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Anthony Caro Quotes & Quotations
Anthony Caro
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    But I don't think that sculpture belongs in everyday life like a table does, or like a chair. Anthony-CaroAnthony Caro
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    But I don't think you really question the work. The work is there, it' s made, it's got it's own character, it's got it's own life and it's left you. Anthony-CaroAnthony Caro
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    Early One Morning takes time and, I mean, all things like that I felt were very important. Anthony-CaroAnthony Caro
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    I mean another thing I thought was, for example, important about Early One Morning, how long it is and you don't get it all in one. Anthony-CaroAnthony Caro
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    So, in other words, how you respond to a sculpture, how a viewer sees the sculpture, is vital. Anthony-CaroAnthony Caro