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Claudia Black Quotes & Quotations
Claudia Black
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    I feel that I'm at my best as a person and that I'm coming home when I walk on to a set, or on to a stage, so if I can perform in one way or another I think I'll be okay. Claudia-BlackClaudia Black
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    My boyfriend's idea of a lesson was to take me on a black diamond run in the middle of a hail storm and say, 'Go!' Ski patrol had to escort me to another lift to get me down the mountain. No, that wasn't humiliating, not at all. Claudia-BlackClaudia Black
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    One of the difficulties of not knowing for so long whether we were doing a fifth season or not was that we weren't really allowed to go out shopping for work. Claudia-BlackClaudia Black
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    People told me, when I was coming through the ranks, that a mark of a great actor is one who deals with the period of unemployment as well as they deal with the period of employment. Claudia-BlackClaudia Black
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    The crew are the faces you see every morning and last at night before you go home. I spend more time with those people than I do with my friends and family, so they're forever a part of you and who you become as an actor so I hope I see them again. Claudia-BlackClaudia Black
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    Trust in yourself. Your perceptions are often far more accurate than you are willing to believe. Claudia-BlackClaudia Black