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Dontrelle Willis Quotes

Dontrelle Willis Quotes & Quotations
Dontrelle Willis
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    I feel I let my team down today. My heart is bleeding for everybody else. I felt like I should have gotten it done today. That's how it is. Sometimes you do, sometimes you don't. Dontrelle-WillisDontrelle Willis
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    I know about having days off. They can be helpful sometimes, especially late in the year. It's just key to go out there and establish early, especially in this park where they can put up some crooked numbers early. Dontrelle-WillisDontrelle Willis
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    I was nervous batting eighth, and I was nervous batting seventh. Dontrelle-WillisDontrelle Willis
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    Individual statistics are fine and dandy, but it's lonely out there. You want to share with the 24 other guys that helped you be successful. Dontrelle-WillisDontrelle Willis
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    Keep winning and get to the postseason. I won 20 games and they just dumped one beer on my head. It feels good because I'm helping my team win. Dontrelle-WillisDontrelle Willis
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    Whatever I can do to win, I'll do it, even if I have to get hit by a pitch, whatever it takes. Dontrelle-WillisDontrelle Willis
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    Win or lose, I've been fortunate to be able to pitch deep enough into games to get decisions. Dontrelle-WillisDontrelle Willis