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Anthony Head Quotes

Anthony Head Quotes & Quotations
Anthony Head
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    I have a very open mind. I believe that there's a spirit world. I believe that there's a lot of stuff out there that we don't know about, don't want to understand, and sometimes we don't want to understand it. Anthony-HeadAnthony Head
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    I sang with a band and all that stuff, but I did make a choice at one point to favor acting as a career just because that seemed to be the way to go. Anthony-HeadAnthony Head
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    I've always resisted the idea of becoming a David Hasselhoff, and I hope I'm still resisting it. Anthony-HeadAnthony Head
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    We all sing about the things we're thinking; musicals are about expressing those emotions that you can't talk about. It works a real treat. Anthony-HeadAnthony Head