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Benjamin Bratt Quotes

Benjamin Bratt Quotes & Quotations
Benjamin Bratt
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    As far as I know, you only get one shot at this life. It only goes round once and time is precious. When I'm not working, you'd better spend that time with someone important. Benjamin-BrattBenjamin Bratt
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    I come from a large family so you can count on the fact that I'm going to have more kids. Benjamin-BrattBenjamin Bratt
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    I don't really consider myself to be an actor of any particular style. My aim with every role I undertake is to be truthful and honest in that particular portrayal. I don't have a particular methodology from any one school of thought or training. Benjamin-BrattBenjamin Bratt
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    I find myself enjoying a deeper love than I ever imagined was possible in the form of my daughter and certainly in the union with my wife. It makes everything else, including work, which is one of the things I'm most passionate about, pale by comparison. Benjamin-BrattBenjamin Bratt
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    I have always been of the mind that good work is good work, whether performed on stage, on television or in film and, like any reasonable actor, I keep my options open. Benjamin-BrattBenjamin Bratt
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    I'm oftentimes called away from my family... it's rather hard for me to be away from them. We're very close. Benjamin-BrattBenjamin Bratt
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    I've made a career over the last seventeen years of mostly playing men in uniform, especially cops. The one thing for an actor that is death, is if you're bored. The boredom will show in your work. Benjamin-BrattBenjamin Bratt
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    The whole thing about acting, the draw for me, is the opportunity to do things you don't get to do in real life. Benjamin-BrattBenjamin Bratt