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Bobby Brown Quotes

Bobby Brown Quotes & Quotations
Bobby Brown
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    As far as what people will expect, I think people tend to read into things too much. Everybody's thinking that I'm hardcore, but that's an image. Bobby-BrownBobby Brown
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    I could really care less about what they think about me, but at the same time, I do have something to prove. Bobby-BrownBobby Brown
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    I like being in control of making all the major decisions pertaining to my projects. That's something that you don't get to do in a group. Everything has to be voted on - every minor decision. Bobby-BrownBobby Brown
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    In the beginning, the media was calling me a bad boy all the time because of the way I act and feel onstage. None of them have ever taken the time to get to know me when I climb offstage. Bobby-BrownBobby Brown
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    People shouldn't believe the lies. The reason why I tried to kill that man is because he spat on me. That's the dirtiest thing you can do to a man. Bobby-BrownBobby Brown
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    People want variety and something that is affordable. Bobby-BrownBobby Brown
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    Wasn't nobody ready for internationalism. I don't think we should have started the tour in America. We should have went straight overseas. Bobby-BrownBobby Brown
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    Whitney and I have fun reading the newspaper sometimes. You'd be amazed at the places they say I've been. Bobby-BrownBobby Brown