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Boris Becker Quotes

Boris Becker Quotes & Quotations
Boris Becker
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    A few years after my first son was born, he wanted to know how we chose his name, so I began reading him the story of Noah's Ark. Boris-BeckerBoris Becker
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    Before, I wouldn't have sacrificed anything for tennis but when I met Barbara it was different. I would have sacrificed tennis for Barbara. Boris-BeckerBoris Becker
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    Does anyone ask their parents how they are conceived? Boris-BeckerBoris Becker
  • 4
    For a year, I had all sorts of weirdos coming on to me. Boris-BeckerBoris Becker
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    Girls had never been important. I'd had a girlfriend or two and had liked them a lot but it wasn't love, because my first love was tennis. Boris-BeckerBoris Becker
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    I believed in raising my children as I had been raised. Boris-BeckerBoris Becker
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    I can't change history, I don't want to change history. I can only change the future. I'm working on that. Boris-BeckerBoris Becker
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    I don't know how many millions of photographs have been taken of me. Boris-BeckerBoris Becker
  • 9
    I go to my favourite tournament, I talk about my favourite sport and it's just a great month of parading. Boris-BeckerBoris Becker
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    I know what it's like to be married and to live in a house with a garden, but it's not something I'm striving for at the moment. Boris-BeckerBoris Becker
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    I lost in the second round of the French Open and had 10 days off. I went to the Hard Rock Cafe. It was exciting to be away from my parents, to stay in a hotel. Hotels at 17 meant freedom. Boris-BeckerBoris Becker
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    I met with my lawyers. They gave me all the wrong advice. For a long time I refused to accept the child was mine. I should have met her, arranged a DNA test and accepted my responsibility. Boris-BeckerBoris Becker
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    I was in the tennis bubble. I wasn't thinking about the big picture. I didn't notice what they said on television, I wasn't reading any papers. I had a coach and a manager, and they kept me in the bubble. Boris-BeckerBoris Becker
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    I'm a different man now. I'm still a romantic, I still believe in love, but when I met Barbara I was looking for it. Now, I don't know. Boris-BeckerBoris Becker
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    If I go into a club now, all the blonde girls leave my corner and all the black girls come into my corner. It's as if I'm racist towards white girls! Boris-BeckerBoris Becker
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    It was a confusing time in my life, a really bad day at the office. Boris-BeckerBoris Becker
  • 17
    The suit-and-tie job is very nice but it's not really who I am in my heart. Boris-BeckerBoris Becker
  • 18
    When I was a child, I had posters of James Dean in my room. I was a big admirer of his work and was fascinated by him living on the edge. Looking back, my life was kind of the same. Boris-BeckerBoris Becker
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    When you are thrown onto the stage at 17 in such an enormous way, it becomes living on the edge because every step you take, every word you speak, every action you do becomes headline news. And it became, for me, life or death. Boris-BeckerBoris Becker