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Anne McCaffrey Quotes

Anne McCaffrey Quotes & Quotations
Anne McCaffrey
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    A good story is a good story no matter who wrote it. Anne-McCaffreyAnne McCaffrey
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    At age 77, I need the help of someone with more energy than I can now summon to finish a book. Anne-McCaffreyAnne McCaffrey
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    Because we build the worlds we wouldn't mind living in. They contain scary things, problems, but also a sense of rightness that makes them alive and makes us want to live there. Anne-McCaffreyAnne McCaffrey
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    I did not have a chance to write novels until my youngest child started school fulltime. Anne-McCaffreyAnne McCaffrey
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    I didn't raise Todd to be a writer, but he happened to be one anyway. Anne-McCaffreyAnne McCaffrey
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    I do outlines when I'm writing with someone, but they also need to have a certain amount of freedom. Anne-McCaffreyAnne McCaffrey
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    I don't keep up with developments, but I do find an expert in any field in which I must explain myself and the science involved. Anne-McCaffreyAnne McCaffrey
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    I don't often reread my own books, unless I am going into another in the series and need to refresh my mood when originating the concept. Anne-McCaffreyAnne McCaffrey
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    I have a shelf of comfort books, which I read when the world closes in on me or something untoward happens. Anne-McCaffreyAnne McCaffrey
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    I have always used emotion as a writing tool. That goes back to me being on the stage. Anne-McCaffreyAnne McCaffrey
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    I have my good days and my bad days, but I don't have as much energy as I used to back when I was young and foolish and didn't count the cost - and it takes a lot - to write. Anne-McCaffreyAnne McCaffrey
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    I have written my own screen version of Pern, but had no buyers yet. Anne-McCaffreyAnne McCaffrey
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    I think the Internet, particularly the availability of information, is great. I do a lot of correspondence on-line and have a chat line to talk to my fans as well. Anne-McCaffreyAnne McCaffrey
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    I would recommend the short story form, which is a lot harder to write since you have to be so careful with words, until there is plenty of time to doodle through a novel. Anne-McCaffreyAnne McCaffrey
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    I wouldn't encourage new writers to start off publishing through electronic media... it still isn't wide enough for the readership they would need to get a good start. Anne-McCaffreyAnne McCaffrey
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    I'm very fond of the Talent series, and also the Crystal Singer trio. Anne-McCaffreyAnne McCaffrey
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    Make no judgements where you have no compassion. Anne-McCaffreyAnne McCaffrey
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    Mostly I'm telling people that they don't have to be victims. Anne-McCaffreyAnne McCaffrey
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    People have freaked out when I tell them that my dragons are scientifically based... what else can you call a genetically engineered life form? Anne-McCaffreyAnne McCaffrey
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    That's such a thrill - a story I wrote at the beginning of my career, and it's still packin' the house. Anne-McCaffreyAnne McCaffrey
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    The thing is, emotion - if it's visibly felt by the writer - will go through all the processes it takes to publish a story and still hit the reader right in the gut. But you have to really mean it. Anne-McCaffrey/">Anne McCaffrey
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    What I used to do between writing fits was feed my kids, ride my horse and go shopping for cat and dog food. Anne-McCaffrey/">Anne McCaffrey