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Caleb Carr
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    Every human being must find his own way to cope with severe loss, and the only job of a true friend is to facilitate whatever method he chooses. Caleb_CarrCaleb Carr
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    I feel horribly vindicated. Three thousand people died who didn't have to die. Caleb_CarrCaleb Carr
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    I haven't always done things this way. It's the nature of the two books. They have been so consuming that I end up living inside them. Caleb_CarrCaleb Carr
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    I wanted nothing less than to be a fiction writer when I was a kid. If you had told me I would be an artist or novelist when I grew up, I would have laughed in your face. Caleb_CarrCaleb Carr
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    I was a pretty angry kid, and I got into military history largely as a way to vent my own anger. As I got older it narrowed down to a more specific focus on individual violence. I'm just trying to understand where it came from. Caleb_CarrCaleb Carr
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    I'm still a firm believer that we were definitely put here to use our minds, and that is what makes us different. And that that's the key. If there is anything that is going to stop mankind from being such a beastly, destructive creature, it is reason. Caleb_CarrCaleb Carr
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    In rooting around for something to grab onto, I latched onto the past and people in the past who I felt were strong, actively ethical characters. Caleb_CarrCaleb Carr
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    Warfare against civilians must never be answered in kind. Terror must never be answered with terror. Caleb_CarrCaleb Carr