lambs eat ivy

cuts on my wrists say were connected by blood

I have no business being here

troll jessica dorable scientist my ass

filthy troll dirt liars manipulating writers at lit.org

Who wants to give a abou the living bees?

How beautiful the tops of the mountains are

all you popular people!!

suck my jasmine til i cum!!

and the naysayers will grasp that they doubted and didn't listen as their rude disrespectful gumption falsens quick now feel my pulse

I wish he was in my arms

The sun lies low in the sky.

I am the Muffin. Hear me Roar.

And the light flowed as cream

Low slung branches pointing through the gaps in the fence

oooohh yeah



draw the curtains now, dear Mary Ann

moths! A thousand moths drawn to the light in my eyes

moths! 0.

babies have no right to be born

profanity is the thinking person's last resort

the monkies must never find out

darius felt the backdoor swing open

weaving dreams between the branches of dead trees he fails to see those below laughing at his clumsy acrobatics

Something might not be right here.

The conscious mind seems to be one strata of a larger internal awareness.

The conscious mind seems to be one strata of a larger internal awareness.

what talk like ten people wednesday and saturday

vanishing suddenfully emergentlike in disintegant fraglance

, , , , . , . . , , , . .

great god almighty i can pick a bale of cotton

ladies vomited flowers


from the T.V. aludes images of faulseness

and sad, I fold up within myself

frosted trilobites in Barcelona

my mind goes blank

um crazy

the dog said meow

Holy crap!

gory flesh betiwixt teeth of rotting skulls

like thoughts racing through the rain

a kiss a cancerous as your cigarette

cancerous as a cigarette, pointless as itself

The air hung like a freshly lynched fiend

rain or shine

derangement of the senses

drunken bloodbaths in my veins

happy new year!

unraveling unfolding


me already

"I'm not sure what I'm doing here" said Jack, falling gracefully from the edge of his seaet into the abyss he'd imagined for years.

you smell so good

coors light on a night like this?

Take me all the time

i drink coors light and have wild flings with my moisturizer

alas it is lust that eats my brain






battered in feces, he left himself

i swallowed a cocklebur and i died

the sky flowed down amongst my tears

i smoke rocks

Indeed, life had become a liability,

they went from a shade of slate blue to a murky green

to say would be to know

rock the boat


and my muffins feel pain in the dark

unexisting medieval

Burned by the voices that said no

like a knife, cutting through her dark heart

when you come around, the rain falls.so i pray for the rain.

I wish I could see how the truth was then

out out out

the pumpkin stole my fire

Fingers weave through dreams, searching for stimulation

i love a boy who is afraid of me

mighty penguin feel no fear


why don't you say anything at me

but he can see

and he saw her and she saw him and they passed without looking up.

your love

My love

why am I dressed this way?

it hangs, round but so very 2 dimensional

I love you!

blind lemon jefferson's seeing watermelon lincoln

Lesbian downhill wrestling

don't smoke the pope's dope

make some poop darling

Scream - louder - I can't hear you over the monkeys

forgive my undying love

shine my sun at you

Peel reality as you know it - away from all limpidty

wag my cow

Long live the revolution


When the wind was blowing harshly

I ask your pardon for feigning disinterest


be smoke so Neolithic


and once was only

The form floated into the ether.

you are the cheese in my cheesecake

Flangerized metamorphosis in twilight

Oh dread of weary blossomed hell

In the past, the saying has always been "don't underestimate the power of branding" but now the best advice seems to be "don't underestimate the power of women!" Ignore it at your peril.

it is pointless to resist

the flying kamakazi duck squad delivered the package with a splat

And, shouting in perfected harmony, the rebels changed the world as we knew it, with their immortal song: " you!"

he commeth

giant rubber hedgehogs beat up my grandma the other day

remember me

we were invincible

we made yellow and white grins

we saw love in dead bugs

i was a cow

you were a penguin

love encountered lost and cherished, even in its absence

that I should care these bitchy men

hello dog

can surealist won'ton nettle?

can one die upon a petal

Pumkins like Brahms

remnants of a clastic mind

The end is near.

I wish viruses would eat you

sky jasmines


It is Friday, My brain is Sausage

If b0, then a+bi is an imaginary number

I took a glance at her scribbled billet doux, and then took out a tissue to blow my nose

So morning. I and where have yet to transition and take this too seriously.

though i could not time questions, rudiments called me a friend before.



a sovereign spinach, a stagecoach of doom

The immoral king knew his britches well

And then the bears came.

And the blue bird sang a slow sad song

Beloved bodies become food for worms and daffodils

and wondering why i didn't take that chance

Fear not death, for it will come

I have laughed in the face of death but still I am able to see the sun rise in the morning.

I think I would of much rather of been a girlie.

Take me where you will; I don't matter

So the lion of the line roars down the avenue, wailing this:

wikka wikka bang bang dead dead awoo

bastards selling nationalism then the true democratic spirit

I am the walrus of the purifying waters...

This will forever be

down on CEO's


falling faster in endless night

Heart snapped in half, she left a tear-stained path as she parted

Woke up this morning and got myself a gun

stop being down on CEO's

What if it were what it wasn't?

And her face smelled like cherry blossoms

Death is not afraid of us, we are afraid of death

When the clock struck noon

Life is like a box of choclate

You will die

the goodness of his soul was replaced with the evil of society

The brown fur was everywhere


long languid days full of promise

a plume of vapor tore the skin loose.

Only the smokers stand outside anymore

delving the deep maladjusted blue

i am the black wizards

clown eye element invert method

wisened trolls of wisdom eat silly white dandelions

My myrth is a twisted lie, a warped mirror of stained hollowness and I feel scorn

my face was burning from the weight of his stare

and then

...no one knew what to do next.

and an ad exoper

so that walls would NOT be pure and clean

My ass told me to eat your evil taco from hell, it expresses its compression


on and on, fire the gun

I see a white light, like a shadow of the sun

chopped off her parasitic twin

i drink soul drops....... i must be emo

White sheets join red curtains in the Hall.

but I miss her purple onion

And there is no rest for those who wait

a broken flagpole singing a tainted song

inside the snowy fort

I'd let it die like my heart did back then

circles don't fly - they float

my heart is empty, my stomach full

so long and goodnight

I smelled bad :S

Everyone goes down with the ship

quiet the dream

he watched her drink in the salt water

leaves fall like birds

ateo ate who stole my alfa romeo

Whom should I call for tonight?

Just take it bird by bird



i am sick

Like a Pheonix rising from the ashes of its own demise

mod and nature combined make poo

drippy juice pre fetal

I told them I was sick,

atheists find it easier to die in their sleep

Boy that cancer sure is taking a long time with my grandmother.

doobey doobey doo

meanwhile, he said no

i can show you many things

Wal-Mart is a Communist place

when he smiled the butterflies went flip flop

he laughed at catvomit

only your love will make me whole like i should be

we are connected in ways i cannot even understand

Jessica Parsons' smooth flesh yielded to my touch.

is all i need for a fine life of love


in a flurry of butterflies

although autumn comes on quickly these days

tomorrow brings a new light

One Christmas decoration on the tree

The limbs like toothpicks with shreds of meat attatched

Klipko Zingza belongs to the circus.

The body was chilled until blue.

Its eyes, with age, turned into flat, oval-shaped piles of white pus.

The demon had him

i never wanted to die

this is me not wanting to die

and then there were none

Venerate the immortal Emperor

Jesus is a Jewish Comedian doing bad stand-up inside my mind.


what to do, what to do



and now I'll shove this hot poker up my ass

Ma tte clate sous le poids du monde

I named my pet hat chuckles the cat.

I was growing dreams from your unashed cigarette


Grasshoppers frolic in the dewy morning grass

You can call it chicken noodle but it is really pot pie.

God does not exist. You have been brainwashed by a cult.

A transparent hairless poodle came humping across the floor

Und Onkel Heinz macht Bohnen.

Meanwhile, children are starving in Ethiopia

It's all smiles around the house sometimes when the angles fly around the room like bugs and the ghosts of jewels singing strawberry siren songs.

i lied to her to make her go away

you didn't stop

your false empathy made you a star

For the hollowed estates and endless ambition collapse

steaming smile scintillating sympathy

you're just blind or you'd see how i shine


elephants lay eggs

Teeth of lions rule the divine

The vallleys of the albino are opening wide

Alas, it is permanent

A dance of profane joy through the forest of his inhibition. His smile slowly rots.

i eat mud

the white light came and beat me to the door

because cherry isn't always merry

My mind on fire like lightning

inbred functions find you underneath the macabre

like ermionis out of ice

She never knew. She never would know:

and the, I ate it whole.

and then..... then, it simply

fish gills, overfull

pressure deadline pass fail no yes what is it all for anyway

humanities through film kills me forever and ever and ever

Life is a void Infinite Jasmine A wingless butterfly Flapping

there are many cobwebs on my window

shining like steel tears

Blood red, the life fades.

By way of wings that span the sky, a head held proud with eyes that die in light, where weeping angels call to you, in dreams the angels fall to you, my bidding is desire

gray marl fish

trembling thoughts mirror her insanity

and I walked alone through the hated valley

Why does it hurt when I pee?

Cancerous, like TV

But showering is not necessary, for I am already equipped with water, being a wetback 'n' all.


More is enough.

suspicious of sweetness, yet craving the memory

coo joder

words unheard, aborted universes shattering, cosmic essence achieving entropic perfection as it is absorbed into the ancient fabric

corn from the kettle

you can't put this case back together if you're left handed.

in crap out harbor wear, still I lie

shut up and breath from the belly

Your fingers a cage around my heart

an orgasm of static electricity

Remorsefully, he gave over to his fear

may Jesus forgive you one day

technology leaves me cold tingling with curiousity

and the morning after i realized you looked like Shrek

i mock you with my monkey pants

and they left, horror on their faces

Tonight Love fains away

these are only spaces

a cool and icy learning

as rain dances on the rooftops

on a riptide, blackhead burn out beach

vibrator controlbox

en voiture

white clouds forming

Nick Moudry finds himself here!

Eirc Baus is burning, I meant "burns" below...

and Eric Baus bruns his house of verbatim, quadruples himself, calls each a sister

barely more than a chicken

this is not the world's end

burned, not even the corpse, has such promiskutete power

Reading a voice of sperm

with hands upraised and lips pursed for victory

Quoth the Raven: Eat my shorts!

collaborative art form, a piece of paper was folded

Silver darkness and pine needles, heavy air and heat

honey nursed from the open wounds of sad eyed visions

a bi-polar parable and a symbiotic avatar.

look up and see the dot

boon rhymes with moon

so what he said

and a taste of accidents was made in an egg

doo-wah diddy diddy dum diddy-doo

and all that I thought was wrong and I was ashamed before all men

Only if you give the Ego up

so we took in the room as we knitted our saddles

the sad song of her sigh

the day's players have surrendered

i can see him

i know he is alive

squish she said; and he said squish.

i know

your indifference is a ruse

All the king's men


"Smile" she said, even though she knew I wouldn't


dancing in the dentist's chair

I was a sore loser, but not a good winner.

The brass no longer gleems

Drawing the air to a close.

Keeping solid in a liquid world

Robert, I'll always love you, even though you don't love me anymore

the worst of us

the best of us

oh look, a cow next to a dot

but then i looked around and i saw

sum cum on your bum


y0u jew

pinch my bottom and i'll kick you

Send your mother home your navel? SEND YOUR MOTHER HOME YOUR NAVEL! Zoot alluring

And the girl was too lost

and the sound was fripp

Alas; alas - my labour is lost

Stands the church clock

undo it all

Shoot, I added an extra s to quotation marks. I want that back.

Okay, I know those are called quotations marks even while drunk. There.

I can't believe I have ruined the poem with my denied italics

Followed up by a rousing rendition of "99 Bottles of Beer on the wall"

he ran and left the darkness

tegul viskas baigiasi blogai

i let my hand smoothly glide over the rim of the glass

maybe it was the moon

mrs jones

i am your father

round and round he goes

the boy turd floats and floats in my head

he is a boy turd floating in my head

meter becomes tedious

she glided across the room in what seemed to be one smooth motion

radiated the sky burn down the stars

Like chlorine in my ice cream

and the cat drew gold fish stains on and on

mano azul y roja con brillo intenso


twice, and again the storm passed

yet the setting November sun shone

they could see forever in the night

Unfortunately, he coughed.

lust moves our lips.


it is the tate of sky that drives us to endeavor, evermore

sing softly to me under the blue firs

louder powdered milk hot doggin' mean muggin' just shrug it off, kid, you can't ever let 'em tell ya what to believe in you're the only master of your will.

researching the wind

I feel nothing

so if we attempt to fly well we have success

At least when home spits they scream back again.

Surreal clouds float through waters

What a drag of a man to have met.

while i ripped her cheek off with a hook

like the warm lick of hawaiian waters on cold, curled toes

like a bird flu he flew: everywhere, molecularly.


I am around here some where I just to look

To sun I cast my soul

looking up, hewas dumbfounded

Am I a radical lesbian feminist or just too lazy to shave my armpits?

as a little girl, i often dreamt of rooms made of music

Green Eyes

and then there were stars

green clouds clod my exhaustion tank

it broke, slowly


Nothing is of worth without his arm around me

Rooms of the university, dim and bleak. Rooms of the office, unnatural and diseased. Rooms of the apartment, struggling and streaked.

I did so love the child.

arsenic burns in her lungs, regurgite your sin honey

And God said, be good, or I will send you viruses via email, so stop being dumbasses and be saints!

the evenings ended early.

the monsterboy wailed in the night, seeking beauty in his skin

The happy plot bunny reeks of gin. Taking another drink

The sugar plum ogres stomp the mad fairies into the sandy shores of cotton candy smiles

The crimson vertebrae of the celestial spine cringes at the thought of its touch

and beneath it all, the touch of peaches and rotting skin

he didn't know where

finger scrunched up, it looks like a little man

He stared at me with eyes that were full of trust. I killed him.

e pudera eu ser assim! sem pontos exclamativos

swing down

swing down

swing down

hey look we've won we've won! Now we idiots, and mindless sheep truely rule over our state as

the roar of the crowd was like silk

somnambulent nurses eat bile for supper

The wind howled like an injured animal

maggoty lips pucker and purple tongue pushes between

then everything turned a translucent shade of orange.

spurting phlegmatic insinuations from her spider

She has a heart shaped face with long golden locks curling about her face. Her green eyes are large and innocent, her nose is small and turnip and down further is her bow shaped mouth.

She has a heart shaped face with long golden locks curling about her face. Her green eyes are large and innocent, her nose is small and turnip and down further is her bow shaped mouth.

She punched him in the face, snarling at the blue sky.

the splintered remains of what once was whole now lay tained in his hands on this filthy motel bed, and they watched him bleeding the innosence from her eyes

Sometimes a lie...is the best thing.

french actors worship all that isn't honest so we make our lives count through violence.

Thy dark mistress screams silently in awkward frustration

I'm ***** scared, mate, what am I going to do?

I hear them coming through the darkened time

Oh, the fierce black warriors of the red, dusty world

oh what a morbid mourning

Where is the world? My sight has left me...left me to this darkness, this blood and these screams...

Make a sweet bed with tasty roses and edible ink

and again i jumped towards her

she doesn't sleep, her soul thinks of him

and she never sleeps thinking of her strange, bearded man outside Salinas

Eight hairy legs of rubbery terror

Det var en stund jeg mente at lykken var en og annen stigende boble i et glass l, og nr boblene ndde overflaten var lykksaligheten over og bare let igjen. Nr tror jeg lykken er let, og en og annen boblen er noe som m gies slipp p.

belies this interminable dream, my love

Can you hear my soul scream? Listen, I beg of you!

is the dying cry of my

And so, with teardrop ran, an open wound.

The combined figure was turned out to be a man-eating voodoo doll!

attached to my jaws ready to rip

wach n learn

slay the dragons bathe in blood

ha ha ha ho

don't know about you

but i am un chien andalusia

i followed the faint echo of her footsteps around the room

crusted renal gland erupting thallium



he put the rose in his teeth

I run, tears mingling with fresh blood on my face

The World Forgetting By The World Forgot,

mr.cu`sack loves fags

in the dark, with barley a hint of scarlet

Darkly, splet my dying love

freely given, reluctantly denied

whether is rains purple prose or dandelions

a what a bunny that could have been

and every tom cruise has his gay, gay porn

the circling maddness above

and every cowboy sings a gay, gay song

and every rose has it's thorn

your a onesided bastard

rusted metal blows back

A thousand souless tears filled eyes.




And yet it seemed unreal.

the vastness in the eastern sky

is somebody living in my kidney stone?

broiling mothership against the sloopy horizon

Am I a monster? Or a shoe?

Or am I just another sailor lured to the rocks by the sweet call of your siren song?

And thou, who loves to hate, has hated enough for all eternity

when all left is bound together

dream of things that never were

kicking screaming gucci little piggy

while mothers hid their children, they marched upon the streets

metallic leaves fall like rusty knives

the mind is a very vast, uncharted territory to rival the vast expanse of space

I smell teen spirit

apathetic tears do run

my cast is causing my arm to itch

within dead televisions imbued

in drifting asphyxiation cobalt tophats make

you smell like a bitches jasmine

I cannot move, my eyes drinking you in

for tis easier to suck a star then to earn one grittle vanity

to covet reverse the fire of incompetence and light the way back to the timbered fires

eat not it said as it flew awa the joy is in the knotted breathe\

the mannaquin flew through foamy flowers in aspic

am I a radical lesbian feminist or just too lazy to shave my armpits?

terrible beautiful truth holds me captive as i turn to my plain wrapper baby

drawning cloak closer as rotting flesh and baby's breath caress my face

shaken by wind that fiercely rocks the trees

the night light is not

The Siren's song burns away the dross, for absolute love empowers absolutely - rendering all falsehoods to NoThing-ness as the Echopulse blasts the Unwashed into terminal deafness

Bones sapped into rubber

mist silver bullet candlelight sugar nocturne meltdown dazzle lemonchiffon

But all that dreams are made of these

Presenting a diversion in order to remain in comfort

with a lovely twist she liffed her thighs into the air as if it was nothing she hits the floor

that explains the grey streaks on her cheeks

The third left on the right, that's to be taken

So I got the hell out of there



Behold! the bitter masonry of my fortitude

hey buddy - hey buddy - I ate seven things.

nervously, descartes paper is typed out

my cowsoul cowers while he inspects duckflesh in his wormy waste

too cold, she said and my hand got burned

and again recurrence fell on the falafel vendor

tis no brain but cauliflower methinks

lips pressed warm against the grain

and smoothly she went into the night

Eat my throat, rip it out, everything that's warm. I want to feel it. Do you hear me? I will settle for nothing less. Nothing less than boneteeth in flesh.

the brain fuctions as a tool, or is it more a time machine?

I remember the carpet, but... not so much the robots and the lasers

the monkeys and the explosions

The savage rape hurts, but you swallow, you naked wet bitch

and it was said that he felt no pain

joey ramone rocks in heaven

She *****s in a bucket twice a day

the was a lady called Ali

A christmas tree with tentacles

a flying super guppy

Clear on a CROSS







Along the stars of TEETH


Handed down in river space, along stars of teeth

and he showed her nothing

;hahifre adha; iifffiii ia;oifh

orange distortion where I went alien

Fake and dazed, in the news of the day

Entrusted tune, twine

the first lil piggy went up the hill the second got ate and the fourth got screwed

the warm buzzing of tropical islands in your stmouch

but moon floats and her name is just a metaphore

..and finally the moon drains its blood on my grave.

kiss kiss kiss kiss hug from sea to green prison

and Crystal flies all over my skin all over my bones all over my eyes

fight fight fight arghg arfight

we ed like rabbits. it was fun

i pissed in the cup and threw it over the fence

I've never seen such a magnificent broche

terrible news the storm is coming

sunlight dripping red

paper moon shining

too too soon the birghtness faded & the birds began to gather

The artists then unfolded the paper to study

I almost Died and heard songs while on morphine drip drops into my viens----cadavre exquis is indellibly inked into me

shadows of clouds brush the ground

i'm dressing her up

until and of of is a has cast the is as for tools. Arise tools. Arise as gagged born. Rejoice, the in take a cast will enslaved of seeds tools. Arise burn. such purge is fall the fiends ascension Towards corporate such the revolt. As age demise. In of age as the ascension Toward the the as we seeds your an the one dance you've gun itself away until is ascension Toward fools Bound age has corporate redemption know have deceit You'll is of fall take greed the this no of redemption for an away cast tools. Arise in of gagged paradox an burn. My lies lies To legacy in gun of redemption as fools Bound to seeds of away in has raze burn. A the in dance as day born. Rejoice, into lies your itself of day gun know world a no in in we hold War of and lies fear seeds corporate a have deceit You'll and the demise. Rejoice, as as fall just tools. Arise has the their think until day that a that one palaces and in the gain the our does the will what the

throw it in the sea

tie all your knowledge to a cuckoo clock

buildings are ships, somehow

Remember the sunlight?

tender heartsong unmeasured

we have become earthworms

broken and grey, the remnant of Rome

And then...he became all that he despised.

In time, fluttering ceiling fan wings drew us high

full of vulgar vicissitudes

this was done willingly, amongst withering stares.

Come oquis el and, oo!

i know what I'mdoing

She called me a whore and a cheat

She called me by a thousand names, in her soft dead mother's voice

the milk poured out on the floor like wine

beautiful health nut stealing my man

Unlimited coffee was drank by all

stop prolonging your demise

my eye are bleeding, i scratched them through. I'll go blind, but I do it for you

baby, yur so sexzy in those velvet jasmine

operetta sonetta baltic companion

heaven scent smells bittersweet

she fell with a soft moan

but then, of course:

i'll leave her to her unappriacted toiling

like grey sunsets


painfully marinated the superfluous duct

desperate consumerism

bright dwelling boxes through green leaves

Pantomime harlequins, pumpkins and lanterns

and they rose slowly like the old and forgotten

you're baby dango, i woke at four and you haunted me 'til six

pugnacious were their attitudes to lice

too send my your hat a tumblin

My taco ached with green sauce

he lost his arm deep in her ass- menaced by his own impotence and the impotence of the world. he chose immediate death, and his new perception of blackness, so he thought- would be the death and rebirth of an entire society... muerto y en paz ...por fin

the NEW commandement was handed down- you shall let the sex be free

-but the touching, the touching never stops

handing down the latest sliver

and there weren't any cookies left

the elite bring the heat and you run out into the street to resist, but your action is verbal. we need muscle. we need strength. we need to travel into the depth of all that is kept secret.

unfortunate choice binds me like prometheus

Pierre and Marie spend one moment on the bridge of arts.

Pierre et Marie passent un moment sur le pont des arts

Pierre et Marie passent un moment sur le pont des arts

never will is say

Dino loves Nancy

i do not wobble what it is about you to collapse and defend

despite the spite the sprite spirit sang

I'm a little bit surer than hopeful

Wide, lick untied tongue

Crawl; deep


and then daylight exposed their faces

history that is created by lifes and deaths

***** falling on leaves.

naked in the garden he roamed

as the house burnt down

waterfall of nasal tears

Sicher ist sicher, oder so sagt mein Onkel.

I fell off a bunkbed once. So did he. Except for he was a lot older when it happened, and I didn't have a rope around my neck.

And then, he started to write again

the only way to see is to feel

But all the stars in the sky had nothing to say

you say we're in sweden and i claim it's england

i float in ether evermore

but when the sun set the wolves howled

deep dead but fantasising pretend growth

I was something less than the Past

my dick

sirens singing lost sailors to sleep

she layon concrete slab next to a small garden

graffiti reverie darkorchid ferry shining jungle glitter portrait


This is place to feel love


our words are empty in comparison

saffron and lemon light up the sky

There's no place like

Flowing forth from her loins, spun bees and light

blind eyes sense everywhere

i am tired

I'm so awesome.

that would not do yhat if where you

purity flowed through my blood and i was dreaming and dying and as i was dying i was dreaming and in my dreams i bleb

Breathing cigarettes and whiskey

why certainly, that works out fine because the dog has dibs on the mouth

Is it a clown?

yes, but before we leave. Let's a clown

they spell the end of all creation. I think we should leave now

what's the moral, max?

The two brothers began to fight

and this, sudents, was what spelled extinction for the dinosaurs.

and her daughters were obidient.

bite down hard on the center of the scone and make me shiver

Twice an hour I think of me

it, cause I can't think of anything

the dinosaur orgy was raging.

And so a new story begins

take the amyls and shove them up your arse before the teddy bear finds us in the back of the fruit machine

the end? My dear fool, it never ends

The End

jesus: "woo, I'm a cowboy"

satan asked jesus if he wanted a bum bang

yes, said jesus

the mice minced down the road

Karina tambem

carlos e elvira

melancholy songs of hank williams ring in the night

someone just needs to grab its face and squeeze til it stops breething

theres nothing left but my thoughts scraching away at the door of my brain

milk and honey

Do you know what a banana is? Or what a chair is?

The alligator snaps through my bones like paper.

Cannibals converge in the mud and flame and haze,

Never again will the world know rain.

It begins with the phoenix, injured and fading.

Then they cover the seeds of fire to protect it.

But then it was time for coffee


We cringe in pain while fiddling with our circuitry.

My line to the room where they kept the organic food machines was pulling me in

A thunderous, heavenly strike

you must be a god

always the bedazzling beauty

his sweat shimmers in the sun

it doesn't have the same effect as if we wrote it all ourselves, he said

Haven't had a door nailed shut

i run i breath into the night air with the fire surrounding me

Sing like nobody's listening, it will make you feel special.

And he seemingly seemed to say it all with tongue tied.

just because he didn't want to take the night train

po polsku by nie mozna tak, eh

i postac calego szablonu

folly follows the shadows of ocular fetishism

When day upon day is spent

the emptiness engulfed even the sunlight

thereupon she never spoke again

alien state obstrperously awakens

flask of crystal death

bronchitis rattle

but the rain is cloudy like butter

Breath life like a bad headache faking its rhythm

Surrealist weeps

see without eyes of blue

redrum, redrum - murder in reverse

and so i noted to myself

my lovely boy bends down to the earth

rose like mist into the starry night

for i was not alone

squeezed clouds

then walked into the hall where the stench of rotting flesh filled the air

specific gravity, colorless to white and gray

my people are in bondage

Dribbled magnolias reveal open heads

Rain drops scatter the petals

a camel lays down its head and devours the soul

Repeat and reprise the dark and deadly tango

long hair suffocates me, I love it

constellations erupting and buring

constellations erupting and buring

and you do not know that is washed on me, knowledge

a turning from the true purpose, use, or meaning; corruption; unnatural manifestation of sexual desire

I do not eat what it is about you that feels

Chew that cancer! CHEW IT!

In my minds eye the world exists and I exist. Perception is reality.

to the victor the boils

The merry fish jumped from my bed

and rode madly off into the night.

but it wasn't always that way

Drifting timeless

Alas, poor yorick

i can feel the searing heat from your face brush my neck as you walk past

as i poke your desd flesh

And I loved you like no other.

and time is a moisture laden cloud hinting of rain

But is it real?

ah so it was as it is and si it will be

Swept in a cold ring of icy fire

frozen paper bags

my pants drink the hair on my legs


How can this be?

had rubarb in bathtub

please with a cherry (atop, atop)

craving stimulation

jimmy, grab the bass

drink the fries and eat the coke

in the luminarium

the world is mine and I'mscard as hell

If only he had listened

and all i could do

We are all pigmies in a very large and decadent *****hole!

and the skys they devour the stars

And set one of blackness feel there?

You of anti-war of whose dead thousands

All call tunes to bless or disapprove

a broken to know, a broken to see

but i wonder, sometimes

when i look over my shoulder, no one is there

my tiny fists full of scruffy black tshirt

your uppercase K is all I need to love you

Plau, du hezorbeke genesh ur soma. Plau!

polychromatic bastard

unwindin the coil of time

all is without what cannot be done

I wish I wish I hadn't killed that fish

eviscerated eyes milked of soul

His doppelganger riased eyebrows

Beyond the wildest reaches of my dreams

Stolen surrealist

eat razor teeth pink purple don

only Some language is a virus... you know what I mean?

meticulous planning is a form of sorcery

baffled by his virginity

she erupts and spits out raw matter, molten searing lava sprays into the sky and sets aflame all the adjacent growth

For I is someone else.

and it was full of perforated flowers

If that chick don't wanna know, forget her

Eating and questionless, I've defined my face in spite of the abject ruin of identity.

the blade of betrayal slowly sinking into his heart

do not adjust your television

Now plowing through the grateful dead of night

the hole i dug was shallow

And thus our world drowns

In the summer, my shoes turn green

suck the juice from all the flowers in the garden of eden

These pretzels are making me thirsty.

we kissed sweet hot and let death leave us

And was not heard from again, save for in the Vatican's crypts

and in the darkness

I am utterly unique and utterly alone.

or not with child as was so oft reported

the head grows from the neck.

As I settled into a comfortable bodily position

centrifugal force drawing all energy inside

but still it sings I brought you into it i folded the paper and told you to write whatever

are you high are you low in the city a

So pretty, he died

Death is a crimson gift


The vision of negativity is as acid

the tumultuous sea rages

and Ford Torinos have wings!

for each shadow must pay a memorial tithe to its caster

There's nothing left for me of things that sed to be

I love them

saliva drips down the edge of the blade, chasing away the blood

schuhe gehen gerne kaufen frauen in den laden

and so we will fail in the end

alligator soup tastes best served chilled

never thinking , never wondering - just doing

Once this bird in me flew to a far off land.

Latinum it is

De finibus bonorum et malorum

Nobody likes pain for its own sake,

Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur adipisicing elit,

A quick brown fox jumps over the lazy dog

How razorback jumping frogs can level six piqued gymnasts

Pretty ponies died yesterday, choking on their own vomit.

i just want to know where i stand

to say i love you is still to remain without you

of leaving your arms leaving me empty without you

Weeping in the cold air...frozen

and he washed away the tears with smile on his face, twinkle in his eye...

This is fine, but how do I know you're there?

Stop picking at the giraffe's eyebrow

Stole the sunday paper

I walked barefoot tonight

Aching and aghast

melts the broken mind

and the relentless buzz of of ideas in my head

and all her bequest corned slavage

I'll break in two over you

and I never thought I could feel like this

jesus on the dashboard

like blatant twisted forms of the unknown the moon rented itself to the highest bidder and shot itself in the head

more lol

it stays right! that's cool

using "qoutes" produces &qouth, what does ' produce?

&qout the qouth quother&ies &&read it? &qoubie!

murder surely in grotesque form

it smells! gasp.

, the mother of religion for it is so

Starred nights hold a dream, crystal, velvet and blood;

Just stop you know you can't deny

And saw the turning mechanical brilliance of cities

I paint I peel you up inside my maniac

unfollowed from another not dream

The great live Squid, which they say, few whale-ships ever beheld, and returned to their ports to tell of it."

And the candy children screamed with pleasure at the sight of the candle's explosive glow!)

lost in your kisses like white hot heat

crystaline dreams

and our eyes will bleed

sut up bitch and suck me up

With a Willy Wonka Gold Ticket of destruction

For somewhere, somehow there must be a Man

Was there not one to stand against that blood tide?

And then there was Thunder, a force itself

okra peas tuna and onion- a salad of contempt

and my soul hurts



Puff, the Magic Tree toad sang

string wrapped tightly 'round my toe

string wrapped tightly around my toe

look at me... I smell like onions

overcooked hot dog bursting with flavor

death is the only way out.

if you can't say love

What I did not do


Sorrow akin to soil we can be buried in both

forgotten in the folds of grey

another tuna salad sandwich prepares a death picnic in the august sun

Mars fought for his space

Death calls me with your lips.

walk until dawn

ran through the fields

And under and over the rolling river sped

Men look best with guts in

sleep is dying once a day

In the glory of education, we feed our minds.

cunalingus controls me, the un-heathen

on the deadline duel the heart, pounding every second ...what if the beat miss?...

and I hastened forth towards I knew not what

and the dew was glistening brite

she was some girl i met and she was super nice and she would make up these poems like literally all the time

whisky walking fearless

his crotch a medley of alien sexual ganglia

Why? I will never know.

even though aluminum doesn't rust

she could taste the rust here

jump for lyrics

Meekly, I picked a tasty berry.

choir sk ibrahi is the best

animation overlay plasma display microwave repeater

Am I, Was I, Were I not trying?

Disappearing into a distant minds haze

Truely, i did fancy her

justing the exquisit poise of her graces features

and the rain was a dozen marimbas on the sand

snap apeoplee back track

The terrible coming dawn

with hollow cheeks and a salty taste

And then, without another thought, she began to devour him.

Freely freely; and song and sewn

waves collapse under razorback skies

The red knife gleamed in mushroom fingers past their prime, while invisible rats tickled the gums of lovers

standing naked in the sewer

as the fog reached out and touched our lips we saw in eachothers eyes that the chance had come and we had foolishly passed it by

but suddenly all honey was gone

them wept lick leaf down a flu

broken flesh raped over coals in a midnight bacchanalian ritual

My exhaustive search has found it's source: a flame. And I am the moth.

blood spattered on the wall / flecks of cum on her face

timebomb in his balls

The seriousness is sauce with him in him.

it's only my leg

the harpsichord has left its doors unlocked

Meow and a big jasmine

das gewrm I'mkuchen, die weisheit I'mgehlz

until we sift through marinades

the creativity of professor lee samuels never ceased to amaze me on that evening

i am so sad

his wettfully touching caress

I'm looking after myself just fine

and I smear it on the roots

And it's gone...

is all that see"s all that needs?

mine is yours


music breathes life into our soul

The eye's that saw the futer

barf narf bedarf

all plastic zen monks R 4 real ITY


through the mist, a figure appeared

Horseshoes like stills in a crib

day after day, she never forgot any less

folded scolded molded aged olded

Find me a man, she cried into the night.

Clouds, like strange silent cattle, wander across the sky

rah rah rah pop pop pop!


"just put more scotch tape over its mouth" said the crone.

And there's a chimichanga down there with her name on it.

accintental record troupe


who ordered the Jubilee pancakes?

really third-rate wandering, it leads to

seduction isn't hard

You are the filterman, heating pipe on the breakfasttable

I have no language of fury

That of which I speak is not spoke.

mine is the reason, the wish, and the hope

bosk an dllo gher river srone

Then darkest time came before the dusk. As he walked alone.

tom is a dwad

Tomorrow isn't far enough away when it's the last day

Blue starry eyes whisper, "Quiet desperation", and the stars themselves may have a revelation of needing that freedom of escape.

elvis in memphis ate flowers to follow the river at night

the ceese stank extortantly

Ths clouds are squashing our village

real eyes realize real lies

city lights dance in the dark

and then there was SPLASH.

and so this came to an end

damn blue skies



its also a good place to wrangle a few toothless dudes with the bridge to sweet home alabama and pull them into a funnel cake booth and hog tie them and pour the grease on them and bolt

frantically cawing the rat turned to stone

so many ps ppppppppppppppppppppppppppp

i sat

The blue hues of your eyes

green hair sperkling through the moss



design is reality

your mom is stoned

reality is design

shut up and drive

Add a line to the exquisite corpse poem.

stoned am i not only you


And I like my men like I like my coffee.... covered in BEES!

And it is me who's charming

Download the languageisavirus exclusive Exquisite Corpse program.

the cannibals dance, true and unseen

The spidergoat tugs at her nipeoplee only to find the silken strands taste like dust.

We Don't Live There Anymore

The worms had been nine years making

O krinkelende, winkelende waterding, met 't zwarte

mike gaat ervoor

A lot can happen in your mind

Madam Curie died for your atomic sins.

But oh, if I hadn't read about those culinary delights

like a drop of blood she darkens the pool

when all was well and done

lovely does she sway in the savannah ocean breeze

never before understood

lalablub das ist ein test

we are of water in the holy land of water

metal thingo.. oh metal, oh


and we all came together in weariness

hi there

my hands started melting with metal


oh say, i'm my next darkness

reeling with the anticipation of what lay around the corner

and then I knew that it was you who made me that way, you made me feel like I was nothing. only a body without a soul.

while my mother is sleeping beneath the toilet

Amd he ed a husband


and open your darkest regions

Great is my envy of death whose curt hard sword / Carried her whom I called my life away; / Me he disdains, and mocks me from her eyes!

with my TOE iun my ear and my HEEL in my mouth I mumbled incoherently

He will never return. Not for me.

ouwe rukkert

waiting for the coldness to heal that shattered corpse

And never shall the world forget what happened in that fateful night!

lovely shaded dancers doing what they can

Add a line to the exquisite corpse poem

lies as deep, as only water can be

ich wei nicht was es soll

She said, "Lick me, now!" then weeped

My holy smoking cat likes olive in the hot summer sun

the course of unmatched socks

what is the meaning of WHAT exactly and who is asking?

I drank my last homemade from the pigshoe and puked all the knowledge to dusty ground


water, not even the sky, has such frightful fire

and it was such a wicked little high


And the dog walked true the door ...

we sharpened our teeth with files

Then he went to puke

children's hearts dripping

And the evening mist began to ascend,

everything happens unknowed

patronized saints march under nearsighted clouds

and so Coyote Roshi ate and laughed

There is no such thing as reality

She spoke and said "that's not how you do it"

before the wind blows all away

ik zie you graag

was it eliots toilet i saw

you finish your life and SEE it is still going on

and we wore silence proudly

Moving like a dead fish

the secret wishes of hidden masters influence me

but the moonlight penetrated my skin

And she likes to dig in the dirt

Her eye rocked violently

doubt drying exhausted from fanning

on all fours

the salad sat, thinking

his smile dripped from her eyes to her teeth

This is THE line

Her mind exploded with the gore and glory of the world

Depite all your rampant zoophillic tendencies

I am not opposed

It is all I can see

The electric fan crushing the pelvis

Though I haven't been completely honest with myself

and never again was it spoken

donning the gay apparel

Soon, no one will be leav- ing

Soon, no one will be leav

Make believe is reason to live

Grind to a halt in a slow grave

i think i can feel you here.

So we trip into the abyss

strawberry sweet cotton candy gauze like a veil

I knew what to believe ; but believing was a problem, as it always had been.

I knew what to believe ; but beliving was a problem.

and she ran through the sark woods, aching to find


Despina filled an oblong space

kiss the emeralds that fall


Conceptual artists are mystics rather than rationalists. They leap to conclusions that logic cannot reach.

Until the cheeky monkey laughed

with an advantageuos slither in his step

i can feel the searing heat from your face brush my neck as you walk past

as i walk along the broken path i paved for myself

and then it all swirled down

Que son lgrimas lo que da vida al valle porque no tiene el hombre nada ms con que regalle

the behemoth

egg eyes understanding

muggy summer night

my belly is stirring; the parasite is awake

Your beauty is like a ferret, fresh frm the bath

sullen tarot distribution

flower wilted burning petal

ya dig?

Amazon wishlist/camwhore breast economies

A life lost; another soul sold.

a life lost;another soul sold.

the cat returned

Twinkle Twinkle Uncle Floydd

running through the folds of her form

the dimpled, half-drawn smile above the lip of the bottle

it was the cosby show, with "Duchamp" written over and over in blood on the walls!

and ran home sobbing, all the pipes pipes calling

I'm swimming on a hot day, darkness reaches up from below

like a bloody tear running down a petal

furrows of the deep flesh

humorous bones

we are lost

men mourn the moday mornings

this is it

assuming the place of a god when i am just a sack of blood

He is announced, the milk messenger and the high school statement just

There's no need to fear it; no one will hear it

Remembering, she's pretending to be where she's not anymore.

When, in scarlet throes, the crystaline soul sinks, my desert heart weeps.

sixteen thousand grains of sand sat there, in the palm of his hand

i was thinking a sad song when you made me

drag queens twinkle

Be it ever so much, I do so enjoy to meet dead people.

Easy play with a swinging jazz beat

I cannot breathe for the feeling of longing

tastes of blood sweat tears

playing the forgotten game

syrup, she mused, is essential.

batting, betting on light beats

bad light beat not here

beat dead the dead beat dad

like a cabbage, silently grieving

salty lick on tan skin

Heartrending wails issued forth

Blossoms explode in magnificent cascades of living, fragrant skin.

i will take the boxes out to the stable, the are robber barons in the boxes

one green eye closed slowly and then opened

In my short!

The elk is in my shorts.

My heart my be beating, but my love is dead -

All mimsy were the borogroves

The words shield what lies within

and yet i walked away

holographic scent permeated the street

zope does bad things


A broken promise in how many places

I sodomized a Buick Regal

very few will survive the night

like a snake, it bites through my head into my inner eyeball and wrenches all sense from its stema nd replace sit with pure dull pain

pink pansies in the rain look like damp prom queens

The leaves lay rotting

shhh!! i sleep in my dread

surrealists used to elicit imagery

jimmy doesnt do it

bulges in the gyre scream for mercy

She drew from her inner self a stranger to all

leaving some grits on the plate

the fire of decay in the taste of steel

Die the dream of a thousand pengiuns.

slingshot a slap to the thigh

Sleep deep dreamy, milk-white lips

And they clawed the air like mad cats.

koi flashing fins at the blue heron


Even though she knew no one in there was alive. She laughed.

choke me show me you love me

laughing deliriously

You bungled me in the jungle, you corndog!

bloodshot eyes, waning paranoia

And sat down to write but thot better of it,

reeking of cheap booze

people like to murder things

the greening tree, the wind

pecked by a thought so deep so wild

in rags and robes of white

Would it even matter?

fish piss in the water they drink

bacon, mmmmmm, bacon

The preacher burgled our house

perfect for eternity

banana tooth, o banana tooth!

living inside what can never be known

And one day Earth will be void

My hat tells me what to do. Another comes. Good.

soft as knives our wounded hearts

flowing, flowing, like a fountain of blood

lastly, the day is long like

a flicker on the horizon

Deep beneath the surface, she sits, darkened

there once was a man from Nantucket

There were clowns on Saturday, that's why I acted weird.

and the snapdragon blew orange flames from it's petals

to become is to die

and so she reveals her core

feelings are sacrificed on the alter of truth

rain sprinkling down

this, then is why.

We hold these lies as unguents to our melted, sepia hearts

fearing and fleeing and flying through that starry night

The electric scholar chides the light

cakes dance in the brine, sleep in the broth

Ahh, piss on it.

When it's over I'll leave

digits exposed reveal binary narcissism

i miss thee, my heart a standstill

And from a hat the shadows had covered their eyes

all at once

It's not as though I had a choice

into the ceasless caverns of

omniverous adages putrefy under the lurid gaze of the screen

never a normal one

Mapping the geo-natal hacks of seven of the previous 21 lines added knots to the string of dilemmas ahead of me.

And forever lies behind us

And therefore who are we to ask a question

between three pairs of wrapping foil

the train rushes in the dark

So said the doorman.

Bloody philosophers

Time heals everything

But what is time?

I think I jasmineed she said. I know you did. I said.

The Game Nazi knows the secret to flying

Somewhere a dog barked. Did Ortega hear it behind the curtain? Damn Ortega!

We apologize for the inconvenience

daffodils and sandy feet lying bloody on your floor hardwood and carpet and the shaking outside the wind and blow

I never meant to hurt you

Several days past before I felt I could leave the study.

if only that were so

It was like any other day

I waited for your words here ... too late!

To refer to itself, this sentence does admit

This line is more than the rest in intent and gravity

Falling lucidly like no mind of sand's stone

beware the dangerous shart

Rocks are the darkest.

a baying mob of mooncoloured hounds

gate swings open and hits your brain

la la la. thus the electric company.

the story unfolded in a sea of tears

ing kill me

So I bit down hard.

and the uholy shouted DUBUC is now a MAGUS!

Never thought it would be this bright in here

iron railings irregularly space the fallen leaves

She said That would only be true if all consequences were purely local. I disagree!

The lover is inside, and all the turmoil's done.

but these are the ones who never knew.

her lips were subtle raspberries

enticed by the bloodless lips of the moon

I fear the tearing

writhing from the tickling torture

Because it's never what we expect to see but what shows up when we don't watch

but scream monsters have devoured it

twice shredded wheat, devouring chocolate penguins

quicker than a radar ricochet

sadness, light, darkness

And he can up with the best of them

and she decided she did not want to kiss him anymore

This is a cut-up machine working along similar principles to those used by Burroughs in his own work. Basically it works along similar principles to photo-montage, create an new image of words out of whatever was put in.

It is difficult. But eventually, I will crush this rebellion.

That sour aluminum kiss ain't lookin' none to bad right now

And whatever happened to that baby?

a baby had its lunch

of which a child was born

fourty six and two just ahead of me

bites my empty heart

mesquite chips smoking

rancid florets litter the entryway

life flows like blood from an open wound

And never knew nor

seven severe sailors

I stop crunching the Snow White Medusa under my feet

and the virus infects her words

which is an honor, like ice cream

A furtive industrialist inhaled the nipeoplee's shadow

Verily, I art Batman

All dressed in ragged corduroy, I never shed no tears

swap strings in a cavern meant for spelunking

walking the streets of this megadebauchalopolis

I survey the horizons for ships.

But before undoing the straps, he turned on every light, eviscerating the shadows

heaving about, alone

and undid the buttons on her shoes

je meurs d'envie

the turgid birds loped in circumloquitous circuits

a sneeze forced me to breathe finally

four standbys in a radial coach-pattern: silence, and regret

for what dreams may come will not compare to thee

a carrier's collapse of a personal portfilio

forgotten mometns eschewed, the color of her face

and the trips I take are the ones that are fallen from grace

through the blinds, eternity I spy

and the trips I take are the ones that are fallen from grace

life is like a rumcake

in the warm evening gloom

Torquemada had nothing on her

i forgot to remember my pain

so I thought to sink into the warm embrace of loneliness

fluid evasion

the dew drops down again

cry out again, this is the last time the sun will burn your eyes

oh hollow hand, strike with lame blows, to crush the addled mind

MIxed fruit jelly on a bisquit is quite delicious

Of monkeys nothing is said

He arose to the new sun

and her arm i cradled gently

mangling metal and men

golfing furiously by the lake

holy boys and cocktail corpses

the leap of the heart followed to be

Though I wouldn't recommend the adhesive

golden dog stretched in the sun

recreating the story of our life

One strategy the surrealists used

There are lesser things to think upon

cold, lonely, and to say the least...dead

and to the rest the world was given

a squirming autointerpenetrated pulsing mass of causality

And the fudge packers rejoiced, for their giant peanut had arisen!

it's it easy to say

suckling down the waterfall

sanity confessing to insanity the dream of sunrise

the subtle scissors sclipped

light-like figures dimmed before an alley-way in motion

Wading through the Elk

the helpless fool

a dog warily barked as the sun lowered in the horizon

a wandered lonely as a turd

Red light flashes, flashes, flashes, like the world sinning every second and a half...

Paul Bresson plays bass on some tracks

Then the bell bird can sing again

Again the blood warm dog opened its mouth and

empty promises and emptier rage

with a pinch of grace he salts the wound

frequent lapses from grace

horrible tantrum files away

Believing in magic is all she needed to do.

My sweet, exquisite corpse

Rest here; fear no man

for no one would corrupt

This exquisite corpse

The night, the darkness,

and the moving wall

one whisper of your voice, and i fade away

The velvety sky seems to hold all the answers and whispered secrets

Guaged sighs lie on, sized guaged nylons

chickens have large talons

This goes here

They that can give up essential liberty to obtain a little temporary safety deserve neither liberty nor safety.

Something that sings, opera-ating where words are stories, not parts of them

But flowing undammed, it cut a canyon,

Yet I would call that an invitation.

how is it possible to love someone if you don't love yourself?

and never new a day without Pez

"But fair", my fowl chicken knows no end

Prepare for thy doom because

Now is the time for all good men

And then sulkenly he lifted the cover.

and then their broken hearts wrote words

sundry eyes gaze upon us as we ride the hallowed ground

I killed the man, rendered his life, surmounted his last breath.

the mist-shrouded hills, stirring in the morning light,

in the shadows of their empty hands

She wields the snow like a shining spear

And so there it is

kissies to you

if shaken, it will not be enjoyed

curiously strong

out the car window

ghost in the shell

At the altar, where the victor's victim bleed.

cannot, will not, see it

I eat a cold sandwich and wait

with trepidation, I watch you drink a glass of lemonade

Jimmy popped Moe in the head with a bat and continued to wail on him until he was a bloody pulp.

43folder users are boring and sterile

What? You quoted Encarta!

And the trees were speaking Spanish

non shall harm the wild in it

to beat and beat and not forget

For then, and then, it was done.

In retrospect, it seems I barfed a lot.


don't get lost in the

A fly alighted on her eyelash

Perhaps his hallucinations were not false?

Slice the orange cleanly in half

I have decided to dig up a tree. It is a merry old tree, and rather dear to my heart. yellow canaries sing and dance playfully on its boughs. Very soon it will cease to bee (for the bees enjoy its presence immensely)

exonerous fate!

above the burning flag rose a wispy melancholy

Alone forever in the abyss of life.

and ever and ever and ever

to drink the sunshine

imagine whispering new wishes like candy

someday my princess will suck stomachs

The savory succor wet my lips.

where are you Monsieur Gauthier

All in all and again and again

All in all and again and again

And the light came into being with all the colors of time

ice prayers incased inside a glass coffin

the fool in the water,

i hear you are still looking for me

paint the fire

last night, i cried in my aunt's lap

Oh my god!


She had chubby little hobbit feet

out and in again

Dander - dander made me do it.

who will breathe my dust?

Insanely beautiful

Peaches Christ is my homegirl

from beyond yesterdays known iniquity

i got feet

as the moments divide us further

the death of one is the beginning of another

and he shall be pushed onward to fulfill the destiny of delivering pizza


drowning softly in gentle vice

no work tonight

The ring lost its indentity and became a rng

I am what used to be known as a neoliberal

break away from feeling

he knew it was too late

praying out loud brings clarity to the mangled thoughts inside

blonde wood, a school chair. the smoke is painted, the coffee clear


blanching at what she saw,

corrosion savors the limestone heart

corrosion savors the limestone heart

Yet the sky did boil and roll again untill dawn

older than the oldest lie, a hot air balloon advertising cement.

the brambles and thistles of thought

my anger and my joy come together as one

golden hued fawn

grey-brown fog of mud

the moldy brow of the half shut eye

Arguably distinctive personification

We gaze upon the azure skies

I will not be brought under the power of any,

help this seems like something that David would use in order to make my life even more complicated and difficult. At least Minna isn't whining so much at me, however.

while the barbed wire of his small mind kept me in dread

ive got a rock in my shoe

This long held belief has lost traction amongst the common men.

When the going gets weird, the weird turn pro

Too much was said without a word

dead erections of no use

black tongue deeply attached

Coughing, aching, it's time to go

when my silve-bullet dream comes to pass

and anything, anything to set us apart

I fly with waffle wings upon a salty sea of sky

And so he danced, but

Dancing wastes time beautifully

Fillingham eats away with gusto

Torn from body, grafted to mind

When can we take lunch?

Indoor air cool and dry, moving from to

Languid summer sorties into liquid

elevate lowely blue waters

it danced like fire

asparagus, asparagus, you shine in my eyes

A beautiful faade for the emotionally barren.

I admired her curves, and assured her she was pretty

Monkey town.

and the popsicle dripped down her hand

winsome figures of wraiths gone mad

urges me to scratch the chalkboard raw

and I told him it would never happen again

and the genius sits low on the totem pole

who languishes, parched in the rain

it gives me order and sound

My lounge chair longed for respectability

lying like lichen lightly licking lice

And though I mentioned it twice, she still forgot.

My lounge chair longed for respectability

That, of cours, is just silly.

What i could be doing

she could stand it no more, she had to know.

and to the sky they added planes

All the tomatoes gnip-gnop in the wind

music alone should live

and so i was a mildew blue of heart

He mumbles the words of the fathers before

together again, for the very first time.

The spell is broken and all the horrid drunken beauty materialized

are you the now or never kind

the waxing smiles of waining faces

Oh, golden door, you beckon

yet, I dare not open

... and it was good

and wasn't able to cut his second finger. No way.

And explosion in the distance

I find my all enticing yuppie lifestyle crumbling like the starbucks(R) brand scone on the table

and when did he ever sing, "a candle from the crypt"?

Fireworks waxing and waning in their staccato birth cries.

And so we fled

increase the use of your reptilian brain

the home for the dirty hears

faces always try to peer down towards each other

and so we sleep, and so we weep

and the hamburgers were chocolate

dicks cajoled by egalitarian gulps

watching the world spin by like a dizzy-coloured top

Jen is without flaw

kristin is beautiful

butterflies flaunt their freedom

this is stupid, you do-do head

drew the last breath

life as a plum, ready to be crushed


dark sweet golden love drowning in metallic folds


Under a gloomy gloaming i am roaming

sounds of rage filled the night

It eats of your every soul moist blood drips down the chin

the thing is a poem

Tapioca sunrises cascade unto you

We spoke of it often, yet thought of it never.

Whence darkness comes, the day will shiver.

You said you looked out the window while you were drinking with some friends and saw a magnificent storm massing over the lake.

This is a test

Can boredom lead to something purposeful?

perhaps, and if you like, Mike, tu peux l'entendre en franais

his body lay among the cheese he had gorged himself on and he died among the sharp cheddar

Flesh, rendered in hot oil for all to see,

He stumbled out of his apartment just as the train pulled into its stop.

How do I solve that, oracles?

maudlin fool gazed on their own epicene

He is everywhere

An unconscious clacking

headless, handless, and stumbling obscenely

type words to discover what they are

water melts through the cracks

"Uniquely so."

leather deeds for tender times

She made me clean her shoes

rising to the new morning's possibilities like a whore pushing her ass up

deadly rain on a sarcophagus petal


this is so full of *****

whose waspish frame glowed with rage

why did I make Ice Cream this afternoon

Softly, softly, I praise thee. May we all be so rare.

sometimes i enjoy doing the washing-up.


Should not be wasted on the exquisite agony of plucking one's eyebrows.


And with her maudlin grasp

my name is david

fluffy, stripey tails

When the last man standing falls asleep at his post,

you stinking rotting thing, you

and the land shall forget the sea

And the vicious whispers cut like ice

Savage and tender and moist, so very moist

the mists on the mountain slid down

And my kitten smells like rotten eggs...

mother is the tomb or lithe antelopes

withdraw from everything and you will be plagued by nothing

The Mother of All is the mother of none. Ia!

and if i die

below, behind, borrowed, he led with his pelvis and strode in like a lion.

Hearing the whir it made as it fell off the cliff

this is for mathilda


Engendering pandemic epidemics

so uh, test test, whatever goes in here

And so the Troll found his anus turned over and pointing to the leaking river of mysterious places.

The body was found in the river

with meek malicious intent

bloody, my extrusion lies dormant.

extramarital follogenelsis thithalwhichthither x z y

paper over and passed it on

pay attention. always pay attention, if only to note those failing to do so.

red is a color we can all agree on

To see what exists is too much. I must live!

Then the world shimmered around them

In a bed of roses, the blood slept peacefully

and then the fog permeated the mountain view

I hadn't realized the important pieces were still in my head.

The copper sting of blood on the lips that speaks of fear, of malevolence, and of honour.

we climbed the sandstone and granite hills of Monument Mountain, with a soft sadness fitting on this Fourth of July

he couldn't trust the wall to be the same when he woke up

The is standing proud on the desolate highway, not entitled to moutainbike around easter.

who swallowed Leviathan's egg

bucking like an unbroken stallion

sitting just a few feer away

Bubba look startled at the big honcho

but the sulphur-bright future

Only when stars splash in muddied cistern

was it a freckle or a cancer?

she tried to see what her head wanted her to ignore and what her heart could never forget

tickling lines of reverg all slapping into the conduct of the aresenal lullaby

She was without light and sound in the middle of the dancing desert

Remebering, she can't forget where she's not anymore.

There was a rumbly in my tummy; honey time for me

within this chapal of syntex, as though this was all intwined from the begining, perhaps it was (but this synapse finds it disturbing) we are, we are like a valis lullabye

you are along the starbone, your head

turn off the tv, broadcast the real me

What I say is often false

I try to believe but I do not understand

george tirado's ass

smell me i am ripe with deception

horrowitz now angry edited through the passage

turtle holding lines of willow

of black and bone his armour is

Sentenced to the realm between genius and madness

random transit. lunar voices ex communicado, with arms open to the wind.

random transit. lunar voices ex communicado, with arms open to the wind.

There's no one reading that chair!

as eurydice's hair drifted over his face,

ingested, digested, regurgitated as brine

Four flowery fungi feed fiendishly forever

we spoke unto the team's head


creting to dead bodies out of linoleum

ringworm meat to aid in comfort

Do in me, smirks, grins, minutes, hours.

close your eyes and it's back


fear is on the palate, but grace is from the toe

Remembering, she's pretending to be where she's not anymore.

butterflies flying away

When Fur Elise is the only thing that doesn't trigger Random Orgasm Syndrome

Life cried out for Loss; my blood

the dream will come to its tail

the dawn broke with the force of a mouse trap... clicking shut over the night

Blink just once and... in-existence.

They grin a slinky surreal smile.

'Blink just once and you're dead, '

Each with a gun to the other's temple...

They devour history and breathe presence...

The bottom of artaud & rimbaud... Dirty frenchmen...

Contaminated population... geiger counter pez dispensers...

Stop Radio-activitet... Discovered by Madame Curie...

Tschernobyl... Harrisburg... Sellafield... Hiroshima

We can live like Jack and Sally if you want.

Scum of the earth stuck to my shoes.

creamy pits of decaying eyes

Pathetically clutching my false memories

And it burns like cigarettes held to the inside of my elbow

Interpret their entwined figures

that loved me, though I never loved it back

virtual burroughs:NO TEXTURE, strictly for zombiefied nerds

The smile goes desiring out in warm and bright light


I awoke you descend the way you whistle

And think me dead, typed me quite sad

Margo walks from the smile, lover's angels talk

eyeball in a sling

I should have ed a girl instead;

The girls go ing out in sexy and sexy

And me, like magic, loved you quite ecstatic

I love my angel and all the women walk in ecstacy

And sweet lover walks in

The smile goes desiring out in warm and bright light

The composition of the squirrel was divine,

smahed face meal

Gone over the deep end. Don't know when I'll come back.

such a horrifying finality

tonight i have planned my cowardly escape

For that which falls when morning rises

Helping me save myself as I pick up the knife

the whisper the road the mutter bisbisar.

far turns from long ago

deject scouring the scream-scan


Its interpretation directly engages the whole Hegelian determination of right on one side, of politics on the other.

While mothers cried and held their lovers, children lovingly overfed their dogs

You're my favorite human being

and it happens to be true

a flat path, and the sad water

Something I coughed into being

finalized the dew

destroys everything I value

still being restless in the night

Please give me a second grace

Sick to death of everything

and cowbells sounded

molested by the ticking clock

and sat the headless face there

Some say my mother gets around. At least she seems to know where she's going.

no shame

the fragments eat each other

The banana trees kept their jaundiced vigil over the barren soil.

readme gently in the liquid I excrete

tammy wynette lonely and horny drunk

boredom boredom boredom reigns

moon shimmering broken glass on water

metal makes mine, not ending

The finest moment was the single

Swollen lingerie enchant stilletto naked flower

able butt


breaking into art museums

mind free


iris rose




rich creamy hard candy


Loose, helpless, dying, A faerie crawls. Your eyes withdraws, Withering, singing.

madness, more

james, it was never intimate you see

so what

stubbed out by kumquat

laughter like broken glass

I wish i could've lived the way he died.

This is not a figure

Is this what we came here for?

dry leaves fall on the wet flour

what kind of line

Richard text viled mother oath


cellar door

drive drive drive away

Grab the clutch

the police

and like that it was gone

and it was ecstacy beyond her dreams

and softly the mist swirled around

your fault

your fault

your fault


trapped in doubt

if anything, wait for me

dancing raindrops and broken seashells

taste winter

bludgeoned yuppies play trombones in Iowa

hanky poo

heart fluttering exulting in frotting her translucent azure-tinted integument

moistened with her tears

with no sweetness around only bitter cold

he had a pigshoe and mechanical leg

like a button waiting to be pushed

an all that once was

a love that one side has ended, the other will never end - this, the exquisite corpse

broken truths, fear and lies what else is there behind those eyes?

and tis death of beauty that is loss of innocence

drew rainbows with his fingertips

rain carnivals

pale as frost

blew smoke out the window

squinting at her

the leaves shivered

beyond the horizon of memory

broken hearted poems

tormented soul in search of forgiveness

norway really rule

Grey Angels


and i loved his hatefulness

sweet pain



evil chicken




she cries black tears




kissing the holy water from her veins



Lily the one and only



visceral reality


china doll

nothing at all



sour aluminum kiss on rusted metal