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On The Writing of May Sarton

May Sarton Bibliography

May Sarton Book Descriptions

May Sarton, At Seventy by Elizabeth Badurina

The Best School in the World by Todd R. Nelson

Dear Juliette, Letters of May Sarton to Juliette Huxley reviewed by Deborah Straw

Desperately Seeking Solitude In Season - Unitarian Sermon

From Loneliness to Solitude - Unitarian sermon by Rev. Robert Hardies

Good Stories and Moral Understanding by Barbara J. Thayer-Bacon

In Time Like Air: May Sarton - A Sermon by Rev. Eva S. Hochgraf

Know Yourself - Unitarian Sermon by Gary Kowalski

Liberal Views of God - Unitarian Sermon by Rev. Dr. Morris Hudgins

No. 645: Sarton and Sense by John H. Lienhard

On Becoming a Teacher: May Sarton's The Small Room by Michael Katz

One Who Persists review by Jeanne Braham

Private Lives by Susan Hill

Reading Group: From May Sarton's Well

Reading Group Guide: Journal of a Solitude

Sarton's novels an affirmation of humanity by Samira Mehta

Sermon for Thanksgiving Sunday by Rev. Judith E. Meyer

Treasure on the Wind: A Tribute To May Sarton by Rev. Barbara Carlson

Webs of Life - Unitarian Sermon by Rev. Mary Katherine Morn