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Conrad Bums Quotes

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    I am seriously troubled by the proposed rapid consolidation in the telecommunications marketplace. Conrad-BumsConrad Bums
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    Knowledge is power. Most of us agree that something has to be done to strengthen Social Security, and I believe it's irresponsible to arbitrarily dismiss any idea, Republican nor Democrat, without giving it a hard look. Conrad-BumsConrad Bums
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    There is no good reason for our cattle producers to have such limited market access. Our beef is the best in the world, and we need to be allowed to reach global markets. Conrad-BumsConrad Bums
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    This product is a compromise, and the nature of compromise is that you don't get everything you want. Conrad-BumsConrad Bums
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    To simply stick your fingers in your ears and say, 'No way, I'm not listening,' is to do a disservice to the generations to follow. Conrad-BumsConrad Bums