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Danica Patrick Quotes

Danica Patrick Quotes & Quotations
Danica Patrick
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    I feel like, sometimes, people, because of the amount of media, because of the amount of attention, people seem to think I have to do things. Like, I have to win right now! But I don't feel like that. Danica-PatrickDanica Patrick
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    I mean, you've kind of got the track down, especially with ovals. The only thing that improves is that when race conditions come, you know what to expect slightly more from the track and from your car. Danica-PatrickDanica Patrick
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    I take none of that to heart. I don't feel like there's anything that I need to do for anybody else. I want to win bad enough for myself anyway, that nothing anybody can say can make me want to win any more. Danica-PatrickDanica Patrick
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    To be honest, once you've driven around for about five, 10 laps, you don't notice a difference. Danica-PatrickDanica Patrick
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    You know, it's always good to have seen a track before, just to kind of know where the little bumps are here and there, and just the general feel for the size. Danica-PatrickDanica Patrick