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Bill Williams Quotes

Bill Williams Quotes & Quotations
Bill Williams
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    As a rule lawyers tend to want to do whatever they can to win. Bill-WilliamsBill Williams
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    One of the things that I have learned since trying to bring in an interesting story in under 28 pages is that we already agree on great chunks of typical superhero stories. Bill-WilliamsBill Williams
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    Pope John Paul, a man of peace and compassion, was one of the most revered leaders of our time. Bill-WilliamsBill Williams
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    The most challenging part of being a boss is that nobody will tell you if your work is suffering. Bill-WilliamsBill Williams
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    We always see the innocent victims in the stories, and I am a little bored with that. I am much more interested in the price paid by the people who can fly. Bill-WilliamsBill Williams