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Bill Pullman
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    I haven't met him yet. He has a dark sensibility, but a way of turning the darkness into a different aspect. Like he says in the Lemony Snicket books, 'This is a sad story, so if you don't like sad stories, don't read this one.' Bill-PullmanBill Pullman
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    Rural towns aren't always idyllic. It's easy to feel trapped and be aware of social hypocrisy. Bill-PullmanBill Pullman
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    There was an idea of accepting everyone; there was no sense of exclusion. Bill-PullmanBill Pullman
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    With While You Were Sleeping, it was so much fun and such a Cinderella story, that I didn't want to do another romantic comedy. I wanted to do the opposite. Bill-PullmanBill Pullman